New Court Filing: Clare Needs “Intimate Association” & “Expressive Association” – And She Needs It NOW!

It is said her dad wept on his deathbed for his foolish daughter caught in a vicious cult. For her part, she came with a camera and tried to force a confession from him that he was wrong about cult leader Keith Raniere.

Clare Bronfman’s attorneys have, once again, tried to sneak in an embarrassing filing on a Friday afternoon that they probably hoped would not be picked up by the media at all – or that would be buried in the traditionally slow news/no news cycle of the weekend. Apparently, they haven’t entirely figured out how this newfangled internet thing works just yet.

Read the complete filing here

While yesterday’s filing certainly qualifies as embarrassing, several other adjectives could also be used to describe it: desperate, foolhardy, pathetic and pitiful are ones that quickly come to mind. And I’m sure that readers of Frank Report will have their own special ones.

Although it took one of Clare’s attorneys 7-pages to detail WHAT she wanted Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis to do – and WHY he should do so – the letter motion that was filed yesterday basically comes down to this: our client, Cruella Bronfman, is tired of being told what she can and can’t do, where she can and can’t go, and, most of all, with whom she can and can’t communicate.

The missive begins by recounting the conditions that Clare had to meet in order to avoid being incarcerated until trial like Keith Alan Raniere, the leader of the sex slaver cult that she financed and managed. Those conditions are as follows:

  • “Ms. Bronfman’s appearance is secured by a $100 million bond, signed by two close family members, and by $50 million in assets, including $8 million of US real estate owned by her sister. 
  • Ms. Bronfman is confined to her home 24 hours a day, with the exception of attorney visits and three 90-minute breaks per week coordinated with Pretrial Services.
  • Ms. Bronfman may not directly or indirectly associate or have contact with, except in the presence of her attorneys, current or former employees, or independent contractors, of or for NXIVM, including any and all of the related entities; current or former members of DOS, or with any individual who [i]s currently or was formerly on the stripe path, subject to reasonable exceptions agreed upon by the parties.” 

It is the last provision of Clare’s bail conditions – the “no contact” provision – that her attorneys are asking the judge to change. And they would like him to rescind it entirely – or to at least substantially modify it –so that Clare can communicate with members and ex-members of NXIVM and members and ex-members of DOS.

To buttress their argument that Clare should be able to contact her former NXIVM and DOS cronies, her attorneys point out that Clare is currently 39 years old – and that her association with NXIVM began when she was approximately 23. But they leave out the fact that even on a good day, she looks at least 60 years old – and that she is the one who has chosen to isolate her life to a cult where, as the Director of Operations and de facto second-in-command, she can order people to do whatever she wants them to do.

Her attorneys go on to argue that Clare’s right to “expressive association” means that she should be allowed to “…associate with others in pursuit of a wide variety of political, social, economic, educational, religious, and cultural ends”. This apparently includes the enslavement of women, extortion, forced labor, human trafficking, identity theft, illegal entry, money laundering, sex trafficking, and wire fraud – which are just some of the crimes that Clare and her cronies have been charged with thus far in the pending criminal case against them.

Clare’s attorneys then argue that her current bail conditions infringe upon her right to “intimate association” – which they claim affords her the “choice to enter into and maintain certain intimate human relationships [without] undue intrusion by the State.”

Totally avoiding the question of whether Clare actually has the ability to establish an “intimate human relationship,” her attorneys go on to argue that “Ms. Bronfman has been involved with NXIVM for 16 years, and as we previously explained to the Court, many of Ms. Bronfman’s closest friends are affiliated with NXIVM. The no-contact provision effectively bars her from communicating with these individuals during the incredibly stressful and isolating experience of criminal prosecution”.

Next, Clare’s attorneys throw in a new “shiny object” to divert attention away from the fact that Clare Bronfman has been one of the leaders of a crime syndicate for more than a decade by putting forth the name of Neil Glazer, an attorney who “…purportedly (represents) several anonymous former NXIVM members who claim to have been ‘terrorized’ by litigation financed by Ms. Bronfman.” They then go on to promise that Clare will not directly contact any of these former NXIVM members – a promise that is both cynical and meaningless since there is no reason to believe that Clare’s lawyers even know the names of any of Mr. Glazer’s supposed clients.

