Allison Mack requests judge to allow her to go shopping three hours per week

Allison Mack will likely soon be seen on the streets of Los Alamitos running errands.

If Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, the presiding judge in the USA v. Raniere et al case, has allowed Seagram’s heiress, Clare Bronfman, to leave her luxury Manhattan apartment and go outdoors to jog and shop for up to five hours per week, why shouldn’t Allison Mack get to go out for a measly three hours?

Well, very likely he will allow her to do just that.

Mack’s attorneys have requested that the judge permit the former Smallville actress to be allowed to go shopping and etc., – “errand time” – for up to three hours every week. This request is seen as likely to be granted by the judge since both the US Attorney and Pretrial Supervision have agreed to Mack’s request.

Mack is currently confined to her parents’ home in Los Alamitos, California, and has been there since late April following her arrest for sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, and forced labor conspiracy. She spent four days in jail at Metropolitan Detention Center and was then her released on a $5 million bond.

Here is the letter her attorneys wrote to Judge Nicholas Garaufis:

“We write respectfully on behalf of our client, Allison Mack, to request a modification of the conditions of her release.  Specifically, we respectfully request that the Court amend the home detention component of her conditions to permit Ms. Mack to leave her residence for up to three hours per week — with the specific days and times to be scheduled regularly and pre-approved by Pretrial Services — for “errand time,” i.e., to purchase groceries, supplies, and other necessities. If Your Honor so approves, Ms. Mack will provide Pretrial Services proof of errand (e.g., a shopping receipt) each time she leaves her residence for purposes of an errand pursuant to this requested modification.

We have conferred with Pretrial Services and the government, who both consent to the proposed amendment.
Respectfully yours,

William F. McGovern
Sean S. Buckley

Allison previously requested – and received approval for – the ability to leave home to go to school, a job, and church. It is not known if she has availed herself of any of these privileges.

As an editorial aside, I cannot help but remark: “Once a slave, always a slave.”

Allison was formerly the slave of a monster named Keith Raniere. He had her branded on her pubic region with his initials and ordered her to brand other women. He holds blackmail material [he calls it “collateral”] on her that is both gruesome and disgusting. It is now believed to be in the possession of the Feds.

The collateral consisted of graphic nude pictures of the actress, and documents of questionable enforceability — signing over to him custody of any children she might birth in the future, letters implicating [presumably falsely] her siblings’ abuse of her nephews and the assignment of all her assets to Raniere – if she disobeyed his commands as a DOS slave.

Now, she is the slave of the government. She had to post $5 million in assets to ensure her appearance at court whenever she is commanded to be there. Now, she has to get a written court order just to run errands.

VIva Executive Success …. and DOS too.

The big question is, is she still in the service of Master Raniere? In that case, she is both a slave to the monster and the government too. It is fruitless to remain in such foolish servitude to the wicked one, I think. He is not getting out any time soon and the devotion to being his slave will result in – undoubtedly – a much longer period of incarceration for slave Mack.

Prison is another kind of slavery.

It’s time to take off your DOS belly chain, Allison.

Your ankle monitor, however, must remain.

The Daily Mail captured a photo of Allison at her parent’s door to collect a package – the closeup shows her ankle monitor.

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  • Bet old creepy Keith wishes he’d kept money in his name now. He’d be having fun requesting new places to go from the judge every month. But he doesn’t dare admit to all the money he really has access to now does he. What a problem to solve, well for one of three top problem solvers in the world he really should have figured it out by now. Maybe his attorneys are too embarrassed to submit his recent requests.

  • He He Allie Whack gets 3 hours a week to shop. Libtard judge is so sweet. Hey shadowperv get your credit card ready.

  • The courts should not require any of the innocent defendants to put up bail money.
    They should accept naked pictures as collateral…just as the wise and merciful Vanguard does.

  • Allison didn’t post any assets for bail, her parents put up 10 %, 500,000, by signing over their assets as surety.
    Clsire didn’t bail her out. Mom and Dad did.
    And now she wants 3 hours to shop each week. With what money may I ask?
    And how’s attending church services going for her?
    Claire got permission to come to Albany to lean on NXIVM cohorts this week and now Allison wants to be out and about.
    Smells funny to me.

