Albany official with diaper fetish arrested swiftly; Raniere ran amok for 35 years

Keith Raniere AKA Vanguard

A man in Coeymans – just south of Albany – is competing for Vanguard’s title as the biggest perv in the Capital Region.

John Allen, 61, a top-ranking official in the state’s Office of Mental Health, was arrested Wednesday by Coeymans town police on charges connected to the alleged exploitation of two children – aged 12 and 13.

Allen, 61, is a special assistant to Mental Health Commissioner Ann M. Sullivan.

As of the last report, Allen is being held on $10,000 bail at the Albany County jail on 29 counts of child endangerment, a misdemeanor.

The mental health office plans to fire him.
John Allen, 61. Photo: Albany County Jail
John Allen allegedly lured 12 and 13 year old boys to his home and put them in diapers.

Allen was reportedly earning $132,054.

The point of this report is that Vanguard abused women and children in the Capital Region since the 1980s. Police were told. Nothing was done.

One of his High Rank has a son who allegedly sexually abused children. Police were told.

Nothing was done.

Twelve or so female girls from Chihuahua Mexico – most, or all of them under the age of consent – left town in a hurry – after encounters with the Vanguard.  Nothing was done despite reports of their shock and discomfiture.

All of these episodes seem as or more heinous than having someone put on diapers. They involve actual sexual molestation.  But Vanguard was free to do it all and continue to do it all in the Capital Region.

No wonder he felt free to start branding and blackmailing women.

The true untold story is the official neglect or willful ignoring of Vanguard’s crimes by law enforcement in the Albany area. It was the Eastern District – out of Brooklyn – that finally brought him to justice.

How swift they fell upon Allen [and if the charges are true – rightfully so] – for his insane recruitment of two boys for his diaper fetish- but a far bigger monster was free to prey on who knows how many girls and women and went scot free for more than 30 years.

Makes you wonder.

Is Keith Raniere in diapers?


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  • Hey asshole, I don’t have to defend the democrap cesspool of New York, but sorry dickhead your generalizing is absurd. Didn’t you claim to be in Cook County Illinois? That is one of the most corrupt democrap shitholes in the nation. You assholes must stop defending O-hole, Hellery and the POS ralm. You have no fucking credibility to talk.. The gay mafia and their Chicago bathouse sex also yours

  • Hey asshole, you hypocrisy smells. It is everyones concern. Evil shit like Raniere happens when forr too many years good people do nothing. How about you shut the fuck up and lock the door to your mammies basement.

  • The difference between these cases is evidence. The diaper guy had obvious evidence against him. People weren’t willing to work together to bring down Raniere. Because of the financial backing Raniere had, people should have worked together, but instead were too scared to come forward and work together, so you got exactly what you deserved, decades of Raniere abusing others. A bunch of cowards still, you won’t even use a consistent fake name on this website.

    • People have been coming forward and working to shut down NXVIM for over a decade, many have been indicted or put in prison. Apparently you have an inability to process the information you read causing you to repeatedly make a fool of yourself in comments.

      • You left out THE key word, – together. Individuals have taken pot shots at NXIVM, but they don’t work together, so the Bronfmans can pick off each one, one at a time. Apparently you have an inability to process the information you read causing you to repeatedly make a fool of yourself in comments.

  • The presentation of this story is done in a way to convince the reader that all other sexual preditors in the area are quickly arrested but that Keith was given special treatment. While that may possibly be true, it’s not responsible journalism to present a single example of a criminal, who may have been committing crimes for many years, and suggest that single example proves their point.

    This forum REEKS of red herrings. The obsessive frequent flyer commenters and the *trolls* who argue back with an obsession that smells of insanity, are surely doing so to try and cast suspicion on former members who have not been charged.

    These morons should note that the transparancy of their actions is being noted by the other readers.

    • – “and the *trolls* who argue back with an obsession that smells of insanity, are surely doing so to try and cast suspicion on former members who have not been charged“.

      Those who coached and recruited and stayed loyal to NXIVM, especially after the Times Union expose of 2012 are seen by many on this blog as suspicious. So far, only a few have been arrested but so many more who at least knew stuff are out there.

      • And who are you, Anonymous, that you speak for this blog? What special powers do you possess that allows you to know what others find suspicious?

        I hope you’re intelligent enough to realize that nothing that you read here is the truth. One person could write comments under dozens of different names. Those MANY you refer to could very easily be just one person, (even you.)

        Why are you so concerned with the others who know stuff and are still out there? It’s law enforcement’s concern, not the concern of a Nosy Nelly like you.
        Why are you poking your nose into it?

      • Scott
        Captain Underpants is just an example, but I think the point is he is just ONE example, and one example can’t be used to prove a point.
        I agree ,though, that NXIVM appears to have scared and intimidated their critics into silence (not unlike Scientology does) and this intimidation allowed the crime spree to continue on for so many years.