But, now comes the fun part – and the part that may really rile up Judge Garaufis. “If the government wants to prevent Ms. Bronfman from contacting its potential witnesses, the government should provide a list of these witnesses so that the no-contact provision can be more narrowly tailored”. Do Clare’s attorneys really believe that the judge is going to order the prosecution to provide Clare’s attorneys with what would amount to a “Target List”?

And just to complete this circle of incredulity, Clare’s lawyers offer up yet another admonition to the judge: “It is no answer to say that Ms. Bronfman can request the government’s consent to contact specific individuals… Ms. Bronfman has serious concerns that identifying the individuals she wants to associate with will expose them to unwanted attention from the government and hostility from third parties… Ms. Bronfman should not be required to expose her friends and acquaintances to this sort of scrutiny in order to communicate with them.”

I obviously have no way of knowing how Judge Garaufis will respond to this 7-page whine-and-rant motion by Clare’s attorneys. But I can think of one solution that will resolve all the issues they have raised – and that will still protect all those victims who are justifiably afraid of the havoc and terror that Clare could cause if she’s allowed to hook-up with her powerful NXIVM friends: just rescind Clare’s bail – and stick her in the Metropolitan Detention Center. That will give her plenty of opportunities for “expressive associations” and numerous opportunities for “intimate associations”. Just ask Vanguard.

But, seriously, if you want to understand the true absurdity of this motion, just substitute the name of any well-known crime figure for that of Clare Bronfman – and see how it sounds. Like John Gotti or Whitey Bulger or El Chapo Guzman. Would you want any of those guys communicating with their former associates while potential witnesses against them were anxiously awaiting the opportunity to testify against them?

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  • Trooooolllls guy
    What do you think, since you suggested it? Are these trolls just bored teenagers, or are they “professionals?”

    Seems they must be one of the 2, as normal adults don’t waste their time thinking up imaginary lives for stranger’s, and then repeatedly writing long posts about these strangers and the lives they’ve invented for them.

    What do you think, Frank?

    • Aye ya dumb bitch, what the fuck would you know about normal adults? You and your dumb cunt sister Sara are about as abnormal as it gets.

  • Frank, there’s too many ShadowState stalkers in every single thread.

    Delete their posts please. Do it NOW!

    It’s fine to mock somebody once per day, but the SS stalkers are doing it dozens of times per thread.

    Your action against the Johnsonian posters worked brilliantly. The Johnsonistas are now a thing of the past.

    You also performed brilliantly against the gangrene photo posters, you shut them down quickly.

    We need a “ShadowState’s corner” thread, similar to Scotty’s Corner.

    If you don’t start deleting these SS stalkers ——— they’ll keep turning every thread into the same anti-SS drivel.

    I don’t care what ShadowState himself thinks of this idea, since this isn’t to protect him (since I don’t give a shit about him). This is to protect the threads from being turned into Johnsonian mania part II.

    To the SS stalkers, please follow these instructions precisely:

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    • While I appreciate your support, I can handle the stalkers myself.

      I understand that NXIVM and Ms. Mack still have many supporters.
      People who will say or do anything to defend both NXIVM the movement and NXIVM’s public face, Ms. Mack. But I also believe in free speech.
      When these stalkers object to my posting a picture from Ms. Mack’s Instagram feed that shows Ms. Mack sticking her fingers in a little girl’s ears and then Ms. Mack sticking her tongue out, behavior that would not be tolerated by any other stranger, it shows how overly tolerant people were of Ms. Mack’s fetishes because of her celebrity.
      People do not let strangers touch their children in inappropriate ways.
      Not even celebrities.
      And some 150 women were branded and enslaved because of this tolerance of Ms. Mack’s asinine behavior.

      Let the trolls whine and whinny.
      It only shows how sick they are for approving of Allison Mack’s horrible behavior.

