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Assholes welcome to comment here; I deleted 10 comments on regular posts today

Out of more than 100 comments today – as of 8 pm – I only had to delete 10 comments – so things are looking up.

The 10 were mainly insults against other commenters with no relevance to the post they were attached to.  This particular post you are reading now is specially designed for people who love to hate anonymously.

Please feel free to post any nasty comment you wish on this post [but please avoid doing so on other posts – thank you].  I will continue to delete comments clearly intended to disrupt the comments section and drive readers away.


Here are the 10, I removed.


In reply to Vinny.
Your schtik went out when Rodney Dangerfield passed away.

In reply to Just Sayin’.
Flash Bulletin: You are alway posting anonymously. If your name was a link to a specific gravatar, then you would be “only” a semi-coward.


Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)
I assume all anonymous commenters are trolls.


Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)
In reply to Just Sayin’.
Willard, like many others, makes the mistake of projecting what we know now back into the past. It’s called small thinking. And Willard does it all of the time.


Petal Power
Oddly, “Scott Johnson” appears unable to post as such and “Flowers” is sounding a little more sober than usual. …Just sayin’!


In reply to Flowers.
Who gives two shitz what shadowperv thinks about anything? The guy has crapped out his redundant thoughts here ad nauseam.


The real Scott Johnson
In reply to Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson).
Got that Johnny B.? You wanna try to stop me from taking over your silly blog with repulsive racial slurs, shocking pic links, rape accusations, stalking and name-calling everyone who posts here:

Show me some goddamn respect and respond to every insignificant point I make that’s remotely on topic!


In reply to Flowers.
Please we don’t give a fling fuck what shadowperv thinks about anything. If you want to know so bad get a room with him and his allie wack doll.


In reply to Flowers.
Maybe because you’d been trolling under the name Ryanne S.? I think Frank wants all that to stop.

In reply to Bun-Bun.

And what did your “super hot” honey buns have to say about YOU — this loser dude who’s taunting a stranger online over mentioning she was lured into a crime syndicate “free of charge” to potentially service its pervert leader because of her good looks?

I’ll tell you what they were thinking: “This perv here has a bad case of VENUS ENVY. He wishes HE could get a “free” slave branding with a hot cauterizing laser. Better not let him anywhere near our heels 👠 ruuuuuuuun! And hold your heels tight!




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About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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