Shadow State: ‘Allison Mack is evil’

Guest View By Shadow State 1958

Based on seniority, Lauren Salzman should have taken over the NXIVM harem when Pam Cafritz died.  Keith Raniere’s’ promotion of Allison Mack over Lauren was a serious mistake.

As Abraham Lincoln said, “If you want to know someone’s character, give them some power.”

Allison abused her power and her slaves.  Cafritz was able to manage the slaves without too much trouble.  Mack was power hungry and ruthless.

If Allison is in a criminal gang and the boss tells her to commit a crime and she obeys the boss, ALLISON IS GUILTY.  The prisons are packed with people who followed illegal orders.   Who created the branding was irrelevant.  The act of branding the slave women is an act of a pimp and that is precisely what Allison Mack is.

Allison Pimp Mack enthusiastically carried it out because she is evil.  On top of that, Allison Mack eagerly collected blackmail material to hold against the slaves.  She is an evil, vile woman.

As for not focusing on Lauren’s use of Allison as a punching bag, it is important for the government to secure the cooperation of both Nancy and Lauren Salzman as cooperating witnesses. If Allison Mack gets thrown under the bus, too damned bad.

Let Allison get punched a few more times by Lauren Salzman.

Allison’s public profile will be a warning to other actresses not to join criminal conspiracies.

The Salzmans can explain 20 years of criminal activity at NXIVM and Allison Mack is merely an ignorant actress to provide a friendly face to lure young women into the sex cult.  That’s how governments prosecute criminal conspiracies.

That’s why I will focus on Mack’s crimes while passing over the Salzmans’ acts lightly.  The Salzmans have something to give the government.
Allison Mack does not.

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  • Stupid, absolute stupid.
    She had a great career ahead of her.
    She instead blew it away. Indeed from the Happy Go lucky image she gave of her charactor Chole-Mack has shown she is evil and wicked.
    Hope they jail her good.

  • Everyone should feast their eyes on KK’s masterpiece of a performance with Matt Damon during the first ten minutes of the cinematic classic ‘Eurotrip’.

  • She is pure and innocent. This is not the Allison I know. Leave her alone she has done nothing wrong.
    She has been Brain Washed and lead astray.
    Give her the benefit of doubt. Give her the much needed mental treatment she deserves to become a person again and not a pawn in this tragedy.
    And if we all look into ourselves we can find the compassion to love her once again. Free Allison!!!

    • Allison Mack is pure EVIL.

      Branding torture
      Starvation 800 calorie per day diets (with regular weigh-ins)
      Sleep deprivation (with 3am walks with the Vanguard to do whatever he asks)
      Readiness drills day and night with texts that had to be responded to within minutes or everyone in the group was punished
      Dr Porter’s fright experiments – watching videos of actual rapes and brutal murders
      Punishing slaves by paddling them and putting them in cages
      The book about torture in Keith Raniere’s library
      A children’s school – Rainbow Cultural Garden
      Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk recruiting girls and college students
      Allison Mack allegedly fondling an eight-year-old.

      The DOJ indictment of Allison Mack.
      RANIERE and his inner circle, including the defendants CLARE
      SALZMAN, also known as “Prefect,” and others known and unlnown, comprised an
      organized criminal enterprise (the “Enterprise”).
      The defendant ALLISON MACK was a member of the Enterprise and
      a high-ranking member of Nxivm. At various times relevant to the Indictnent, MACK was
      also a firstJine master in DOS
      The pattem of racketeering activity through which the defendants
      LAUREN SALZMAN and NANCY SALZMAN, together with others, agreed to conduct the
      affairs ofthe Enterprise consisted ofthe racketeering acts set forth in paragraphs 17 ro 34

      defendants KEITH RANIERE, ALLISON MACK and LAUREN SALZMAN, together with
      others, did knowingly and intentionally steal property by extortion,

      Sex Trafficking ofJane Doe 5
      Forced Labor of Jane Doe 5
      State Law Extortion of Jane Doe 5

      Forced Labor Conspiracy)
      (Wire Fraud Conspiracy)
      (Sex Traffi cking Conspiracy)
      (Sex Trafficking – Jane Doe 5)
      (Attempted Sex Trafficking – Jane Doe 8

      But I suppose you know more than the DOJ and FBI.

    • She is clearly not pure or innocent. She is a predator and should see a long prison sentence. She will get off easy because she is an elite, the proected class.

