Lauren Salzman in Wakaya Island, Fiji.

Kathy Russell and Lauren Salzman free – with less restrictive conditions than Clare Bronfman

Criminal defendants, Lauren Salzman and Kathy Russell are both free – on $5 million and $25,000 bail, respectively. And if you will pardon an observation, the money required of each is roughly proportionate to their comparative guilt.

Russell’s two sisters – whom she cut off all connection to, years ago, because NXIVM does not like members to have family who do not approve of NXIVM – are responsible for helping Kathy make bail.

Curiously, Kathy, 60, who is an aspiring ballerina, is not on strict home detention. She can leave her home, travel about the area she lives in and work if she likes – and, of course, continue to take ballerina classes –  as well as visit perhaps with her sisters – who she has shunned since shortly after joining the self-help NXIVM group.

The judge did place one condition on Kathy — she must be back home by 9 pm at night.  This should work out well since her ballet classes and even the ballet recitals she appears in with her school, the Saratoga Ballet – with the majority of students being in their early teen and preteen years-  usually end early.

Lauren Salzman also made bail – some $50,000 cash – which was reportedly put up by her grandparents – as part of a $5 million bail bond. Again, family comes through when your Vanguard can’t.

As a curious condition, Lauren is not under home confinement and can continue to see clients and therapy patients – provided those clients and patients are not members of NXIVM. This is odd for I am unaware of her having any clients or patients who are not NXIVM members.

I have to think that Lauren and Kathy’s bail is terribly upsetting to Clare Bronfman.  Clare – despite her enormous wealth – is confined to her apartment in NYC – but Lauren and Kathy can go and come as they please – with slight restrictions.

There may be justice after all.





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  • Here’s hoping you’re not free for long Lauren. For your pretention to have anything to do with education and more specifically than that, critical thinking, while you bullied, extorted, and destroyed the balance of too many people’s minds, you deserve the sort of punishment meted out to folk who have done far less than you and with far more mitigating circumstances. Your only mitigating circumstance is that you were basically given to Raniere by your mother, but you flipped that karma by taking to your unusual circumstances, like a duck to water. You blocked me from your twitter site for calling you on your shameless ‘critical thinking’ scam. You lack the basic honesty for decency, may your estrangement from the truth bring you exactly what you deserve – no more and no less.

  • Given Lauren Salzman’s position in DOS, I would have expected bail conditions close to those stipulated for Allison Mack.

    • There are several factors involved in setting bail conditions, position within NXIVM is one of many. A major factor is the financial situation of the individual. The more money they have, the more the bail in dollar terms and the greater the flight risk, just ask Clare.

      • This is where you dont know shit about NXIVM Scott. You dont know Lauren’s has been on the Executive Board for most of her time in NXIVM.

        Her position in NXIVM is above Alison Mack’s for everything but DOS.

        She has made so much money over the years but is a compulsive shopper. For her to let have any assets based on what shes earned and for the years shes been the top of the top Head Trainers show no success.

        Why she didn’t get home confinement is beyond me. Why she gets to see clients (non-NXIVM) which do not exist for Lauren is beyond me. She and her band of merry criminals will just lie about her contacts.

        She is now the main power player in keeping the machine going. It should be worded that anyone who has taking any course work dealing with anything Keith, Nancy or others she cannot have contact with.

        Can Lauren work with ex-members? If they are no longer in NXIVM does that give her freedom to work with them? If it’s not spelled out clearly, she will push the boundaries.

        This means is Sara Bronfman say I’m not a part of NXIVM any longer, Lauren and her can talk. Sara can talk with her sister Clare and messages can be past back & forth between Sara and others who went after NXIVM defectors.

        There were a lot of inconsistencies in who gets to do what, when and how. I dont think the judge knows the tangled web they weave with how they manipulate what is said and what they tell.

        • Where did I make any claim regarding Lauren’s position within NXIVM? As for communicating indirectly, it’s over. The DOJ/FBI has so much information, it won’t matter hardly at all. NXIVM is inactive, they announced it themselves. Most of the “leadership is either in jail or indicted, they have much bigger fish to fry, like trying to figure out how to save their own a$$e$ and assets, with money-grubbing lawyers offering their “help.” LOL

    • Allison Mack was promoted leader of DOS ahead of Lauren Salzman even though Lauren had been with NXIVM longer.

      Why did Vanguard promote Mack over Salzman?
      Mack is younger by 6 years and Mack is a charismatic actress who could seduce more young women into the DOS harem.

      Now Lauren Salzman has the opportunity to wreak revenge on Vanguard and Mack for being passed over.

  • “Lauren is not under home confinement and can continue to see clients and therapy patients – provided those clients and patients are not members of NXIVM. This is odd for I am unaware of her having any clients or patients who are not NXIVM members.”

    I had no idea that Lauren had a job outside of being a NXIVM coach–if she has an actual job, then why couldn’t she come up with some cash to herself out of jail? Very sad commentary indeed.

  • Be the first one to flip.

    Serve the least amount of time.

    Come on, Kathy.

    Just because they retained a lawyer for you doesn’t mean you owe these people anything.

    Technically, he is supposed to advice you to do what is in your best interest, not theirs.

  • Lauren Salzman is not a therapist in the state of NY so how can see she patients? As far as clients, anyone who has worked with her had to have gone through NXIVM or Nxivm related courses.
    She will just use semantics to get around the issue of where her clients are coming from.

    • Anyone can become a hypnotherapist. It is pretty much unregulated, simply requiring a certificate in most cases, which anyone can get-online. Calling yourself a therapist seems to be a loose term.

      • “Anyone can become a hypnotherapist. It is pretty much unregulated…”

        That is correct. It is a sham form of health care. Most professionals in this line of work — particularly the ones with no PhD — are just feeding on people who are too ignorant to know any better.

        This will all come out when Nancy is put on the stand.

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

Frank Parlato was the lead investigator and coordinating producer of Investigation Discovery's 2 hour blockbuster special 'The Lost Women of NXIVM.'

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