Debate Rages: Canadian Not Forced to Seduce NXIVM Man

Was Maja Miljkovic forced to seduce a NXIVM member and marry him?

Maja Miljkovic is a plaintiff in a civil lawsuit where she claims NXIVM forced her to seduce a member and then marry him so she could remain in the country and work for them.

The story, Canadian Alleges She Was Forced to Seduce, Marry NXIVM Man But He Says It’s Untrue, prompted an anonymous commenter to accuse me of bias. The story is about Maja Miljkovic and the man she married.

Maja Miljkovic

The anonymous commenter, who accused me of bias, uses the name Aristotle’s Sausage.

Aristotle’s Sausage: Your article strikes me as grossly unfair to Maja Miljkovic and frankly pro-Nxivm. The facts of this case are laid out in chapter 19 of journalist Sara Berman’s book Don’t Call It A Cult.

Frank Parlato: Maja’s side of the story is told in Berman’s book. I do not believe Berman spoke with John Doe.

Aristotle: The “John Doe” true identity is disclosed in Berman’s book, so it seems bizarre for the Frank Report to endeavor to conceal his identity. He is a Nxivm loyalist and steadfast Raniere defender [name redacted]. [His] version of events is misleading at best.

Parlato: Your metric for “misleading” is that which does not comport with Maja’s version, which is, of course, bias.

Withholding his name was done tongue in cheek. But what if a striking brunette had been seduced into marriage? Would anybody dare question not naming her?

Maja Miljkovic

Recruiting Maja

Aristotle: Miljkovic was lured into Nxivm, like so many others, by a close friend she trusted. There were several fellow Vancouver actors talking it up and urging her on (group pressure).

Parlato: Did that friend employ a lure to hook Maja or believe they were offering something nice?

Aristotle: Sarah Edmondson, an ace Nxivm recruiter who ran the Vancouver Nxivm chapter, knew which buttons to push.

Parlato: You accuse Sarah of pushing people’s buttons, turning things on or off, making something go in one direction or another; the implication being that the person whose buttons are pushed does not know they are being manipulated. Sarah Edmondson is the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit, a victim; you are lumping her in with the same behavior as the defendants.

Aristotle: This was at the time that Nxivm was aggressively expanding and establishing; an acting program was one part of this. Mobius morphed into Ultima, then The Source. Miljkovic was enthusiastic. The manipulation had already begun. This was a cult, after all.

Mobius required MAKING A VOW. This was, in their rhetoric, to commit publicly and “get some peer accountability going.” Does making a vow sound familiar? Yeah. The other name for DOS was The Vow.

Parlato: I asked people who took Mobius, and they said they did not make a vow.

Mobius was an eight-day intensive, “healing the parts of yourself that you reject and not hating them in other people.” It was under the umbrella of Executive Success Programs and NXIVM

Aristotle: There was enforced commitment. And the punishment for failure.

Quote: “At the end of ‘Human Pain’ [!] another intensive that often followed Möbius, students would would form a ‘penance group’ where FAILURES WOULD BE PUNISHED WITH COLD SHOWERS [my emphasis] …DOS wouldn’t be created for another two years but some of the elements that would define it were already taking shape.”

Parlato: Human Pain was an eight-day intensive, described as “learning to feel and understand that love and pain often go together.”

The “penance” group was called the “conscience group.” It was voluntary. Members would each declare goals. It might be jogging a certain number of miles, losing weight, or doing something they wanted to get done.

It was one-for-all and all-for-one. If one of the group failed, all of them would take on a pre-agreed hardship, decided by consensus. One penance was taking cold showers; another was not using social media for a day, doing planks, giving up coffee, etc.

If Jane Doe did not jog the 5 miles she said she would; then the entire group would take a cold shower the next day. Sure it’s silly, but the idea was that members would be more likely to do what they said if, when they failed, they would have to face their friends and tell them, “you are all going to have to take a cold shower because I didn’t keep my word.”

Of course, it was trivial, nothing compared with the serious consequence of collateralizing in DOS. It was also on the honor system. No one entered your shower to see if you used hot water.

It’s not for me, but I could see how it could benefit beginners. But I have taken cold showers most of my life and once plunged into the Niagara in February, so the notion of a little cold water is hardly terrifying as it might be to some who would write in all caps TO DESCRIBE IT.

Aristotle: This was the environment Miljkovic was suckered into and by now deeply committed financially.