  • “merely an ignorant actress to provide a friendly face”… you say, so how do you also make statements that claim she’s “EVIL?”

    You’re just slinging mud. Making conflicting insults. Satisfying yourself.

    Then you say this can act as a deterrent to other actresses? Are you just nuts? There are no other cases of weird groups recruiting actresses, at least since the 60’s or 70’s when everyone was on that finding yourself vibe (and don’t count the other people in this group as actresses because I literally know someone at my coffeeshop with more credits than them all combined).

    So seriously, a deterrent? Like some wrongly claim the death penalty is for murder? And this is for actresses? Who is it you hate?

    • “There are no other cases of weird groups recruiting actresses, at least since the 60’s or 70’s when everyone was on that finding yourself vibe (and don’t count the other people in this group as actresses because I literally know someone at my coffeeshop with more credits than them all combined).

      Ever hear of Scientology?
      They recruit actors and actresses.

      Laws are made in the US Congress and enforced by the Department of Justice, not your coffeeshop.
      Allison Mack is toast.

      She can either plead guilty to all charges against her or plead not guilty and go to trial.

      And actresses and actors in Hollywood are a dime a dozen.
      Allison Mack’s career is over.

      • I quoted your contradictions, as in you saying she’s both “merely an ignorant actress to provide a friendly face…” while elsewhere calling her “evil”. Those things are way different.

        I still hold that you or the press describing a number of the women there as actresses is false. Wannabe actresses, maybe.

        And comparing this BDSM group to Scientology is a stretch. I don’t want to join either group ever. Not that stupid. But i see them as different.

        Though i really should have been more accurate in my statement in that I truly meant the many small groups and cults and communes and covens of the time. Those were dime a dozen and most were fly by night but it was a hip thing to do in that freelove era.

        I do think its dangerous defining/charging cults or criminals based on the break’em down to rebuild’em scenario when it also so thoroughly applies to our military. Marines. Navy SEALS. Even football teams. Fraternities. AA. More.

        And by the way, I’ve never seen Alison Mack outside of the recent news. I don’t care where her career goes. Fuck her career.

        I just believe there’s nuance in this story. It does bring up interesting debate on topics like sexuality and consent and how laws are applied, as well as power dynamics.

        Also, i’ve read the charges and am curious how they will be prosecuted. I’ve always thought the RICO Act was over-reaching. What really interested me in the court papers was the name Bronfman and how that will play out.

  • Your opinion was incoherent and it was obvious you have a personal dislike for Allison Mack…
    True, she’s made some bad decisions and she should face the consequences… But trying to extricate the Salzmans is equally stupid.. They’ve been there for a longer time and will surely be aware of all the company’s illicit activities…
    If Mack is evil, then it was obvious they groomed her into the perfect crusader for the company..
    They all need to receive a hard smack from the law…

      • No..not the original fake Ryanne S. But I would not be surprised if the people who invented her name, wrote the “Ry” comment , so you could be sort of right.

        • “No..not the original fake Ryanne S. But I would not be surprised if the people who invented her name, wrote the “Ry” comment,” Ryanne S

          “And the person who helped create the Ryanne S. name was Ally Wack?” Shadow State

          Now I think Allie is all mad cuz I’m taunting her with this dumb name… Ryanne S

          “Does Allie follow the Frank Report?” Shadow State

          “She sure does, Captain Shadow. She even writes posts here. In fact, she could be Heidi or Anon or Onewomanarmy or
          OCD. But I dont think she is the scooter/flowers guy, but maybe she is.
          But I know for a fact that she is writing shit here. Right Allie?
          I dont think this Allie is a Mack, though, more like Allie Whack”

          But I know for a fact that she is writing shit here. Right Allie?
          I dont think this Allie is a Mack, though, more like Allie Whack

  • Having something for the government doesn’t give you a pass. Slavery is slavery. No one should get safe quarter.

  • What is this?
    These women were there of their own accord. If someone wants to brand me, I say thanks I’m good
    If they then say if u don’t do it you’re out of the group, I say I’m gon miss you girl.

