Feds’ court filing suggest NY State criminal charges might be filed against Raniere and Mack

Allison Mack.
The latest filings in the Raniere/Mack case have some interesting language in the cover letter that accompanies the “Stipulation & Protective Order” that was filed last Friday.
In addition to the list of Raniere-related companies that was included in that document that I already reported on, there is also the following language:
“Some Discovery Materials identify or tend to identify, alleged victims of human smuggling, alien harboring, physical or mental abuse towards an intimate partner, stalking, sexual abuse or sex trafficking, both of the charged crimes and other crimes or bad conduct of the defendants”.
As far as I can recall, this is the first time that the Feds have described some of the other charges that may be forthcoming against Raniere and Mack.  What’s particularly interesting is that some of these charges really seem more like state-level charges than federal-level charges — e.g., physical or mental abuse against an intimate partner, stalking, sexual abuse — which might mean that there will be separate state charges being filed somewhere down the road.
Hopefully, if that happens, those charges will be brought by the Brooklyn District Attorney, Eric Gonzalez, rather than by the New York State Attorney General or, God forbid, the Albany County District Attorney (It’s possible that the, hopefully, new Saratoga County District Attorney would do an OK job on these charges but he won’t be in office until January 1, 2019.

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  • Those charges go beyond state level when you’re talking about organized crime and cults of this magnitude. We are not just talking about an individual violating another individual, that’d be a much different story if that were the case. We are talking about organized abuse and exploitation against women, children who are citizens of the U.S. and those who are not. Which obviously all goes far beyond state charges.

  • Some very strange observations about NXIVM —

    1) There is complete public silence from NXIVM, with no public relations campaign efforts to counter the barrage of negative publicity.
    2) There is complete public silence from Clare Bronfman, with no public relations campaign efforts to counter the barrage of negative publicity about her personally.
    3) No family members of the Bronfman are stepping forth to publicly defend her.
    4) No former NXIVM members are stepping forth to publicly defend the organization.

    There is only negative publicity, but I would have expected the Bronfman to at least have hired a public spokesman to say something positive about them. But it looks like everyone has gone into hiding.

    Does anyone know why there is complete silence from the Bronfman and NXIVM?

    • 1 and 4 seem to be the same observations. NXIVM, through Clare Bronfman, through the Mexican branch (MXIVM?) originally issued statements: one in October which called the “branded slaves” article in The NY Times (paraphrasing) “false news”. Statements made by Clare after Raniere’ s arrest stated that the charges were unfounded and KR would be vindicated. Frank Report published these statements and they should not be hard to find.

      2. I imagine Clare Bronfman is in some strange way enjoying the attention. Attention she never got from her family, and attention she only got from KR when he needed an infusion of capital. In her mind she still believes (brainwashed) that NXIVM is a noble organization, that can advance humanity, that NXIVM can “change the world by being the change” (sorry I keep going back to that nibble of Sarah Edmondson word salad).

      3. I think when you talk “Bronfman family members”, you are talking sister Sara and two half brothers who are not particularly close to the Bronfman sisters. It seems like Sara has recently distanced herself from all things NXIVM, though the money trail and the fact that she has corporate positions with many NXIVM entities such as Rainbow CULTural Garden may lead to her eventual indictment.

      Fun scenario to think about: would Sara make a deal and “flip”
      on her own sister??

      • There are four brothers and a sister. The sister changed her name and disassociated from the family. The brothers have never seemed to want anything to do with Sara and Clare.

        With how much evidence they have, I don’t think they need anyone to flip or how much of a reduced sentence anyone could get from flipping.

      • “Be the change you wish to see in the world” was said by Gandhi and was something frequently quoted by Nxians. It’s not word salad and actually makes sense since it wasn’t invented by VanFraud. It just means you have to do to become and then influence change on others in the same way. It’s what all great leaders remembered throughout history did and still do and therefore is something VanDouche never cared for as he sat on his pudgy, lazy ass all most of the day in some remote place most of the world never heard of.

      • How does one claim branding and slavery without looking like they don’t know the law.

        Easy. create website like this

        hire someone like shadowstate with an obsession with Mack to comment on every post.

        • Completely ignore the evidence the Feds detailed in the indictment and pretend your daughter is a victim.

