Ferdinand Rinder: A few points on Raniere

Here is a short story that appears to be slanted, biased and spun the wrong way. Can the Knife analyze it? A DOS slave goes to Vanguard to get mentoring. DOS Slave: I called a member of the High Counsel of SOP a mother fucker last night. Vanguard: Why did you do that? DOS Slave: He kissed me. [Vanguard kissed her] Vanguard: like that? DOS Slave: yes. Vanguard: Is that why you called him a mother fucker? DOS Slave: No, then he grabbed my butt. Vanguard grabbed her butt. Vanguard: like this? DOS Slave: yes. Vanguard: Is that why you called him a mother fucker? DOS Slave: no, then he pulled my pants down. Vanguard pulled her pants down. P Vanguard: Like this? DOS Slave: Yes. Vanguard: Is that why you called him a mother fucker? DOS Slave: No, then he took off my panties, and put his you know what in my you know where. Vanguard took off her panties, and put his you know what in her you know where. Vanguard: Like this? DOS Slave: yes Vanguard: Is that why you called him a mother fucker? DOS Slave: No Vanguard: then why did you call him a mother fucker? DOS Slave: He had genital herpes! Vanguard: That MOTHER FUCKER!

By Ferdinand Rinder 

Hi Frank;

First: I wanna thank you for your awesome hard work done so far. I like most your statement in the video interview with Vice News.

“He (Keith) went to win, I (Frank) went to win. He (kR) lost!”


Good job well done. Including a big thanks to DOJ.

Second: The Rainbow Cultural Garden operations are mistreating innocent children and as far as we know still up and running –  around the world – with illegal nannies training kids with unproven and unlicensed teachings of KR.

These need to be shut down ASAP and hold the teachers accountable.

Third: The bookkeepers and funding sources of NXIVM, conducting tax fraud by instructing through KR, need to be locked up as well. There is/was a big cash flow by membership fees and there should be taxable income – which I am sure was not reported.

Fourth: The cauterizing doctor and the brain expert doctor – are they still practicing? When do their licenses get revoked? They are a risk to the public.

Now some observations;

Frank, with all due respect to your hard work – much of what you write is below your level – unless you need the clicks – by stressing over and over a sex story.   The judge has proven he is smart and looked through the bail game.

His statements, reported in all media, including your own clear summary, are loud and clear: We keep you [KR] here and roast you slowly. You can waste Clare’s money as long you like but you ain’t going nowhere.

Let it go for now:  You made a cool statement in your video interview which I liked most: “He went to win, I went to win, he lost.”

This statement was presented very cool and convincing and came across very strong.

I’d focus on new subjects with priority to rescue those kids in Rainbow and deprogramming Nxians who wanna leave. If you push them, they may support the gov. with a plea to speed up trial and make sure nothing will be missed.

KR and Allison Mack have sufficient charges in the pipeline, with smaller ones likely to be dropped in favor of bigger ones. It doesn’t matter if he gets three life sentences, he will be locked up for the rest of his life.  This was clear after the last hearing.

Let’s focus on tax fraud. This will be the rope hanging Nancy and the Bronfmans. Be patient, reverse bookkeeping and restatement of their tax returns for 90 companies, will take any accountant weeks or months but I suspect the gov., is working on it.

Finally, does the MDC, where Raniere is being held do STD testing at welcome inspection?  There is no way a person can live for decades in the style Raniere lived without getting something contagious and giving it too.

The parasite.


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  • I agree it is important to focus on Rainbow Cultural Garden.

    The Knife also needs to come down, although grateful to Elon Musk for his causing them to have widespread exposure as the media branch of NXIVM.

    The aspect of the sex story that still needs to be very much covered until we have some truth is the teenagers in Rosa Laura Junco’s basement. I hope their parents are working with the FBI.

  • I totally agree. Ferdinand Rinder, whoever he is, has a point. The sex plot is already taken care of and there are way too many other criminal things to bring awarness to, specially this child care Rainbow thing with so many branches around the world.

    • While the heart of the case is the financial crimes, for jurors who are ordinary people, the sex crimes conclusively demonstrate the utter depravity of Raniere and his merry band of miscreants.

  • Great lead in story.
    I laughed until I cried.
    It summed up the whole essence of NXIVM.

    Here is why I believe RICO is the most important tool to destroy NXIVM.
    In 1931 Al Capone was convicted of tax evasion.
    Nevertheless, organized crime in Chicago continued to survive and thrive for another 40 years.

    RICO became law in 1970 and the DOJ began using this powerful law to dismantle criminal organizations.
    RICO allows the government to seize all property used in criminal rackets and any property
    that constitutes the profits or proceeds of rackets.
    For example C. helps corrupt Mexican officials launder bribe money through the US.
    C. uses the profits from the money laundering to buy real estate and other property.
    RICO allows the government to seize that real estate and property.

    RICO takes the profit out of crime.

    “Property subject to criminal forfeiture includes “real property, including things growing on, affixed to, and found in land, and tangible and intangible personal property, including rights, privileges, interests, claims, and securities.”

    Moreover RICO allows for the prosecution of both the substantive crimes and conspiracies to commit hose crimes with consecutive sentences.

    “Also, courts have held that “the prosecution of a defendant for both a RICO substantive offense and a RICO conspiracy offense is not improper, even though the charges may involve a considerable overlap in evidence, especially where the enterprise succeeds as a consequence of the persons associating and committing acts making up a pattern of racketeering activity[xxiv].” Moreover, consecutive sentences may be imposed for both a substantive RICO offense and a conspiracy to commit a RICO offense.”

    Here is a good run down of RICO.

  • A real pleasure reading your posts! I particularly appreciate your focus on the children.

  • Nice punch line. I was thinking it would be something to the effect of, “No, then he f*cked my mother.” Raniere’s response, “where is she? I should at least get sloppy seconds!”

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