    This entire case is ridiculous.
    No one had a gun to their head.
    And she’s not a pimp. Pimps make money selling hookers to johns. That’s not what this is. The branding was kinky and it’s not a big deal . They were into it.
    Everyone was free to refuse.
    If that meant leaving the group, so be it
    If leaving the group is so awful you choose to get branded, that’s on you

    Everyone is such a victim nowadays.
    Sorry but take responsibility for yourself.
    These people haven’t done anything wrong.
    “I was afraid to leave because…. Peer pressure” just doesn’t cut it for grown ass women.
    If these two did anything you didn’t want, it’s on you to use your working legs and leave. There’s no such thing as “I was afraid of Allison Mack” lol
    I was afraid they’d release my blackmail nudie pic.
    Well, why did you give it to them?
    Everyone here exercised their free eill to be part of this kinky sex group.
    If I were the judge I’d throw this case out of court and tell the “victims” to explore personal accountability.

    As for evil.
    If you think this is evil, knowing what is truly going on in this world would break you
    This is small potatoes .

    I do believe people that prey on the weak should be held accountable for that REPREHENSIBLE behsvior, but there is a point where weakness this unreasonable is the responsibility of the individual.
    There’s tons of women who left.
    The other Smallville girl left.
    How come she’s not branded?

    You daid if someone says commit a crime and you do, you’re guilty.
    Well if someone says let me brand you and you do, you’re guilty.

    • To Jar Ma13

      Pimp’s brand their prostitutes to show ownership.

      From the Irish Mirror
      Pictured: Trafficked prostitutes BRANDED by pimps to show they ‘own’ them

      From the Toronto Star
      Canadian girls are being beaten, branded, bought and sold in hotels and motels, and along highways across Ontario.

      From the New York Times
      She Has a Pimp’s Name Etched on Her

      Branded by a pimp, sex-trafficking victim speaks out | The Seattle Times

      From Billings, Montana
      pimps brand the women in their “stables,” as if they were cattle.

      Allison Mack is no different from an Inner City Pimp.

      • Black fraternities at the major black universities have a tradition of branding.

        There is a popularity among football players getting branded.

        In the S&M community there is a long history of burning and branding between consenting adults. And it seems like most of it is women dominating men. Look it up. They sign fake contracts of ownership…. it’s a bit ridiculous but it’s their right. And they’re in every town in this country, not just hanging with Alison Mack.

        • I don’t think branding is the crux of the issue. The issues are an amalgamation of them, e.g., fraud, deception, coercion, where the brand is located, the length of the branding process – this one is significantly longer than what is normally engaged in at fraternities and the like – and the ultimate issue and what it signifies which makes it illegal – in many cases, to unknowingly become a slave to a man (and the women underneath him) using coercive blackmail in the name of female empowerment for sexual and indentured servant purposes.

          • SultanOfSix – This is why I find it an interesting debate and the trial will be a great look at law.

            The length of time branding seems hard to enforce or define. I’m not debating intent here.

            The placement of the brand doesn’t matter as it aligns with existing legal sexual practices. I am debating intent here as it becomes more of a grey area, though I too flinch more at that placement rather than an arm.

            The cases for blackmail, fraud or forced labor are much more black and white.

            Intellectual exchange and debate are good things.

        • In the S&M community

          So now the S and M community decides what’s appropriate conduct in America.
          Did Allison hang out with the S and M community in New York?
          Is that where Allison got her ideas?

    • I guess that’s what we have missed with slavery all these years is that hey get over it if they didnt want to be slaves they could have just left.

      I thought Kanye was retarded.

    • “If you think this is evil, knowing what is truly going on in this world would break you” – now that’s the truth.

      This is the fodder for the machine, it’s what distracts us. We all have a primal urge creeping out when the media finds a story with sex that they can get views with. And we give them those views.

      With just a touch of objectivity we can see through this and look at issues like war, disease, banking, and how about global warming? That’s looking big, isn’t it? An extinction level event versus a group of adults into some bdsm. Really?

      • This is the fodder for the machine, it’s what distracts us

        More virtue signalling.

        how about global warming?

        Tell me about Global Warming the next time the
        East Coast is hit with a Nor’ Easter Blizzard in January.

        Is Allison Mack now going to be the patron Saint of the BDSM community?

        • Shit, you don’t understand global warming. Now mind you I never said man-made or natural. Just global warming. That itself isn’t really controversial anymore. The timeframe and the cause are what people are arguing about. smh

          So we’ll be seeing worse weather than you or I have seen yet, and yes, frigid cold and worse storms are a part of it.

