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Brandon Porter had his medical license revoked in New York for his role in NXIVM.

Dr. Brandon Porter sold his house at 45 Oregon Trail for $352,000 to Raymond and Lindsi Shalhoub. What he will do with the money is anybody’s guess (Reportedly Porter is dead broke).

He and his family moved out of the home some time ago and were last seen living at Clare Bronfman’s Albany area home on Button Road.

At last report, Porter is still awaiting word from New York State as to whether his medical license will be suspended for a period of time or permanently revoked.

45 Oregon Trail, the former residence of Dr. Brandon .

Now that he has sold his house, it remains to be seen whether he will pay back Allison Mack the money she was reportedly trying to hide through him –  which he used to buy the house. Now that Mack is under quasi-home detention and not permitted to meet with NXIVM members, the task of collecting from Porter will have to be handled by her attorneys.

Porter got into hot water for conducting human-fright experiments on young women. The gruesome experiments were in the vein of those conducted by Drug Cartels in Mexico.  The news of his fright experiments were first revealed on Frank Report – and then reported in the Albany Times Union and the New York Times. Many women underwent these tortures.

Artist conception [not a real photo]: Dr. Brandon Porter conducts a female human fright experiment where he shows a woman films of rape, and murder of women. Dr. Porter is also in charge of monitoring the linguistic skills of the children in Rainbow.


A reader suggests: 

Keith Raniere went to college at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, graduating with a 2.26 GPA.. A reader – who evidently knows something, said, “Look into Keith’s history at RPI, especially his mental health history there.”

Does anybody know about his “mental heath issues” at RPI? I would not be surprised to learn he had some major ones.


Delores and George Wilson are said to be longtime members of NXIVM. Actually they started working with Raniere back in the days of his Consumers’ Byline Ponzi scheme.

Yesterday, they held a birthday party for Vanguard [in absentia] at their Albany area home. Reportedly, many of the diehards were there to celebrate the birth of the man who invented the world’s first blackmail and branding pyramid scheme.

There were reportedly about 30 people in attendance.

The Wilsons also reportedly had a huge get together the Sunday after Vanguard was arrested.

Last fall, the Wilsons went to Fiji and soon may be going to France.

So, there you have it, there are still people devoted to Keith Alan Raniere, and waiting for the day he returns. Kind of like the apostles who awaited the return of Jesus Christ after he was crucified and buried.


A Cult Matter?

A reader asks: “I wanted to know if you have heard about One Taste and do you know if it has similarities to Nxivm?”

A:  I have not heard of it. Have any readers heard of One Taste?



Sara Bronfman tweeted the other day:  “To take into next week.. How to handle online harassment: 1. Document the attacks. 2. Report the offenders. 3. Block the offenders. 4. Identify the attacker(s). 5. Cut off the criminals.”

Speaking of cutting off the criminals, when is Sara going to be arrested?


Cult members:

A Reader:

Dini Rao shut down Rainbow Cultural Garden NYC but may still be sympathetic to the cause. She was friendly with Nicki Clyne, as Nicki would often post pictures of Dini and Anju’s kids.

Michaela Zahner is another NYC ESPIAN who may still be faithful to the cause who you did not list. She was at Michelle Hatchette’s birthday party and Coaches Summit in January.
And the Collignon sisters, Veronica and Marianna. I believe Veronica is married to Cedrik Celik and the other is married to another Espian.


He is not having joy and is a victim. Maybe it is the prison conditions.
Prison Strikes Caused by Vanguard?
A reader sarcastically commenting on Vanguard’s civil rights complaint at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center writes, “It can’t just be a coincidence that a nationwide prison strike has sprung up just days after the Vanguard complained that his cell was too dark and too cold.  Maybe the Bronfman sisters will invest some of their remaining millions in some private prisons so that Vanguard will be able to live out the rest of his days in a well-lighted and warm cell”.
Another Prisoners Strike Article
And, finally, this from a unhappy reader:
What does it take to get a local law enforcement official to do something about NXIVM, Bronfman-Raniere and Salzman?

Prior to the time that he started investigating Toni Natalie, Joe O’Hara, and John Tighe for alleged “criminal computer trespass” involving the server that hosted NXIVM’s website, NYS Police Investigator Rodger Kirsopp received numerous reports concerning alleged illegal activities on the part of NXIVM and its co-founders, Keith Alan Raniere (formerly known as “Vanguard” now known as Federal Prisoner  #57005-177) and Nancy Salzman (still known as “Prefect”, for now).

Among other things, Inv. Kirsopp had been informed about the alleged tax evasion that was rampant throughout the organization – and the money laundering that included large sums of cash coming into post office boxes spread throughout Saratoga County.

