A few more notes of people and things in Clifton Park and Mexico

Mother and daughter Nancy and Lauren Salzman -

Halfmoon — Within 24 hours of reporting that Allison Mack has had her BMW parked by the pool in Knox Woods for months, it is no longer parked at the pool. It’s gone from sight.

Lauren Salzman may be in town because she had boxes of “Chewy” on her porch, presumably for her hairless cat. Who will take care of that cat when she and her mother are trundled off to Brooklyn is hard to answer at this moment. Maybe she is laying up a store of cat food for she knows the poor cat will need it when she heads off to prison..

Karen Unterreiner is in town, presumably waiting to be arrested. She will be wise not to flee — look what happened to her Vanguard – the man for whom she procured underage teens for his sexual pleasures. He fled to Mexico and now sits in a federal prison – having been denied bail.  Because Karen long ago aged out of the harem, she was not invited to be on hand in Mexico – despite her ability to procure

A source tells me that a child may have died because of Keith Raniere’s doings. This may be part of the investigatory trail. But I am not surprised.  After all, Keith said he had people killed for his beliefs. Children are people.

Lauren Salzman with her cat.

Part of the ongoing investigation clearly includes Emiliano Salinas and his criminal partner, Alejandro Betancourt – who both joined Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere to falsely charge Toni Zarratini and tried to lure Toni Natalie, Barb Bouchey, Susan Dones and Kim Woolhouse to Mexico under false pretenses to murder or falsely imprison them.

I called Emiliano’s mother before the New York Times story came out – and urged her to tell her son to call me – or to try to persuade her son to get out. She listened gracefully, then told me that her son knew what he was doing.

Very sad. For the mother – the former first lady of Mexico – is now likely to be bereft of her son’s company for many years to come.

The fact that law enforcement is working on this case around the clock leads me to believe that this is coming to a head and we may very well see indictments for the vicious cult members on or before July 25th – the day Allison Mack and Keith Raniere are next due in court at the Eastern District of NY federal courthouse in Brooklyn New York.

Ah, Executive Success…the learning never stops!





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    • Mr. Johnson, by your statement, “By the way, we spent quit a bit of time talking about you and your stupid comments on the radio show yesterday.” it is appears to me that you are unwilling to accept my offer of burying the hatchet and letting bygones be bygones: I hope that this is not the case. Nevertheless, why would you make such an insulting statement to me about me and my comments? I have been acting in good faith. Do you not also wish to act in good faith?

      You, sir, have also continued to put conditions upon my unconditional peace offer : “P.S., Larry, respect isn’t handed out, it is EARNED.” I have not put any conditions on you. My offer was and is unconditional. RESPECT IS SOMETHING THAT TRAVELS IN BOTH DIRECTIONS BETWEEN TWO INDIVIDUALS NOT ONLY IN ONE DIRECTION. Two individuals either decide to treat each other with respect or not; it is that simple. I have treated you with the utmost respect since I made my offer.

      I have two simple questions for you. 1) Are you going to stop insulting me and are you going to begin to treat me with the respect that I have shown and that I am continuing to show to you? 2) Are you going to accept my unconditional offer to bury the hatchet and let bygones be bygones? Please, be so kind as to answer these two question with either a yes or a no. Thank you.

  • Larry, all I did is the same thing you insisted on, no conditions. You have lied about me, treated me like crap, and now you want my respect? You are starting deep under ground level. You have to dig quite a bit just to get to the surface with me.

    • It has been a two-way street with the crap being thrown in both directions by me and by you. I am not claiming to be innocent. Clearly, we have both offended each other. However, I have offered you a sincere olive branch of peace and I have treated you with the utmost respect since I made my offer to bury the hatchet. I have shown my respect toward you as an act of good faith on my part. You, on the other hand, are once again attempting to set a condition: “You have to dig quite a bit just to get to the surface with me.” That my dear fellow is, once again, another condition. Mr. Johnson I am perfectly willing to let bygones be bygones, and to do so UNCONDITIONALLY. Are you willing to reciprocate and let bygones be bygones unconditionally I certainly hope that that is the case.

        • Mr. Johnson, are you going to accept my unconditional offer to bury the hatchet and let bygones be bygones? Are you going to stop insulting me? Are you going to begin to treat me with the respect with the respect that I have shown and that I am continuing to show to you? Please answer yes or no to these questions. Thank you.

          re. above posting: July 16, 2018 at 3:01 pm.

