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  • Anything reminding us of his NY State sprinting glory is awesome. Vanialson would also get my vote due to his underdog status during his rise to martial arts stardom.

  • You know, because nothing speaks to a man’s innocence and courage in the face of difficulty when the law is bearing down than having him scurry off to a foreign land on a private jet.

    Roman Polanski comes to mind.

    • I like several of those – especially Vanbolt because it reminds me that Keith tied the New York State record for the 100-yard dash. He also, of course, set the record for the fastest exit from New York State to Mexico by a pudgy, little, club-footed sociopath.

  • http://www.timesunion.com/opinion/article/Editorial-Finally-Nxivm-gets-a-look-12393042.php

    “Why did it take years of complaints to get to this point?

    It is baffling that an organization tied in court documents and published reports to allegations of such questionable practices as human behavioral experimentation and branding of its members has somehow escaped deep official scrutiny for years.

    That unexplained inaction, arguably as bizarre as the allegations themselves, may finally be coming to an end for the Colonie-based Nxivm, with at least one state investigationapparently under way. To say it’s about time would be an understatement.


    If we are to believe what we’re told, state officials may finally be taking this more seriously. The governor’s office has ordered a review of the state’s handling of the women’s complaints, and Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office is now said to be looking into Nxivm’s operations.

    No matter what comes of these investigations, there’s a question that cries out for an answer from state and federal agencies alike, and which we ask on behalf of those who stepped forward to allege what Nxivm was doing over the years: What took this long?”

  • Let me be the first to suggest a new title for the recently departed Keith Raniere: Vangone. Now, let the competition begin.




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