Sources: Superseding indictment coming – likely in December

Emiliano Salinas embraces his then worshipful master Keith Raniere. Later, Salinas abandoned the hero, leaving him to his sad fate all alone.

According to informed sources – none of whom work for the DOJ, Eastern District of NY – there is a “100 percent” chance there is going to be a superseding indictment – largely dealing with expanded charges of racketeering in the US v Raniere et al case.

It is believed the new indictment will be handed down sometime in December.

The superseding indictment will reportedly expand upon the existing charges — and will focus largely on additional charges of racketeering.  Multiple sources confirmed that the federal investigation is ongoing and massive.

If the Feds did not plan to level more charges against members of the Bronfman-Raniere crime syndicate, the Feds would be working on the evidence they’ve already collected and preparing for trial – not investigating and interviewing more witnesses on matters unrelated to the present charges.

Sources say that immigration crimes are being investigated, that Clare Bronfman is at the center of much of this investigation, and that her present charges – which could result in her getting a three-year prison term if convicted – will be superseded with more charges that will put her at risk of a minimum sentence of 10 years or longer.

Fake marriages, fraudulent visas, and other immigration-related crimes are being investigated.  The FBI is not the only federal agency involved in these investigations.

Similarly, a wide-range of financial-related crimes are also being investigated: e.g., tax evasion, money laundering, etc. Once again, the FBI is not the only federal agency involved in those investigations.

As for additional co-defendants, the most mentioned targets are Emiliano Salinas and Sara Bronfman-Igtet.  At this point, it looks like most of the “small fry” members of NXIVM will likely end up as unindicted co-conspirators – especially if they cooperate.

The feds may charge a couple of mid-level members to perfect their case. That may include Rosa Laura Junco, Loreta Garza, Nicki Clyne, James Del Negro, Brandon Porter, and Alejandro Betancourt.

Sources say that, in addition to Nancy Salzman, there is another “high level” past or present NXIVM member, [whose name was revealed to me on condition that I do not reveal it] who is cooperating with the Feds.

Lauren Salzman is also expected to cooperate and provide testimony against Raniere and Allison.

If this is the case, these three former members of NXIVM’s High-Rank (Mamcy, Lauren and un-named third person) — plus the large contingent of Jane Doe victims — means there will be a phalanx of compelling witnesses [along with shocking documentary and electronic evidence] aligned against defendants Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman, Allison Mack, and hapless fall girl, Kathy Russell.

Sources say that a raft of NXIVM criminals will not be charged despite their long-term participation in the racketeering crimes of Bronfman-Raniere.  For purposes of effectively prosecuting the big fish, the Feds do not want 50 low-level defendants cluttering up the case.

The prime targets right now are Raniere, Allison Mack, and Clare Bronfman.

As the cult leader, Raniere will face the longest sentence.

Allison is another prime target because she headed up the sex trafficking targets – because it’s a good deterrent [and good headlines] to convict a TV star.

Clare  – because she and her sister financially enabled the entire criminal enterprise – is a prime target for more charges.  Clare has served as Director of Operations for the crime syndicate since 2009.

Clare Bronfman with attorney Susan Necheles


Sara Bronfman-Igtet with baby and husband, Basit Igtet. She has a husband and a family – so, is it fair that she – a Bronfman – should be punished just like any common fanfaron?

Sara Bronfman-Igtet  – because of her enormous wealth – is also a handsome target. But because her crimes were less heinous than her sister’s, Sara may be able to buy her way out of prison with a large eight or low nine-figure fine, sources say.

Legal observers have repeatedly expressed astonishment that, with the Bronfmans’ inherited wealth, they would stoop to commit comparatively small financial crimes – like lying on Visas about compensation to foreign national nannies and then illegally forcing these women to kick-back a few thousand dollars per month.

The Bronfmans had no financial incentive to commit many of these relatively small financial crimes. Their participation in money laundering and tax evasion schemes that amount to less than a million dollars seems mindless – especially for two sisters who collectively inherited more than a billion dollars from their father.

As for Emiliano Salinas, it is possible he will be indicted, but not extradited to the USA to stand trial. If that’s how things play out, he will be able to remain in Mexico and to visit other countries where there is no US extradition treaty.  But he will not be able to return to the US – unless he plans to stand trial. His two children are US citizens. Salinas is reportedly a dual citizen of Mexico and the US.