    • I wouldn’t want to be in that church. If God is just slightly off with the lightning bolt, it could hit me. She should be getting residuals from her TV show, which should be plenty to meet her needs, since she is no longer paying for intensives, as far as we know….

      • I wouldnt mind being in the same church. I would throw apples at her.

        Also, do they even air Smallville? That show was an embarrassment, like farting during sex.

  • The visual of that Shadowstate gave me a big belly laugh. Maybe some easy classes like basket weaving, into to psychology which I’m sure fellow students could use her situation for their term paper.

  • To the real Shadowstate1958:

    I’m posting under my real name and there is nothing antisemitic about it, you putz.

  • Nicholas Garaufis is a biased, libtard, Clinton appointed judge.


  • So all Allison need to do is sign up for full time college classes, join a nightly bible study that is 4 hours a part time acting gig like community theater and find time to shop for three hours a week and she will be like a teenager who is never home with the parents.

  • A lot of trolling on this post. Could Allison Mack be trolling here herself? Could she be Pea? Perhaps the trolls are Smallville fans? All Frank has to do is press the BLOCK button to prevent the comments section turning full retard. If someone pretends to be someone else, block them. Simple.

    • “A lot of trolling on this post. Could Allison Mack be trolling here herself? Could she be Pea? Perhaps the trolls are Smallville fans?”

      I suspect that a lot of the people attacking Kristen Kreuk are Nexians trying to divert a lot of attention away from the crimes of Mack as well as Clare and Raniere.

      A few weeks ago a poster named “Ryanne S.” said Allison was posting on the Frank Report.

      October 7, 2018 at 11:00 pm
      (To Ryanne S.)
      Now I think Allie is all mad cuz I’m taunting her with this dumb name…

      Does Allie follow the Frank Report?
      How does she do so in spite of the court order?

      Ryanne S
      October 7, 2018 at 11:19 pm
      She sure does, Captain Shadow. She even writes posts here. In fact, she could be Heidi or Anon or Onewomanarmy or
      OCD. But I dont think she is the scooter/flowers guy, but maybe she is.

      But I know for a fact that she is writing shit here. Right Allie?

      I dont think this Allie is a Mack, though, more like Allie Whack

  • Her collateral said her siblings were the ones abusing their kids? I thought it said she abused her nephews?

    Also, do we know for sure she is branded too? Could be a big deal in the whole victim/perpetrator debate.

    • When it first hit the news, I read her collateral was a letter in which she states her sibling abused her nephews. Such damaging lies tying her to KR, as the kids would have been removed from their parents had they released this to the authorities. I would love to know what her sibling thinks of this. How devastating, your sister making up such lies for this grotesque charade of a life. I would never forgive her. What a totally vile individual.

      • To Natashka:
        Allison has two siblings, an older brother and a younger sister.
        I believe the brother is a school teacher.
        An allegation of child abuse, even if unfounded, could cause the brother to lose his teaching job.

        • I didn’t realise she had a brother who teaches. It’s unbelievable she would cause such harm to her family. I wonder if the allegations will/have been investigated regardless of it being lies. Surely any allegation, when children are involved, would be looked into as a matter of course.

          • The FBI is holding on to the false narrative about child abuse because it is part of the collateral Mack gave to Raniere.
            As long as California’s Children and Family Services Department does not have it, there is nothing to investigate.
            But in cases where child abuse is alleged there is a whole protocol involved of removing the children from the home while the investigation is ongoing.
            And an action like that is very traumatic for young children.
            Allison Mack is an idiot for possibly subjecting her nephews to that kind of treatment.
            And of course it would be bad news for her brother whose only crime is having a nut job for a sister.

          • Think of it as the kids being taken away as broadening their experiences. They will learn how to better relate to the kids brought in from other countries illegally and separated from their parents.

          • Reply to anonymous:
            “Think of it as the kids being taken away as broadening their experiences.”
            Well why don’t we put Allison Mack in the Florence Colorado Super Max prison to broaden her experiences?

