When she comes to Clifton Park next week – Clare will likely meet with NXIVM members – with her attorney present

MK10ART's sketch of Clare Bronfman, the leader of Nxivm known also as Legatus.

On Friday, October 12th, Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis granted Clare Bronfman’s request to allow the heiress to accompany her lawyer, Kathleen E. Cassidy, on a trip to the Albany/Clifton Park area in the Northern District of New York – on October 16-17, 2018.

Next Tuesday, the two women will arrive in Clifton Park. They will stay overnight and then leave on Wednesday.

Clare was last seen in Clifton Park on her 39th birthday – April 8th – where a party of about 25 NXIVM members gathered in her honor to celebrate her nativity.  The party was held at sister Sara’s mansion at 7 Traymore Trail in Clifton Park.

Dr. Brandon Porter and his family were living in Clare’s home on Button Road. Sara was not there, but reportedly her husband, Basit Igtet, was there, along with Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman and other members of the NXIVM cult.

This was two weeks before Allison Mack was arrested and more than three months before Clare herself was indicted – which was on July 24, 2018.

Clare may have been back since then, but has spent most of her time in NYC and is now under house arrest in a luxury apartment in Manhattan.

The purpose of the trip to Clifton Park this coming week is not to visit old haunts and reminisce about the Camelot days of NXIVM – when Clare was blowing through $100 million in commodities, and real estate – and on attorney fees to sue the bejesus out of Keith Raniere’s enemies – while all around her NXIVM members fawned and pretended to be her loving pal [while secretly despising her] – but rather for her defense to conduct investigations in preparation for her trial in her criminal case.

The government did not object to the request, and Pretrial Services took no position.

The court approved it on Friday

Cassidy promised to provide Pretrial Services with the specifics of their travel plans. It is likely that the defense will be interviewing witnesses and shoring up supportive testimony. Clare is permitted to be there and meet with any and all NXIVM and former NXIVM members who care to do so – provided the meeting is in the presence of her attorney.

Not to impugn anything is necessarily sinister but the fact is that Clare is “one scary lady” to the NXIVM group – who are timid by nature and learning.  This may give Clare a chance to remind any NXIVM witnesses that she can punish them if they do not testify in her favor and reward them if they do.  Some witnesses are probably on her payroll and others are being provided an attorney at Clare’s expense. They may have little choice but to support Bronfman – who seems steadfastly loyal to her Vanguard.

As far as witness intimidation is concerned – if it happens – this should not be laid at her attorney’s doorstep.  Clare and the NXIVM members know each other intimately, They speak their own language. Intimidation will not be done overtly – if it is done at all – but by a look or a word – or a whisper – in NXIVM-speak.

The witnesses called in to meet with them may also be terrified that they too will be indicted. They may depend on Clare for their defense and their living.

This is not a pretty time for them – not at all, I suspect.  Hardly Camelot – and if they only knew it the fault lies in their leader – the Vanguard. He led them all to this day.






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  • I plan to meet with c
    Clare and I can tell you right now it is because she is our leader not out of any fear. Grow up and stop speculating.

    • Pea:
      Are you going to thank Clare for paying for your lawyer?
      It’s only the polite thing to do.

      BTW Pea, did you thank Clare for renting out the 10,000 dollar per week villa for you and the other sister wives to stay with the Vanguard in Puerto Vallarta.

      • Clare did not pay for the villa. Jack provided it to us. Clare is so generous and it was Jack’s privilege to offer to his Vanguard a little something he might enjoy. He was so sad to hear that this is where our Vanguard was to begin his painful agony for his people.

    • How can you meet with Clare if you’ve never even met her in real life? LOL

      You’re at best a person who fetches coffee for Nicky Clyne and maybe scrubs her toilets.

      Also, does Clare’s attorney know about your statutory rape comment made about Keith just a few days ago? I can’t wait to see you grilled on the witness stand and admitting that Vanguard is a pedophile who likes 14 year olds.

      Vanguard is NEVER coming home, Pea. Sorry hun. Maybe you ought to get a new boyfriend and begin to copulate with somebody who doesn’t resemble a fat human pig with smelly rodent feet.

