NXIVM love story: Kirsten Gillibrand’s father and stepmother fell in love because of sex slaver cult

Either she has a bad memory or she really knows how to ethically lie as good as Keith Raniere.

By Frank Parlato

US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand [D-NY] has a well-known and powerful political father from the state capitol, Albany, NY. His name is Doug Rutnik. What is not widely known is that Doug worked for the sex-slaver cult of NXIVM — about a dozen years ago.

NXIVM hired Doug as a consultant for $25,000 a month. Among his duties was to have weekly dinners with NXIVM president Nancy Salzman. At the time, NXIVM leader Keith Raniere was interested in securing indictments against former girlfriend, Toni Natalie, and cult de-programmer, Rick Ross. Doug was unsuccessful in serving up the indictments Raniere craved.
Doug Rutnik with daughter, Kristen Gillibrand


During the four months he was consulting for NXIVM, Doug introduced his younger [second] cousin, Gwen Bellcourt, an attorney, to the cult.  Doug initially asked Gwen to take a 5-day intensive to determine if NXVIM needed a license as an educational institution.  Being bright, attractive and ambitious, Gwen was targeted by Raniere for inclusion in the high-rank of the cult.  Salzman, a master hypnotist, spent an enormous amount of time with Gwen. Raniere wanted her to become NXIVM’s inside attorney.
After the first course, Gwen became enamored with NXIVM. She took another 5 -day course, then another. As soon as Gwen was indoctrinated into the cult, Raniere decided they no longer needed Rutnik.  Nancy claimed Doug sexually harassed her. Raniere demanded Doug pay the entire four months of payments back. He refused. NXIVM sued him, threatening to ruin his reputation by exposing the scandal in court filings which are public record.  Doug paid NXIVM $100,000 as per the terms of an out-of-court settlement.  He and NXIVM signed a confidentiality agreement promising never to reveal the agreement. (Someone leaked the agreement.}
A Match Made in NXIVM
Meantime, Doug discovered his cousin, Gwen, was deeply immersed in the cult, spending lots of money on what some believe are nothing more than brainwashing courses. She was engaged to be married when she first started taking NXIVM courses.
Part of the NXIVM curriculum is for women to list all the advantages of having her partner suddenly die. Gwen soon realized that her engagement was a sham. She belonged with NXIVM – born to be free and single – so she could learn all they could teach. She ended her engagement and signed up for more classes.
A lifelong politico, Doug had decades of brokering backroom deals. He decided to work behind the scenes to get his cousin out of NXIVM. She did not want to leave. She loved NXIVM. They loved her. She declared Keith was wonderful and Nancy was like a sister.
Doug was determined. He felt a flush of something new and noble inside him. His heart quickened; his pulse raced; his gate accelerated, as he contrived to meet Gwen on any pretext – to get her out of the cult.
He was dapper, a handsome older man — wise and urbane. Though she was an attorney, she was just putty in NXIVM’s hands.
It didn’t take long for Gwen to realize she had competing interests – the love bombing of the NXIVM community – the mentorship of lovely Nancy and occasional glimpses of Keith himself – who, like other devotees, she called Vanguard – versus an attentive, wealthy, sophisticated, powerful older cousin whom she had always admired and who had suddenly become her best friend.
There was more:  Keith, after all, if she were to rise in NXIVM, would demand her complete sexual fidelity to him – and she would be one of his harem. Her cousin – no, he was not only her cousin – he was a man too – – was openly trying to get her away from Keith.  No – she had to stop thinking about it.  She dare not say it – even to Prefect Nancy – in an exploration of meaning therapy sessions [that some say is a NXIVM technique to get blackmail material on members].  It was wrong in the eyes of the world to think of her older cousin as a man. But then again, what Keith wanted was equally scandalous. He taught that all sexual mores rules – even laws about sex – were society’s contrivances, designed to keep people from experiencing joy.
At first, for Doug, it was a challenge, and revenge for being treated so badly by the cult. But months of trying to rescue her, had put her foremost in his mind. And for Gwen, his solicitude and caring about her – put him again and again in her mind.
Then one night perhaps he held her hand – as an older cousin – giving her advice, but instead of removing his hand, he kept it a moment longer than should a cousin, and she too did not pull away. It was a moment passing sweet and tender.
Then perhaps one night when he kissed her goodnight, and held her in his arms – instead of a kiss on the cheek, – their eyes met, then their lips.  Doug turned and left – no longer a cousin.  He was a man in her eyes.
Doug had kissed many women. A kiss was nothing. He had no right to kiss her that way. But, if he could get Gwen away from NXIVM, he would kiss her again.
All night long, Gwen’s thoughts were mostly on Doug and not so much on her Vanguard or Prefect.
Still, she was torn. Gradually it came over both of them this realization of how much they had grown to mean to one another. Doug had morphed from concerned cousin to a man with evident amorous intentions.  Yet, Doug was insistent as he was ardent. She must break away from NXIVM. Would she marry him? Yes, if she left. She agreed. Doug got her out. She told Prefect who told Vanguard.
Another one escaped – because of romance, Vanguard no doubt opined. Prefect likely argued that she should have known better to try to find joy in a some monogamous relationship. And maybe Vanguard waxed philosophic, “Knowing what to do is useless without the emotional strength to do what you know.”
In any event, Doug Rutnik did what few were ever successful in doing – he successfully de-programmed Gwen and married her too – and they lived happily ever after without Prefect or even Vanguard or Gwen getting branded.
The end.
Now fast forward to November, 2017, about a month after the New York Times and other media outlets reported on NXIVM – as the secretive cult that brands women.
When asked by columnist Richard Johnson for Page Six, if she knew anything about NXIVM, US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, through a spokesman, answered she “..never heard of this group until she recently read about them in the newspaper.”

