Adding weight to DOJ’s bail opposition is Pre-Trial Supervision who say – Raniere should not be released under any circumstances

It’s great to see the law being used rightly against Keith Raniere just as he misused – with impunity for decades – the law to hurt others.

Many wonder if the judge will let old Vanguard out.  Here is an important clue:

The EDNY in their bail opposition papers mentions that their opposition to let Raniere be released from jail on $10 million bail [and security guards] is seconded by the United States Pretrial Services Department for the Eastern District New York.

The fact that Pretrial Services is recommending Raniere not be released is significant. Pretrial is part of the judiciary, not the DOJ.  They are supposed to make independent assessments of dangers and risk of flight and not act as a tool for the prosecution. Their recommendations carry weight with judges.

We learn from the DOJ EDNY bail opposition that Raniere was interviewed by Pretrial Services which issued a Report Addendum, dated April 13, 2018, wherein they concluded there were “no conditions or combination of conditions that would reasonably assure [Raniere’s] appearance in court and the safety of the community.”

Pretrial Services concluded Raniere posed a risk of non-appearance and danger based on the “nature of the instant offense”. In other words, the crimes he is charged with are so serious that it automatically militates toward detention.

They also conclude Raniere posed a risk of nonappearance based on his use of “false identifications,” his “ties to a foreign country,” his “unstable” living situation, “potential access to large sums of money,” “undisclosed employment and financial history,” and “unverified social history.”

He is broke, he says

We also learn that Raniere refused to provide employment or financial information to Pretrial Services on the advice of counsel.

Unfortunately for him, Raniere completed a “Financial Affidavit” in the Northern District of Texas, where he was first detained in the USA. In his affidavit, Raniere claimed to be self-employed, to make $0 a month, and  claimed to have no “cash on hand or money in savings or checking account.”

When asked if he owned any “real estate, stocks, bonds, notes, automobiles, or other valuable property,” Raniere reported only a 50% interest in a house he estimated to be worth $60,000 on Flintlock Lane in Clifton Park. This modest townhouse is owned jointly by him and long time harem woman Karen Unterreiner.

Raniere also played cute when he included a reference to “Property probate Court from Pamela KFritz.”  Maybe he forgot how to spell her name.  But the government knew: “The defendant appears to be referring to Pamela Anne Cafritz, described in the defendant’s motion for bail as his ‘deceased long-time significant other.’”

Despite his plea of total poverty [his food, clothes, housing and, most recently, his handcuffs – just magically appear], the prosecution was skeptical. They wrote, “While the defendant portrays himself as a man of few means, he has access to enormous wealth, as evidenced by his instant application to be guarded by armed security personnel, as well as the private and first class air travel, luxury accommodations and other evidence of wealth described in the Initial Letter.”

Gee – when you lie so much, guess it’s hard to keep all those lies straight!


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  • On advice of council Keith refused to answer ?s by pre trial services. Makes you think his attorneys want him to stay where he’s at too.

  • Under the circs. would it be a good idea for the staff (including the Governance) dealing directly with Raniere in MDC, to be closely monitored for receipt of bribes? Not that I believe they are especially corrupt, but the amounts that could be offered by his financiers could be seriously tempting.

  • 2.26% of it… you mean.

    Wait a second… that’s also VanGrifter’s GPA! Hahahahahaha. From the Harvard of the Hudson

  • Tough for Carl Lewis to keep all those lies straight. Tough to have lots of options moving forward when there are so many pesky lies acting as road blocks to your life choices.

    Let us not forget that Keith’s non-sexual joy in this whole charade is how he taught us about HIS issues in the modules. All the time, pretending to be perfectly congruent/integrated. Those of you who still don’t get that – I promise there is going to be an aha moment in your future.

    • I thought Nancy Salzman had written quite a lot of the manuals. She was the performing monkey for the videos that went along with them when I did the intensive.

