Breaking News – Vanguard is Being Bugged at MDC


Word has leaked out of the Metropolitan Detention Center that Keith Alan Raniere f/k/a Vanguard n/k/a Federal Prisoner 57005-177 is being bugged at MDC. Yep – and he’s not the only prisoner there who is dealing with this problem.

Turns out that MDC’s infamous mite problem has returned with a vengeance this year. Things have actually gotten so bad that, along with all the other prisoners in his unit, the former – and would-be – sex-slaver cult leader had to be moved to new quarters.

Now, he’s in the section that holds the gay sexual deviant prisoners – and those who are considered mentally ill. Clearly, not a place where anyone is likely to appreciate that one of their fellow inmates is the smartest man in the world.

Oh, the indignity of it all!

And if the mites aren’t enough of a problem, Raniere continues to struggle with high blood pressure problems. Fortunately, the crack health services team at MDC is continuing to monitor the problem – and changing his meds regularly. Apparently, they haven’t figured out yet that he’s just really pissed off at everything that’s happened to him over the course of the past few months.

Seriously… One day, you’re laying about in a $10,000/week villa in Mexico with half a dozen female slaves taking care of your every need and whim – and far away from your latest baby mama and crying baby – and the next thing you know, you’re sharing a jail cell with some smelly guy who’s totally unimpressed with all of your amazing accomplishments in life.

Who wouldn’t be pissed off at that little change of circumstances?

Meanwhile, Raniere has begun to hold himself out as having extensive legal knowledge – which is something that is usually highly valued in prison. The problem, of course, is that Raniere’s “legal expertise” is limited to directing lawyers to do really outrageous (and sometimes illegal) things to his enemies – and to telling Clare to pay the resulting legal fees.

So, the potential problem he’s setting up for himself is that he’s either going to refuse to help someone draft legal papers – which will be taken as a serious slight and may have serious consequences. Or he’s going to help out and end up doing more harm than good – which will definitely have serious consequences.

In any event – this all ‘mite’ be funny if the bug problem was not so serious.  As one prison guard allegedly said to Vanguard when he complained about the bug – “don’t let the mites bite you in the ass on your way into the cell.”


Mite #1: Hey aren’t we supposed to be doing a Vanguard Week cartoon? Mite #2: What’s a Vanguard?

Mite be funny joke courtesy of Jim Flanigan @



Image result for mites in prison
Mites are terribly small and bite people.

Image result for mites in prison

Each group of mites has a leader – which if I err is not called a Vanguard.

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  • Drop a dime on 1999 or a penny for your thoughts?

    The showdown will be the largest cover-up of the elite.

    The big picture is when Keith Raniere buckles down shanks while avoiding a system of Incarceration and a flight risk plan back to Kansas in a Balloon..

    He’s worth big money for the prosecutor.. ( He’s in a cage) to spillway his guts and all involved to piss the info.

    Justice served?

  • Brighter the light, more the mites.

    I’m sure Vansmart can out run or give them mites some judo chops.

    He should be able to use his fully integrated self into a state that the bugs cannot “get to him”.

    Nothing in the external world can harm his inner world.

    VanSmart cannot have it both ways. He can either get through this with a state of joy or his tech is crap.

  • So NXIVM tech can cure cancer, help a female lose weight, take a person to a higher level of consciousness; but can’t overcome tiny mites? Interesting…

  • so, a bit of scabies, possibly a bit of blepharitis..He should think of it in terms of recruitment gains: more highly contagious critters to join the sitting tenant herpes, all currently enjoying the hospitality of their host, the juicy enough mr. raniere. I like to think the great chain of life is teaching him some table manners at last, not to mention karma: ‘they have to eat you Keith- to heal their disintegrations!’

    PS.VanLard, You can probably scratch a secondary infection into existence – earning you another 20mins or so in the medical wing.

    • “PS.VanLard, You can probably scratch a secondary infection into existence – earning you another 20mins or so in the medical wing.”

      Hahahahaha! That totally made me crack up!

  • Now, didn’t Keith once prophetically liken himself to being a “bright light that attracts a lot of bugs”?

    Yes, I believe that was the same conversation wherein Keith also admits that he’s “had people killed.”

    See how Vanguard PREDICTED those bugs?! This proves he’s an omniscient God and true genius no matter what!

  • Do the other prisoners even know this demon is an actual rapist pedophile? Do they even know about the brandings? Why has VanCunt not been kicked the shit out off?

  • It sounds like VanGrifter has had High Blood Pressure for a long time. His condition may have worsened to Malignant Hypertension – high bp that cannot be easily controlled, hence the medical staff keeps trying different bp meds to no avail.

    Periods of prolonged high blood pressure can also lead to enlargement of the heart, kidney failure, retinal damage, and increased likelihood of a stroke.

    Maybe if Keith actually had been walking, he would be in better shape and not have high bp. Maybe the pizza, hot sauce, n p#ssy finally did him in…


    • So he’s trying to position himself as a wise jailhouse lawyer. What a shocker! Exactly up his alley.

  • Thanks for making my day with that cheerful news! Poor, poor Vanguard, at least worms aren’t eating his “soft” flesh in the grave.

  • What’s that Eagles song?
    “In a New York Minute everything can change.”
    You can be living in a luxury villa in Mexico and before you know it you’re living in a concrete and steel cell in Brooklyn.

    • @ION. YOU made me laugh with “what could happen to me” …if Keith had his way and it were the other way around for his “enemies (of the State) with us in prison, somewhere in Mexico…or Arizona!

      I agree with your other posts today. I’m appalled at all this talk of “the good” in NXIVM as seems you are as well. Post-on!

  • That is so gross, I cannot find it in myself to feel empathy , God forgive me I don’t want to go to hell but this punishment doesn’t come close to fitting his crimes.

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