Daily Beast dives into role of Dr. Roberts at Expo and NXIVM

The publicity keeps coming and little of it is good.

A firestorm of attention was served up recently to Danielle Roberts D.O., the doctor who performed the branding of the women of DOS.

The Daily Mail reported that Roberts was cleared by New York State of professional misconduct – while further reporting that she planned to speak at a wellness seminar in New York City.

The Daily Mail reported – tying her into NXIVM – that Roberts is “promoting membership into her group, exo/eso…a ‘program designed to build total mastery over the physical, emotional and thought components of human performance’ and, like Nxivm, carries a hefty price tag. One class costs $750, though conference members are offered a 10 percent discount if they sign up within 72 hours. There is also a group rate if four people sign up for a series of sessions together to learn more about Dr. Roberts’ teachings.”

Now, the Daily Beast’s Amy Zimmerman has written an interesting story on Dr. Roberts which brings more attention on her upcoming role at the wellness conference – called the Navel Expo, an event that boasts “experts in human optimization from around the world.”

The expo is set for November 10-11 at the Sheraton Times Square Hotel in New York City.  She is listed as a speaker on the official website for the Navel Expo.  Her lecture is billed as: “Placebo Effect: Creating the Belief Systems for Miraculous Healing.”

The Daily Beast headline is: Accused NXIVM Sex Cult Women-Brander Still Practicing Medicine and Preaching the Gospel.

What I found most interesting in the Daily Beast story is the Navel Expo founder, Alex Lubarsky, standing up to defend Dr. Roberts.

Alex Lubarsky told The Daily Beast that he’s known Dr. Roberts “for over 10 years. And from knowing her as long as I have, I just couldn’t believe that she would do something intentionally sinister. It didn’t ring true to me on any level.”

He told the Daily Beast, “I am aware of [the’s aware of allegations against Dr. Roberts] from what I’ve heard in the media, but she’s not at liberty to discuss them.”

This is interesting to me that he should say, “She’s not at liberty to discuss them”. Why not? Is that on the advice of her attorney?

Lubarsky told the Daily Beast, “Just to be clear, she’s speaking [at the Navel Expo] not [on behalf of] whatever other organization she was involved with, she’s speaking as a physician who’s focused on human optimization. So, that’s the only part of Dr. Roberts that I’m interested in.”

Lubarsky described Dr. Roberts as “…an amazing, generous, kind, loving physician who wants to make a difference in the lives of others…  I want to help her build her practice as a physician, and nothing outside of that matters, really.”

Some other highlights of the Daily Beast story:

The New York State Department of Health told The Daily Beast in a statement that, “The Department cannot confirm or deny the existence of an OPMC investigation of a physician, unless charges are served upon the physician, or a public action is taken by the Board.”

I was mentioned and quoted in the story.

The Daily Beast writes, “While the Navel Expo materials contain no reference to NXIVM, Frank Parlato, the NXIVM whistleblower and journalist behind the blog Frank Report, told The Daily Beast in a statement that, based on his extensive reporting, ‘Exo/eso was created by Keith Raniere with a little help from Danielle Roberts.’

“Parlato added that Raniere would be inclined to downplay his role in the founding of exo/eso in 2013, because NXIVM had already begun to receive negative press coverage and ‘recruitment was becoming very difficult…. [Exo/eso] was just a recruitment tool for NXIVM, based on adding a little yoga and a little exercise.’”

The Daily Beast added, “In a 2015 blog post on ‘Raniere-influenced groups,’ Parlato analyzed the exo/eso website, which has since been taken down. ‘The descriptions of the levels sound like they were written by Raniere,’ Parlato wrote. ‘This may be the one that Raniere expects to take over if the NXIVM/Executive Success Program brand becomes too toxic!’”

Keep in mind I wrote this two and half years prior to Raniere’s arrest and two years before it was known he was under federal investigation.

The Daily Beast points out that a video available on Vimeo about exo/eso, features testimonials from NXIVM members Esther Carlson, Lyvia Cohen, Peter Lyle Christie – and Allison Mack, “currently under house arrest, fac[ing] 15 years to life if convicted.

“In the exo/eso trailer, an upbeat Mack is described as an ‘exo/eso student.’”

All told, it is a good story and worth reading. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6211671/Nxivm-doctor-branded-sex-slaves-secret-ceremony-recruiting-members-new-group.html

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  • In the part of this Exo/Eso video featuring Allison Mack, her left hand (on the right side of the screen) has a bandage on it.

    Did Allison Mack injure her hand with a hot branding iron?
    Or did Allison Mack injure that hand while paddling a disobedient slave?


  • “And from knowing her as long as I have, I just couldn’t believe that she would do something intentionally sinister. It didn’t ring true to me on any level.” Alex Lubarfsky

    FYI Alex Lubarfsky:

    Danielle Roberts failed to provide any pain killers to the women being branded like cattle.
    When the women started crying out in pain and screaming to stop the torture, Dr. Danielle Roberts, acting under the direction of the sadistic lunatic Allison Mack, continued to burn the flesh of the suffering women.

    Perhaps you Alex Lubarfsky should be branded with a hot iron for 20 t0 30 minutes with no pain killers to cease the pain.

    How about it, Alex Lubarfsky?

  • Well, apparently, Alex Lubarsky is not too bright. There is no “part” of Danielle Roberts that doesn’t belong to Keith Raniere.
    Just the fact that she is continuing on with the organisation that he had her start tells anyone where she stands.
    He is probably hoping the press will help increase his ticket sales, but I really hope it tanks them.
    At least he told us Roberts needs help trying to build her client base. No sane person would go to her.
    Let Alex Lubarsky become another prime example of Viva Executive Success by his association with Roberts.

  • People have the right to know who us charging them for medical advice. The fact that Danielle Roberts has not even remotely been cleared by the NYS DEPT. OF HEALTH should prevent her from practicing any type of medical event until such a time as she is cleared. That she is pushing an obvious NXIVM program should be very clear to everyone participating. Daily Mail should be ashamed for not printing the truth here but at least they have the public talking about it hopefully enough information will be out prior to the EXPO to save some good folks $750.00 per hour of their hard earned money. Thank you again Frank Report for digging up the truth.

  • The amount of abuse this woman has already suffered is beyond the pale. This is the age of martyrs. This is the reimagining of the early days of Christianity. Oh the Terror when the people are so ignorant that they cannot be appeased by truth and mercy. Vanguard will come with his avenging sword. Be assured of that you of wicked mein.

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