The fact of his being a serious target of the US Feds has apparently had an adverse effect on Salinas. He reportedly has had a nervous breakdown and has been under psychiatric care. His world of 16 years came tumbling down in March when his Vanguard was arrested. His shock turned to terror when he learned that the FBI was targeting him for arrest as well.

His father, former Mexican President Carlos Salinas, who many believe is the “boss of bosses” in the mega-billion dollar Mexican illicit narcotics and gun running industry, reportedly went – through channels – to his old colleagues, Bill and Hillary Clinton and promised them a literal fortune if they could somehow intervene with the DOJ and spare his son.  It is unclear whether the Clintons will be able to deliver. But a compromise deal – where Emiliano gets indicted but not extradited – may be the best they could deliver.

Emiliano Salinas [green shirt] danced for his Vanguard’s pleasure – now the Feds may be making Emiliano dance for his life.
So many daring and ruthless deeds did Emiliano commit against his brethren because he knew his father had the deadly muscle to protect him. Will Emiliano Salinas now be forced to face the same justice that only normally applies to the lowly rabble?

If a superseding indictment is handed down in December or January, this will push the trial date – which is presently scheduled for March 2019 – back to at least next October or possibly sometime in 2020.

Raniere has been incarcerated for seven months. If the trial is next October, he will have one year and seven months of time served – should he be convicted.

Raniere is facing a minimum of 15 years to life in prison. The additional charges he is likely to earn in the superseding indictment – if convicted – might see his cumulative sentencing in the 200-300 year range.

Even for a Vanguard, that’s a mighty long time.


This marvelous portrait of Sir Keith Raniere would be inspirational were it not created by Michelle Salzman – the daughter of turncoat Nancy Salzman.




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    • What type of perverse enjoyment do you get from writing nasty remarks about people?
      I don’t even know you, yet you troll these comments every day, trying to find ways to “insult” me. Your insults only amuse me, and considering who writes them, they are more of a compliment.

  • Yes interesting that the pea troll brings out idiots like flowerchild and shadowperv to derail this interesting thread. The three of them are still deeply and emotionally connected to NXIVM and trying shit all over any article that actually has good info

  • What an embarrassment Emiliano is to the fierce Salinas name. Nor can I imagine the low level Clinton’s being in a position to do anyone a favor with the DOJ. Feds please look into this one looks like the FBI s rival gang might still have some bad guys lurking about.
    No one ever said the Bronfman sisters were big on brains but their stupidity knows no bounds, all I can come up with is they would simply do anything for their vanguard, dumb and dumber. Don’t forget the civil cases coming your way!
    I suggest those with sashes and stripes you may be able to sell them on Craig’s list, there’s always some weirdo willing to buy bizarre items. Even if Keith holds the patent don’t you own your own personal scarf? Or are they evidence? Damn every time this case gets pushed further out the less chance I’ll see the outcome. Oh well, it’s worth it. It’d been fun

  • Frank’s quote about a “high level past or present member” (who’s cooperating as a witness) is fucking obvious.

    it’s Kristin fucken Keeffe, otherwise known as SATAN herself.

    If you wanted to keep it a secret Frank, you should have axed the word “past”.

    She’s a SLIME bucket of a human being. She did things which only animals would do. She was front and center in the legal persecution of many people. Just because people like Heidi and Toni have forgiven her and profess their endless love for Kristin, that doesn’t excuse the SHIT she did.

    Clowns like Heidi and Toni have no moral authority to forgive anybody on behalf of anybody else. They’re just a couple of reformed NXIVM/Raniere dolts.

    Keeffe is also a bad mother IMO because she named her first born “Gaelen” (which means he’s probably gonna get his ass kicked by the other kids at school for having such a pussy-sounding name). That’s a MEAN thing for a mom to name a kid.

    Need I remind you that another mom named her child “Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii” — and lost custody for it.

    Google it if you don’t believe me. 🙂

    • It couldn’t be anybody else, except Karen U maybe.

      Frank said a HIGH level witness. He also said PAST. That shortens the list.

      Toni? Nope. She left in the 90’s and is not shy about keeping her name hidden.

      Bouchey? Nope. She left too long ago and wasn’t really a mastermind in anything. She was pretty much just Keith’s stooge and didn’t really do much. She professed her love for Keith on TV recently. It ain’t her.

      Susan Dones? Nope. Left too long ago plus she was just a Vancouver Nexian, she was kept away from most of the bad shit. She was just a low level dolt.

