Clare Bronfman gets an extra 30 minutes of outdoor time per week

MK10ART's sketch of Clare Bronfman, the leader of Nxivm known also as Legatus.

In response to her lawyers’ request, Judge Nicholas Garaufis has modified Clare Bronfman’s conditions of release, giving the heiress permission to stay outside of her home for an extra 30 minutes per week.

Her lawyers asked she get the extra half-hour outside her luxury Manhattan apartment where she is confined to home detention as part of the conditions of her $100 million bail – so she could do a little more exercising and grocery shopping.

She is required to wear an ankle monitor at all times.

Bronfman’s previous terms of release included permission to leave her apartment three times weekly for 90-minute sessions which could include exercise and grocery shopping.

Bronfman is a regular jogger and, before her arrest, would jog 30 miles per week and compete in half marathons.

Now, during one of her three 90-minute outings per week, she will get an extra half-hour – or a total of 120 minutes [two hours] out of the house at a stretch.  The other two outings per week will remain limited to 90 minutes each time.

All told, the rail-thin heiress who loved perjury and trying to get enemies imprisoned – will get a full 5 hours out of the house each week.

The sullen heiress who once had it all – but chose instead to “live by the sword” of the court system – spending an estimated $50 million on lawyers prior to her arrest to crush her opponents – sometimes outspending them by millions of dollars – is now forced to spend millions defending herself and not doing so well so far.

Both the Prosecution and Pretrial Services consented to this requested modification – provided the litigation-loving heiress coordinates the specifics of her whereabouts at all times during the 120 minutes with her Pretrial Services Officer.

Yesterday, the judge granted the motion. It reads as follows; “On one day each week, Bronfman is permitted to leave her residence for 120 minutes (instead of 90 minutes) for exercise and shopping for necessities. Before leaving her residence, she must provide advance notice to Pre-Trial Services. All other conditions of her release remain in full force and effect. Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 9/26/2018.”

The emaciated heiress – known also by the appellation “Legatus” – is believed to be paying the legal fees for her master, Keith Alan Raniere A/K/A The Vanguard, and the other four co-defendants’ as well as her own.

She follows Raniere’s guidance in all things, substituting his brain for her own on all matters of importance. She is a vegetarian and restricted to 800 calories per day, based on the teachings of her glorious Vanguard.

This is a most judicious requirement on the part of her lordly leader, Raniere – who always eats as much as he likes – since it keeps women docile and somewhat confused since food deprivation tends to work in that fashion most admirably.

Bronfman, who has been accused of money laundering, extortion and other crimes for her high-ranking role in the NXIVM group, which prosecutors say masqueraded as a self-help and empowerment organization, will now get an extra half hour – which she can spend at the grocery store – there to find zero calorie squash, celery, plain yogurt and sugarless gum for dessert.

Bon Appétit.


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  • Clare is not nearly as dangerous as the the entitled, spoiled misogynistic rapist who wants to be elected to SCOTUS.
    Please show some perspective.

    More fake news!

    • Do you have any actual proof or are you just like Kavanaugh’s accusers?

      Yeah, that’s what I thought.

      Don’t worry, he’s still going to get confirmed. Better still, there’s a great chance that Trump will even get to nominate another Justice to the Supreme Court, before his time’s up as President.

    • Typical uninformed citizen with a misguided opinion. ELECTED to the Supreme Court, eh? What ballot was his name even on? How about this: Let’s embrace Socialism while we’re at it. Look at the great economies of Venezuela, Greece, the former Soviet Union, China (before they started embracing some level of capitalism), etc. Thanks for casting a ballot blindly, fellow American!

  • This woman is a dangerous beast. Any extra time or contact outside will be used in furtherance of her NXIVM racketeering activities. With her financial resources available not only to herself but through her sister, she is an extreme danger to society. It is a mistake to let her roam free at any price. She should be in prison with Vanguard.