          • And no, I’m not in any s&m community. It’s a point to be made about what’s appropriate in such communities because this group used s&m practices in their own practices. I don’t think that’s a huge debate.

          • Global Warming is a scam designed by control freaks who want to tax and control America’s middle class.

            One of the worst floods in American history was the great Mississippi flood of 1927.
            The Mississippi River literally turned into a 100 mile wide lake.
            Was there Global Warming in 1927?
            Why has such a flood not repeated itself?

            And notice in the winter time when it’s cold they can’t talk about Global Warming so they call it “Climate Change.”

            Yes, we should all freeze to death to save the Polar Bears.
            The Polar Bears that would gladly maul us to death and eat our carcasses.

  • Some people are simply born bad. Allison Mack is one if those. The arrogance of burning your initials onto the delicate skin of other women, I will not call them her friends because they couldn’t have been. Friends do not hold friends hostage, do not encourage damaging information to use against them. Do not take pictures of them writhing in agony and refer to them as fuck toys to the man she is selling them to. All this time I assumed she had been through the branding process herself. What kind of ” Bad Ass Warrior Bitch” is that? Keith saw himself in her , she may genuinely be his soulless mate.
    In prison they don’t care who you think you are. Women will despise Allison and I sincerely believe she will get her brand. I have no idea what it will say, but it will slowly be burned onto her delicate skin, they won’t have a cauterizing iron but they will improvise. I do believe in an eye for an eye.

    • Your comment is right on target and far more articulate than mine.
      I too assumed that Allison had gone through the branding with her cavalier attitude towards it.
      “It’s no big deal.”
      The rest of her life the letters AM will be Allison Mack’s scarlet letters.

    • Delicate skin?
      Pfft. Earth is an eternal species war where the fiercest killer is favored.
      A grown woman isn’t fragile or delicate.
      And bitches have been tattooing the names of their penetrators on their thick skin since the dawn of humanity.
      When I was in high school everyone held pot pipes on flames and branded themselves with the circle .OR held a lighter flame until the metal top was scorching and brand themselves with that . It leaves a happy face.
      Everyone did it.
      Is it now a manioulated weakness and those who partook were victims of the influencers?
      You are not a fragile little victim.
      You are responsible for your relationships, how people treat you, and what your limits are just like everybody else.

      These people were into this 50 shades dominance crap.
      So be it.
      It’s not my tbing
      But if I eent around jailing people into things I don’t like, our free population would be 12.

      That cracks me up
      Delicate skin of a woman hehehe
      Sugar and spice and everything nice lol
      Women are fragile, men are tough lol

    • Heather nobody denies the responsibility of allison but you really think that allison had evil in her heart just for making the mark when in that group we have a doctor who was willing to use a cauterization pen to make that mark with all the time that involved , with the smell of burned flesh, without using anesthetics and on the other hand several naked women holding the woman who was marked and all this lasted long enough for the woman who would be marked to speak with those who already had the brand and so she knew the details of the process, but still stayed. Even a story published by frank among the first publications on the brand indicates that allison and a Mexican woman competed for being the leader of DOS then keith had to choose and chose allison and all the Women were grateful for them and Caul will be right.
      1: Allison was nicer and they liked her more than the other woman.
      2: Allison is known by her first name so the initials would be AM but the other woman the Mexican woman is known by her full name which are two names so then her initials would be 3 and adding the 2 of keith the time to make the mark It would be bigger, I ask you that is the rationing of women who are being submitted by force or who only do it for the blackmail besides to say that allison was born evil is an opinion based only on her knowledge of her that is based mainly on the information of this blog while the people who really know or know her in a close way only affirm that they never knew in her something that would allow to anticipate such possibilities in her life while keith has a history of being abusive, liar, manipulator, sociopath and narcissist
      and I leave you this question we all see gina hutchinson as a victim of how she used to abuse her and manipulated her and then convinced her to commit suicide, but here is the question, do we remember that she was also used to recruit girls of her age within the haren de keith raniere at that time, the question is He does not convince her to commit suicide but if he continues on his side and after leading a group of women who convince her and others to make a mark and recruit more women and ask for guarantees, he could have convinced her of it.

    • Many of the slaves don’t fully appreciate or understand how they were abused.
      The woman Jane who interviewed with Frank claims she never saw Allison break the law.
      But if she saw Allison brand slaves and collect blackmail, Jane certainly did see Allison Mack violate the law.
      Branding slaves and collecting blackmail are crucial parts of a sex slave operation.