      Cafritz? Unless she’s testifying thru a Seance or Jesus comes back to raise that bitch from the dead, I don’t think so.

      Karen U? Could be her, I guess. Somebody please make a case for her. No charges against her, so I guess it could be her too.

      • Could it be Rosa Laura Junco? She supposedly turned on Keith and took over P Cafritz bank account ran the knife was a front line Dos slave and brought the girls from Chihuahua to USA.

      • My extreme curiosity is focused on Karen U. There’s not been one single peep from or about her during this whole mess, outside of a few quick sightings. She did all the books and the computer cleaning. She knows all the long, sorry history, back to CBI and before. She may in fact now be a “past” member, not having announced that publicly.

        If reports are correct, she was duped by and stolen by KAR while still a teenager. She was then ignored by and discarded by him as she grew older. What loyalty could she possibly have?

        I think a lot of what KK would have to say is already in the public court records, vis a vis all the lawsuits. We have the recorded phone calls. How do you think KK would stand up under cross examination? The defense would paint her as a monstrous bully, to rival Clare.

        Maybe you’re right about Keeffe, but if she cared enough about her child to flee and permanently, successfully disappear, why would she put herself in the spotlight now? Whatever she is, she is not dumb as far as I can tell. There is always the chance that one or more Defendants will be acquitted and she might then have to deal with their vengeance.

        KU might in fact have a great deal more to offer in terms of true insider information. Then again, maybe I’m wrong. Pure speculation: Karen may have prepared well for this. Maybe others are afraid of what she knows and the evidence she has. Oh…that would be COLLATERAL!

    • Another KK. Yea it’s Kristen Keeffee. But where the hell is Karen Unterainer? Did she flip early but is considered low level?
      There’s sure no shortage of bad guys turned good guys. I guess they need to forgive and forget or you’d never get passed the evil done to each by another. Keith played everyone against everyone else and some were no doubt better, meaner players than others. Now their all too old for creepy Keith. I’m getting up their to, not meant as an insult simply the truth in this cult.

      • Heather, I like your message. Not everyone who was involved in this thing is evil. I believe many truly thought they were part of a movement – for a better world. Or, a unique self improvement journey. And when things turned a bit odd…well, maybe they questioned themselves. But by then they were surrounded by others relentlessly trumpeting the praises of KAR and the “mission.” (The “mission,” by the way, was KAR’s gratification of his every selfish wish and desire.)

        Let’s forgive where we can. And move forward. The main thing, I think, is for Keith to stay behind bars where he belongs. He can never be trusted to reform his ways or values. He would gladly spread whatever diseases he has without informing the recipient – without the least bit of compunction.

        Is this, in fact, the trial or crime of the Century? No. But a lot of us (from the 1990s) are absolutely thrilled to see the arrest and pre-trial detention of KAR – a day many thought would never come. I, for one, was certain he would disappear to Fiji or deep into Mexico, to live a life of ease off of the blood and tears of so many others.

        • Well, put.
          It is important to differentiate between bad people and bad actions.
          IMO, the people who have taken action to rectify their bad actions have shown their true character.
          For others, it remains to be seen.

    • Hey it’s getting personal now! One of my oldest friends is named Galen… after the one of the Fathers of Medicine the ancient Greek Galen of Pergamon (his Dad was in Med School when he was born). How about teaching YOUR kids to not go around kicking other kids’ asses (and maybe set an example by not engaging in playground shenanigans in blog comments)

  • The AWESOME stupidity of Allison Mack, Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman.

    Every time the industrious Allison Mack uploaded blackmail material to the internet site Dropbox to accounts available to Keith and Clare and herself she committed an act in furtherance of an EXTORTION CONSPIRACY and a SEX TRAFFICKING and SLAVERY CONSPIRACY..
    There were supposedly well over 100 slaves and Mack collected blackmail material every month like clock work.
    We are literally talking about dozens or hundreds or thousands of acts of blackmail.
    These pieces of blackmail void any claim that the slaves were consenting adults.

    On top of that Allison Mack collected credit card and bank account information opening up herself and her friends to charges of WIRE FRAUD.
    BRAVA, Allison!
    You are one of the greatest female criminals of all time.

    And this superseding indictment will not use much information from the digital files of Nancy Salzman.
    Those files have just started being examined.
    Those files will be used in later superseding indictments.