          • Larry, when I place a question mark at the end of a sentence, it means there is a question for you to answer. You haven’t been answering my questions. I’m not interested in answering any of your questions until you answer the ones I’ve already asked.

    • Scott treats people like shit all the time (thats no lie, the proof is in his comments)and then he’s offended when someone dishes it back?….Grow up Scottie and take it like a man.

  • I little comic relief: In the picture above, mother appears prettier than daughter.

  • The “I’ve had people killed” part has probably been wildly misinterpreted. It’s not that Raniere has had people killed, aka hired a hit man, but people Raniere has “trained” have been killed. That is quite apparent when you watch the entire video: https://youtu.be/i9Buo3Gj3Zk At the very least, you would need a whole lot more to get a murder conviction – beyond a reasonable doubt.

    • How can you or any reasonable person construe that making an insulting and mocking comment like, “Spare me the patriotism,” is burying the hatchet? Insulting and mocking me in this manner is hardly the way for you to demonstrate that you are sincerely burying the hatchet.

      Furthermore, making the unnecessary threat, “But remember, it can always be dug up again later,” is an attempt by you to intimidate me. I cannot understand how the overall statement that you have made (above) could possibly be interpreted as building trust.

      It is clear to me that your definition of burying the hatchet and mine are not the same. In a sincere sprit of peace, I have treated you with respect in my recent replies to you. You, sir, have not reciprocated in kind. Instead you have attempted to impose conditions on my offer of peace and have consistently mocked and insulted me.

      Therefore, the only reasonable and logical conclusion that I can reach is that you are not sincerely interested in burying the hatchet. Without demonstrating RESPECT, there can be no trust between two individuals. You, sir, have shown me a distinct lack of respect in your most recent replies. That is very unfortunate.

  • Thanks for making my point, Joey. As they say, there are 3 types of people, those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who say, “what happened?” Looks like you’re a combination of the latter two. Everything you need to know about me is on my website, just click on my name. If you then have further questions, just ask. I know you know how to click on my name, as you like to watch the internet, at least during TV commercials. LOL

  • Today is July 14th. One half of a month left before the DA’s self-announced deadline of more indictments. Prefect and (at least one of her daughters) at the top of the list. How will it happen? Summons in the mail, or handcuffs action by the police? Will Prefect flash her $600,000 per-student smile in court? It’s a comin’….we’re gonna know the answers soon. Within two weeks.

    I wonder if Prefect ever signed up her UCLA students for 2018. Or if that scheme crashed. How would she explain it in court?

    Answers comin’ soon. On courtroom action day.

    • It all depends on how much progress they’re making whether they found some things, such as new crimes, new people, etc., they want to follow up on before they make more arrests. They are probably also tracking some of the worst of them, seeing if they’ll get spooked and try to run near the end of July/beginning of August. You really need to get a life, waiting anxiously makes you look foolish, but perhaps that’s the look you’re going for, right?

      • Frank (or his helper) made a list a few days ago. The NXIVM’s were rated from “highly likely” to be indicted, vs “likely,” and I think even “possibly,” or something like that. In other words, the NXIM’s were rated by category indicating chances of getting charged. Where do you think that Clare and the Salzmans were rated? At the top of the highest likelihood category, baby. That tells us something. That suggests handcuffs.

        I am into watching the world. Kind of like a consumer checking out the odds keepers, to see how their predictions turn out. I am also into action, that I can see on my TV set, and that I can read about on blogs. Nothing wrong with that. Clare and Prefect are big news these days, and not just here on Frank Report. Okay?

        Meanwhile, speaking of “foolish” and getting a life,” it’s my understanding that you once banked heavy on Amway and got burned. Am I correct there? Don’t throw stones while you live in glass houses, sir. I have never joined a pyramid scheme in my whole life. I get my action through the TV tube and Internet.

        • Yes, me and 10s of millions have been scammed by Amway. What’s your point? I don’t live in a glass house, you must have seen that on fake TV or the fake internet. Get back to your “exciting” TV and internet life, rather than helping others not get scammed. LOL

          • “Get back to your “exciting” TV and internet life, rather than helping others not get scammed.”