Parlato: Mobius cost $5,000. The precondition was taking the 16-day NXIVM intensive, which cost $7,500. Human Pain, another eight-day intensive, cost $5,000, Three courses cost $17,500.

Aristotle: Oh, and BTW, Maja lived with master manipulators and Nxivm recruiters Allison Mack and Mark Vicente in the cult compound.

Parlato: Vicente is a plaintiff. Mack, a defendant. Your lines of demarcation are getting blurred between plaintiffs and defendants. I don’t think Maja lived with Mark and Allison. I think she lived with Kayla Grosse.

The NXIVM members lived in separate townhouses in the same subdivision and had about 1000 non-NXIVM neighbors.

Clare Bronfman

Aristotle:  As for the arranged marriage to [John Doe], a visa fraud like so many others, Clare Bronfman arranged… Clare was well known in the Nxivm community for “fixing” these visa problems, as others will undoubtedly attest.

Parlato: Clare was in Ultima, along with Maja and 100 others. Ultima birthed the Knife, the Source, exo/eso, Ethicist, all these offshoots where Raniere could soak people for more cash. Clare knew Maja. Did she arrange her visa? Maja had a visitor visa, something anyone can get.

Aristotle: Clare was pretty hands-on around Nxivm. Quoting Sara Berman’s book again, Don’t Call It A Cult:

“Miljkovic remembers one evening when at an Apropos community night… Clare Bronfman came to get her and bring her to Raniere.

‘Keith would like to talk to you,’ Bronfman told her”. Clare was pimping for Raniere.

Parlato: If Clare came to fetch Maja to bring her to Apropos, the Dark Lord was priming his tongue to do more than talk.

NXIVM members Allison Mack and India Oxenberg leaving an Apropos event

Aristotle: Miljkovic then describes Raniere’s specific grooming techniques, his “mirroring,” and his inappropriate public touching. He would touch a woman’s breasts or crotch, and if she objected, that would be turned around on her, that she was at fault for not accepting his touch, and everyone present would, of course, agree.

Clare Bronfman

And Clare Bronfman wasn’t some distant entity, writing checks far from the cult compound in Albany. She spent time there, and she knew what was going on. She had plenty of time to observe Raniere in action. She knew and supported his methods. She knew about and participated in Nxivm’s criminal activities. That’s why she’s currently in prison.

Yes, the facts appear at odds with “John Doe’s” tale. I’ll be charitable and suggest perhaps he misremembers.

Clare Bronfman with Keith Raniere
Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman

Parlato: I might misremember this, but I thought I heard John Doe say, “Damn, I think Maja Miljkovic just seduced me, but it would have to happen two or three more times for me to be sure.”

Maka Miljkovic

Aristotle: So was Maja Miljkovic “forced”? She was undoubtedly pressured. Coerced. Manipulated. Subjected to punishments.

Parlato: What punishment? Taking a cold shower? Was she paddled?

Maja Miljkowic admits she deceived Doe on one of the most important things in life – marriage. Yes, Doe is a victim.

Still, the complaint alleges, “Defendants forced her to seduce [Doe]… and marry him.”

But was she forced? She was not forced into a room or gunpoint until she seduced him.

Was it Raniere’s force of persuasion, the force of his arguments, that forced her?

Or his electromagnetic force that also made radar detectors go off?

When Maja set out to seduce Doe, did she have to force a smile? Was their conversation forced?

Was she forced to reveal her intentions?

Did the forces of nature compel them to be intimate?

Keith forced unwanted attention on her, grabbing her crotch and breasts, but he was not an irresistible force.

NXIVM students were forcing the pace, Mobius, Human Pain, the Source, but Maja forced her way through the classes and was only forced to leave because her visitor visa expired. The immigration laws were still in force then.

Was her force of character insufficient to prevent her from seducing and marrying a man for illegal purpose? Was she a force to be reckoned or a spent force? Or was it the force of circumstances? The force of conscience might have been the guiding force.

It could have been all these forces, but at the end of the day, Maja was not coerced, compelled, constrained, or obligated. What happened to Maja was not force that is a tort or crime.

Raniere Kissing

Aristotle: She was immersed in a cult, isolated, surrounded by people who are experts and well-practiced in psychological tricks and utterly devoted to their criminal enterprise.

All this time, Miljkovic was being groomed by Raniere. The kissing on the lips and the pelvis grind “hugs” were normalized by everyone, as was the blatant misogyny everywhere, from the courses to the volleyball games. Miljkovic was subject to the standard cult indoctrination full-time.