    What will those files contain?
    Further allegations of sex trafficking and slavery?
    Allegations of child sex trafficking?
    Money Laundering?

    And you can share the credit with Vanguard Raniere and Legatus Clare.

    And Allison the graphic nature of your videos and your emails and direct messages mean that the Feds don’t need your cooperation in anything.

    And if you are ever released you will be one of the most hated women in America and the world.
    If there are any allegations of child sex trafficking you won’t be able to walk down the streets of any city without fear of tar and feathers.

    It is believed the new superseding indictment will be handed down sometime in December.
    Merry Christmas, NXIVM.

  • Yes you see just as I foresaw and predicted – you mock me scorners bit the day will come when the leonine Vanguard will lie down with his lambs and will gorge on his enemies. That day is coming. We must believe and those of you who have not gone too far down the path of bitterness can return to the ethicist. Keith is free on April 20!!!! Clare has assured us. Do not lose faith. Do not fear the tyrants. Those of you other than Toni Cat Joe and Frank are invited to do penance and return. Beebs who loves him so deeply and pines nightly for his magic touch come back to us now. Do not let this wondrous technology that can heal all be lost to the world. We are taking of centuries and millinia. You love him go to him. See him. He awaits you lovely BB. Cat let India go and make her free again. Selfish mother. Joe. You will never again have the Vanguard as your friend not now not eternity. You and Toni are the original sin. For the rest of you don’t you realIze you come here because you are attracted to
    Him and secretly crave him. And you women you know in your secret heart ❤️ how much you long for and lust for his magic wand of power. You can share it with us. Beebs come home. Look up tonight at the billion billion stars and realize that before these were dotted in the sky He was. He is and now he is doing his slow crucifixion

    • Keith is free on April 20!!!!
      Keith will be free on April 20th in the year 2492 with good behavior.

      Joe. You will never again have the Vanguard as your friend not now not eternity.
      Vanguard is no one’s friend but himself.

      you women
      you long for and lust for his magic wand of power.
      His magic wand of power that is flaccid until he takes his Viagra.

      Say, Pea, will you wait upon your wife Allison until she is released?
      Will you have any conjugal visits with her?
      Or will you be deported as an undesirable alien?

        • Why is he free on April 20th?
          We celebrate that day in Vancouver because it’s 4-20 day. And of course that’s all we do here in Vancouver- smoke weed, traffick sex slaves, and mule money across the border🤣
          But seriously, why April 20th?…sounds suspiciously like someone is trying to mess with me.

    • “Keith is free on April 20”
      Hummmm….4-20 is Weed Day. Another reason to realize this writer is a fake.
      If you believe him/her, the the Pea is On You.

      • Fuck….obviously you people are looney tunes….shit.
        Whatever. There can only be so many coincidences before they cease to be coincidences.
        Keep playing games with me…..I’m just gonna ignore it, “Pea” from Canada .

    • Pee. We don’t need to hear the clipity clop of his hooves, we could smell the liar coming, and picture the little cross eyed midget with his baby hands around you, Lucky You !

    • Are you willing to stake your life that the fat stinky pedo with rodent’s feet will free on April 20th? Could you clarify which year?

    • “You” are a ridiculous, obvious fake. Why people bother replying to your blasphemous blather is beyond me, You are an agitator, and if on the off chance your comments are sincere (doubtful), are an idiot.

      If you need a new superstar, you might want to look up Jesus. Christ, that is. Or a host of others.

      If you were a follower of Jesus, you would extend love and understanding to Toni, Catherine, Frank, Joe, Susan, Barbara, Sarah, Heidi, and everyone else, rather than just praying for the day KAR is magically released and fucks you again (if in fact he ever did). I am so sick of this charade.

      By the way, whatever your name is, you’re mocking the teachings Jesus Christ, whether you subscribe to them or not. Why not take it to the next level and spit Allah in the eye?

      Frank, I hope it’s not you doing this. But I wouldn’t put it past you, old sport. As Gatsby would say…

      • OCD
        Why would Frank be writing as Pea? If he is, then he obviously knows stuff about me that he has no way to know…so I’m positive it’s not Frank. This is what I meant with my earlier post…- I think that “Pea” is connected to the people who are harassing me. As I said before, Pea probably has no connection to NXIVM, and that she is trolling here for some other reason.
        Those last few posts prove it to me…too much of a coincidence to be anything else.
        I don’t care anyways, they have stalked me to several sites now…just more evidence for me.