  • Whoever wrote this does not know what they’re talking about, Allison Mac is a great person and a wonderful human being you used the word branding to make things more dramatic these were women who consented having a mark using other means than a needle and Ink.
    Why don’t the world focused on how horrific it is too kill babies and abortions why are we criminalizing people who really don’t cause damage in the world why are we making such a big deal out of someone allegedly having sex with a lot of people? Why is Hugh Hefner considered and idle and Reniere considered a criminal? Hugh Hefner probably had of the consent of every woman he’s ever had sex with as did Rainiere peoples focus should be on the real crimes in the world

    • “Allison Mac is a great person and a wonderful human being you used the word branding to make things more dramatic”

      Allison Mack used her fame and good name to lure young women into a sex slave cult.
      A cult those young women could not leave because of the blackmail material Allison Mack had assiduously collected.

      Blackmail, force, fraud, coercion and threats void any consent given.

      And if slave Jane is correct Allison Mack herself was NOT branded.

      As for Hugh Hefner the US government did try to prosecute the Playboy publisher for providing drugs to his Playboy playmates.
      The only problem is that Hefner’s employee who provided the drugs, a woman named Roberta Bobbi Arnstein committed suicide rather than testify against Hefner.

      In January, 1975, the FBI’s attempt to take down Hugh Hefner’s Playboy empire on drug distribution charges effectively ended with the apparent suicide of the feds’ key witness, former “bunny” Bobbie Arnstein, here at the Maryland Hotel, 900 N. Rush Street (now 40 E. Delaware Place).

    • Anon,
      To call a brand a mark using other means than a needle and ink shows your missing the necessary links most humans have. To have to trick a person is the first wrong, to hold damaging information, especially lies against family members that could destroy careers and reputations is not something normal people do. I have seen no evidence suggesting these women agreed to be branded in a way that would be considered inhumane to an animal much less a human being. Do not worry about other crimes in the world, they are still being addressed.
      I’m glad I don’t know Allison Mack! I am thrilled my children never watched her shows or gave her one seconds thought. We had no idea the evil we could have been exposed to.
      If an animal was branded in the manner set up by A M, animal rights activists would be all over her, let’s give human beings that same courtesy.

      • Also to anon, as shadow pointed out Hugh got away with his crimes, similar to Bronfman crimes because he was rich. None of us are defending rich people getting away with crimes. Then to show how pathetic Hollywood is he gets an unreal reality show. I can only imagine what other countries think of the US after a few episodes of the Kardashians, or any Real Housewives show it’s sickening. Fake News, a climate so politically correct that we throw families out of restaurants based on who they work for politically. Rabid democrats are behind most of the political corruption. You will not get these statistics from the fake news. Just follow the yellow brick road it’s all there.
        Slavery is against the law in America

      • Heather:
        If you read the comments sections of social media you will find that many people around the world, people who had liked “Smallville” and the character of Chloe Sullivan, were upset when the branding and slavery were revealed.

        Here are some of today’s Twitter comments from #allisonmack

        So #AllisonMack who played chloe sullivan on #Smallville ran a secret #sexcult for years and she just got arrested for it … childhood is officially ruined 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

        #KeithRaniere and #AllisonMack smile and LAUGH in court as #NXIVM cult leaders are told their trial will be delayed until March – as furious judge blasts their childish lawyers for ‘acting like third graders’

  • ShadowState1958 is an evil person who stalked Allison Mack on his trip to New York. Shadow was blocked on Twitter for giving Allison a nasty love poem that caused her to block him.

    Fuck you Shadow! you’re an evil man!

    • “ShadowState1958 is an evil person who stalked Allison Mack on his trip to New York.”

      My one trip to New York was when Nelson Rockefeller was Governor.
      Johnny Carson was still doing the Tonight Show from Rockefeller Center.

      “Shadow was blocked on Twitter for giving Allison a nasty love poem that caused her to block him.”

      Poor, Poor Pitiful Allison.
      A woman who goes to Sex Swap parties at V Week.
      “Reports next came that Keith and Allison Mack were involved in parties where men and women swapped partners like couples do in a square dance.”

      “A joke was told: Allison said: I am terrified of being raped by an unattractive SOP man.”