            But I don’t help others “not scammed.” Rather, I watch them get scammed. Then I watch the scammers get arrested and/or sued. See it on TV, and on blogs. I am waiting for the rest of July, because Clare and the Salzmans might get indicted.

            Meanwhile, you sound like you have a story of your own. How did Amway rope you in, BTW? What were you thinking at that very early stage?

  • I’m always willing to work together. Does this mean you’ll come on my radio show to “kiss and make up?” However, the NXIVM story is essentially over, the DOJ/FBI have far more evidence than we can ever hope to uncover. Frank told me that long ago, during our first telephone conversation, which I believe was before Raniere was arrested.

    • When I offered to bury the hatchet, I was being sincere. My offer of an olive is sincere. Is there some reason why you do not seem to be sincere in your reply? I did not put any conditions on my offer to bury the hatchet and work together, therefore; I do not understand your question, “Does this mean that you’ll come on my radio show to ‘kiss and make up?'” My offer was and is an unconditional offer. Do you want to bury the hatchet and work together, or not?

      As for the NXIVM being “essentially over,” I respectfully disagree. You have absolutely no way of knowing whether there are more witness testimonies that may be brought forward, Neither you nor the federal authorities know for sure who, in the group, might betray whom. You also have no way of knowing if there is any critical evidence that has been either overlooked or hidden – waiting to be discovered. The MSM, especially the NYT and WAPO are not doing any real investigative reporting on ESP or NXIVM. The American people and the people of Mexico, Canada, and other countries that have been infested by this cult deserve better information than they are getting from the controlled, packaged, and propagandistic MSM.

      It is important for me to get the story of this cult out into a much wider and broader audience. That is my main objective. I want to see all of the guilty principals of the cult punished. If you do not share my objectiv, that is fine by me. However, there is no need to either mock or criticize my objective because it is not you own. We can each do our own thing, be cordial, and work together, when it is mutually agreeable. In the meantime, PACE!

      Keith Raniere is in a federal detention center and Allison Mack is under house arrest, in the main, because of the persistence and perseverance of Frank Parlato. If it had not been for the fact of his reporting acting as the rallying point for ex-members of ESP and NXIVM neither you nor I would ever crossed paths.

      I think that we can agree to disagree in a gentlemanly fashion. You may be surprised on how much we agree. For instance, I have watched Steven Hassan’s document on Scamway twice, so; I have a reasonably good idea of just what a politically corrupting force that Scamway is within the United States Congress. Plain and simple, Scanway is buying members of congress and, therefore; the government of the people. That is why I call this corrupt and corrupting MLM-behemoth, Scamway

        • I am a citizen of the United States of America and I take the our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, and our Bill of Rights very seriously. In fact, I attempt to adhere to them religiously, as they are sacred to me.

          Neither you nor anyone else is going to set conditions on me, nor tells me what to do and when to do it!


          My offer of an olive branch comes with no conditions or strings attached to it.



      • Here’s the number to call today at 8:15 pm Eastern time: 347-237-4097. Wait on the line, Peter will tie you in, the show starts at 8:30 pm, so we can discuss what we want to cover/not cover, etc., before the show starts. Let me know your area code so we can connect the right person.

  • 72 comments and I’m giving up after about 15. Frank, can you please start re-posting comments that are worth reading cause I’m over sifting through posts from these same idiots.

  • Hey, Frank whoever gave you the info that Allison’s BMW isn’t there may be mistaken and didnt look in the right spot.. Her actual parking space would border one side of the Knox Woods pools which is not pool parking. Allison apparently used to park in the road or in spots that werent her numbered spots. She was told to move it and moved it to the actual much smaller pool parking lot on Knox Blvd. As of this AM the blue BMW sedan which I was told was hers is still t here.

  • Within 24 hours of reporting that Allison Mack has had her BMW parked by the pool in Knox Woods for months, it is no longer parked at the pool. It’s gone from sight.

    BMW for Sale. Cheap!
    Owned by disgraced former celebrity.

  • The fact that a child might have died due to Raniere somehow is extremely upsetting to me. I have often wondered about Kristen Snyder, and the “I’ve had people killed” Raniere comment. That recording of him was taken without his knowledge, making it more believable. I am very concerned and hope we learn more in due time.

