Jeffrey Peterson – the man who linked Salinas/NXIVM to Arizona Mafia and ICE – starts tweeting damning pics and info

Jeffrey Peterson, a well known internet entreprenuer, is now in hiding, claiming that the NXIVM/Salinas-Arizona Mafia connection will stop at nothing to destroy him.
He is now bent on taking on the Arizona Mafia. He says his woes began when – through his association with Emiliano Salinas – he declined to join NXIVM [in Mexico it is called ESP].
Peterson has now started a Twitter account to use for telling his story, and sent out his first tweets and a curious picture.
He credited Frank Report for breaking his original story.  You can see his Twitter account at:
The first image he tweeted was from a “drunken, sex charged party” that Jeff went to with ICE and DHS officials in Washington, D.C., May of 2014.
  1. “I went w/top ICE/DHS admins to vulgar, sex charged drunk party in D.C. 5-2014. Talk was int’l $$ xfers, Emiliano Salinas of , visas 4 Mexicans, more. Pic is Radha Sekar, CFO of ICE. Suzy Barr there+others. I left.

According to Peterson, “Among many topics discussed that day (with the group, at the party) were international money transfers, Emiliano Salinas of NXIVM Mexico, ways to obtain (immigration) visas for Mexicans bypassing standard DHS [Department of Homeland Security] procedures, more.”
Peterson says ‘very bad things’ were discussed at that party but said he was far from understanding how it all connected together – with Salinas and NXIVM – at that point.
The woman holding the shot glass in the picture above is Radha Sekar, who was the Chief Financial Officer of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
Suzy Barr, the former Chief of Staff of ICE, who resigned because she was sued for sexually harassing male ICE employees and border patrol agents, was at the party. Peterson says he has pictures of Barr and others there at the same party, along with Marco Lopez who now works for Carlos Slim and Carlos Salinas.
“Many more dots will be connected,” Peterson claims.
What this potentially means is the unraveling of the NXIVM-Mexican connection that many of us have suspected for years.

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  • Brave to report, hopefully Frank will help you get this story out. Stay safe, they can give you cancer easily. Stop drinking, no sugar, eat healthy you have a battle ahead of you. Praying

    • As if the Feds are willing to protect him. Do you think they are even able to? If there is a sufficiently big interest to kill him they will succeed. Just like Lee Harvey Oswald or Alexander Litwinenko. And even if they cannot hit him, there will be family.

  • The rules for immigrating to America have been articulated by Michael Savage and are logical and very simple.


    Borders — Come to America Legally. No sneaking across the border.

    Language — Learn English And Make English Your First Language. America must never become a Tower of Babel.

    Culture — Assimilate Into American Culture.
    If you prefer another culture, then perhaps you had better move to that country.
    You must accommodate yourself to America.
    America need not accommodate itself to you.
    As the saying goes “When in Rome, do as the Romans.”

    Any government official who can not accept these rules as logical and right is working against America.

    • Logic and very simple….

      So please tell me what American Culture is. Is it Texan conservativism, Californian liberalism, pro Trump & MAGA or Sanders and Michael Moore. The county is diverse and there is not one defining culture as well as there is not one language. These things change. Just read old writers and see how much the English language changed or just go to Canada or the UK.

      I do not know where I read it, but it goes as following: Whenever there is a complicated problem there will be an answer that is easy, simple and wrong.

      • Here’s an answer to your question of what American culture is.
        Just move to Saudi Arabia or Iran for a few years and you will discover precisely what American culture is.

        American culture is everything that those countries are not.

        FDR mentioned the Four Freedoms

        Freedom of Speech
        Freedom of Religion
        Freedom from Fear
        Freedom from Want.

        America for all of its failures has done more to enshrine Freedom and individual choice than any other nation on earth.

        That’s why so many people want to come here.

        • “The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions,
          In this way the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.”
          That quote describes what is happening in America to a T. Interesting to note it is Adolf Hitlers quote.

          • Gin
            Hitler was really describing what the Nazis did to the Jews (and other so-called “undesirables”)…the Nazis slowly took away the freedom of those groups until the general German population didn’t question the concentration camps.

          • America’s enemies want to destroy this country by taking away America’s culture and history.
            And from what I can tell of these government bureaucrats in ICE/DHS they are part of the anti-American conspiracy.

  • Rather than eliminate ICE, we should drain that swamp of corruption and start giving more resources and powers to the Border Patrol agents who protect America.

    And America should make an example of Clare Bronfman and Emiliano Slainas and all of their henchmen and henchwomen.

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