Parlato: Yes,  look at the pictures below and see how bad it was

Mark and Keith

Keith Raniere kisses Allison Mack
Raniere kisses Nicki Clybe
Keith Raniere kisses Lauren Salzman.
Raniere kisses Loreta Garza
Raniere kisses Monica Duran
India kisses Raniere.
Nancy gets ready for a kiss.

Aristotle: Here’s an example of how the Nxivm cult manipulation worked.

Quote: “Miljkovic said she’d love to be part of it [Ultima], but she had to go back to Canada.

‘Keith was like, “Why? Why don’t you want to stay?”’ she recalls.

Raniere wouldn’t let her say no. He was pulling out the ‘specify, isolate, overcome’ routine.

‘What would you need to stay?’ he asked. ‘Money, a visa, a house — what if we could get you all of that?’”

Parlato: He made her an offer she couldn’t refuse? But she did refuse. And no horse head in the bed.


Aristotle: As for Raniere, Miljkovic compares him to a Mafia don, holding state at the Apropos clubhouse, everyone around her worshiping the man. She found him creepy.  She resisted.

She pushed back at the misogyny at the volleyball games. “A cartoonish performance of masculinity and femininity.”

Raniere wasn’t even very good at the game, she recalls. He insisted on coaching her. “His coaching felt like being publicly berated, which made her fume in silence. “I was like, Fuck that. You missed half your own shots, buddy.”

In volleyball, there was an A team which the mighty Keith was on, and another team of lesser talent would play at the same time on another court. The A team was generally male, but Mariana, who was athletic, sometimes Clare and Kristanna Loken played with the A-team.

Aristotle: Suffice it to say that she was unimpressed with Vanguard Raniere.

Parlato: So you’re saying then that he did not brainwash her?

Aristotle: I like Miljkovic. She’s got the right stuff. Sure, she was a fool for ever joining Nxivm, but she was lured in, trapped, manipulated, and exploited. Fraud, sexual harassment, and peonage are clearly evident. She never completely fell for it, and she didn’t abuse others the way Salzman’s or Mack did. Or the way Vicente and India did, for that matter.

Parlato: Whoa, hold on, Ari, India, and Vicente are plaintiffs in the same lawsuit as Maja. You seem to get the victims and defendants mixed up.

Aristotle: Miljkovic is a victim of Nxivm, but they never broke her spirit or her integrity.

Parlato: Speaking of integrity, I love the language in the complaint: “Defendants supposedly ‘saved’ her from having to leave the community, for which she would be forever indebted to the Defendants. However, after a visit home, Maja Miljkovic realized how badly the marriage would complicate her life and, instead of filing an application for permanent resident status, ended the marriage and remained in her home country.”

Wait, did the defendants save her from leaving the NXIVM community in Albany by forcing her to marry John Doe?

No, she left Albany before she got married. And she did not “visit home.” She visited Albany on a visitor visa; then she returned to her “home country.” With a name like Miljkovic, where was her home country? Eastern Europe? Croatia. No, it was Canada. So why not just say it? “She went back home to Canada.”

And, no, she wasn’t forced to marry John Doe in Albany or Vancouver. She was 3,000 miles away from those scary rascal defendants who punished her with cold showers and made her seduce a NXIVM man. But John Doe came to Vancouver.

The wedding, I am told, had about 40 guests, including Doe’s parents and Maja’s parents. They were wed in August 2014 and broke up before September but remained friends.

On Sept. 9, 2014, Maja wrote to one of her NXIVM friends that she had tried to come back to the USA to rejoin them in Albany but was refused entry at the US border. She overstayed her visa, and they would not let her come back after all.

She wrote she would continue to support the team from a distance. She was now in a financial bind, which is not surprising with all the courses she had taken. She reported she got a day job but was willing to work for the team at night. She never came back.

She also wrote that John Doe “and I are no longer ‘sharing romantic content,’ as Keith would put it.”

This strongly suggests that she was not forced to share romantic content with Doe.

Aristotle: Maja Miljkovic represents one of the good ones, and there are many in this case. I hope she’s awarded a million bucks.

Parlato: I think a million is nowhere near reality.

If the Bronfmans offered $10 million to settle, it would be accepted. The attorneys get a third, plus expenses. That would be at least $4 million.

