To Nancy from a reader – Go Ahead and Flip – you were never a Nazi

Vanguard [Keith Raniere] and Prefect [Nancy Salzman] during a happier time, when the two were working in tandem to teach the world a new visionary method of critical thinking they called Rational Inquiry. But for the irrational pecker of the founder, and a cauterizing pen, they might be still doing so today,

By A Reader

Dear Nancy:

As you are well aware, you have one life. And one death.

Reincarnation is always a possibility but it’s not a given. YOU know this life is a given.

For greed, you got caught up with a monster. You’re not the first or last or even the worst for doing such. It’s what you do now that will determine the afterlife. Maybe there isn’t one. Do you want to take that chance? Did you believe Keith when he told you that you were a reincarnated Nazi?

To me, personally, it was one of his worst crimes. The way he played you all is so despicable, as most Jews lost family during the war, regardless of where your parents and grandparents lived, they lost even more than family. Keith is the ultimate con man. Frank is very good at showing the story, making it real for us.

My perception of the Bronfman sisters in the early days was that of two young women feeling unworthy of all this money they had for doing nothing to gain it. He played on their guilt. But Clare was tight, I think, even Keith had to play her carefully. The greedy bitch couldn’t even pay hourly workers their worth.

As the 2nd of the Edgar Bronfman Sr.’s family, they may not have been exactly welcomed by their elder brothers and sister, but loved by their father. It must have been confusing for these little girls. Mommy was busy looking for her next sugar daddy; nannies just aren’t the same.

Keith convinced these reincarnated Nazis (rich Jewish heiresses ) that they had an obligation to use their money to benefit the world (Raniere’s world).

Nancy, you had to have seen and used this too to your advantage. You’re heading toward the edge. I hope once you start talking, you share all, it’s not to late to teach your children right from wrong. Set the example you didn’t while raising them. They are the only legacy you have to leave behind.

What if they have children. What would you want to be remembered for? Part 1 of Nancy saves NXIVM Survivors?

PS: you were never a NAZI.

The man on the left told the woman on the right that she was Adolf Hitler in her last life.
Was Adolf Hitler reborn as Nancy Salzman? Keith Raniere said it was so.
Nancy Salzman – before she knew she was Hitler in her last life.
Once she learned she was Adolf Hitler, how hard she worked for Keith Raniere to undo the travesty she had created in the past.
According to Keith Raniere, the former Adolf Hitler became his disciple and partner. Hitler died but Raniere informed his gullible student and business partner, Nancy Salzman, that she was Hitler in her past life.  Raniere gave  Salzman the title of Prefect, which is much lower than her previous title Fuhrer.
The Prefect uses charts to teach students.

V Week 2016 had an estimated 400 attendees… Seated next to Vanguard are Prefect and the late Pamela Cafritz. Cafritz was only a low-level Nazi, while Salzman was formerly Adolf Hitler, according to Raniere.

Hitler and Mussolini reunited? Nancy [Prefect, formerly the Fuhrer] Salzman cuts the ribbon, opening the Mexico City NXIVM center. Alejandro Alex [El Duce] Betancourt [l] [formerly Benito Mussolini] and Emiliano Salinas [R] [formerly Carla Petacci?] look on.
Related image
Benito Mussolini and lover Carla Petacci
Alex [rear] with his lover  Emiliano. If Alex was Mussolini, was Emiliano Carla Petacci?

Image result for carla petracci mussolini

Alejandro ‘Alex’ Betancourt

Image result for carla petracci mussolini

Image result for emiliano salinas

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  • Vanguard’s wildest dreams (he is obviously obsessed with Hitler and wants to take over Mexico).

    “Mexico cries for a capable master. It is being ruined by its government ” – Adolf Hitler.

    Mexicans were told that their country would be the great nation of the Northern Hemisphere. (Nazi propaganda).

    Hitler believed that Ibero-America could be taken over, not by invading armies, but rather through subversion.

    Hitler and the Reich had their eyes in Latin America.. as early as 1934, Hitler began to focus on Mexico as the key to his strategy for Latin America. According to Nazi politician named Hermann Rauschning, Hitler felt Mexico was the best and richest country in the world with the laziest and most dissipated population under the sun.

    William F. Wertz, Jr. – Executive Intelligence Review. “The Nazi-Instigated National Synarchist Union of Mexico”. July 2004.

          • How much more intelligent you would sound if you skipped the beginning “are you high”. You would make a poor teacher condemning a question that could be sincere and chastising people. It takes the validity of your argument -which may be quite sound and invalidates it because you have no courtesy toward others and no tolerance for people who might think differently from you. I wish you would learn manners.

        • The problem is not Mexicans. The problem is any illegal alien, undocumented choosing to endanger innocents . Both Americans and their own families. There is a process for entering another country , when you CHOOSE not to follow that process you are committing a crime. When you bring children you endanger them in so many ways that if you are the parent you are not fit. If your not the parent or legal guardian you should be punished. In order to properly help those following the laws of the land, we have to fix illegal entry. More sources will be available to help fix the problems facing those following our rules. Yes Our Rules. This is still our country and we welcome decent people looking for a better life. We do not welcome gang members and known CRIMINALS. Sanctuary city officials are CRIMINALS. They should be removed from office. What right do they have to destroy the cities they are entrusted with. This is about votes to them so they to are not helping immigrants they are using them. Go ask them for help after an election and see what they are willing to do. Behind their gated communities we if there’s room to set up a tent city. When we have fixed the problems facing America then we can do more to help others.