I began to consider if this could be true. NXIVM is located in Albany, Gillibrand’s hometown. Almost everybody in Albany knew about NXIVM. The cult has been featured in scores of front page stories in the Albany Times Union since 2003.  If Gillibrand can read – and I am told she can –  how could she have missed 15 years of Times Union stories?

On top of that, her father Doug Rutnik- as related above – worked for NXIVM, wound up being sued by them and paid $100,000 as settlement. And on top of that, Kirsten’s cousin [now stepmother] Gwen was involved in the cult and her father went through a lot of effort to rescue her; it sparked their romance and marriage.

But Kirsten says she never heard of NXIVM.

With that ability to lie, Kristen probably thinks she’ll make a great president – for there are no people like the Americans who love so much to be lied to by their leaders.  It is the one land on earth where lying is not a disqualification for any office however exalted.  In this, one sees a consonance with the teachings of the Vanguard and his embracing of the Luciferian or sociopath – as the best leader for our sheeple – such as he is himself.

Nice going, Kirsten – though your father and stepmother got out, you learned the greatest lesson of the Vanguard – even if inadvertently – all too well. I mean how would it have hurt you to make the candid admission – my father once worked for NXIVM and found it evil and left and took my stepmother out with him?

No Kirsten  had to lie. She never heard of them – not until she read about them in the newspaper recently – she said, her nose waxing larger each time she said it. It is a ponderous nose.





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  • This is a beautiful love story. I saved my cousin from a cult and married her but I didn’t tell my daughter a thing.

    • Perhaps he didn’t have to tell his daughter a thing, because Gillibrand was already a NXIVM paying member. It would be interesting to see the full NXIVM client list. Discovery sucks, doesn’t it, NXIVM? LOL

  • I enjoyed the tale of the triumph of love . It’s a pleasant surprise for a NXIVM story to have a happy ending.

  • I was thinking Gillibrand was the daughter of her father and cousin, that would at least explain some of her crazy behavior.

    • Since Textard is an example of a human/sheep mating , that would explain his own baaaaahd behaviour.
      Go back to fucking your flock, Textard.

    • Your sheep and AMWAY Mafia miss you Scott Johnson. Get back to your fake storytelling and alt-right cowspiracies.

      Let me guess, Kirsten Gillibrand was at Truthful Ben’s Yale party too

      • Allison, you’re violating your bail conditions. No internet, remember? There were 2 people at the party Ben hasn’t disclosed publicly, perhaps she’s one of them. LOL

        • It’s funny you should mention that , Scott Amway, because I was there, too, and I know who the mystery guests were! You are so lucky I remembered everything, just like your friend Benji did. So I can help you out here, Scott Amway.
          I remember Benji was there with his girlfriend , and a tranny guy, who was extremely hot. Since he kept referring to the tranny as “Scottie from Texas” I know that was you!
          I remember that the other mystery guest was someone else named (you guessed it!) Kristin!! Or Kristie . Something like that. I think they were also a tranny because I couldn’t tell if they were male or female .
          And then the Scott tranny got into a fight with the Kristie tranny, and drinks were once again thrown.
          Somehow I got blamed again for the fighting .. and then the wiz showed up, like magic, and saved the day.

  • Kirsten Gillibrand
    Kristin Snyder
    Kristin Kreuk
    Kristen Keeffe
    Kristanaa Loken

    • Kristin and its variations are very popular names. It means nothing although I’m sure VanDouche tried to make it seem like his fake spiritual energy was magically pulling them all to his name since they start with the same letter. Just like VanDouche would capitalize the first two letters of KRistin KReuk’s name like this to correspond with his own initials.

      But it’s good to read that something like love can still help people extricate others from this lame cult’s clutches.

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