Raniere subjected to harsh conditions at MDC

Keith Raniere at trial

The US Bureau of Prisons operates the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn, New York. MDC is officially categorized by the feds as an Administrative/Transfer Detention Center.

Bad Health

MDC does not offer inmates natural light, air and outdoor recreation spaces. MDC offers an abundance of mold; blood-borne diseases; asbestos; and particulate matter.  The absence of fresh, clean air, the absence of sunlight, and the absence of outdoor time and activities are part of the MDC experience.

During the three months he has been incarcerated at MDC, he has not been permitted to go outside of the building for outdoor recreation. He has not breathed in anything but the recycled air containing spore dust and bacteria that has continuously been circulated throughout the building.

Food Services

The Food Services areas are infested with rodent droppings, germs and bacteria.  There is no effort to control pests including: rats, mice, cock-roaches, and flies.  There are rat droppings in the kitchen area. Food at MDC is sometimes spoiled and moldy.  The food is cooked in the West Building and delivered to the units where it is re-heated and served to male and female units.

Tight Quarters

The approximate square footage per inmate for Recreation Space is 8 square feet.  The approximate square footage for personal bedding space per inmate is 21 square feet (this includes foot locker space); plus 14 square feet of shared-common space with adjacent inmates.

In the dorm-like open area where the female prisoners reside, ninety plus inmates share six showers; 3 urinal stalls and 3 shit stalls, 2 dryers and 2 washing machines. In the cell areas where Raniere resides, each pair of “cellies” shares an open toilet and sink — and a set of cast-iron bunk beds.

Bad Air

The washers and dryers are running almost 24 hours a day.  There is no circulation of air; one fan is provided for each unit.  The dryers vent directly into the sleeping, eating, and living space.  This introduces particulate matter which exacerbates colds, flus, asthma, coughs, and other breathing disease entities.

The supply air has clogged and filthy outlets indicating that the supply air itself is full of airborne matter (dust, organics and particles).  Raniere breathes dirty air that gets recycled without sufficient fresh air. Mold is present on ducts, shower areas, ceilings, and walls.

Sanitary challenges

There are no physical barriers between the sleeping, eating, and restroom areas.  Raniere eats a few feet away from toilets, showers and dryer/washers. The kitchen area is also in the same physical space.  Raniere is very likely made to sleep on a urine stained, worn mattress.

Mold is visible on the showers, floors and walls.  Most showers do not have working drains, so waste water flows onto adjoining showers. The vents where air conditioning and heat come into the unit do not have filters.


At MDC, inmates are stripped searched (every item of clothing comes off) after every visit or trip outside the prison [like when Raniere goes to court].

There is zero independent movement outside his immediate unit and the adjoining “Recreation Deck”.

No one should be subjected to these inhuman conditions – but if there were an exception that proves the rule – it might be Keith Raniere. For he subjected so many to cruel and inhuman punishment himself – winning through joy as he did it also.


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  • I feel bad for anyone subjected to those conditions. Except for Keith, frankly he deserves worse. I honestly want to see him die of malnutrition, dehydration and severe physical trauma. That would be a the best way for the cunt to die. Fucking worthless cretin.

  • Before anyone begins to feel sorry for Keith, remember the videos of horror and gore that DOS slaves were subjected to as part of experimentation and brainwashing tech as well as other enforced inhumane treatments. DOS Girls and women were every bit as much prisoner as he is today. This is Keith’s karma. Let him pay the debt for the sake of his soul.

  • Jail is not supposed to be pleasant, it’s supposed to be a deterrent and / or punishment. And and for Frank’s sake please use this forum for what it’s intended not your personal issues. Thank you

  • “There are no physical barriers between the sleeping, eating, and restroom areas. Raniere eats a few feet away from toilets…”

    Wow. Does this mean that people using the toilets are not sheltered by any kind of stall door? In other words, the Vanguard must eat his food while simultaneously seeing inmates sitting on the toilets?

    If so, then that’s a very ironic situation for a Vanguard to end up in. I wonder how he’s adjusting.

  • I used to look forward to new posts and comments on the Frank Report. Since Scott Johnson started his narcissistic campaign against his battle with Amway, reading comments posted has become drudgery.

    No one gives a shit about your battle with Amway who reads the Frank Report. Your constant need to point it out, Scott, shows how narcissistic you are and what a danger you might be to any community due to the fact that you are clueless that people don’t really care, who come to the Frank Report, about your journey.

    Your need to constantly argue your side shows just how narcissistic you are. Your attempts to ride on the coattails of what Frank has created here is another sign of your narcissism and your constant need for any kind of attention.

    Mr. Johnson, you are poisoning the well of exposure of this battle by your incessant need to constantly talk about your troubles.

    You might want to consider either getting therapy for your unresolved emotions of your issues with Amyway.

    Again, no one gives a shit who comes to read the Frank Report. You have not had to fight the battles that most who have been persecuted by Raniere and his merry band of criminals.

    Your posting brings up constant arguments around you which shows how narcissistic you really are due to your constant need for attention. Otherwise, you would recognize that you have the negative impact on what is really happening at this time with the Frank report. Narcissist can only think of themselves which you continue to prove constantly by your postings.

