Allison Mack- literally a ‘flight risk’; Prosecutors ask judge to order Mack to keep ankle monitor on during airline flights to court and back!

Allison Mack became harem manager for Keith Raniere.

Federal prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York, who are prosecuting the felony indictments of Allison Mack and her sex-slaver guru, Keith Raniere, have requested that Mack’s electronic ankle monitor be continuously affixed to her as she travels by plane from California to New York.

As part of the deal for Mack to not to be held in jail while awaiting trial, Mack’s parents had to post $5 million bail – and she had to agree to home detention in California at her parents house, to have no contact with NXIVM members and to wear an electronic ankle monitor.

The alleged sex-slaver and child rapist Raniere has been considered too great a risk for pretrial release and is currently being held in federal custody at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn.

An electronic ankle monitor, similar to the one affixed to Allison Mack. This accessory not only tells law enforcement where you are going, but where you’ve been. 

Part of the condition of Mack’s pretrial release is that she must wear an electronic ankle monitor, a homing device that defendants like Mack who are on house arrest are required to wear. The device helps to ensure that defendants who might flee the country or jurisdiction of the court cannot do so without alerting law enforcement.

Mack, staying in California with her parents, has to fly back and forth from California to New York, where her criminal case is pending.

In their letter to Federal Judge Garaufis, Assistant U.S. Attorneys, Moira Kim Penza and Tanya Hajjar, explained “The typical policy of Pretrial Services in the Central District of California is to allow supervisees to remove their bracelets when travelling by air. Neither the government nor Pretrial Services in the Eastern District of New York consents to Ms. Mack traveling without electronic monitoring.”

Mack’s attorneys have not objected to this heightened security request, either.

The EDNY prosecutors are likely acting out of an abundance of caution, because as of April 20, Nxivm leaders had been allegedly trying to intimidate witnesses.  Mack, who the EDNY feds allege is both a flight risk and knows high-ranking NXIVM members with access to vast sums of cash ( Clare and Sara Bronfman), might try to pull a fast one mid-flight.

Clare Bronfman, sex-cult financier and operator, has access to private jets and owns a private island in hard-to-extradite Fiji.

Given that the cult’s chief financier, Clare Bronfman, one of the Seagram’s booze trust fundbeneficiaries, could abscond with Mack, the Government’s request may be reasonable.

Ironically, Mack, as part of the requirements for her sex slaves, demanded that the slave women wear either a necklace, a belly chain or an anklet 24 hours per day and never remove it – as a symbol of their chains of slavery to her and her master, Raniere.

Most air-travelers are not required to wear ankle monitors.

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  • For those who can’t read between the lines, it means plea negotiations are not just floundering…..but probably dead in the water.

    Based upon the prosecutor’s fear of Mack bolting…’s safe to assume that prosecutors don’t think Mack will ever agree to a plea (e.g. if Mack were likely to plea, she’d have every incentive not to bolt and to honor the plea agreement for a greatly reduced sentence).

    • The idea of Allison Mack cooperating is dead in the water.

      She has drunk too much Kool Aid.

      And if you read the recent New York Times article Allison Mack literally takes full responsibility for turning DOS from your everyday ordinary sex harem into a cult for her to work out her frustrations and jealousies on other women.
      While Raniere was busy thinking great thoughts and recovering from his latest orgy, Allison Mack was busy torturing her own slaves.

  • I am curious if this was a precautionary measure or some informal request from Mack for a pass. Since her lawyers had no objection to this motion, I think that we are all in the dark when it comes to context.

  • What good is an ancle monitor on a civilian airliner anyways? It is not as if she would steer it to Mexico in the first place. Do these things work that far away from the ground in the first place? They need some kind of wireless connection and the distance between ankle monitor in an aircraft over Nebraska and the base station should be quite significant.

  • Is Mack fearful the ankle jewelry will tarnish her reputation? Maybe she could get an EM on that, oh wait, she not suppose to be in contact with NXIVM followers.

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