Knox Woods properties for sale and rent, are haunted by memories of Pam Cafritz

Pam Cafritz died last November. She was in her fifties. Her legacy, according to Executive Success Programs is one of a woman of great accomplishments and pure goodness and saintly attributes. The true woman of the future.
Two Knox Woods properties, 1 Flintlock Lane and 7 General’s Way are now available for rent or for sale.
1 flintlock
I Flintlock is being readied for sale.
These real estate offerings provide an opportunity for followers to live close to Mr. Raniere.
Mr. Raniere resided at 3 Flintlock Lane with the late Pamela Cafritz,the daughter of Washington DC developer William and his socialite wife, Buffy Cafritz.
At the time Miss Cafritz met Mr. Raniere, she was engaged to a wealthy young man.
She took a vacation trip to Aspen. Mr. Raniere happened to be there at the time.

He told her he was the smartest man in the world. He once tied the record for the fastest runner in New York State in the 100 yard dash, he said.

She received an annual annuity of more than $200,000 per year from her parents.
Mr. Raniere had sex with her.  She broke up with her fiance and moved to Clifton Park.
She bought 3 Flintlock Lane and put the deed in the name of Mr. Raniere and herself.  She paid all the expenses. When Miss Cafritz got pregnant, Mr. Raniere insisted she have an abortion.
Mr. Raniere observed Miss Cafrtiz had the physiognomy of Olympic swimmer, Mark Spitz. He deduced she could become a world class runner. He put her on a low calorie diet.  He trained her to run long distances.
Her diary notes her efforts to keep her calories low, eating only small handfuls of food. She had lapses and ate more than she was allowed. She failed to meet the weekly quota of miles Mr. Raniere set for her to run. He explained this was her ethical breach.
Mr. Raniere’s “highest value” was to maintain a harem. To cure her breach, she was told to help him find women and teenage girls. Miss Cafritz assisted him in finding women and girls.
A young Mexican beauty, Marianna Fernandez, was 23 years younger than Mr. Raniere. She was bisexual.
Marianna Fernandez was prepared to leave Mr. Raniere until he bought her a vehicle and a woman.

She was said to be lazy and of limited intelligence. She was also said to be “hotter” than any woman Mr. Raniere had in his harem at the time.

He had sex with her. She wanted to leave Mr. Raniere. Mr. Raniere bought her an expensive vehicle and other presents. He moved Miss Fernandez into 3 Flintlock Lane with Miss Cafritz and himself.
Miss Cafritz failed to become an Olympic runner. Mr. Raniere explained the only way she could make up for her ethical failure was to have sex with Miss Fernandez. Miss Cafritz was not bisexual.
Miss Cafritz served Mr. Raniere and Miss Fernandez as a servant and sexual slave, while paying the expenses.

In 2006, Kristin Keeffe got pregnant. Mr. Raniere was the father. She hid it from Mr. Raniere knowing he would coerce her to abort the child.  After the child was born, Mr. Raniere had one of his followers purchase 1 Flintlock Lane and placed Miss Keeffe and their son in the home. 

While Miss Keeffe was the mother and he was the father, Mr. Raniere told his followers the baby’s mother died at childbirth and he did not know who the father was.


Allison Mack starred in the hit WB/CW TV series Smallville. She began taking ESP classes. After taking ESP classes, she recognized she was “confused” about life.

Mr. Raniere advised her to quit working as a TV actress.

Miss Mack told Fine Magazine

I think everyone needs a mentor. I don’t think any of us really know the answers without a little bit of wisdom. If you aren’t willing to be humble enough to seek wisdom from other people, I think you’re missing a lot of really incredible opportunities to build a certain amount of depth and value in your life that you wouldn’t have if you didn’t have somebody to help guide you.

I chose to have this mentor in my life, and I was talking to him about my struggle, confusion, and not knowing what to do. He said, “Why don’t you take some time and think about? Give yourself some space to figure out who you are now.” So that’s what I did. ….  [I] recognize[d] that I really wanted to be a serious actor who wanted to do more than TV.

She bought a townhouse on 7 General’s Way in Clifton Park in 2011. After she “retired” from TV, she had a net worth of several million. She expended it in the service of Mr. Raniere.  He put her on a low calorie diet – and she lost a lot of weight. She had sex with Mr. Raniere.
Allison Mack was placed on a diet. She lost weight and has a pencil thin neck. Mr. Raniere said she could become a world class actress.
In early 2014, Miss Keeffe and her son fled from 1 Flintlock Lane.  She was aided by the New York State Police and placed in a series of domestic abuse “safe houses” until she arrived at a safe location far away from Raniere.  He’s still trying to find her.
Miss Keeffe claimed Mr. Raniere was violent and abusive.

Last November, Miss Cafritz died of renal cancer. Some of Mr. Raniere’s followers agreed with him that if only Miss Cafritz had followed her running program and diet, she would still be alive today.

Mr. Raniere moved from 3 Flintlock Lane to 21 Oregon Trail along with Miss Fernandez and Allison Mack.

Mr. Raniere created a multi-level blackmail group for women and placed Allison Mack in charge.  Miss Mack was told to find women for Mr. Raniere.

The program, called DOS, includes branding women with a hot iron with Mr. Raniere’s initials on their pubic region – and acquiring material that can be used to blackmail any woman who reveals the secrets of DOS.


Many women were branded and gave blackmail material to Mr. Raniere.

Frank Report broke the news of the branding and blackmail in June.  Subsequently, about 400 of Mr. Raniere’s followers left his organization.

Miss Fernandez gave birth to a son in August.  Sources are divided as to whether Mr. Raniere is the father. Miss Fernandez was absent from Clifton Park and was said to be in Canada when the child was likely to have been conceived. Some think the child may have been conceived via in vitro fertilization.

Miss Keeffe is in hiding with her son. After she left, Mr. Raniere brought a paternity suit against her, claiming he was the father.

Two longtime Espian-occupied properties in Knox Woods are currently available, offering an opportunity for followers of Keith Raniere to reside close to him.
Keith Raniere is also known by his self-given title of  Vanguard.

1His highest value is to maintain a fine harem.

He was able to guide many women to Knox Woods.
maxresdefault (1)
Allison Mack got the nickname “The Pimp” because of her ability to find women for Keith Raniere.
Miss Mack is on a 500-800 calorie diet per day.


As a staunch harem member, Miss Cafritz found women and girls for Keith Raniere to enjoy.
Originally from Washington D.C., Ms. Pamela Cafritz came from a prominent family of builders.
7 gerneral way
Allison Mack moved out of her town home to live with Keith Raniere and Marianna Fernandez. Now, her house can be rented for $2,350 per month,

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6 years ago

So Allison Mack went from acting in one of the more popular hits for the previously existent WB network during the early 2000s to someone who recruits girls/women into the harem of a sociopathic man-child to satisfy his sexual proclivities.

Way to go, Ally. You’re moving up in the world!

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