    Maybe it’s time for you to start your own blog on the Amway scam so you can be the moderator for those that want to talk about they’re negative experiences in Amyway.

    If you want to prove that you’re not a narcissist then you’ll stop talking about yourself, your issues with Amyway and yoir need to defend yourself on this blog.

    • Scott Johnson has a blog about this supposed Amway tool scam , a blog where he calls people names such as “bitch” and “kike”. Not sure why you think he’s a narcissist? 😁

      He keep’s repeating that he won his lawsuit against Amway, yet isn’t Amway still in business?

    • No, I’m not a narcissist, but you’re stupid. I suggest you look at all of my comments, and if you can count that high, count how many mention Amway. Subtract the ones that are in response to somebody else bringing up Amway, such as this one. Tell us how many you come up with compared to the total comments, STUPID.

      Frank cares about Amway scamming 10s of millions of people. Frank cares about how Raniere learned MLM scam foundational principles when he was in Amway. I couldn’t care less what you think, you’re STUPID, remember?

      Frank also told me he’s interested in a new topic once NXIVM news slows down, and said Amway would be a great candidate.

      I already have 2 websites related to Amway and other MLM scams. Just click on my name to see for yourself, but you were too STUPID to do that before and you’re probably too STUPID to do it now.

      I’ll defend myself whenever I feel like it. I’m not posting for my own ego, I’m posting so others aren’t scammed by MLM scams like Amway, STUPID.

      Good bye, STUPID. LOL

  • My name is Scott Johnson.

    I am the first one to post comments because I don’t have a life or a job.

    I’m just a lookey-loo that got sued by Amway and lost. I had to settle like a crybaby.

    That is all

  • How soon after his sentence is passed does he begin his slave labour detail?
    Or is that just for the same section of the American population that can be shot for driving a car, or walking to a friends house, or just being?

    • Wouldnt it be nice if prisons were a punishment, now days you get free cable, internet, cell phone access, drugs, depending on which prison you are in of course. Let’s hope they send Rainere to Texas or Washington ( state that is).

      • It’s just good to see Raniere on the real business-end of a slave compact – since the State owns his sorry arse now.

  • It’s not that I feel sorry for Keith or think he doesn’t deserve a particularly harsh treatment, but it really shines a bad light on the US penal system if people, who are not yet convicted, are exposed to conditions that may harm them.

    • You’re talking about a country that sends men who are willing to risk their lives to fight for it and when they return are often treated like they don’t exist. Veterans in general are regarded well in the public, yet rectifying veteran issues and complaints has been a long, ongoing process that still has yet to be resolved.

      A bunch of criminals who committed crimes – some of them enormities – living in squalid but livable conditions, are most likely the last notch on the “really don’t give a shit” list for public funding.

      • When you have CRIMINALS running the VA and IRS, FBI and DOJ and every position of Power in America , they conveniently don’t get caught until evidence is so overwhelming and public that we have to pay them to resign. Our veterans should get the very best treatment America has to offer.
        But who are the fake newsconcentrating on? Illegal immigrants are getting all of the attention day after day. We have children in our projects that need protection.
        This should not be political, most Americans are sick and tired of watching liberals use this issue, like we believe they care about these immigrant children. BS.
        Help our own first.
        And Keith every rat turd and cockroach you eat has more calories than you deserve!

    • It’s not that hard to get bail.

      Look, even Allison Mack managed to get herself released to her NXIVM member parents.

      I think more people actually deserve to be in there that aren’t. Like her. She’s not doing a plea deal, and even if she agreed to one, she couldn’t be trusted to follow through with it.

      Throw her stupid ass back in.

    • I agree that people should not be so badly treated in advance of conviction. But if KR were not such a LIAR (about his finances, assets, etc.), he too might be out on bail. His bullshit is finally coming back to haunt him. There are certain people and entities that cannot be manipulated, and EDNY and this particular Judge are two of them.

    • There are children in America living in worse conditions right now, where do the Liberals think illegal aliens live when they are hiding out in our country. CHECK OUT Seattle Wa a sanctuary city for the homeless . We have even offered to pay them a salary to clean up their own mess out of 30 , 30 refused. Mayor Durkin a rabid liberal wants more money but not to fix the problem. Crime rates are up over 300% in areas where they congregate. They are destroying cemeteries, defecating on holocaust survivors graves. These are not the homeless that need help, these are homeless by choice. Just ask them .
      FRANK I KNOW THIS IS OFF TOPIC, I APOLOGIZE, but they just paid a long time lawyer for the Port of Seattle half a million dollars +to resign, tax payer money yet they refuse to tell us why.

    • What does that mean? What is joy? How do I know when I have joy? What does joy look like? Is joy the same for everyone? Are there different kinds of joy?

        • Not true Scottie.
          The only joy in your life, besides your obsession with Keiths dick,is trying to destroy innocent people. Especially women.
          Right, PIG.?

          • Why do you think I am obsessed with Raniere’s wanger? Because you’re STUPID, that’s why.

            Which “innocent people” am I trying to destroy? You couldn’t be more wrong, but then again, you’re STUPID. LOL

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