Allison Mack’s feet compared to Keith Raniere’s

MK10ART's painting of Allison "Pimp" Mack

I may have reached the bottom of the barrel. For but for my readers’ delectation, this post will compare the feet of Keith Raniere and his top slave, Allison Mack.

Allison Mack’s Twitter page features a picture of Allison Mack’s feet.

A source, who was once close to Keith Raniere, told me it was the first time she saw a pair of human feet that looked like Keith Raniere’s feet.

Allison Mack’s feet from her Twitter page.

Keith Raniere’s feet [photo belongs to and Toni Natalie].
I have to admit the paws feet are very similar.

My source tells me that Raniere’s feet are almost square – short and wide. She said his shoe size is 6 1/2 by 6 1/4.

Most people’s feet are longer than wide. But this may be a product of evolution.


For those who worry that I have now reached rock bottom and am scrounging around to find anything for new posts, stay tuned. Tomorrow, I might do fingers, or discuss that, based on his recent court appearance, it now looks almost definite that a now very gray Keith Raniere was dying his hair prior to his arrest.

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  • Many have argued that this post by Frank is irrelevant. I just want to say that while it may be irrelevant to the case, I got a good hard chuckle looking at their stubby little feet. And if feet have anything to do with penis length/girth, I can only imagine that what Keith has down there resembles a stubby little peanut. 🤣 Poor guy, size 6, really?? Haha

  • Sorry, this is Goddamn funny. I don’t like making fun of peoples’ physical appearances, but the hole in KR’s right sock at the big toe made me howl. He is as unhygienic as he looks.

  • Is this what is passing for news on The Frank Report today? A foot comparison?
    This is not even FAKE news. It’s more appropriate to call it FLAKE news!

    Could we at least see Keith’s feet minus the worn out socks, so that we could make an accurate comparison?

    “Sunshine on the water”, I like your name.

  • I think at this point we now know the disgusting degradation that is the Frank Report. Allie’s deer are beautiful and Keith’s feet are worshipful. Frank Parlato turns beauty into degradation.

  • While I come here looking for deeper content, posts like this make me giggle because I know it eats at Keith’s loyal few

  • I don’t know if you are trying to set up Frank to embarrass himself by luring him into creating some post ranting about Kreuk being a hookah user, but that picture is from a film she did called Ecstasy. So nice try, but Frank isn’t some moron who can’t distinguish between actors in films and real life. I’m sure Frank knows that Kreuk isn’t Heather Thompson just like Catherine Oxenberg isn’t actually Princess Diana.

      • They are talking about Kristin Crook and Ally Wack’s feet. The stalkers will spank until they can spank no more.

        Vaseline? Check.
        Paper towels? Check.
        Aloe Vera? Check.

        • Why, hello Scott. Seems like you are back at it again. Take your southern, inbred, kkk republican ass back under the rock you came from Jesus… one more thing, Mexico wants their land back. Racist cretin imp.

          • Get effed flowers. Take your lowlife democrat Nazi ass back under the pile of crap you crawled out from for the sake of Mohammed. One more thing….Canada complies with USA leadership as well as Mexico

          • Sorry Hummmmm I am not this flowers person you so wonderfully mentioned. You can try again. Bigot. Go back to stormfront. Second of all all your posts disrespect other peoples religions or are outright racist, grow the hell up. I am not the people you think I am. Republicans sure are inbred and racist too. I guarantee you came from a divorced broken family too and your whole family is sh*t tier, or your a fat “PIG” that eats Cheeto’s all day.

          • Fuck off flowers you brainwashed leftist intolerant radicalized demoncrap POS. For the sake of mohammed suicide your self and spare the world more of your useless life.

          • Still using people’s religion and pretending to be from that religion Scott. I am new here btw. So just letting you know that I am not Flowers. and nice insults the typical republican ones. Same with how you republicans (Scott) cry foul at capitalism and yet vote for shitty officials who only line their pockets with money and do not give a shit about people like you. Yet you attack actresses because of how much money they make when it was made possible because of laws that are here in both US and Canada?

          • Hmmm is NOT new here.

            He’s SULTAN OF TWAT (to quote Pea Onyu)

      • It was a film version of the novel “Ecstacy” by Scottish author Irvine Welsh, the author of “Trainspotting” which was also turned into a film. His books promote degeneracy.

        • – His books promote degeneracy.

          Or they just depic reality, since degeneracy is a part of it. Case in point: more than half the comments on this website.

          • Drug abuse and sexual degeneracy is not reality. Most people are not druggies sharing needles.