        But I also get the feeling (I guess it’s intuition) that there is a lot of stuff going on, even now, that are attempts to deceive and to mislead readers. I refer to certain comments being posted….an example would be those posted under the name Heidi. Her comments are especially interesting because if you look at her Twitter account you will see she follows Clare Bronfman, who is following a number of other NXIVM members.

  • Shadow, I would respond to your epic piece of blather, except it’s Friday night and I am going out in this one horse town for some drinks and live music. NYC is not for everyone, certainly not for you.
    Some of your observations however are true. We have had some bad mayors, none worse than the man currently in office, a pseudo Progressive, pay for play pothead.
    Will be taking the weekend off from one of my favorite pursuits, which is reading the Frank and witnessing you making a fool of yourself. Will be spending time with my wife hoping that she lets me watch just a little bit of football. You on the other hand will be close to the keyboard, anxiously awaiting the next P on U comment.
    One thing I must take exception to: the waters and beaches around NYC are cleaner than they have ever been.
    I enjoy the back and forth, kills a lot of down time at work.
    Instead of reading the Frank and making endless visits to Wikipedia, may I recommend that you read Robert A Caro’ s The Power Broker, one of the most thoroughly researched biographies ever written.

  • How do you know how long Captain Underpants has been up to these antics? Maybe he’s been doing this stuff for years, but was finally caught recently.

  • I grew up around Coeymans. I’m not surprised he was caught relatively quickly. There’s nothing to do in the town and everyone knows what you did five minutes ago. Middle schoolers I didn’t even know had, by the afternoon swarm to the buses, heard about the theft of my best work of pottery on my last day of high school, before cell phones were common for children. The way kids talk or even just observe small changes in behavior (not wanting to go to his Christmas parties or other gatherings), rumors about who’s a creep and who isn’t proliferate rapidly. The child need not directly confide in a friend for people to figure out something happened, something is wrong.

    There’s no need to minimize the lewdness of this situation in comparison to rumored child victims and survivors of Raniere. Both are despicable. Coeymans is simply so small in population and economy that it’s very difficult to hide anything torrid without being completely reclusive, and even then, people know who those folks are too. Allen certainly would have escalated were he able to, and it’s possible evidence may turn up that he did escalate matters, or a survivor may not wish to come forward, or may not live in a home safe to confide in his parents. With Raniere’s child mentees still likely minors, the same factors may come into play for the lack of charges — but with added factors of obvious government corruption with Gina Hutchinson’s guidance counselor reports documenting his inappropriate relationship have been completely ignored.

  • Theee is no analogy between Keith and This diaper fool. Keith had only the altruistic goal of helping every woman and girl her ever mentored. This diaper dude was getting his rocks off looking at young boys in diapers and maybe wearing one himself. Keith took women and girls to a new dimension and showed them the mystic blue light. It wasn’t perversity. It was enlightenment.

    • Pea: Once again you miss the whole point about Rainere.

      This moron abused two boys before he was caught.
      Raniere abused dozens, perhaps hundreds of females.
      What about the dozens of Mexican girls brought up to Albany to service Raniere’s carnal desires?
      What about the women like Lauren Salzman who were promised Ranioere’s avatar baby only to be denied the honor.

      How many women were lied to telling them they were the only one?
      How many other women were promised that they were Number 1 in Raniere’s life when they were really more like number 69?

      How about the women endangered by venereal disease because of Raniere’s extreme promiscuity?
      How about the Mexican girl imprisoned for 18 months because she wouldn’t have sex with Raniere?

      Why was Raniere allowed to hop from girl friend to girlfriend while women were limited to only having sex with Raniere?

      Keith Raniere is a misogynist who hates and despises women.

      He told wommen to drink from mud puddles.
      He told one woman to run head on into a tree.
      One year at V Day Raniere told the women to have a contest punching each other.

      Keith is a sadist and you are a masochist.

    • Keith may have drugged them during sex. When his sex lair was raided, they found a box of white pills. Catherine thought they could have been roofies or quaaludes.

    • The quickest way to bring down a society is to destroy faith in its institutions.
      With pedophiles in government and in religious institutions America is facing an existential crisis.
      NXIVM just adds to the pressure.

  • Bronfman money bought a lot of silence and inaction.
    Is it any wonder that the elite of NXIVM thought that they were bullet proof?

    Albany and Saratoga will not be fixed until the angry peasants march on the local governments with pitchforks.

    • I love it when someone who is tethered to his keyboard exhorts others to grab a pitchfork and “burn down the mission” as it were.

      The area around Albany/Saratoga is especially beautiful. Saratoga County has experienced more growth than any other county in the state in the last 25 years. I lived there during the 1980s, visit there two or three times a year, and many of my closest friends (friends, Shadow, you can “google” the term “friends” or check it on Wikipedia) still live there. While our state government in New York is as crooked as one might expect (though admittedly we can not match Illinois’ record of having four of its last seven governors being imprisoned), your depiction of the Albany/Saratoga region somehow being held hostage by a pudgy dwarf and his band of Manson girl wannabees is a bit over the top. I will repeat I have a very good friend who lives in Clifton Park (home of the Excess Sex Program) who had never heard of NXIVM or Keith Raniere until I spoke with him about it.

