Daily Mail: Dr Danielle Roberts cleared by NYS of wrongdoing for branding women

The Daily Mail reports that (as usual) New York State has cleared a NXIVM member from any wrongdoing. Dr. Danielle Roberts has been cleared of wrongdoing by the state for her role in branding women on their pubic region without anesthesia.

We will have more on this legal pass that has been given to Dr. Roberts, who, as we reported earlier, is out speaking and recruiting for NXIVM.

Is this a harbinger of future exonerations for NXIVM leaders?

It might be if this were up to New York State.  Happily, the US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, where Bronfman money has no influence, is handling the prosecution.

So don’t be disheartened.

Here is the Daily Mail story.

EXCLUSIVE: Nxivm doctor who branded sex-slaves in secret ceremony is now recruiting members into a group she founded – and still speaking at medical conferences

  • Dr. Danielle Roberts, 37, has been named by former Nxivm members as the person responsible for branding women in the sex-slave cult DOS
  • She was cleared of any wrongdoing by the New York State Board of Health, and DailyMail.com has learned she will soon be speaking at a medical conference
  • In literature for that conference, Dr. Roberts encourages people to join a group she has founded called EXO/ESO
  • It is described as a ‘program designed to build total mastery over the physical, emotional and thought components of human performance’
  • Dr. Roberts would allegedly use a cauterizing pen to burn the flesh of young women with a brand that was the initials of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack


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  • I sincerely hope this Dr Daniels is included in the superseiding indictments, oderwise there is no hope for justice and security in this state.

  • Pam Cafritz was treated for her fatal renal cancer by Raniere having her drink a mysterious milky white potion.

    Last night I listened to Dr. Danielle Roberts, the Mad Brander of Albany, give a 20 minute lecture on Placebos, make believe fake medicines that use the power of the mind to heal a patient.

    A thought occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, this unknown milky white potion used to treat Pam Cafritz was a placebo.
    A fake drug that did nothing to help save Ms. Cafritz on the theory that Cafritz’s mind could heal her body.

    If so who concocted this potion and under whose orders?

    Did the New York State Medical Board ever think to investigate these questions?

    Maybe the FBI can find the answers somewhere in the 12 terabytes of data in the NXIVM digital files.
    This might be a fruitful line of investigation for the FBI to pursue.

    • There are many who are willing to try alternative cancer treatments when all else fails (and I personally know of one person who was apparently cured by alternative treatment after being told his case was terminal)..so, it could be that Pam was told that she was incurable or was not responding to chemo.

      I have seen some family members resort to trying cancer treatments they found suggested on Internet forums. Some of these treatments were extremely dangerous and would have probably killed them before the cancer did. For example some forums suggest taking high doses of baking soda, which is sodium. High doses can be deadly .

  • If this report is true, I am beyond words. What then would classify as medical negligence or malpractice?? This is horse shit.

  • Sounds like the NYS Department of Health hired NYS Police Senior Investigator Rodger Kirsopp to handle the investigation of Dr. Roberts. And, BTW, whatever happened to the department’s investigation of Dr. Brandon Porter? Did he get off too? What a cesspool Albany is…

    • Roger Kirsopp, the cop who confiscated Reporter Jim Odato’s and others computers when the 2012 Albany Times Union pedophile story appeared?

      The corrupt finding makes perfect sense, now.

      • Is there any proof that supports the claim that Roger Kirsopp is involved in this investigation?
        Just saying something doesn’t make it true.

  • Any chance of a DOJ indictment? Seems like there’d be a cry of injustice if the Doc who actually wielded the weapon gets off scot free while any of the branded face prison. This could seriously damage the Federal case. Or is that the point on the part of NYS?