      • Nancy taught the modules, but she was Keith’s puppet. Unfortunately for Nancy, Keith changed her opinion on him and tricked her into being his frontman. She did teach his modules – well. But Keith was the source for all of the material. Nancy had no idea the meat and potatoes of the material was coming from Keith seeing himself in places like Ayn Rand’s teachings. That’s why the modules on shifters, levelers, self esteem etc. are the most valuable modules. Keith is secretly teaching how to spot/stop people like himself. Nancy just put together simple NLP stuff that Keith asked her to do.

        • – Keith is secretly teaching how to spot/stop people like himself.

          Meh. You don’t need any of that. All you need to do is listen to him talk for a little while and if you have a halfway decent bullshit detector, the needle on its gauge will fly off its range.

  • Like I’ve said, they bought “how to be criminals for dummies”.

    He even taught Clare Bronfman to say one thing in one legal matter and say another things in another legal matter. Like people not drinking his kool-aid can’t figure the lies out.

    Bahahahahahahahahaha you dickhead

    PS. say hi to Bubba for me Vanscumbag

  • He must have thought he had hypnotized them. And I could be wrong but I believe that the emi letters have reference to the lure,arrest and rape 4 of his victims in mexico.

  • HA HA HA. now granted 1-3 Flintlock have probably not had many enhancements or improvements but the going rate for Knox Woods townhomes is no less than $170,000 and Redfin and remax lists its MV at $185,000 – 5 Flintlock sold last fall for $197,000 –

    At one point in the 90s, the homes had plunged to 60K in value but that was a long time ago, and they have steadily risen. The previous owner of my condo paid $60k, I purchased for $100K, and it is now worth about $145K and I have a condo. Townhomes have garages in Knox Woods and generally go for more.

    Fuck you Keith you entitled douchnozzle, asshat, fucktard, low-life scum and all-around abusive shitstain (Lana speaking there). .

    • Bravo! Why on Earth does he (and his cronies) believe they can pull the wool over everyone’s eyes? This data is easily checked. Lying to law enforcement – not the best idea. But I assume he has no choice.

  • VanGrifter claims to have no money, yet has access to more than $8 Million dollars in his joint checking account with Pamela Cafritz.

    Chingao dude. Not everyone is as gullible as Allison Whack and Kristin Kook.

    • Try to blame that on Rosa Laura Junco since she is apparently a signer on that account, as well.

  • The messages that the Feds are quoting in the bail denial papers between Keith and slave # one sound like they are probably text messages.
    Hopefully they also have record of the e-mails or text messages of the scheme to lure the two ex members to Mexico for the phony anti cult conference in which Kieth and other followers bribed a Mexican Judge to have them imprisoned, and raped in prison after being detained in Mexico. Attempted kidnapping. Attempted rape. Attempted false imprisonment. Bribery of an Law Official.
    ATTENTION FEDS. Leads to this info can be found here on Frank Report !

  • How can the worlds’s smartest man be destitute and afford $200,000 monthly for private security and rent in New York City?
    Maybe Keith can fool the people in Smallbany but down here in the big city not so fast.
    All his motion proved is that he is a pathological liar and, therefore, not to be trusted to follow bail/house arrest parameters.
    His attorneys are playing him and Cruella for every penny she has and laughing all the way to the bank.
    Little Keith can’t buy his way out of this one!

    • He can be broke and spend like that because he is just that smart. It could never be explained to simpletons like us.

      I think they paid off or blackmailed people in Albany. When the thing came out about him trying to send one of the slaves to seduce some guy so that they would have material on him, it really made me wonder if there was something along those lines with Soares, and others.

      It was super funny that they referenced the NYT article. I would have liked to have seem them reference the video of the Dalai Lama not endorsing him.

      • What is being published by the prosecution is about 10% of the evidence they have on these idiots.
        I speak from experience having worked for DA office in a New York suburb
        They will bury this pack of criminals

        • Considering how many years of messages between a number of people… I would be amazed if we have seen .025% of it.

  • having read the response.

    Shocked to find out they have footage of Daniela Fernandez’ imprisonment.

    Yet another thing Frank told the world about, that some may not have believed.

    Hopefully, this will help more people in Mexico wake up.

    • They won’t wake up. They are so blind that they even say that its all an invention and that there are too many interests around all this

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