      • SS, you haven’t spent a lot of time in the company of children, have you? There actually isn’t anything overtly weird or pervy about her actions in the pic. It’s weird (actually, very weird) that you think there is. And before you go off on a fallacious rant about how I must be an AM or NXIVM supporter – I am not. But you making odd associations between random pics and jumping to conclusions without good evidence weakens your arguments, and your arguments are hard to ignore since your participation dominates this blog. That’s what’s annoying.

        There are always going to be people who just want to say stupid, incendiary nonsense in the comments to try to get a rise out of others. I don’t think you fall into that camp. I think you’re a little obsessive, true, and perhaps struggle to pick up on social cues. But I think you’re sincere. So i just wish your arguments could be a little more cogent.

  • Hmm. I fink vee haf identified dee troll, heir commandant. She uses weery clever disguises…sometimes she even posts as…

    Flowers 🌺 Achtung!

  • @Flowers. Do you think it possible we are being harassed by some highly skilled, undoubtedly highly paid trolls?

    In Internet slang, a troll is a person who starts quarrels or upsets people on the Internet to distract and sow discord by posting inflammatory and digressive, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community with the intent of provoking readers … Wikipedia

  • Only the Shadow knows. Everyone on here is being Shadowed. The instant an on-topic comment posts, up pops Shadow with some topper. Wouldn’t be so weird if those toppers were actually on-topic. …Are you capable of dialogue, Shadow?

  • Its odd how this thread has become all about insulting Shadowstate? Why do these trolls care so much about what he thinks? Why do they get so angry about someone else’s opinions?

    Shadowstate opinion isn’t insulting to anyone other than Alison Mack, unlike some of the other commenters who self-righteously judge and insult all people who ever took a NXIVM course.

    What’s really going on here? Paid trolls ? ….ones who hilariously pretend they don’t know the meaning of the term “troll”?

    • No ya dumb bitch. This place has become the shadowstate report. Many are tired of having to wade through his same boring shit to read comments from posters who actually know something. Now go away Clare, you are becoming another shadowperv yourself.

    • Flowers, you’ve got it.
      To many of these NXIVM trolls and fan boys Allison is a Goddess who can do no wrong.
      Everything I’ve said about her has a basis in fact.
      Much of what I’ve said about her is contained in the indictments.
      By any reasonable standard Ms. Mack’s behavior is abhorrent.
      Beyond the pale of acceptable, decent, humane conduct.
      Her behavior is the very definition of misogynistic
      But the fan boys will defend her to the hilt.

      Now you understand why the Bronfmans and Raniere chose her to be the public face of NXIVM.

      In the old days Judy Garland was an icon to a certain class of people.
      Today Allison Mack is an icon to a similar class of people.

      • “To many of these NXIVM trolls and fan boys Allison is a Goddess who can do no wrong.”

        YOU are a “fan boy”.

        You, a 60 year old male was rejected by a 36 year old d-list actress and you hate her because of it. You don’t care that she was a part of DOS, branded women etc. You hate her because she rejected you. Now, you use all this DOS shit to vent your scathing hatred for her. If she did not make you feel so worthless, you would not care about the NXIVM story. You would not be posting here 24/7.

        Allison Mack is a grade-A cunt. An evil nasty woman. She will hopefully go to prison. You just want her to be in prison for some creepy form of “revenge”. Sad.

        Get a life. Get off the damn internet/computer/smartphone. Go outside. Get a hobby. Talk to people in real life. Work towards a goal that raises your self-esteem. If you must, find a hooker to let out your obvious frustrations. Just don’t ask her to wear an Ally Wack mask. That kind of defeats the purpose.

        • Odds are that as more pedophiles are being arrested nation wide thanks to the policies of the new administration, shadowperv will be arrested soon.

          • There was a NXIVM branch in Surrey? Didn’t know that. Sarah Edmondson founded the Vancouver branch, who founded the Surrey branch?

          • Is that Surrey, England, lil rodent men?
            You boys are not very bright. Maybe some time in prison will teach you a few lessons.