That means $6 million left for 70 plaintiffs. But all plaintiffs are not equal. The 44 consumer fraud plaintiffs won’t stand to collect as much as the DOS victims, Camila, Daniela, Nicole, India Oxenberg, Jessica Joan, Soukiana Mehdaoui, Veronica Jaspeado, and, of course, Mark, Nippy, and Sarah, who were threatened.

If even $2 million were allotted for the 44, which is a lot, that would mean $45,454 per plaintiff. Damn, that’s probably less than what Maja spent on NXIVM classes.

I’m reluctant to say it, but I must, Viva Executive Success!


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    • I miss AnonyMaker. I think he quit posting because…. well…Alonzo. A. Sausage writes much differently. BUT literally every Anonymaker post was followed by Alonzo harassing his thoughts.

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          It’s called critical thinking and questioning assumptions. It’s deadly to ideologues like Alonzo.

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        • Garbanzo disproportionately harrangues the female Frank Report comnenters.

          Garbonzo’s passion for doxxing, online stalking and putting out publicly other people’s personal info (such as where they live) further ensured that many of the women commenting felt creeped out and it put a chilling effect on constructive discourse.

          • Anonymous 1:22

            I’d say there definitely are fewer female commentators since Garbonzo’s arrival.

            He seems to have a certain PENCHANT for attacking women.

  • Watching Marc Elliot’s promotional plug for JNESS and then knowing the truth about his fraudulent marriage and what a complete disaster and bad soap opera his “relationship” was in reality – is a level of dark comedy and trainwreck plot that even a combined team of staff writers from a Lifetime Movie and SNL working together could not concoct.

    It’s really funny in that context. All of Marc’s bragging and claims about JNESS teachings.

    No surprise that Marc Elliot would struggle with an honest examination about what his “wife” was really going through. And the whole truth of Marc’s “marriage” would be a lot to square with all of his deeply held Nxivm beliefs and his own considerable ego.

    It’s sad that Marc cannot understand how 2 people can have vastly different experiences within a marriage. Maybe Marc would be friends with his ex if he was willing to see her as a person with her own story. As valid as his own.

    Let’s see the wedding photos. The recording of the alleged 30 – 40 attendees. That’s a surprisingly tiny wedding for a young couple to whom community and their friend base were EVERYTHING.

    This seems to be yet another Nxivm take of two realities. One person (usually male but not always) fiercely believes that only their direct experience can be true for everyone else. But it’s possible that Marc entered the “relationship” with one perspective and his betrothed had a completely different one.

    Both can be true. Just like Nxivm could have been a positive experience for some members. And absolute hell for other members.

    Not everyone in the Sunday School class always gets molested. But can one former student say that because THEY were NOT molested that no child WAS molested? No. And the reverse is also true.

  • If they could brainwash a smart sharp woman like Maja, imagine what they could do to an average person.

    They forced her through brainwashing to seduce a man and marry him.

    I am not as intelligent as Maja or as strong. But I think they could brainwash me to seduce Marc Elliot. Maybe Mark Vicente. But I know they could never brainwash me to seduce Keith. So, you see, even brainwashing has its limits.

    • There is something good about disgust after all. You should stay away from or refrain from doing things that make you feel uncomfortable or disgusted in yourself.
      And with that, no one should tell you that you have a problem or many problems that you should work to overcome.

  • A couple times Frank chastises Aristotle for blurring or confusing who is a defendant and who is a victim. Such as, ” Sarah Edmondson is the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit, a victim; you are lumping her in with the same behavior as the defendants.”

    Yes, Sarah took the great risk to show her scar to the NYTimes and helped bring down Nxivm…but if she had not, she would be a prime defendant, having made a small fortune for years recruiting many hundreds into the cult, and even having a DOS slave of her own.

    Most NXers are both victims and perpetrators. Even Alison Mack could be considered a victim, not having been a pimp before being mindfucked by the cult. Clare Bronfman could be seen as an uneducated and simple-minded young woman who fell in love with a cad who bilked her for many millions.

    • Allison Mack was not driven to madness. Allison Mack is one of those few who were involved in thinking up this madness, such as thinking up and devising and testing new punishments and new ways of playing to torture other women.

      • “Allison Mack was not driven to madness”

        Mack wasn’t “mad” when she joined Nx. Then Mack was trained by Keith and the flying monkeys to please him. Mack didn’t “think up” DOS, she thought up ways to please Keith and make his idea of DOS work in a way that pleases him…just as she was mindfucked to do.

        Of course she is still responsible for her actions, but she also was a victim of Keith’s training and mindfucking. Was Mack more susceptible than other Nx women, or more targeted, I don’t know, but I doubt she was mad or evil before she met Keith.