      Don’t suggest that Allison Mack is virginal.
      From reports of past V Week celebrations she has a revolving doors in both the front and back.

  • So money over power? They all deserved to be hung! They all treated other women against their will and had them as slaves! SLAVES! Does America still not understand that making someone act ahinst their will is against the law and their human rights as a person! Kill the entire NXIVM lot! At least thats a crime worth committing!

    Only joking on the killing part. Just a Brit bored here. But please don’t condone people like this, they are evil no matter what part they play! They knew about it and chose to ignore it all because of one guy who blackmails people and looks like a hobo!

  • I think that by your logic the Salzmans should be prosecuted to the fullest extent due to their knowledge and actions over 2 decades. Being able to *manage slaves” is not a good quality. All of the cult leaders and those with influence in the cult should be tried in court. Your specific dislike of Mack seems more personal than anything else.

    • Prosecutors cut deals with defendants who provide information.
      Nancy Salzman is getting a deal because she will unlock the NXIVM computers.
      If Nancy can deliver the cooperation of her daughter Lauren that is also a bonus.
      FYI Allison Mack can not deliver any valuable information to the prosecutors.
      Even if she could she is not in the state of mind to deliver any information to the Feds.
      Allison Mack perceives herself as another Joan of Arc.
      A Martyr.
      Years ago the band “Panic! At the Disco’ produced a song whose title that sums Allison’s position up in a nutshell.
      Panic! At The Disco: The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage

  • Allison is insane because Keith drove her mad BUT that does not excuse her, over many years, attempting to procure other young women and blsckmail for Keith.
    I have pity for the victims
    None for Alluson, Nsncy, Lauren, Clare or Sara to just nsme 5.
    In degending Allison you insult the vivtims.
    Allison must pay for her crimes as do the others.
    My sympathy is with the victims and only the victims.

  • Is she evil? No. Does she have psychological issues that were exploited? Definitely. Growing up as a child actress and playing many different characters could have interfered with her developing a strong sense of her own self which was manipulated by Raniere, et al. When I watch her videos promoting NXIVM and giving credit to the people in it, I get a sense of someone who believes they helped her “find” herself, when all they did was manipulate her existing issues of a lack of identity for their own benefit.

    If you’re waking up in the middle of the night in screaming fits as some commentators have alleged about Allison here previously, that is due to some form of psychosis or neurosis.

    • Again I agree about her for what I saw 4yeats ago a very confident women not a weak one at all she wasn’t the friendlies neighbor that’s for sure everyday somemind going in out of her place cars parked backed here I was naive that’s she was selling Avon but when saw Keith leaving starting to get suspious she had a one night she had band s
      Her voice was beautiful

      • It’s an unfortunate situation what happened to Allison: part victim, part perpetrator.

        From what I watched of her, I thought she was talented already as an actress and a singer and had the potential to be a decent director, and was doing well enough for herself that she never needed the advice from the fraud that calls himself one of the “top three problem solvers In the world”.

        LOL. What a joke of a phrase. An excessively generic claim impossible to prove.

        This appears to be VanFraud’s modus operandi: lie, exaggerate, manipulate, use, abuse, then toss to the side. He must be good at manipulating others – particularly women – in not seeing that they’re working for HIS benefit at the expense of their OWN benefit while making them believe it is for their OWN benefit.

      • Linda did you happen to notice the car with Illinois plates and a fat balding 60 year old creeper trying to peek in her windows?

  • I am rather certain that the story of Shadowstate’s rather obvious OBSESSION with this alleged “criminal, sado-masochistic lesbian”, going back to the heady Smallville days, is much more compelling than 80% of the stories appearing here on the Frank.

    Did it involve cyber-stalking? Creepy Comic Con appearances? A small shrine to Ms. Mack (complete with a candle ever burning) somewhere in the Shadow household? A Henry Higgins fantasy? Or long sessions of Chloe driven self amuse?

    None of the activities mentioned above even border on criminality. The amateur psychologist in me says you had a stern and serious childhood, hence the attachment to a younger actress on a TV show with a predominantly teenage audience.

    Repeating, the story of Shadow’s OBSESSION with this criminal sado-masochistic B-actress is a story which needs to be told, and will be.

    To preempt Shadow’s stock reply, that I am somehow a fan or supporter of Allison Mack:

    (a) I had never heard of Ms. Mack before reading the Frank Report (much in the way it is very likely that Shadow had never heard of Raniere/NXIVM until Allison Mack’s connection with same came to light).