        • If you truly hated Ms. Mack, you wouldn’t give a damn what I say about her and her international crime wave.
          Your vehemence in attacking me is based on the fact that I am pointing out Ms. Mack’s criminal activities and perversions.
          “Allison Mack is a grade-A cunt. An evil nasty woman. She will hopefully go to prison. You just want her to be in prison for some creepy form of “revenge”. Sad.”

          What a non-senseical statement.

          The entire criminal justice system is built around revenge.
          Does executing a murderer bring his victims back to life?
          of course not.
          Capital punishment is built around revenge.
          An eye for an eye.
          “You, a 60 year old male was rejected by a 36 year old d-list actress and you hate her because of it. ”

          Another delusional statement.
          For the past 10 years Ms. Mack’s career and life have been in a downward spiral.
          Currently her only value as a sexual partner is as a freak and oddity.
          “Look at the former pimp down on her luck and down on her knees servicing perverted Hollywood movie moguls.”

          And FYI I have never met or communicated with Ms. Mack.
          What upsets you most about me is that I point out how degenerate Ms. Mack truly is.
          NXIVM’s entire defense strategy is based on Ms. Mack taking all of the blame and using her fading charms to convince a gullible jury that all the DOS women were consenting victims.
          My comments tarnish her reputation by pointing out that she is just as perverted as Raniere.

          Only when the public views Allison Mack as a deplorable pervert will her acting skills and charms be so tarnished that her testimony will be absolutely worthless.

          People were willing to let Allison Pimp Mack stick her fingers in a child’s ears and stick her tongue out. People saw Mack as an entertainer, as a harm;less clown instead of the demented pervert she really is.
          By the time I’m finished with her every parent of a little girl will want to tar and feather Allison Mack.

          Only when the public realizes that Mack was the third leg of the Unholy Trinity that ran NXIVM will she get the punishment she so richly deserves.

        • Lol! What qualifies you to give advice, anonymous?
          Ironic that you’re on here trolling 24-7 under dozens of aliases, and you’re telling Shadowstate what he should do.

          Who do you think he really he? Are you afraid he’s not just a bored retiree who has taken an interest in this case?
          And why the fuck do you care so much?

      • Shadow, dearest. The post is not about Allison Mack. You are accidentally trolling — taking the conversation off-topic per the post — each time you bring up Allison Mack or try to somehow correlate the topic to her. You may also be feeding real trolls whose INTENT is to distract from the post being discussed. They may also be setting you up to claim that Allison is being stalked on this blog and it is therefore a danger for Keith’s bail posters, a reason to seal court records from public view, etc. Maybe you could refuse to let them get your goat by staying on topic, ignoring the trolls (“don’t feed the trolls” it’s said) and getting your Allison Mack obsession under control before the FBI really does show up at your door. It happens.

  • To shadowstate1958
    September 9, 2018 at 8:02 am
    Who is the real perv?

    Look at this Instagram photo of Allison Mack with a little girl and tell me who is the real perv?


    If you’re going to make the argument that AM was recruiting children, you can’t just point to a goofy photo of her with a child and be like, Ha, here’s the proof! This isn’t proof of anything. Don’t make make lazy arguments/associations when I know you’re capable of better.

  • Anonymous, I agree 100%. NXIVM is rotten to the core. But posting a picture of Allison Mack making goofy faces with a child and insisting that it is somehow evidence of child molestation says far more about shadowstate1958 than it does about Allison Mack or NXIVM. His ridiculous response to my post just proves my point even further.

    Also, I love the fact that he’s taking the time to go through all of Allison’s social media accounts to find pictures of her. He hates her so much and she is the devil’s spawn, yet he can’t stop combing the web for more of her. That seems totally balanced and normal, and of course not obsessive or deranged at all. Allison is the pervert, not him. Can’t you see?

  • Fantastic writing, and it’s all absolutely hilarious.

    I love how being a victim is so ethical when it’s convenient.

  • You are the real perv. Those who scream the loudest project the most. There is a reason you so dearly lust after Allie Wack, you are both so much alike. A couple of perverted attention seeking whores. Face it shadowperv, you would have given your diminutive left nut to be with your Allie at the branding table.