      • one of the few? people who were engaged in devising this madness, according to what Frank describes about the group who agreed to take penance, all ideas were accepted by consensus.

        Also, according to Mark Vicente, Raniere wanted to break Allison, so she did go a little crazy.

        • Animus Liber:

          When a person exercises coercive control over another person or even a group of people because she is the slave master of that whole group, then there is no free choice to agree on anything of one’s own free will.

          This is because the coercive person is in the upper hand and has the position of control and leadership, which, when challenged, has the real possibility of punishing the person who defies the orders or commands or “suggestions” of the slave master or the coercive “free” choices of the “group”. The slave master has the blackmail materials and coercive control to enforce any goal she [Allison Mack] determines for herself in the group. Therefore, free will in a group of coercively controlled individuals by a coercive and empowered slave master like Allison Mack is a fantasy.

  • The most important question is whether Maka Miljkovic was forced to allow Suneel to wipe her behind.

  • Very insightful discussion.

    Clare Bronfman always a puzzle. Motivation and gain for her participation in NXIVM, and support ? KAR’s love and approval ? Authority and verification she is better than everyone else ? Curious.

    Also Thor the actresses son born in 2016, is that also KAR’s child ? Is this verified ? A google search and “leaked” icloud videos indicate she does not sport a bush.

    Keeping track of NXIVM hookups and KAR’s squeezes is tough, and then he appears to also be attracted to males. He was a busy boy.

  • Frank, I think you and I simply have different values that make further debate pointless. I believe the verdict against Raniere was definitive and does not merit endless debate. The court (jury’s) decision, based on plentiful and damning evidence, was a finding of FACT that established Nxivm as a criminal racket.

    Those who once furthered the cause of this criminal racket, and there were many, I regard with a skeptical eye. Some of these people are seeking damages in the civil lawsuit. I don’t support those people’s claims. You seem to think I’m confused on this issue. So be it.

    You say I’m biased. Well who isn’t. I find no good in the criminal racket Nxivm. I find their eight day intensive called “Human Pain” appalling. I find its tactic of collective punishment (setting the group against the individual) all too characteristic of the Nxivm cult. You say “Human Pain” was merely silly and trivial, and may have been of benefit to some. That is our clash of fundamental values. What you regard as trivial in Raniere’s Nxivm cult I find appalling and harmful.

    I don’t like cults like Nxivm. The people who continue to support convicted racketeer and sex trafficker Raniere have proven themselves dishonest in the past and therefore I am disinclined to believe their claims, their assertions, or their arguments. Call me biased but I don’t believe liars.

    So I’m not going to get into a point by point debate over Maja Miljkovic’s claims. Anyone who wants further information can read Berman’s book Don’t Call it a Cult. Which I highly recommend as a detailed and clear account of the Nxivm story.

    • I’m with AS on this subject. It was pretty clear to me that AS didn’t mix up plaintiffs and defendants, but intentionally cast doubt on Vicente’s positioning as a “victim”. Vicente deserves credit for bringing down NXIVM, but he was also one of the highest-ranking members for quite some time. Because of that position, he bears responsibility for the shitshow that was NXIVM. Vicente is smart and stupid at the same time: stupid enough to join NXIVM and that other insane cult he joined before NXIVM, but smart enough to rise quickly through the ranks and smart enough to leave just before it imploded.

      I have a lot of respect for Parlato for his role in the takedown of NXIVM, but I disagree with most of his reaction to AS.

      Anyway, John Doe is not to be lamented. Being “seduced” by a woman like Maya is not the worst thing that can happen to a heterosexual man.

    • Stuart Smalley’s Sausage wrote:

      “I don’t like cults like Nxivm. The people who continue to support convicted racketeer and sex trafficker Raniere have proven themselves dishonest in the past and therefore I am disinclined to believe their claims, their assertions, or their arguments. Call me biased but I don’t believe liars.”

      So for an anticult philosopher such as Aristotle’s Sausage, it’s never about the truth or falsity of any specific claim. Instead, it’s an “us vs them” scenario, where – depending on what team your are on – you are either a liar, or everything you claim is absolutely true because you are an anticultist like him.

      Highly fallacious reasoning, but very common for an anticultist.

      It’s the ad hominem fallacy: A fallacy these guys live by.


    • Bravo, As — I agree with you entirely, and with this, especially.