    • While this is statically true, Scott, “Between Oct. 1, 2016, and Sept. 30, 2017, U.S. Customs and Border Protection apprehended 3027 people attempting to illegally cross into the U.S. from Canada. Of that number, 896 WERE IN SECTORS THAT TOUCH THE NORTHERN BORDER OF NEW YORK [emphasis added], and of those, 140 case were prosecuted.” (“Immigration on the Northern Border”; Homeland Security, May 14, 2018).

      The real question is how many illegal entries from Canada have not been apprehended by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.. That nearly 900 people were apprehended “in sectors that touch the northern border of New York” is not an insignificant number. Do we really know all of the criminal resources that are available to Clare and Sara’s Bronfman; after all, they have family ties in Canada, and the Bronfman sisters and NXIVM used a former Mossad agent to harass Rick Ross, and their is circumstantial evidence that they may have attempted to maneuver Rick Ross into a situation where he could have been thrown overboard from a cruise ship. As for the Salinas family of Mexico. they could easily afford to hire a hit man from Mexico or any part of the world. Ditto for Clare and Sara. After all, Mohamed Atta and some of the other 911 crew infiltrated from Canada into the U.S. just days before their attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

      Scott, I am perfectly willing to bury the hatchet, if you are. There is a lot more to be gained by working together to uncover facts about NXIVM and Keith Raniere, Please, note the time and date of this posting. I am offering you an olive branch. Will you accept it?

      • Please accept it, Scott. You have a lot to contribute. So does Omar. So does IWP. So does DVD. So does SS1958. Y’all just stop it, OK? None of us is perfect, myself included.

  • Not to whip a dead horse, but I just found an article that says Omar owes nearly $235k total ($176k plus $60k in legal fees for his opponent).


    He appealed this decision to the US Supreme Court so he doesn’t have to pay it yet. There’s no realistic way he’ll even get heard by the SCOTUS, so I doubt he’ll escape the suspension and fines.

    I don’t know how Frank can pretend that Omar is a good guy when it’s been affirmed by a US Court of Appeals that he’s mistreated other people using the legal system and had his legal license suspended for 3 years.

    Why does Omar get a free pass here from other members, yet Keith and Clare don’t? Why the double standard?

    After his SCOTUS appeal gets rejected, maybe Omar can seek work as a pizza maker.

    I’ll take a medium cheese and sausage pizza, and hold the pepperoni please. 🙂

    • I don’t think Frank takes sides, he just publishes factual stories, adds some humor, and lets people comment. Although I would love Frank do a story on Omar, I think we can handle the situation in the comments just fine. Let Omar lie like a rug while we tell the truth about him! LOL




      • Moosha/FormerNexian/Omar, I’ve never posted here under a different name (except when I posted under another social media platform, but it took people back to the same person and websites when they clicked on my name), there’s no need to do so. But I am enjoying others are seeing you for what you are, a stupid idiot who is so stupid they are bored because my comments are so far over your head. LOL





    • By the way, I believe I was first on this website to expose Omar for what he is, a criminal lawyer. Before I showed up, he was a virtual hero, now he’s a zero. Apparently, the combination of having some first-hand experience with NXIVM, writing the first book about NXIVM, and being able to throw around some legal terms had everybody worshipping at his feet, ala Raniere. You have to be below the bottom of the barrel to be in trouble as a lawyer with the legal “profession,” and Omar is there – in spades. Why others haven’t turned on him like many have turned on me is hilarious, but that’s what happens when you keep marrying your cousins in upstate New York. Arkansas has NOTHING on them. LOL

  • 2 days ago — during his long diatribe — Larry also mentioned that Scott’s previous involvement with selling Amway [before he quit the scam] is somehow indicative of ‘bad character’ or ‘low intelligence’. Larry also claimed that nobody should listen to Scott because of his past involvement with Amway. However, if Larry wants to be logical then he must apply those same standards to all anti-NXIVM personnel who quit the cult and are trying to warn others away, like Toni Natalie and Barbara Bouchey.

    So according to Larry’s logic, he’s saying that Toni Natalie and Barbara Bouchey are also people with bad character and low intelligence and that nobody should ever listen to them, because they drank the NXIVM kool-aid for many more years than Scott participated in Amway [and these gals did far more negative acts to hurt innocent people while inside NXIVM than Scott ever did by selling Amway].