  • One man destroyed many lives.
    Some legacy.
    Lives that will never be redeemed.
    Lives stolen.
    Happiness, family, friends, children, careers, all stolen.
    One driven clinically insane.
    What punishment is enough for Keith and his enablers for the harm they have done to so many.
    Having been in a cult myself I know the effects never fully leave one if one is lucky to escape.
    Different players, same techniques, same money, power and use of sex to control.
    We need to be better schooled on these things since they are forever cropping up under the guise of self help, religion, you name it.
    Remember. Someone is always trying to sell you something. Try not so much to listen to the words but the overall message and what’s in it for them, because it’s all about them, not you, them. You are a means to an end, you serve a purpose and when that purpose is served you are expendable.
    Listen to your intuition. If one small thing they say, or do, troubles you, don’t debate it, just run. Take your leave and run.

  • I have a hunch Nancy is not going to make it for the trial. Her failing health is going to get the best of her. Just a hunch.

      • Thank you for another idiotic comment. You continue to prove you are shitstained piece of paper ready to be flushed to the sewer where filth belongs. Time to do the world a favor and suicide yourself and get on with your eternal destiny of sucking Satan’s cock in hell.

          • Thank you for another idiotic comment. You continue to prove you are shitstained piece of paper ready to be flushed to the sewer where filth belongs. Time to do the world a favor and suicide yourself and get on with your eternal destiny of sucking Satan’s cock in hell.

      • Scott. Why be so uncivil? Maybe it’s worthless or maybe it’s a valid prediction. Why do you feel the need to label it? Are you trying to teach us or do you enjoy just being a little sharper than the rest of us. I don’t understand you’re ill temper. Are you just naturally rude to people? Or is it something else ? I think your curious rudeness to people who comment is hard to fathom.

          • No really Scott it is not necessarily true that someone is a coward just because they accept the option of anonymity afforded on this blog. But even if you are superior because you are not anonymous does that offset your lack of manners? If you are superior to us in bravery can you not also set us an example in good manners. The brave are always well mannered. That is the hallmark of courage.

    • If that is her destiny here she can still be testifying. Lauren is spending all day 6 days a week with her , maybe Michele is to. With hope they may be working together to help fix the mess Nancy started. I’m counting on her to do the right thing. Who knows how long this collection of collateral has been going on. Much longer than DOS I’m sure. A plea to the Salzman family, you may even save your mother’s life by helping her unburden herself. It’s obvious Nancy has real friends out there, you to can help her now.

    • What’s bad about that? Because he’s handsome he’s somehow deserves better. He to will look like his father in 20 years. Look at all the 20 year olds who stood by psycho Keith and aged out of their ability to have meaningful lives. Most to old to have children if they want them. Kathy I’m sorry but you are to old to be a famous ballerina. Infamous maybe.
      People in today’s world you can’t trust others. Especially the over friendly types. Anything asking for money should be suspect. Follow your intuition if you have any. I’m not a huge Dr Phil fan but he has written a few books about living in today’s world and he has some great tips. One of the hardest things i did as a parent was teaching my children that even with family members you do not automatically trust, no one wants to raise children in fear, but you want them to survive.

  • I digress but Emiliano is very photogenic. Could have been a Hollywood star, could still be — if, uh, he doesn’t lose his dual citizenship. Too bad.

  • Nancy, It’s time to do he right thing and flip to save you daughters and son in law.
    By helping the government you can redeem yourself.

    By opening up the computer files you can help expose decades of crimes.

    You were cheated out of your position at NXIVM by the Bronfmans and Lauren was cheated out of her rightful place by Allison Mack.
    Now is the time for payback against the interlopers.

    • Dear shadowperv. Thank you for your heartfelt advice. If you would have jacked off to my image as much as you did to Mack, Durance and Kruek, maybe I would listen to you. As for now go fuck yourself

        • Scott I find Shadow state interesting and he has one thing you genuinely lack -good manners. In some societies you wuodnbe called a lout. In other a bully. I prefer to think you were just poorly educated but do not lack the intelligence to learn. How hard would it be to make your points with civility. Instead of calling shadow state captain obvious why not either show tolerance or perhaps give us a little subtle explanation of why it is so obvious. All I know now is it is obvious to me that you have poor manners which is generally a sign that you don’t like people very much. Affable people generally are polite.

          • Johnny be good
            Your extreme lack of punctuation and your poor sentence structure is oddly familiar.
            Stacey A, I presume?
            What are you doing here, Stacey?
            We all know you were never part of Keith’s harem….with a face like yours, that would be impossible.

            And before all you foolish hypocrites call me rude, consider all your own comments about Clare. At least I have a valid reason to insult Stacey.

    • Thats right Nancy, ESP was yours , alone you may have had a legitimate business. Keith and Clare stole everything including your dignity from you. Take it back.

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