    • So the branding of women like cattle under Allison Mack’s direction does not bother you as much as someone condemning it does.
      Anyone who dares criticize the sex slavery activities of Allison Mack is perverted but Ms. Mack ‘s insane cruelty gets a pass.

  • Clare should voluntarily pay compensation to potential witnesses who claim to be injured without making any deals as to their testimony. She should made it in open. ‘I am sorry that you were hurt during rituals of my weird religion, so please accept those gold tokens of my sorrow’.
    Proving that she is actually a simpleton with a good heart may be her only chance to avoid being sentenced, especially if it is a jury trial.

      • Maybe, but she must pull it on EARLY. The longer she goes on, the less credible the intellectual disability will be and the less credible her lawyers will be claiming that (haven’t they noticed anything previously?) On the other hand, unless her bail condition be relaxed, she can later try to claim “duress and strain which made her unfit for trial” and stall the trial in this way…. The fact that she apparently does not have friends outside NIXVM could make it more credible.

  • She really does sound as though she thinks she is in this over an itty bitty parking violation. She must see other NXIVM members?! What a load of BS. Her bail conditions are already too lax. Throw her in jail!

  • Like anyone else, even though she’s rich, Clare has the constitutional right to intimacy. Human touch on all parts inward and outward, between all humans, young or old, poor or rich and all physical expression of intimacy is what brings Joy and makes us human.

    It is inhuman for these rights to be denied by anyone, especially to Clare, the greatest of all ethicists, just because she is rich.

    Our Vanguard, the only integrated being on Earth, needs Clare’s help or he will disintegrate.

    • Clare deserves her confinement terms. In fact, they are far too lax in my opinion. She should consider herself lucky she’s not residing at MDC.

    • Clare is a lesbian who needs womanly love.
      Before Raniere and Mack were arrested Pimp Mack provided female flesh to sex Clare up.
      Pimp Mack was a full service pimp.
      Admit it Pea that Allison is as perverted as male pimps.

    • This comment above is a phony Pea Onyu post. This one is real. Frank you evil bastard why don’t you monitor you’re own blog. You let imposters pretend they are Scott Johnson and now you let this evil doer mock me. Grow up people

    • WTF did you just write? Where in the constitution is intimacy?- oh yeah it’s not. That piss ant Keith is not “rich”, an he is being denied intimacy…..ummm at least welcome intimacy, however Clare’s wealth is dening her of intimacy? Your a FRAUD!

      • Clare is being prejudiced against and denied her rights because of her beliefs — her religion, which is protected by the constitution. Clare is one of the world’s greatest ethicists and humanitarians. That is her religion. The riches she has to contribute on behalf the planet by empowering Vanguard, who shows us the way to becoming integrated and authentic, her wealth, is being used to prejudice the public against her and deny her most basic rights to intimacy and expression. That comes under the 1st and 13th amendments, freedom of speech and the abolition of slavery.

        • Interesting you mention the abolition of slavery, yet claim to be a slave an support your slave master. Twisted. Perhaps read the constitution again, or just stop making phony statements which make you look like a fraud and LIAR.

          • I am a master not a slave. I have attained the most precious mastery over my subtle body. What markings I choose to remind myself of my dedication to my own mastery of my own soul and my conquest over the pain I survived to become my own master, is sublime.

            Under Vanguard, the slavery of women will be abolished. Clare must be free to help Vanguard complete this mission and continue to empower women who are worthy of being masters.

            You are only calling me names to silence me and try to have mastery over me. The 13th amendment has never been realized until now.

          • Me calling you names? Perhaps read my statement again. You are what you project, you defend what you are an justify yourself to me. Justifying your self to me only proves I already have mastery over you. Fortunately I have a grasp on reality and can think for myself and be a leader, not a follower of someone else’s mind control. I would never try to silence you pea, your posts are simply hilarious! I enjoy reading them, always contradicting yourself, being caught lying, offering no info other then what you have read on Frank report, Constantly repeating what others have taught you simply because you are unable to complete a thought of your own. Keep it coming, after all it is for my entertainment!!!