        • Your obsession is looking a bit disturbing!! Look after your Daughter!!! Be the mum you should have been 12 years ago… Stopping TROLLING every single post on here about Shadowstate… Every one can see it now.. If I have to Read the BS “knocked back on Twitter” your repeating your se,f like a lunatic!! I reapeat look after your daughter like you should have been doing for all these years

    • It is their standard practice of playing ostrich.

      According to Keith, if you don’t acknowledge it, it doesn’t exist. Not sure how well that is serving him sitting in MDC, rocking in his cell pretending he is back at his sex lair.

  • Note to Frank Parlato:

    Since you have so many contacts…….can you please write an article (or series of articles) which explain to outsiders what daily responsbilities & routines were given to people like India Oxenberg and Nicki Clyne to make them feel as though their lives were ‘complete’ enough to move to Albany and abandon the real world?

    I’m talking about non-sex and non-slave responsibilities.

    For instance, you say India managed the “Delegates” services……but what were her duties and pay level? Was it like a full time job? I’m just curious what kept her self esteem high enough to remain in Albany full time and abandon her mother?

    What about Nicki Clyne’s daily responsibilities? She gave up being a successful actress for WHAT exactly?

    Surely, she did more than have sex with Keith and try to recruit slaves, since I can’t imagine those duties being very interesting for any serious length of time. Surely, she had other major responsibilities.

    Nicki can never be hired again in the real world (burger flipping joints excluded) due to her toxic reputation……so I’m just wondering what she’s getting in return for throwing away her entire success?

    Finally… Why is the organization forcing both India and Clyne to work as waitresses right now? Surely, they can remain close to Keith’s jail while not being forced to work as waitresses for peanuts.

    I’m just curious to know more about the non-sex slave stuff. Surely, there must be more.

    • Allison definitely can’t act again but Nicki and the other actresses like Hacket could have a chance once the press dies down, especially if they turn on the cult. They’ll be radioactive for awhile but not forever.

    • I think with the exception of Mack, any actress that turns on the cult publicly will probably be able to find work again even if they are radioactive for a few years.

      • She may work but it will only be in Canada. She will be deported for her false marriage and lying to ICE

        • If they can prove that the marriage was legally false. Reports and comments on this site assert that they had a ceremony, lived in the same house, and may have engaged in lesbian sexual activity. Regardless of motive I think they’d have a hard time proving it.

          • Allison herself said they didn’t move in together until something like 9 months after their “marriage”. It’s in the court proceedings.

    • If she doesn’t, a jury will come down even harder on her.

      I am guessing she isn’t. I mean, really, why would she need to brand herself with her own initials?

      Lauren Salzman is another I could see not having a brand.

      • I wasn’t able to comment in the most recent article about the garlic for some reason, but Frank seems to imply that she has one

  • If Allison’s mom really does read the comments, she better get Allison to flip ASAP. Yeah, she’ll still serve time, but not forever.

    • From what I have read here, Allison supposedly was raised with rather liberal sexual values, so I can’t say I’m shocked she accepted the entire polyamory idea and pimping for a sex addict.

        • Also, Hollywood people tend to be more sexually liberal – a number of actors engaging in outward monogamous relationships while getting some on the side or behind the scenes so they are already predisposed to polyamory – so it’s also unsurprising that VanFraud specifically targeted Allison to form “The Source” while being the next lead pimp to specifically seek out young nubile actresses to join DOS. Clare is VanFraud’s money arm and Allison was VanFraud’s vagina arm.

          • Polygamy happens among fundamentalist Mormons, who are far from being sexually liberal. It’s more a matter of indoctrination.

          • So do some Muslims. Polygamy is sexual liberality compared to monogamy. It is less liberal than polyamory or having multiple sex partners outside of marriage, but anyone who says otherwise is fooling themselves.John Smith taking 40 wives is no different in sexual liberality than John Doe having 40 sex partners outside of wedlock.

      • We actually don’t know if she is a sex addict. There is nothing wrong with being sexually liberal, the problem here is she got involved with a manipulative sociopath.

        • If you re-read the comment, that individual said Mack ended up pimping for a sex addict. Not that she is one.