    • I agree that she should be in prison, chances are very high that she will be. This is very frightening to those who depend on her which is why more of them are posting. It’s a shame she put so many in this position. When she is locked up she’s not going to do well if she considers her current situation difficult. Every time the judge gives in a little he’s giving her hope. She really hasn’t figured out she’s trapped, with everything we know already we don’t see a way out for her and we have no idea what the feds know.
      Flowers please don’t waste your time on me.

      • Why would I waste my time on a lying troll?
        Just pointing out your lies and pettiness, since you’re too cowardly to own your own behaviour.

        • LOL.

          The problem is that you call everybody a liar, which waters down your credibility as the twat who cried wolf umpteen times.

          You also called Heather a liar and continued to attack her even AFTER she told you that she’s suffering a terminal illness.

          That shows a total lack of empathy, which is a trait of a sociopath and/or narcissist.

          You clash with everybody and call everybody a liar, and seldom make a post which has any real substance or value. What percentage of your posts have meaningful information and don’t attack somebody? My guess is less than 5%. That’s the inconvenient fact you like to ignore.

          I understand that because you’re an expert in gaslighting, it means you’ve experienced gaslighting and mental abuse. Your life is probably full of men treating you like a doormat.

          But just because your life hasn’t been that great so far, it doesn’t mean you should be angry at everybody on this board. Stop redirecting your anger from your bad relationships onto others here.

          If you wish to call somebody a troll or a liar, you should minimize the times you do it — otherwise it makes your credibility similar to the average leftist who screams “racist” or “sexist” pretty much anytime anybody disagrees with them — like 30 times per day. If you overuse a particular attack, it becomes meaningless.

          The fact that you can’t see this means you’re probably a person with an IQ under 95.

          Go feed those cats. 🙂

          • Fuck off TWAT. I wasn’t talking to you, turd.
            I can see why you support rapists like Brett, as you both cant understand the word NO. I guess you’re another entitled, little rich spoiled frat boy.
            I hope the next woman you harass hauls off and slaps the smirk right off of your ugly face.

            I have empathy for real victims, not lying trolls like you and Heather (who are probably one and the same)

            How many aliases so you have, rape- boy?.
            I bet you’re a pedophile, too. Perverts like you usually are.

          • York I see she’s gotten to you to. All I want is for her to move on, post on the subject at hand which is the purpose . Yet she waits always on the attack. I don’t want or need empathy from flowers. She is not a friend or an acquaintance. I would appreciate it if she would stop stalking me and move on. If it’s a mental illness I hope she gets the help she needs.

          • Flowers is too low-intelligence to see what other voters are seeing:

            Baltimore had the worst homicide rate among the nation’s 50 largest cities last year, followed by Detroit, Memphis, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

            California actually has the highest poverty rate in the entire nation.

            What do they all have in common? They’re places that are run by Libtards, and have been for a very long time.

            Do you want “Change You Can Believe In”? Then stop voting for Democrats, because the same garbage they promoted that didn’t work the first 100 times, won’t work this time.

            That’s why there will be no “Blue Wave” come November.

          • Hey Jerkus
            Still battling those reptilians alongside your oh-so-sane sidekick Tanster?
            I thought Killary had killed you and then had you chopped up and turned into pizza salami ….No such luck😡
            Say hi to Tanster from me…how’s Napoleon doing these days???

        • What exactly is your problem? Can’t you stalk someone else. Everyone’s a troll you do realize you might be the problem don’t you. Just move on I am not interested in you.

          • How am I stalking you, crazy? WTF are you talking about now? You can’t even remember what you posted about me yesterday.

        • Cry, Libtard, Cry.

          Justice Kavanaugh will be doing his part, and the Democrats are screwed come November.

          You Libtards are done, only you’re too stupid to know it yet.

  • Getting out from being under Keith’s control, only to be controlled by the government. This empowerment can only be accomplished after years of NXVIM “tech”. Too funny. NXVIM completely takes away your freedom of autonomy. As Frank says viva executive success!

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