  • The document is worthy of Tristram Shandy or is it Swiftian Satire? Everything nxivm touches turns to sh*t and biscuits,
    “unwanted attention from the govt?” “ hostility from third parties”, “exposing friends and acquaintances to this sort of scrutiny..” How very dare the criminal justice system be so nosy and strict! Anyone would think Clare Bronfman was on bail having been charged with serious crimes!

    The impudence of invoking ’narrow tailoring’ to fulfil her human right to intimate contact, without reference to the disturbing corollary that this would identify possible defence witnesses. Always coming with a swindle.

    It just goes to show how disbelieving she is of being held accountable to the law in the same way as everyone else. The law operated as her personal star chamber for so long. This petition sounds petulant – what would it take for clare bronfman to develop serious respect for the legal process she is being subjected to?

  • NOTE to Clarebear: Now you know how DF felt being imprisoned for 18 months with little to no human contact. Perhaps the courts can take you and drop you off south of the border down Mexico way without your papers.

    NOTE to Clare’s lawyers what part of RICO do you not understand?
    NXIVM will be proven to be a criminal enterprise and many of her associates are/were her co-conspirators or minions at Clare’s control.

  • She can coordinate testimonies with the help of lawyers….Why do you think there is few of them for everyone on the stand? You cannot say who is meeting whom. I mean, I do not think she can coordinate significantly more herself than through lawyers.

    • Don’t be shocked if Clare, Sara and the Salinas crime family set up secret off-shore bank accounts for witnesses to stay silent and for other defendants to hold the line against cooperating with the prosecution.
      The lawyers won’t risk their careers pulling such tricks, but non-lawyers working with Clare will.

  • I guess Clare is depressed and lonely. And no doubt she believes that if she indulges binge eating, she will do irreparable spiritual harm to her Vanguard.
    Just as bad as that imprisoned Mexican woman, who did irreparable harm to Keith by refusing to sleep with him.

  • The brief is pretty good. It will be hard to counter all those claims based on the Constitution. I expect she will get more time outside, but will still be limited to a restricted area.

  • Hmmmm. People who are at ease with themselves can deal productively with isolation. They can read, watch poignant or educational videos, undertake projects, etc. In her case, she can order in-house massages, and whatever food she likes (for delivery). She could get a treadmill delivered. You mean to tell me she must interact with N members to have a life? To what end? Did she ever have any real, close friends? Being confined to a luxury apartment doesn’t seem all that harsh under the circumstances. It’s infinitely better than being at MDC. She, being as much if not more of a flight risk as KR, should thank her lucky stars. Because whatever went on in this cult, she clearly financed it.

      • …you wouldn’t exist.
        He posts, you post.
        You are just a parasite, who can’t live without your host .

        • “If Shadow didn’t post…,” I’d like to posit something. Since Frank Report is about 80% speculation, misinformation, and shit just totally made up whole cloth, I’d like to throw this out there:

          Frank Parlato and shadowstate1958 are the SAME PERSON! On top of that, Frank/shadow is a child molester.

          Can you prove me wrong? No? THEN IT MUST BE TRUE! Any random thing anyone says should be taken seriously, according to Frank/shadow and Frank Report’s commenters.



          Allison’s Mom?

          • Frank Parlato and shadowstate1958 are the SAME PERSON!

            No we aren’t.
            Frank lives in upstate New York, a part of the country I’ve never been to.
            I live in Illinois, the Land of Lincoln.

            And if I were Allison’s mom I would not toss around allegations of child molestation so lightly.

            Here is an Instagram photo of Allison getting a little too friendly with a little girl.

            Comment To Allison by another Instagram reader.
            cancel0055Omg no! Stay away from that kid

        • Shadowperv is an asshole. As long he posts thousands of times a day he will be met with the truth about his worthless life. I hate NXIVM and all the evil it stands for, but this piece of shit shadowperv makes nxivm look benign.

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