        • Ok, it’s gone on too long and stopped amusing me. PEE ON YOU!!!! Get it? Pea Onyu is a classic trolling laughing about how you all take him seriously as he pee’s on you. The names and some facts he grabs from this site and your comments (and maybe a touch of google). Then he mixes this with a ranting preacher (smiting) and a new age love goddess (magic wand). PEE ON YOU is not real, as a few of you already know. But others are arguing, debating, name calling, even projecting that PEE is part of your own personal life and has been after you. PEE is not after you, PEE is ON YOU. Smile. Then let this troll go.

          • Kevin…

            I’m sure it has nothing to do with you.
            I’m aware they are a “troll”, as I’ve repeatedly said that they were, I just didn’t know why they were trolling here. Also, there have probably been multiple people who posted under the name Pea Onyu, and who probably have had various agendas.

            They are not “after” me. I never said that was what was going on, … and it’s really not any of your concern anyways, so dont worry about it.

            My comment was just so they know I’m aware of their BS.

  • Keith will be acquitted. Clare has assured all of us that this ghastly prosecution will end with acquittals for everyone but Nancy and Lauren. Frank Report will be shot down and our enemies vanquished. Vanguard will walk free in April after one year of human suffering. He will emerge victorious and smite his enemies one by one. Look out Cat Toni Joe And Frank. There is still room for you to join us Beebs because you are still in love with V. Allison will have a new career as an academy award winning actress. Clare will run operations and Kathy will marry English royalty all this has happened so that Vanguard can take upon himself the sins of others and so the scriptures may be fullfilled -“ he will go forth and teach the multitudes and they will
    Smite him and he will do penance for their sake and after one year and 14 days the people shall free him of one accord and he shall rule of the land and sea and consume his enemies as it were his meat and fish and then the eagle will lie passive and the dove shall find succor in his all mighty heritage.”

      • It is cloudy now and very grey But soon willl the sun Shine and the sky will turn blue and and the clouds will disperse and at night we will see the billion billion stars and the world will be right again and Vanguard will walk among us. We must have faith in that

    • Pee brain you are either the stupidest mammal to have ever live, or the drunkest. At the very least growing up in Canadian hockey rinks inhaling Zamboni fumes all day has cause severe brain damage. Again Rotflmao.

      “Allison will have a new career as an academy award winning actress.” Rotflmao. You have smoked so much crack, you have smoked yourself retarded.

    • Pea:
      What’s all this talk about smiting people?
      Are you reading the Bible in anticipation of your own indictment?

      And what’s all this talk about “penance”?
      In Catherine Oxenberg’s book she said Allison Mack was big on making her slave’s do penance.

      BTW, Pea, does Allison use the word “awesome” a lot in her ordinary speech?
      Is “awesome” a big part of Allison’s every day vocabulary?

  • It appears from this post that our least/most favorite virtue signalling, money muling, gangbanging devil worshiping clickbait might never have to come clean about her “crimes”.
    She is not included in the “low level” insiders (like Porter and Clyne) who may get indicted, so seems to be part of the “small fry” that the Feds don’t want cluttering up their case…and at worst might become a unindicted co-conspirator.
    Burden Of Truth is good for another season.

    • That girl is very good in what she does, I would not under-estimate her a wee bit. Firstly, she fancy psychology she even stated that she wanted to study forensic psychology, she is also a master manipulator and a actress for 20 decades now, she can either bed her way out or she can blackmail someone to bail her way out, not to mention the phalanx of lawyer she can afford to defend her in court. Lastly, Her influence is bigger than before in a way that cw and some uk cable company is airing her burden of truth which she personally star and produce ( she is also a producer of the show ). I’m certain that she will walk scott free from this clusterfuck event. I am also certain that she will suffer tremendoustly emotionally for she lack the expertise needed to react quickly when depression hits her. She will suffer emotionally the rest of her life, her physical body will soon takes it toll that no medicine is enough to remedy the once pretty face she possess. No one can outran ones past, while she is running away from it, she carry it with her along the way. It will ask restitution and will take the thing that she cherish the most in her life. Western courts favors the rich and famous, U.S courts was built for the and famous so they can commit crimes with impunity. Imagine how fast my sentencing if I stole a donut from the deli, a poor guy like will be processed in less than 24hrs.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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