    That’s how Larry’s logic works.

    My opinion is that nobody is a bad or dumb person just because — at one time many years ago — they happened to get suckered into a scam or cult. The fact that they broke away and are trying to warn others away shows good character. This includes Barbara, Toni and Scott.

    For those who keep saying that Scott is actively trying to spam his anti-Amway views on this site, please tally up the number of posts he’s made where he actually talks about Amway of his own volition [where he’s not responding to another poster who brought up the Amway topic first]. No, I haven’t counted them myself. LoL But I think you’ll find that less than 10% of his total posts will fall into this category [probably less than 5%].

    It’s also interesting that Larry talked about Scott Johnson as having a need to attack people, while also saying that intelligent people don’t engage in petty personal attacks and name calling.

    But Larry, Omar and Moosha [and others] have proceeded to make a mockery of Larry’s logic by doing little else except attack Scott in the most petty ways possible, even though they claim that ‘intelligent’ people don’t do this. LoL.

    Moosha/Omar even mentioned something childish about a limp dick recently, yet Larry doesn’t seem to question Omar’s intelligence or character [for doing the very thing which he claims makes a person unintelligent]. I guess that Larry and Omar are as snug as 2 bugs in a rug. Yet if Scott says something in response, these people will call on Frank to ban him for abuse. LoL.

    Some of you are like little kiddies on the playground. You can dish it out but you can’t take it. S.J. can handle himself and never claims victim status. I’d advise many of you to adopt that ability.

    $10 says that Larry and Omar will never be able to follow Larry’s own advice and ignore S.J.

    =Any takers? LoL

    • Thank you for that post. I have had the same thoughts about these creeps for a long time, but coming from someone else who is in a more neutral position and recognizes what is going on makes it looks less like I’m simply being defensive and/or petty.

    • Perhaps if you used you real name, preacher, you might actually be taken seriously. Why don’t you use you real name? Why didn’t you site the alleged diatribe that you mention? What do the inverted commas around ‘bad character’ and ‘low intelligence’ mean?
      No, that is way that your illogic works; it is not the way that my logic works. I quoted Scott Johnson word for word, and I used actual quotation marks, and I also cited the date, place, and the time of his quote. Why don’t you do the same thing with my quotes? Are you acting as a shill For Scott Johnson? Are you too lazy or too inept to do this? You seem to prejudice your argument in Scott Johnson’s favor by your use of innuendo and insinuation. If you are simply a fan and a supporter of Scott Johnson, why do you not have the fortitude to admit that you are?

      Your ad hoc arguments concerning the former members of NXIVM is a form of dumb-baiting, plain and simple. Scott Johnson is not Toni Natalie nor is he Barbara Bouchey. The parallels that you make between Scott Johnson and these two strong women is ridiculous. These two women had to go through living hell and were almost ruined by their experiences with Keith Raniere.

      Whoever you are, you are punching way over your intellectual weight. When you decide to use your real name, to use actual quotations (not misrepresentation), not to use guilt by association, to be unbiased, and not to use flawed arguments, your comments will become much more solid. Until then, what you have to say is merely vapid sound and fury. You might consider taking up a new hobby such as shadowboxing under a streetlight. I believe that you have the intellectual capacity for that endeavor. I am sure that in no time at all that you could become the intellectual lightweight champion of the world. Good Luck, Schmuck!

    • Larry vs Scott
      OK. ..here’s my opinion. .
      Larry is NOT saying that Scott (or those who were former NXIVM members) are all of bad character and have low IQ. I didnt see where he implied that. Can you provide an example where you think he implies this logic?

      Also noted – multiple people are posting as Larry….why?

      Scott is being extremely rude and abusive on this site, and I’m curious why he’s behaving that way. Moosha might even be Scott himself…. which could explain why Scott isn’t upset about Mooshas comments . Yet notice how angry Scott was when I said that I thought Ben was lying….why? Why was he so upset over my accusations of lies (a pretty rational accusation in this scenario)and yet he cares so little about Mooshas vicious insults? Maybe because he’s actually Moosha….?
      Something to consider.

      Another thing to consider Is why this sight became so crazy lately. It sure reminds me of the craziness that occurred on the site where I was bullied earlier, which was a site that i discovered might have NXIVM connection’s.