    (b) I will repeat MY OPINION (two words Shadowstate seems to think are synonymous with the word “fact”) that with the proper representation (a team of mostly female attorneys willing to play the “brainwashed victim” and “#me too” cards, Ms. Mack could, without “flipping” receive a relatively light sentence.

    • Creepy Comic Con appearances?

      I’ve never been to a Comic Con.
      Towards the end Comic Con appearances were 50% of Allison’s non-NXIVM activities.

      “None of the activities mentioned above even border on criminality.”
      The FBI and the Department of Justice DISAGREE.

      Allison Mack has been indicted on a raft of crimes involving racketeering, sex trafficking, slavery, extortion and wire fraud.
      But you know so much more about the criminal law than the FBI and the Justice Department.

      Here’s a home work assignment for you.
      Go on the internet and research what percentage of defendants in Federal prosecutions are CONVICTED.

      Here’s a clue.
      For 2012, the US Department of Justice reported a 93% conviction rate.[12]

      • Shadow:

        Read my comment CAREFULLY:
        I said that none of YOUR activities (I will add “Alleged”): Cyber stalking, creepy crawling the Comic Cons, the votive shrine, the Higgins fantasy, the long sessions of self amuse, border on criminality.

        I agree that Allison Mack is a criminal. I repeat that with the proper representation, and a mildly sympathetic jury, the object of your OBSESSION spends no more than 3 years in prison. That’s fine with me, all I really care about is seeing Vanprisonguard and Clare get long 20+ year prison terms. That is of course, unless the taxpayers are spared great expense and KR is done in by “The Shiv of Salinas” while in prison awaiting trial.

        As to “homework assignments”, sorry to report that I have a wife, a family, a full time job. Sorry, no time for homework. But I have an assignment of sorts for you: compose a contribution to Frank Report which does not mention Allison Mack even once during the narrative; this would go a long way towards giving you credibility, at least in my mind. Or are you the proverbial one trick pony?

        • My argument is that Allison Mack sold herself to more than one Devil.
          She sold herself to Raniere.
          She sold herself to Clare.
          She sold herself to Sara.
          And in the process Allison Mack became a Devil herself.

          Selling yourself to the devil is never a good bargain.

    • Shadowstate is a perfect example of why abortion needs to stay legal. The idiot just cannot stop himself. Worse still, is the fact that Frank indulges him and his pseudo-intellectual drivel.

      Shadow, I’d be curious to know about your professional background, education, and qualifications, and I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering about them. So, please tell us all what you did for a living, inquiring minds want to know.

      • I’ve had my issues re/ shadow, but he’s an intelligent man who offers way more to this blog than those sitting around waiting to attack his commentary. He researches issues and posts where to verify info. So what if he mentions evil ally, the women is a blood sucking leech who offers no redeeming qualities.
        The abortion comment?

        • If Shadowstate is what you call an intelligent man, you may well have easily fallen under the cross eyed hypnotic gaze of Keith Raniere. Hopefully that was not the case.

          First let’s talk about Shadow’s contributions to The Frank. You say he “researches issues and posts where to verify info”. I say he posts links to Wikipedia and to previously published articles in the Frank Report. Wikipedia is a starting point for research, and the fact that the DOJ stats Shadow posted in a recent comment were 5 years old tells me that no one should be overly impressed with his research skills.

          Let’s get back to intelligence. If all of the “intelligent” 50 something folks in this country (in the world) spent an unhealthy amount of time OBSESSING over a person half their age (in this case, a person playing an even younger person) co-starring in a TV show aimed at teenagers, would the world be a better place?

          I do not dislike Shadowstate. I think 80% of what he posts contains material which has already been exposed or stated.
          There are maybe 7 major criminal actors the government should be focused on: Raniere, the Bronfman girls, the Salzman girls, Allison Mack. Shadow’s single minded OBSESSION with only one of these seven severely dilutes his credibility and renders him a bit of a loose cannon.

          But in terms of comic relief, the man who calls himself Shadowstate never fails to deliver. Shadowstate is The Frank’s Mike Royko. Write on, oh OBSESSED one.