It is therefore a little surprising that Inv. Kirsopp seemed to turn a blind eye when he was presented with evidence of suspicious activity concerning NXIVM and Raniere. Not only did he not follow up on that, he also didn’t report it to the FBI, the Internal Revenue Service, or the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance.

All he did is help put together a 29-page “Incident Report” concerning the alleged “criminal computer trespass” involving Natalie, O’Hara and Tighe.

Even after the criminal computer trespass charges were dismissed – even after all the recent revelations that came to light concerning the activities of NXIVM, Raniere and Salzman – Inv. Kirsopp has done nothing that we know of to follow-up on any reports he previously received about the sex slaver cult.

Has he turned over any information to federal investigators in the Eastern District of New York who are now doing what he was unwilling to do: investigate NXIVM, Raniere, and Salzman?

Here’s the part of Inv. Kirsopp’s “Incident Report” concerning an incident that even Inspector Closeau would have followed-up on:

Narrative 01/2 7/2014 –  KIRSOPP, RODGER (INV)

On 01/24/14, I received a voicemail from Atty Coffey, who advised of suspicious activity reported by BRONFMAN. I called Atty Coffey who provided details of two suspicious packages received via USPS to KEITH RANIERE. Same advised to have BRONFMAN bring the packages to SP Clifton Park for a report of the activity. I received a telephone call from Atty Nichols in regards to the same activity. Same was advised to have BRONFMAN drop the packages off at the barracks for a review of the materials for possible criminal activity.

A review of the packages reveals the following: both packages consist of a medium size, padded envelope bearing Keith Raniere’s name and the address for NXIVM headquarters at 455 New Karner Rd, Albany, NY (T/Colonie). One envelope is dated Dec 20, 2013, from zip code 21042 and contains three Visa gift card ($100 denominations). The back of the envelope bears the address of 562 Woodmont Ave, Berckley (misspelled), CA 94708. The second envelope is dated Jan 7, 2014 from Columbia, MD and contains a receipt from an Endicott, MD Rite Aid for the purchase of a $500 Visa gift card and the gift card.

A check of the Berkeley, CA address reveals it returns to a MIRIAM ABRAMS (tloxp search). A Google search reveals that ABRAMS, M is a therapist who is involved in some type of counseling services similar or the same as NXIVM/ESP.

A check of NXIVM records located through this investigation a KATHLEEN ABRAMS who is listed as a member in the email from OHARA to NATALIE. A check of Spokeo records indicates several addresses for a KATHLEEN ABRAMS (70 years of age) from Columbia, MD who is also a therapist.

Since it is not clear of a criminal act occurring in this matter, no further investigative acts are to occur until clarity is provided by the complainant or reporting persons in this matter.

Attorney Nichols advised. Attorney Nichols advised that BRONFMAN, C is not in the area for several days and she would advise BRONFMAN, C.


I guess Inv. Kirsopp still needed “clarity” that NXIVM, Raniere and Salzman are worthy of being investigated. Well, not to worry, because now we have some real law enforcement officials doing just that.



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  • Wow that pic of “Sara” Bronfman! That is SO not a natural woman….that thing was BORN A DUDE. Same with her “sister”

  • Pea Onyu reminds me of those die-hard Trump supporters and the believers of the QANON conspiracy theories.
    No matter how much evidence is presented to show that Keith or Trump is guilty, the true believers will never be convinced.

  • Does anyone know if Dini is in DOS? I have seen her mentioned several times lately, but now Anju. Is he still in? Are their families trying to get them out?

  • Brandon Porter’s “experiments” are key to understanding the machinations of NXIVM’s leadership and it’s effects on their victims. Without a thorough investigation into these, Justice cannot be fully obtained and understood.

    I believe the intent of the “fright” experiments was to threatened the young women into submission and silence as much as to mentally, emotionally break them down and corrupt their young, pliable brains.

    In any case full INVESTIGATION is warranted and those facts may help engender some compassion for victim/witnesses that is needed for them to willingly come forward and begin to heal.

    • It must be mentioned that Brandon Porter’s experiments on the women were financed by Cruella Bronfman and facilitated by Allison Pimp Mack who wanted a cadre of “bad-ass warrior bitches.”
      Brandon Porter had close financial ties to both Cruella and Pimp Mack.
      Porter is rumored to be staying in one of Cruella’s properties in the Saratoga area and the house Porter just sold was purchased from Pimp Mack.

    • I find this comment interesting as Dr. Porter recruited Dr. Roberts according to Frank Report. As a doctor and in the pursuit of science she probably gracefully complied with this experiment and yet as a child, she never even watched T.V.,
      (This must have been harrowing for her also) and I would suppose it was presented to her as something that THE GROUP could stop, from recent readings of ulterior motives that have been presented here. Danielle was too busy competing in gymnastics, rigorous studies and helping around the house to have time to watch television. This girl worked diligently for everything she had. If these allegations prove true, they certainly do target the cream of the crop. the only interest that girl ever showed was in helping other people and I, for one, am praying for her.
      ~a childhood friend~

    • I already know who you are.
      And the US government knows who you are to boot.