      Maybe there’s a connection to all the arguing that’s gone on here recently.

  • With respect to the personal comments here — guys like Moosha, Omar and Larry have been telling everybody to just ‘ignore’ Scott Johnson.

    Just 2 days ago Larry actually posted a long diatribe which basically said that Scott was just looking for ‘attention’ and therefore the best way to counteract his need for attention was for everybody to permanently ignore Scott’s comments and to never respond to any of his comments ever again. His minions seemed to applaud that advice.

    Yet ever since making that post, both Larry and Omar have spent each day responding to Scott Johnson [or at least talking about him], thereby violating their own logic.

    [Moosha seems to be either Omar in disguise or a close ally of Omar.]

    Judging by their obsession with Scott, the final thought these guys have before going to sleep each night is likely ‘Scott Johnson’. And when they wake up each morning, the first thought on their minds is also likely ‘Scott Johnson’. I don’t even want to think about what happens between those hours, when their eyes are closed and they dream about Scott while having nocturnal emissions.

    That’s not exactly ignoring him, is it Larry? LoL

    For somebody who’s preaching to ‘ignore’ Scott, I have to say that Larry has failed to follow his own advice and is making a mockery of his own logic. Poor self control, I’d say.

    Larry reminds me of a habitual drunk who keeps telling everybody about the hazards of alcohol — but when the time comes, he just can’t lay off the booze himself and keeps repeating his endless cycle of boozing [boozing = responding to S.J.]

    Listen guys — I don’t mind reading personal attacks so if you want to keep attacking Scott then please go ahead. Attack me also, if you must. My popcorn is ready but I won’t respond much, since unlike you, I do have the self control to ignore most posts. However, if you’re going to keep obsessing over Scott then at least make your comments interesting and different. Don’t just keep saying the same old drivel 100 times per day since it makes you seem way too over-obsessed with Scott, not to mention eternally boring. Please be entertaining for a change.

    • You got me on that one buddy! I must admit that I was wrong about Scott merely looking for attention. However, I wrote that piece before Scott told us his true motive for posting on the Frank Report. This is what Scott Johnson wrote: ‘The effort here [on the Frank Report] is much more productive, you wouldn’t believe the increased number of visits I’m getting on my blog because I’m posting here.” That statement of Scott’s changed my entire outlook about him. Ignoring him will not make him go away! Nothing will make Scott Johnson go away because he has something to gain by posting on this website. If you are OK with that arrangement, that is your business. But you might consider focusing on NXIVM as a better alternative than stepping into a quagmire. Why don’t you spend your time educating yourself about NXIVM instead of entering into a zero-sum-gain storm of controversy? By the way, why don’t you use your real name?

      • Lyin’ Larry, you’re wrong about pretty much everything. I know more about NXIVM than you’ll ever know, because I know how Raniere and his MLM scam ilk think, and you don’t have a clue. NXIVM is done, stick a fork in it. Amway is still scamming hundreds of thousands of people every single year, and it’s where Raniere got his initial training. You’re right, the “Tex” part isn’t in my real name, but it has been a common part of my online persona and ID for several years. How do we know you’re real name is Lyin’ Larry Shame…err Shea? LOL

  • Emiliano is the one behind the Mexican gangsters trying to cross the Niagara Falls border to murder Frankie Parlato

  • I’ve offered wondered if who know they are going to be arrested bother to apply makeup do their hair, shave their legs just in case today is the day. I would because everyone is going to see those mugshots forever!! C’mon girls get to grooming we want you to look your best!!!

  • Can we all agree, Scott Johnson (I worked for Amway for 12 years) is mentally ill, shows symptoms of a narcissistic personality disorder, and should be ignored?

  • “Part of the ongoing investigation clearly includes Emiliano Salinas and his criminal partner Alejandro Betancourt – who both joined Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere to falsely charge Toni Zarratini and tried to lure Toni Natalie, Barb Bouchey, Susan Dones and Kim Woolhouse to Mexico under false pretenses to murder or falsely imprison them.”

    Is this why so many of Raniere’s current girl friends were in Puerto Vallarta at the time of his arrest?
    Lying in wait to deal with Raniere’s enemies?

    Didn’t Raniere view the DOS as warrior women who would do his bidding?

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” He also appeared in "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM, and was credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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