      An interesting dynamic here: Frank Parlato implies/theorizes that “Bronfman money bought a lot of silence and inaction”. You state it (solemnly)(Oh, the humanity!) as a fact. That is what makes Mr. Parlato a journalist and makes you, um, Shadowstate.

      • Good retort. Shadowperv is a drama queen. He is a clueless as they come. If it were not for the celebrity angle of NXIVM and the fact that he was an Allison Mack stalker, his worthless ass would not be here.

          • Hey asshole, unlike you I actually have lived in the state as did most of my immediate family. We have since escaped. New York is a criminal cesspool as is Illinois, California among other democrap shitholes. I don’t need a a fellow perv of the official that was caught to tell me that. And no asshole they were not beholden to a cult. They enhanced the cult and protected it so that they could enjoy the sexual and cash benefits the cult showered upon them.

          • To SOS:
            When are New Yorkers going to stop worshiping the pervert Woody Allen?
            A man who openly makes movies joking about his fondness for 12 year old girls..
            A man who porks his own step-daughter.
            And the State of New York refuses to indict Woody the Pervert because he is a New York Cultural Icon.
            Is it any wonder the State of New York tolerates Raniere and his stable of women.

            And never forget that the polygamist cult of Mormonism was founded in upstate New York by the perverted Joseph Smith.
            Smith’s career parallels Keith Raniere’s.
            Joseph Smith had around 12 wives and wanted more.
            Before Smith was a cult leader like Raniere he was a con artist who promised the farmers of upstate New York that he could find buried Indian treasures.

            Joseph Smith had ambitions of taking over the United States and spreading polygamy until the good people of Carthage Illinois stormed his jail and killed the pervert.

            New York State has a long history of spawning sexual perverts and con artists.

            Don’t act superior to the good people of America’s Heartland.

        • Too many states give welfare to giant corporations while picking the pockets of middle class taxpayers struggling to survive.
          Welfare for the rich and feudalism for the middle class and poor.

      • If you enjoy living in a state that hands over political power to a sex cult that practices slavery then more power to you.
        New York’s airports are on a 3rd World level.
        VP Joe Biden said so and everyone agreed with Biden’s assessment.
        The subways and buses are over crowded. The commuter trains break down The highways in New York are clogged up because of the pig headed highway builder Robert Moses.
        Many people who work in New York City can’t afford the housing and end up living as far away as Scranton and Allentown.
        People are fleeing New York for states with lower taxes and lower prices.
        The police and prison systems in New York State are a crime.
        The female prison employees frequent have sex with the inmates.
        (Can you say Joyce Mitchell?)
        New York is still burdened by the expensive megalomania projects that bloated Nelson Rockefeller’s ego 50 years ago.
        People aren’t clamoring to go to New York.
        They’re clamoring to leave.

        • If people are “fleeing” New York and “clamoring to leave”, why are the “subways and buses” overcrowded? Why are they building more and more skyscrapers? Stick to something you know, like B-/C+ actresses and Televison shows aimed at teenagers.
          If you ever flew into one of our “third world” airports, the first thing that would happen is one of our friendly cabbies recognizing you for a rube,would take you on a grand tour of the five boroughs, likely separate you from 3/4s of your money and drop you on a street corner where you could find a prostitute who, except for a large adam’s apple, looked a lot like your beloved Chloe.
          Stay where you are in the city of big shoulders and small brains.
          And only in your deranged mind does any sex cult (other than the Roman Catholic Church) wield any political power.

          • why are the “subways and buses” overcrowded?

            In 1918 the City of New York developed plans to build a Second Avenue Subway.
            Today 100 years later, the Second Avenue Subway is still not finished.
            It must have been a rush job.
            And I have a news flash for you.
            When the 100 year old train tubes under the Hudson finally implode and flood, all train traffic to the West will stop and New York will no longer be the commercial hub it once was.
            Of course Senator Schumer is too busy fighting with New Yorker Donald Trump to get anything repaired.
            As for your friendly cabbies, most of them already come from the 3rd World.
            I visited NYC in 1968 and will never forget the boat ride to Liberty Island and the scenic garbage floating in New York’s gray-green harbor.
            As for Ms. Mack she and New York City are a perfect fit for each other.
            Both are well past their prime.

            If you want to see the future of America look to Texas with cities like Dallas, Austin and Houston.
            If Texas is too conservative for you try out cities like Seattle and Minneapolis.
            America’s most ethnically diverse city is not New York.
            It’s Houston, Texas.

            New York City has not had a decent Mayor since LaGuardia.
            New York hit its zenith in 1950 and it’s been downhill ever since.

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