      AUSA Penza said that everyone who is high up in NXIVM is either a criminal or a witness to criminal behavior.
      Your comments indicate that you know the Vanguard as well as Clair, Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman.

      You have nothing to fear from me (I don’t even own a firearm) but as for the US government, that is another story.

      And if you feel persecuted just think how NXIVM persecuted Frank Parlato, Joe O’Hara, Rick Allen Ross, Toni Natali, Catherine Oxenberg, Sarah Edmondson and numerous other people over the years.

      BTW AUSA Penza is not falling in love with the chubby sybaritic Vanguard.
      She has more self-respect.

  • Have no doubt that Keith will be acquitted. Allison and others devised the branding and we all went voluntarily. Do not believe Sarah Edmondson for she lies to get a deal and avoid prosecution. Had Vancouver police acted quickly there could have been justice. But justice delayed is justice denied. Sarah and Jen and others should have been arrested not Allison. Sarah’s lies and others Nicki and Soukie and other just lie. They knew we were in this and Keith knew little except that we were going to train each other based on the tech he gave us. The prosecution does not have the data to make an informed charge. Why because these women lie. But indictment is one thing. Conviction is another. Keith will be acquitted and he will shone mightier than ever. Just wait. For us it’s just a few more months. It’s almost September. Trial is January. Then he is free!!! Shadow state is the most annoying arrogant person he is anonymous but he tries to put me when i’m In the right the whole time.

    • Umm pea brain. Kieth acquitted?? Of which of the several charges?? There is no charge for branding. Trail in January, no, there will be more indictments which will put the trail date back, and of course more charges that will keep VanTard in prison for a LONG time. It’s just a few months- won’t you be in for a lot of surprises. TROLL.

    • “Do not believe Sarah Edmondson for she lies to get a deal and avoid prosecution.”

      Sarah displayed the branding marks on her pubic region.
      It’s very hard to dispute photographic evidence.
      “Trial is January.”
      Pea Onyu, you forget that AUSA Penza stated that there are at least two superseding rounds of indictments on the way.
      Each superseding round resets the clock adding more defendants and more charges and more complexity to the case.
      It will be at least well into 2019 before this case goes to trial.
      And AUSA Penza stated in court that virtually every high ranking member of NXIVM was either a criminal or a witness to crimes.
      “Shadow state is the most annoying arrogant person he is anonymous but he tries to put me when i’m In the right the whole time.”

      To Pea Onyu: What you call annoying most Americans call “freedom of speech.”
      “we were going to train each other based on the tech he gave us.”

      What were you ladies in NXIVM DOS going to train each other to do?
      Be Ninja Warrior women plotting to overthrow Mexico?
      “Allison and others devised the branding”

      Then Allison should go to prison, right?

  • I would suspect that Brandon Porter didn’t make much money on the recent sale of his home. He got $352,000 less commissions and stamp taxes, which probably totaled about $25,000. That leaves him with net sale proceeds of around $327,000 for a house he bought 4 years ago for $348,000. So he lost money on the deal. And if he had a brand-new mortgage on that property, he probably didn’t pay down the principal by more than $10,000 or so (eyeballing the amount). He may have rolled over equity from a previous house into this one, in which case he’d be getting that back but not much more.

    I’d bet that he’s a first-time homeowner that walked away from the house with no more than $20,000 tops, and maybe actually as little as $0.00. He’s got a wife and kids and $20,000 is not going to last him long if he’s unemployable, which someone with a potential license revocation and all the bad press he’s garnered will have. Sounds like another Executive Success in action! Wonder if his wife is working (if they’re even still together after this debacle).

    • The truth will prevail

      Which truth?
      Ranier’s truth?
      Claire’s truth?
      Sara’s truth?
      Allison’s truth?
      Nancy’s truth?
      Laurên’s truth?
      Nicki Clyne’s truth?
      Pea’s truth?

    • It already has. Your hokey leader built on a gift wrapped package of lies is done for. His past is now exposed and out in the open for everyone to see. He can’t fool anyone else into believing in his bullshit abilities and credentials. You’re on a sinking ship. Even the Titanic had more passengers than the remaining “faithful”. Keep rearranging the deck chairs in your brainwashed minds if you want. I’m sure it’ll help.

      Good riddance to his poison and his destructive ways.