          • Can you not read? I said degeneracy is a part of reality. People do drugs. People engage in immoral sex acts. These are factual events that occur on the Earth. The small amount of people who engage in such behavior compared to the majority doesn’t relegate such happenings to fantasy land.

          • No one is denying degeneracy happens. The point is, Irvine Welsh’s books put degeneracy at the forefront. It is not about pretending degeneracy does not happen. A lot of people like to glorify degeneracy. Look at these “gangster rappers”.

          • Sorry, but writing novels where characters engage in what some people consider immoral behavior is not the same thing as “promoting” or “glorifying” degeneracy.

          • I simply pointed out the dude writes about people most people wouldn’t want to be friends with. He puts dickheads at the forefront. That is it.

            I also pointed out there are people who actively promote shitty behaviour, i.e. “gangster rappers” who glorify gang violence, drugs etc. Porn “stars” too certainly aren’t good for society. The old day were better. The world is getting worse.

          • She only played a movie and you are going to base what you know of her or little you do of her on a movie she played in? Same can be said about EUROTRIP too. it is only a movie and she hardly has that many movies.

  • Come on Frank . Just fucking dumb. Hopefully the only thing you accomplished is Shadowperv splooging all over his mothers computer keyboard and ruining it.

      • A Mack was born a boy.

        Well now she looks it.
        Her starvation diet has shut down her ovaries and given her peach fuzz.
        And the pressure of a Federal prosecution now makes her look like “deth warmed over.”

        • hey shadow58 – A. Mack and Krueck (and MOST of Nex’s members who are ALL TRANSGENDER – check out those jawbones man….and the adams apples …and the NO adam’s apples and weak chins on the FEmale to Male trannies TOO!!! LOFL HAAA HAAA HHAAAAAAAA) were BORN MALE – meaning they NEVER HAD ovaries.


        • these HOES are f*cking OFFENSIVE to REAL BORN FEMALES. Aka those of us who arent FRONTING like we’re girls but packing d*ck.

          And the Female to Male trannies like BRANDON PORTER (FTM) are just as bad.

          Loser pieces of Sh*t

          • Hood bitch
            Do you have any proof that Porter is a “tranny”? Or that any of the actresses are? They dont look like men to me.
            Just my opinion, but I’ve never heard any other rumors about these women being transgendered.

  • How many of our regulars her had their head explode at reading the words “Allison Mack’s feet”…?

  • My big bro Shadowstate wanks to pics of Allison’s feet all the time. That’s the real reason he looks at her Instagram so much. Boy does he ever get excited when she posts a new pic of her footsies. He disappears into the attic for hours!

    • Why would Frank want to impress you? All you do is talk about what has happened in the past and is out of your hands going forward. You could be helping those who are currently being scammed, and those who will be in the future, by Amway and other MLM scams, but you keep being cowardly by wildly claiming that I’m a “hater,” the generic leftist nutjob name for trying to hide your own cowardice.

  • Frank, I think hooves would be more fitting. As in cloven hooves. Keith has a hole in his one sock! Why didn’t a replacement pair just appear?

  • Wtf?
    I’d rather hear about money laundering or embezzlement or possible political connections.. .not Keith’s smelly feet.
    And what is the similarly? Keith paint his toe nails too?

    • I’d rather hear about money laundering

      Many times money is laundered by hiding it in real estate.
      The Feds will have to find the sources of money used by NXIVM members to purchase all that real estate in Knox Woods as well as the island in Fiji that Cruella Bronfman purchased.

      • Shadowstate
        Yes, there was a reale estate money laundering scam that was recently exposed here in Vancouver. I read about it a few months ago, then it disappeared from the news.

        • I know that Frank recently wrote about a rumor that Mack purchased a 450K house with laundered money and she in turn sold the house to Doctor(?) Brandon Porter while co-signing the mortgage.
          Now Porter has sold that house in a fire sale for about 350 K.

          Being from Vancouver, a very beautiful city from all the pictures I’ve seen, because of its status as Canada’s gateway to Asia, you are painfully aware. the city is the entry point for a lot of North America’s heroin.
          The actor Cory Monteith of the TV show Glee died of a heroin overdose there a few year’s ago.
          The neighborhood just East of the downtown is notorious for heroin.
          And anytime you have heroin you have drug money laundering.

          Moreover, a lot of Chinese businessmen fearing a government crack down by Beijing, are hiding lots of money in Vancouver.
          Vancouver’s real estate is now unaffordable for ordinary Canadians.

          • Chinese are certainly buying up a lot of Vancouver properties making buying harder for ordinary Canadians. The average house in Vancouver is a million dollars whereas the average salary is $72,000. I bet liberals will call that “racist”.

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