      • My attitudes towards Ms. Mack are no different from the FBI’s attitudes.
        A woman who would trade on her good name to torture and enslave women is evil incarnate.
        In the old days, people who opposed evil incarnate never had to justify themselves.
        Good people simply did not tolerate evil.

        • Should “good people” tolerate the ranting and ravings of a man OBSESSED with an unattainable woman half his age?

          Do you think by this point that most regular and casual readers of this blog have noticed that you rarely have anything to say (in the way of comments) about Frank Report articles which have nothing to do with Allison Mack or the other Mrs. Mack, Nikki Clyne? I do not see you “opposing the evil incarnate” of other NXIVM criminals nearly as much as you oppose the evil incarnate of Allison Mack.

          I think you have suffered the ultimate betrayal, because you thought “Chloe” was pure, and it turns out that Allison Mack was pure evil. I think most folks reading the Frank realize that Allison has been a bad girl and deserves to be punished; most folks do not need to be convinced of this, but what you have accomplished, with your redundant blather, is convincing most of us that you are a few french fries short of a happy meal.

          Inquiring minds want to know: Did your “Mack Daddy” fantasies involve sex, or was it more that you wanted to rescue her from those evil folks in Hollywood who did not recognize and appreciate her talent in the way you did? Maybe both?

          I hope my fellow travelers at the Frank realize that we are witnessing the evolution of an interesting document: A middle aged man’s love/hate letter to the actress who somehow spurned him, all neatly tucked into an effective and entertaining revenge blog.

  • Allison is the most beautiful soul within and she will be faithful to Vanguard and he will be acquitted. I know my girl will take the fall for Vangaurd rather than lie and do what Defect (not Prefect any more) has done. Allison is an angel and she is most blessed for being able to protect our Vanguard. Honor that those of us who read and know.

  • I’m beginning to think Allison really did block this guy on Twitter or something, and he’s still grinding around about it years later. His arguments are flawed and repetitive, with a bit of personal opinion mixed in and presented like facts.

    I respect Frank for being willing to post contradictory points of view, but it’s unfortunate that the loudest voices on here have so little to say.

      • Not at all. She is but one part of the equation. Much more to come that she is not part of. I realize your unhealthy obsession has caused delusions of grandeur in your pompous head. You seem to think you are alone in your mom’s basement breaking up the powerful Allie Mack and the NXIVM criminal cabal. Carry on little soldier.

        • Feds you sell Shadow short. Shadowstate after all, with an assist from historian/geopolitical consultant Catherine Oxenberg, lifted the lid on Raniere/NXIVM’s dastardly scheme to gain a political foothold in Libya and Mexico.

          Yes one of the World’s Smartest Men, backed by an army of branded bad ass bitch B minus actresses (and their cuckolded husbands) and bankrolled by two homeschool dropout heiresses, was going to assume control of two sovereign nations. OK.

          The big loser here was Sara Bronfman, whose marriage to the swarthy Bassett Igtet of Libya (I thought gigolos were supposed to be handsome, or at least charming) was a stepping stone to The NXIVM takeover of Libya, eventually the world.

          Rumor has it Clare, upset with a decreasing lack of attention from her Vanguard, pulled the plug on the funding for the Libya/Mexico campaign. Not wanting to emasculate further her schlubby, flaccid, cross eyed leader, Clare threw Keith part of a tropical island as a consolation prize. If Clare and Keith are ever released from Club Fed, look for the Vanguard Olympics to be held in Fiji. Events: Judo, volleyball, 100 yard dash, broad jump.

          • We don’t sell shadow short. He is a complete and utter nothing. His stack of True Detective magazines is only exceeded by his Allie Whack memorabilia. He is easily profiled.

          • I know I’m seeing a tendency to synchronize in the shadowstate comments and other comments is this casulidad?

          • Really disappointed with the way this site has gone downhill.. it really does lose all sense of credibility but allowing Shadowstate to write articles.. Clearly this guy is obsessed!!! With Alison Mack.. he has wrote 1000s of comments talking like he knows her personally! The stalking on twitter/comic con sounds realistic.. Frank you are publishing articles by a sinister man in his 60s obsessed with a much younger woman.. multiple times times he has been asked if he has pictures of her on his computer.. but avoids answering!

            To be clear Alison Mack is far from innocent.. but allowing a sinister old man writing articles claiming she is “evil” is just plain wrong..
            Frank you have done so much to bring down this cult, but do not help feed the ego of this individual and loose all credibility

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