    • Pea Onyu/Nicki Clyne:
      With all due respect here is the truth about NXIVM.
      It is an international criminal syndicate with operations scattered around North America and extending into Britain and Ireland.
      NXIVM is involved in sex trafficking, involuntary servitude (slavery) and child trafficking.
      NXIVM is involved in money laundering for corrupt politicians and businessmen.
      On top of that NXIVM is involved in international intrigue by trying to destabilize and overthrow the governments of Mexico and Libya.
      Furthermore Pea/Nicki you are right in the middle of this spiderweb of criminality with ties to Raniere, the sybaritic leader of the cult, Clair Bronfman, the cult’s mastermind, and Allison Mack, the cult’s public face.

      Please tell me one thing.
      Clair’s private Fiji island is owned by a holding company called ACK Wakaya.
      Does the ACK stand for Allison Clair and Keith?
      Are Allison, Clair and Keith involved in a menage a trois?
      Who is the man in the threesome?
      Clair is the most masculine of the three although Keith supposedly has the male genitalia.

  • Is Olivia Cheng and her “One Asian” NXIVM shell company being investigated?

    Pisses me off that these cowards are refusing to acknowledge what they have done and been a part of and they are being allowed to get away with it. Olivia Cheng is filming a television series about Bruce Lee, an Asian icon. She goes on and on, on social media about asians this asians that blah blah blah, yet has never even acknowledged the existence of NXIVM, or her One Asian NXIVM shell company, trying to lure Asians into NXIVM presumably. For the record, fellow NXIVM chicken shit coward Mark Hildreth was her coach.

      • Kristin Kreuk had zero problems fronting numerous NXIVM recruitment drives under false pretences such as Girls By Design, Juicy Peach, College Project, Acopella as well as using her fame to deliberately shield the cult from criticism because how can it be a cult if a television actress is in it?

        If she was asked to front “One Asian” but declined for some reason, it certainly was not for moral ethical reasons. She already proved she was willing to try and sneakily recruit for NXIVM under deliberately false pretences and continued to stay in the cult coaching even though Keith Raniere was exposed as a paedophile. Perhaps she knew people would question her about her NXIVM links like they did with Girls By Design. GBD slowed down after people were correctly linking it to NXIVM.

  • The proof that Vanguard is true is that we celebrated his birthday this year and while the oppressors Of the tryannical government continue to threaten to destroy us we are not afraid. We will stay with Vanguard till the end. The prisoner strike (not riot) is proof of Vangiuard’s impact. No violence. Just a peaceful strike like he did in Mesico. It is not accident that Mexico violence has increased since his arrest and prison violence decreased and the brutal conditions in prison may get better through the single act of an innocent man undergoing the passion and pain. This is like Gandhi or Christ or your America Martin Luther King.

    • Pea Onyu:
      Please tell us about the ?Vanguard’s plans for Mexico.
      According to Catherine Oxenberg’s book “Captive” the Vanguard has big plans for Mexico and Libya.

      Tell us about how Keith, Claire and Allison were planning on using DOS women to seduce Mexican officials and blackmail their way into control of the Mexican government.
      NXIVM would place Emiliano Salinas in charge of Mexico and NXIVM would be well on its way to controlling North America.
      Also Pea, tell us about NXIVM’s plans to overthrow the Libyan government.

      Inside the NXIVM Sex Cult’s Secret Plot to Take Over Mexico

    • Pea, You are so funny! Keith’s birthday being celebrated by a bunch of brainwashed people is proof of absolutely NOTHING. Comparing him to Gandhi or Martin Luther King speaks to how deluded you are. Neither advocated deceit or violence, which your precious “Vanguard” engaged in and encouraged. And, please don’t compare him to Mandela- he actually suffered because he had integrity.
      Keith is a con artist, and you bought the shit he sold.Try again sad girl.

    • Followers of the Heaven’s Gate cult stayed till the end too.

      Big fucking deal. It didn’t make them any less deluded.

  • The prison strikes have been planned for months, to coincide with Florida’s problems a year or two ago and with Attica uprising many years ago. Lots of demands, especially pay for work. Nothing to do with MDC or Vanguard.

  • A reader sarcastically commenting on Vanguard’s civil rights complaint at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center writes, “It can’t just be a coincidence that a nationwide prison strike has sprung up just days after the Vanguard complained that his cell was too dark and too cold. Maybe the Bronfman sisters will invest some of their remaining millions in some private prisons so that Vanguard will be able to live out the rest of his days in a well-lighted and warm cell.

    Maybe he can teach the prisoners a cappella and it will stop the violence, brighten their days and they can warm up the rooms with the sound of their singing.

  • Doctor Brandon Porter’s bizarre experiments in desensitizing women to violence by exposing them to ultra violent movies merit in depth investigation.
    These experiments were financed by Cruella Bronfman and were supposedly designed to create a corps of “Bad Ass” warrior women ninjas to serve Pimp Mack and her boss Raniere.
    As a favor to Porter both Bronfman and Mack have provided Herr Doktor Porter with living accommodations.
    Anything Porter received from Bronfman and Mack did not come from the humanitarian impulses of the two women.

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