  • Reality check! When you have to deposit $100 million to stay out of jail, and even then, can only leave home for a few hours a week except with permission of the court, is it a sign that your criminal enterprise is doing well? How long can these people keep justifying to themselves the possibility that they’re not in deep doo-doo? But really, folks. The Government prosecution of NXIVM as a racketeering organization must all be a big mistake and misunderstanding. NXIVM couldn’t ever be proven to be a cult organization. Hail Legatus! All praise Vanguard! Hail the Society of Protectors!

  • So it’s a pre-halloween party and Clare and her attorney Kathleen E. Cassidy will be riding in on their brooms. Clare with come as ClareBear and Cassidy will come as Carrot Top (just needs some red hair dye).

    It Clare comes as the wicked witch she is, can someone do us all a favor and throw a bucket of water on her so she mel (Clare, this is just a joke and not a threat against your life as you have so often tried to get the police to believe).

    Wonder where they will stay. Maybe at one of the many empty houses now that Albany is a NXIVM ghost town.

    Do you think they will question Nancy/Lauren Salzman and Kathy Russell?

    Wonder if they will play a game show of “Let’s Cut a Deal” or “Who’s Cutting a Deal”?

    Personally I don’t think Clare has the same power over people as she used to have. She’s been arrested, there is no more company to be the queen bee of and she is going to be running very low on money.

    I do think Clare is up to no good and doing what she can to get herself and her Vantard out of hot water.

    PS, do you think Clare will stop by her farm and pet her ponies?

  • It would be like Ted Kazinski or John Gotti going back to their old haunts and seeing if any ‘friends’ want to meet with them.

    Are you STUPID? Funk that. Of course the FBI is going to be conducting surveillance. So will the news media.

    And then, Scarecrow will start talking about ‘shirts’ as in, “I need to transfer 5 million shirts to Switzerland. I have them in my house.” And of course, FBI already knows the word shirts refers to cash, or bodies, or nannies. Duh.

    By all means, confederates of NXIVM…please meet with Clare so that law enforcement can obtain more records and evidence.

    • Can they spy on you through your smartphone microphone?

      There are some spy programs that can even remotely activate the microphone on your device and record you. One of the most infamous of these is StealthGenie, a spyware app that behaves like a Trojan and supports iOS, Android and Blackberry. It can geolocate the device, listen to conversations, capture messages and images and even activate the microphone, tracking all your actions throughout the day.


    • You’re the attorney, not me.

      But if Clare’s visit is officially scheduled as an “attorney-client” visit to speak with various people under attorney-client privilege, I’m not sure the FBI is going to be spying on that too closely.

      • hasnt mueller proven than the attorney client priviledge is disrepected by all of them including the FBI {like they follow rules} ….. just sayin

        it died the day they stormtrooped trump’s personal lawyer

        and when this new attorney general Latisha waste of time james is seated by cheating cuomo this whole thing will just suspend itself somehow nys style … mho

        remember dont bother to vote cuomo will vote on your behalf for you for himself

        • Attorney-Client privilege has never meant that attorneys and clients can conspire to violate the law.
          If Clare and her attorney try to influence the testimony of witnesses, then that is OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE and they will both go down.c

          • You need proof numbnut. You should get out and get some fresh air instead of watching Perry Mason And Smallville reruns all day.

    • Former Nexian conveniently pops in to post little “informative ” tidbits, such as weird Whistler trips, and then, coincidentally, other people chime in to offer new information on said skiing trips, which when looked at, proves to be bullshit information.
      You are a pretty shady character, former nex guy. Care to explain the coincidental posts, or should we just assume you wrote both?

      • And who are you? A NXIVM member or fan of one of the NXIVM celebrities? People would rather read Omar’s comments than yours. Anyone with inside information has more to offer than you. Go away if you don’t like it.

        • It’s just some mentally ill troll who never even heard of NXIVM before the indictments, but claims to be an expert now.

  • Too obvious? Will the FBI be conducting surveillance wherever Clare goes, to make a record of possible witness tampering by intimidation or otherwise? When the Feds are on a case, they are good at “listening in.” They can monitor cellphones, capture audio from thousands of feet away with remote mics, or use other sophisticated surveillance technology to “listen in” as much as they want. Especially with recent advances in technology. If the Feds are listening in, it would be a very bad time to continue the past practice of witness intimidation! Arguably, it would be a very bad time for anyone to so much as meet with Clare! Would you want to, knowing she’s likely the subject of Government surveillance? Smile for the cameras! And Viva Executive Success!

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