Painting of Allison Mack banned on Instagram

Instagram says painting violated their policy on ‘harassment and bullying” 
The artist MK10ART’s new painting of Allison Mack and Keith Raniere was deleted by Instagram.
MK10ART tells Frank Report, “Thank you for posting my paintings along with your kind commentary.  I really appreciated it!  I thought you might be interested in knowing that I just had a painting taken down [from Instagram] in less than 24 hours (see attached).
“It’s caption was ‘Vanguard aka Keith Raniere as Jabba the Hut, a giant slug who kept female slaves.  Allison Mack, his willing slave, is apparently ready to go to prison for him.'”
“Instagram won’t tell me who complained or why – just the form letter I sent you that I supposedly didn’t follow ‘community guidelines’ They also banned my hashtag too (see attached). Thank you for the support!
It is chilling that Instagram banned this as ‘bullying.”
How do they decide?
Were someone to paint something equally condemnatory of modern day Nazis, or ISIS terrorists, would they be banned? How about Carlos Salinas? Obama? Trump?
Here is another of MK10ART’s recent work [that has not yet been banned].

“[NXIVM] members were branded with a cauterizing pen with a logo [by Dr. Danielle Roberts] including Raniere’s [and Allison Mack’s] initials.”

MK10ART writes, “During the branding ceremony, prosecutors say Mack placed her hands on the slaves’ chest as they cried, telling them to ‘feel the pain’ and ‘think of (their) master.'”


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[…] print magazines vanishing, will we wind up losing the First Amendment and freedom of the press? This painting by MK10ART was also banned by Instagram – in August 2018. Instagram says the painting violated their policy on ‘harassment and […]


[…] print magazines vanishing, will we wind up losing the First Amendment and freedom of the press? This painting by MK10ART was also banned by Instagram – in August 2018. Instagram says the painting violated their policy on ‘harassment and […]

5 years ago

Wow. Take it as a tribute to the power of your work,
which is so poignant and revealing, and turn it to your favour. Its a f*cking outrage that you should be censored by instagram.

5 years ago

The supreme irony of banning this drawing is that Raniere and Mack chose to call each other “Slave” and “Master”.
Not MK10ART.
MK10ART is just accurately reporting what the press reported.

Frank perhaps the Frank Report should set up a special page just with art work inspired by NXIVM, Raniere, Clare and Mack.
It would feature MK10ART’s work but would also have other works such as the excellent drawing of all the lawyers sucking on Raniere’s nipples.
With a special NXIVM art gallery on the Frank Report the social media giants would not be able to censor the fine art work inspired by”the smartest man in the world” and his deluded followers.

5 years ago

Harassment and bullying, you have to be kidding me. The painting is a statement, not harassment. My guess is that some devoted fan who looks at Allison and sees only Chloe (yes, some are out there) raised a stink to the Instagram admins so they pulled it.

5 years ago

This new painting is simply hilarious and yet quite accurate. Too bad it got banned. Love the frowny mouth characteristic on Jabba Keith. The second painting is so funny too. Love it. Thanks for sharing!

orangecountydreams - OCD
orangecountydreams - OCD
5 years ago
Reply to  TK

IMHO, an excellent painting. The artist captures the cute little left-side downturn in KR’s mouth (which makes him look churlishly harmless), and the deer-in-the-headlights look of AM. Thanks, Frank, for posting it.

5 years ago

What will the media say about NXIVM when it is revealed that most of the crimes committed by the group were committed on the orders of the Bronfman sisters?
Will that be too politically incorrect to mention?

5 years ago

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and reddit, have been banning, shadow banning, and cool-down banning people for years for non-Newspeak.

In addition to that, google has been sand-boxing sites and manipulating search results.

All of this censorship has escalated over the last few months.

I’m always surprised when people “discover” this when it happens to them or someone they know, and then postulate about the “chilling” outcomes. The chilling outcomes are here and have been for several years. Its so well done and so effective that most people don’t even realize it – especially people in their 30s and older.

Strange times we live in when naive kids in their teens and twenties, who grew up with the internet and web 2.0, can pick up on censorship and manipulation way faster than so-called wise adults.

Just Sayin'
Just Sayin'
5 years ago

I don’t know what anybody expects from a Zuckerberg company.

People should check out

5 years ago
Reply to  Just Sayin'

What Mark Zuckerberg thinks of Facebook users.

Facebook founder called trusting users dumb f*cks
Peace Prize for Mr Zuckerberg?

5 years ago

Under today’s infestation of Political Correctness telling the truth can be considered a crime.
The Jabba the Hut painting is an accurate portrayal of both Raniere and Mack.

And speaking of bullying didn’t Ms. Mack bully women into giving up nude pictures and videos as well as credit card and bank account numbers?
What goes around comes around.

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