  • Not surprising. When it comes to the wealthy and status laden, there’s rarely ever an application of justice in this world to hold them accountable. It’s like that joke about Madoff and why he’s in jail. It’s only because he stole from the one percent. It’s ironic, because the one percent steals from the rest of the human population. The current debt driven capitalistic system is effectively a Ponzi scheme where the guys at the top are just like VanDouche – parasites. As Jason Read said: https://image.ibb.co/j6CwSU/parasitescap.jpg

    • Yeah. Sad. That pyramid on U.S. currency serves as a nice reminder of what you’re saying. Along with: “In God we Trust.”

      I always mentally counter it with the true biblical verse: “Put not your faith in man.” Or in the NYS justice system, apparently.

  • EXO ESO has existed for years. The fact that Danielle is speaking in November was all over twitter weeks ago. She is speaking for the same outfit she spoke at last year when 20/20 confronted her.

    Do we know if the hearings on Roberts are private? . For all we know the Daily Mail was using the old complaint by Sarah as their info for this post that she had been cleared, since most of the rest of the article is old news and nothing new.

    Plus the article had so many typos and improper sentences I would take it with a couple of grains of salt

    More proof needed. That being said. Branding in NYS is not illegal. I expect her to be cleared of wrong doing but with a tarnished reputation..

  • Frank, I blame YOU for Dr. Danielle Roberts being able to continue speaking at medical conferences.

    You could easily get her dis-invited if you bothered to publish the phone number, email and mailing address of the people who invited her to speak at these conferences, and then encouraged your readers to phone (and email/write) these people and remind them that a SEXUAL DEVIANT/SLAVE is about to speak at their conference, a woman who was a SEX SLAVE to a man who is under indictment for sexually abusing women.

    I don’t know many people that would want their medical conference associated with anybody even remotely linked to a sex slave cult with leaders under indictment.

    Stop being LAZY Frank.

    Get off your LAZY ASS and publish the information — so that people can write and phone them to get her disinvited. Use your sources if need be.

    Organize a campaign to write to both the organizers and the other business attendees, to make everybody aware of her relationship to Vanguard the pervert.

    Do it NOW!

    If not, then you will probably be shat upon by God for failing in your duties as a good human being.

  • Why didn’t Carlos Slim’s fish wrapping named the New York Times publish this story about the Mad Brander of Albany Frau Doktor Danielle Roberts?

    Why do the people of New York State have to rely on London’s Daily Mail for news about their State’s affairs?

    With the NY Times churning out puff pieces about Rainier, the Bronfmans and the rest of NXIVM it looks like New York States elite is I00% behind the Bronfmans and their sex slave cult.

    • AGREE. Vanity Fair is another NYC based publisher that ran a 2011 story on the Bronfman – Raniere saga in its European edition but not in its US edition — so as to avoid embarrassing the Bronfman family among New York elite society. Which, of course, only helped spur Raniere and the girls on to further “embarrassing” feats.

      • It’s shameful that Americans have to go to European websites to find out what’s happening in their own country.
        Particularly in regard to the corrupt American elite.

        As the saying goes, “There is freedom of the press only if you own a press.”

  • How did she get cleared to practice? Is branding and deceiving someone in the scope of medical professionals in New York? Deception is the antithesis of informed consent (required for ANY medical procedure). I am speechless that she still has a license on the one hand, and that ANYONE would see this batshit crazy as a medical professional on the other.

    Dang, I thought the South was loaded with corruption. But New York has us whipped (but at least not branded).

    • New York still has Carolina beat. Problem here in NC, is all the NewYork libtards ruin their state and then move down here and start the same bullshit that ruined their old state

    • You would think that having to have “patients” forcibly held down and restrained is a major departure from normal medical practice. I can’t believe she got a pass.

      • The only reason I can is because I have seen first-hand just how crooked upstate NY is. I was truly shocked.
        I guess I was naive, though, because I have seen plenty of other crooked places since then…

    • Maximum pain as a “goal” should be considered incompetence or negligence in terms of a physician’s practice. Why anyone would still let her present at a conference is beyond me.

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