Source: Two of Raniere’s attorneys’ security clearance revoked at MDC

And look out for those fangs!

To pose it as a NXIVM question:  What does it mean if two of Keith Raniere’s lawyers had their security clearance revoked – meaning they are no longer approved to visit the Vanguard at his jail?

A source with knowledge of the situation tells Frank Report that two of Raniere’s five attorneys – whose names were formerly on the approved list – have been taken off the list of attorneys who may visit and consult the lordly Vanguard during all reasonable hours.

It is not known why, or which two attorneys they are.  We hope to have this information shortly.

Lawyers have been regularly meeting with the august one several times a week for several hours at a stretch for several months now – racking up astronomical bills.

Raniere has three attorneys from the NYC law firm of Brafman & Associates PC and two from the Albany law firm of DerOhannesian & DerOhannesian.

Keith Alan Raniere’s Attorneys: 
1. Marc Agnifilo – Brafman & Associates, P.C.
2. Jacob Kaplan – Brafman & Associates, P.C.
3. Teny R. Geragos – Brafman & Associates, P.C.

4. Paul DerOhannesian II – DerOhannesian & DerOhannesian
5. Danielle R. Smith – DerOhannesian & DerOhannesian

If our source is correct – and he or she has been impeccably accurate to date – it could be for any number of reasons that two are now not going to MDC to visit Vanguard any more:

1. The attorneys may have violated some rule – and MDC revoked the clearance –  which seems unlikely. Regardless of how much they are being paid, these are reputable attorneys and are not likely going to break the rules even for a Vanguard.

More likely it seems Raniere revoked the clearance.

2. It could be a falling out between the two firms – Albany and NYC – on how to handle the blessed one’s defense.

3. It could be Raniere blaming some of his attorneys for the recently-failed motions or his inability to get bail.

4. It could be mere cost-cutting. A trip by his Albany lawyers back and forth to MDC is costly because it includes travel time.

Clare Bronfman initially put up millions of dollars in what was described to the court as an irrevocable trust to defend Raniere [and possibly others] – and this money could not be withdrawn or the trust rescinded. But it was a finite amount that was placed in trust and it could be that that amount might be getting depleted faster than was anticipated – as this case is prolonged with its complexity and superseding indictment[s].

It could even be that there is uncertainty about Clare putting more money into the trust – in the event that the original Raniere defense trust is depleted. Who knows? Clare might be on the verge of flipping and might not be willing to invest more money to defend the man who destroyed her life.

There may not be enough to take Raniere all the way to trial and through the appeals process if he is convicted.

Wouldn’t it be ironic that the man who spent millions of Bronfman money to torture his enemies in court – sometimes spending multiple millions in legal fees to fight over a million – does not now have enough money to ensure he has proper legal representation?

The abuser of the legal system – who used Bronfman millions to outspend his opponents and wear them down and bankrupt them – may now be facing the same fate as he imposed on others – fear that he cannot pay his own attorneys.

This cutting of 40 percent of his legal team – despite all the legal machinations going on right now – comes at a most unpropitious time…

Meantime, we know that Raniere resides in the Gay Sexual Predators Unit at MDC. Once the mites’ infestation is eradicated, which is expected soon, the world’s smartest one is expected to be returned to the general Sexual Predators Unit where he was previously residing.

He has been incarcerated for nearly seven months and has never yet been in the general population – which, in some people’s opinion, is a blessing in disguise for him.  In the Sexual Predators Unit – he is considered one of the brethren. There, they are much less likely to condemn him because their own crimes are not dissimilar to his alleged crimes.  In general population, pedophiles are the bottom rung, the most despised, followed by rapists.

Despite his amazing judo skills, he might get flipped on his stomach and receive an ass tenderizing by one or more of the brutal inmates — too stupid to realize he is their Vanguard and too foolhardy to be afraid of his prodigious martial arts skills.

How they will look at a pedophile-rapist who also branded women is anybody’s guess.

In the meantime — What does it mean when two of Keith Raniere’s lawyers have had their security clearance revoked?


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  • I too read that article on Radar Online. That a slew of new evidence is about to come out against Mack in the next couple weeks. Do you have any info on this, Frank?

    • I don’t believe the Mack material is coming out publicly but rather will be released to the defense. I plan to do a story on this shortly

  • I have heard from an extremely reliable source that Raniere tried to seduce two of the lawyers and they removed themselves from the list.

  • He has beautiful teeth and the most soft and tender mouth. No one kisses like him. He doesn’t have fangs. Also to suggest he should be raped in prison shows how direly and brutally beastial you are. Prison conditions are horrific. Dow we need to add rape ? As for adjourning two attorneys it is because we have the case licked. He don’t need to do much more. The prosecution can not prove the case no matter how many emails of home videos they stole from Nancy.

    • Pea your dream lover need his TLC. When in Rome…. You of all is slaves know your Master needs to satisfy his sexual appetite.
      Because he’s so soft and a good kisser with nice teeth, Babba gonna love him long time.
      Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. I’m sure before the lovin starts there is a proper reading of Bubb’s mission statement, a loud clap and huddle.
      Afterwards Babba surely says, Thank you Vanguard.
      If your master is really nice Bubba might even bow and take off his shoes before entering your masters cell.

  • It doesn’t seem necessary to revoke the clearence in order to cut cost, does it?

    Unless there’s bad blood, would’t it make more sense to just stop utilizing their services for now, but have them remained cleared – just in case of a change in circumstances down the line?

    • Yes, It looks like a client request a distinct cutting off of privileged access, as well as $$. He’ll need to punish someone, just in order to sleep.

  • Too many lawyers spoil the defense.

    It might be that having five egotistical lawyers representing one defendant they all get in each others’ ways.

    A covertly taken video of all the Raniere defense lawyers meeting.

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