      ‘ You say “Human Pain” was merely silly and trivial and may have been of benefit to some. That is our clash of fundamental values. What you regard as trivial in Raniere’s Nxivm, cult I find appalling and harmful.’

  • -After years of begging for midnight volleyball info, we get this A team/B team nugget. Would Frank have had the skills to stick on the big boy court? The poor thirsty females had to play on the “B” court with Ben Myers, while that hotty Vanguard ruled “A”….

    – I don’t think anyone should be allowed to drop a “I once jumped in the Niagara in February” without explaining how drunk they were or how much money they won in the bet.

    – I’m intrigued by the plaid shirt choice of the person swapping spit with Vanguard, and impressed she/he earned a blurred out face.

    • I would rather be the top guy on Team B, than the number 2 guy on Team A.

      I did the West Branch of the upper Niagara perfectly sober to experience the invigorating experience of cold water. I once toyed with doing the Niagara in a barrel to see my name alongside Annie Taylor, Bobby Leach, the great Red Hill and my good friend the late Kirk Jones who did it once and survived and pressed his luck and tried it again with lamentable results.

      • Out of curiosity, I checked the late Kirk Jones:
        According to this news item, your friend, an idiot, put a giant Boa constrictor in an inflatable transparent ball that he was supposed to join in his Niagara challenge. I hope the snake lived through this extreme display of cruelty to animals……

        • I would have never condoned my old buddy Kirk taking Misty with him. Obviously, he thought he and his snake would live, and they’d do circus gigs like he had been doing after his first successful jump over the falls in 2003.

          • I’d have guessed he’d landed in Arcadia – not Spring Hill.

            Better to take the boa down with the ball, than releasing it to battle gators.

    • “I’m intrigued by the plaid shirt choice of the person swapping spit with Vanguard, and impressed she/he earned a blurred out face.”

      Must be Kreuk.

  • “Maja Miljkovic represents one of the good ones, and there are many in this case. I hope she’s awarded a million bucks.”

    Once again, in yet another unconscious contradiction to his own previous claims, AT argues that Maja was ‘brainwashed’ into marrying someone. And yet AT has argued extensively in the past that brainwashing does not exist, and that no technique from a cult leader’s “playbook” can undermine one’s own power of choice.

    But Maja is a special pleading for AT – because Sarah Berman’s book.

    A ‘brainwashing cult’ is the greatest blaming excuse ever created. For the plaintiffs who made so much money promoting and recruiting for something they are now, hypocritically, in a civil suit against, to ‘victims’ like Maja who now see a chance to make money over a mistake she made.

    It’s beautiful. And so many naïve and gullible anticultists like Aristotle’s Sausage never see how much they are being played.

    We’re going to need you to change your name, AT:

    You need to replace the “Aristotle” with the name of another great philosopher from the past, “Stuart Smalley”.

    Henceforth, you must call yourself “Stuart Smalley’s Sausage”.


    • Damn! Alanzo metaphorically pulled Aristotle’s pants down and spanked him with his own *Sausage.

      Aristotle claims brainwashing doesn’t exist and even debated Nice Guy over the issue. Aristotle believes in brainwashing when it’s convenient so he can win arguments. Alanzo has proven Aristotle Sausage is a pseudo intellectual, sophist, and Sausage eater.

      *Note: Alanzo needed a microscope and tweezers to find Aristotle’s Sausage.

  • If this was done to Miljkovic, I’d like to know what Raniere tried to do to keep Kreuk in NXIVM after trying to get her to move to Albany with Allison when she didn’t. Everyone knows Raniere was eyeing Kreuk from the moment Hildreth got her to join and get involved.

    • “I’d like to know what Raniere tried to do to keep Kreuk in NXIVM”

      Until Kreuk writes her own cult tell-all book, those salacious tales are only bedtime stories Vanguard tells his fellow inmates to whack themselves to sleep.

      • “I’d like to know what Raniere tried to do to keep Kreuk….”

        I’d like to know if Ice-Nine and Maja Miljkovic are the new…..

        ….Sultan of Six and Kristin Kreuk.

        • “I’d like to know what Raniere tried to do to keep Kreuk in NXIVM”

          Blackmail. She didn’t say a bad word about Keith – or even announce she had “left” – till after the shit hit the New York Times.

    • Maybe the question should be, “How did Kreuk NOT get ensnared into DOS or NOT give control of her money to Keith?”

      Was “the Kook” in fact smarter than reported, or stronger or of higher moral character?

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