        • — There is nothing wrong with being sexually liberal

          Depends upon who you ask. People being given free will doesn’t grant them automatic license to do whatever they want. Determining an ought is what the philosophy of ethics is all about.

          The manipulative sociopath will say there’s nothing wrong with the things he does. The first principle of practical reason according to Thomas Aquinas is to do good and avoid evil. Everyone acts for the good of one’s self. Whether that good is relative/absolute, subject/objective is the subject matter of the philosophy of ethics.

          How do you judge and from what criteria you judge from? That is the question.

      • There’s no such thing as “safe” sex. That’s just a myth. There’s only safer sex. Every time you have sex, you’re opening yourself up both physically and emotionally to a number of ramifications.

        • And technically the DNA of everyone you have ever been with stays with you. The DNA of everyone you ever swapped spit with is found in the lining of your stomach.

          • I didn’t miss the point. I pointed out things I found weak about it.

            Your first point was that there is nothing wrong with being sexually liberal. I contended this is a simplistic judgement as there are a number of people who do find it wrong, and that such ethical judgments must be rooted in strong philosophical arguments to hold any potency. You find that there is nothing wrong with being sexually liberal and neither does Raniere.

            Your second point was that “safe” sex protects people from STDs. I didn’t disagree. I only pointed out that the term “safe” sex is misleading because 1) it is not 100% effective 2) it only considers two physical ramifications of the sex act – disease and pregnancy – and not any other ones, or the emotional or spiritual ones. The fact is when people engage in the sex act, they are not just sharing sexual fluids, they are sharing sweat, saliva, sometimes blood, all of which include DNA, etc.

            So no, there is no such thing as “safe” sex.

        • Coercing someone into sex isn’t about being sexually liberal, it’s Rape.
          My meaning of safer sex is implied. I didn’t say it keeps people 100% free of disease, emotions and potential children, so basically you’re picking a fight to sound smarter than you actually are.

          • It is a really dumb fight to pick. You can’t word salad being “free with yourself” sexually into a healthy, classy way to conduct your life.

            It would be better to just acknowledge your regret for giving yourself to people you shouldn’t have.

          • I wasn’t talking about coercion. I never even mentioned it. I only made a point about sexual liberality and its moral correctness being a philosophical issue and contested the idea of “safe” sex, stating that there is no such thing. I was the one who pointed out the notion of “safer” sex with an “r”. But that only entails the physical aspects of STD prevention via the sex organs and unwanted pregnancy. It doesn’t consider other physical aspects, nor the emotional and spiritual components of sex which always exist except in the case of…sociopaths. The latter even exist in the case of porn stars and prostitutes who sell sex for a living. Even physical dangers of sex exist for porn stars despite the use of condoms, especially for women. You are seemingly implying that safe sex makes being sexually liberal not wrong and that is a controversial contention. This is all discussed in much greater detail elsewhere. If the female victims of this cult were never sexually liberal they would’ve never been part of DOS.

    • I see they’re still scamming this ripped-off “technology” as patented. It’s been “patent-pending” for almost two decades and has been rejected a number of times for one. And it’s never been a “technology”. Never ever ever ever.

      Constantly repeating these lies to sell this shit masked as trash masked as technology is fraud.

    • Thanks for this, an insightful perspective on how difficult it is even to admit to having been duped by a cult. Makes the courage of those speaking out even more exemplary.

  • The fact that VanFraud got to stick his penis into Allison Mack tells me that life isn’t fair and there is no justice in this world.

  • It’s nice to see more charges coming Alli Mack’s and Raniere’s way, but I will be even more happy when people like the Salzmans and the Bronfmans indicted. One more month.

  • Oh Ali, Ali , Ali. Do you see now the error in your decision? One night with me and it would have all been different.
    But no’oooooo. It was all about the Vanguard and his super powers. Are you happy now?
    At least ended up with most of the rest of the harem.

  • The Constitutional provision against Double Jeopardy does not preclude both Federal and state charges in the same course of criminal conduct.

    • Correct. Different sovereigns… old English concept.

      Now since NXIVM has been exposed, the local DA can look like a hero for indicting senior leaders. And get a lot of good press for being tough on crime.

      Good optics for next county election.

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