          • She’s not worth the cost of incarceration in a Supermax prison. Just dump her in with a bunch of other bitch felons, they will show her how to get rid of her “disintegrations.”

          • If they put Allison in supermax, she won’t have a cellmate! How is big bertha supposed to teach her a lesson or whatever like you always talk about?

            You really have to make up your mind about what you want.

    • “do we know for sure she is branded too?”

      A very good point.
      We have no idea if Allison and Nicki are really branded or if they just said so to encourage other women to be branded.
      From my understanding the branding by Dr. (?) Danielle Roberts was so unprofessional that the process was very painful.
      More painful than it had to be.
      Anyone who underwent that process might be more reluctant to inflict it on others.

      • Thanks for that Shadowstate (the reply regarding child services). I agree she is a total idiot. There’s ruining her own life but to jeapordize her family’s. I wonder if she feels any shame, remorse whatsoever or if she is no longer capable of feeling such things.

        • Somehow I get the feeling that Ms. Mack feels no shame or remorse for anything.
          To do such things to a blood relative who is around 4 years old demonstrates a depraved heart.
          Mack wrote this “confession” to the DCFS when she herself was in her thirties so she is not an immature child.
          She is an adult but does not act like it.

  • Ms. Mack was the enthusiastic enforcer of a strict vegan dietary regime on herself and others.
    No meat, no cheese, no dairy, 500 to 800 calories per day.
    Lots of coffee.
    Perhaps she prefers a diet more in line with her NXIVM slave diet.
    A diet of melons and squash and cucumbers.
    This is a woman who walked around New York City with a scale in her purse carefully weighing her portions of food to ensure she did not over eat.

    • Everything about Allison Mack turns me on. I fantasize about her wearing an Easter Bunny outfit, and working me over with a giant dildo while I’m wearing a diaper and being forced to pledge allegiance to Vanguard.

      • I have another fantasy her and I tag team Kristin Kreuk, while Pea Onyu, “Pea’s Onme”. The Golden Shower Girl of NXIVM gets the strap-on treatment from Kreuk while Allison works my 3″ monster with her feet and cankles.

        • Fake ShadowState
          You need help almost as much as Allison Mack.
          Since there is no way to defend Ms. Mack’s abhorrent behavior you post bizarre comments that expose you more than anything else.

          • Nice try, Shadow, but everybody here knows that’s you talking. Only you are that obsessed with Allison Mack. I just didn’t think you were quite that depraved.

          • To Shlomo Finkelstein:

            Your name is blatantly anti-Semitic.
            Almost as anti-Semitic as Keith Raniere telling Nancy Salzman that she is the reincarnation of Hitler.
            I resent it and I’m not even Jewish.

        • This poster is a fake. And if he or she posts again using someone’s moniker I will have to block the IP adrress. It is possible to fake IP addressees but this too will be monitored. It is not easy to keep the balance between allowing anonymity (for Nxivm) is vicious and policing the trolls.

          • Frank, can you check the IP address of anyone calling themselves Pea Onyu? Is it the same person with the same ip? Is there a real Pea and fake Peas?

      • Since you adore Ms. Mack so much
        fake ShadowState you should be allowed to listen to the audio of the DOS initiation ceremonies where women are being tortured, literally burned alive, screaming for mercy while your heroine Allison tells them to “absorb the pain, think of your master, be a bad ass warrior b—–”
        Anonymous says Mack needs to see a shrink 40 hours a week.
        Maybe 80 hours a week is more appropriate.

        • You are the only fake here. Why did you have to use my screen name? I’ve used the name “Shadowstate1958” on dozens of websites, for the last 15 years. I was here first. So get lost, troll.

          • My screen name is actually computer generated.
            I’ve used other screen names on other websites but on the Frankreport I only use

            And my IP address is always in the Midwestern US in one state.

    • Okay, Shadowstate, calm down…it’s just some cankles. I know thinking of Allison makes you lose all control, but we don’t know your lurid sexual fantasies.

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