Blast from the Past: Raniere forbid slaves to shave pubic area or eat garlic

April 19th is National Garlic Day a terrible day in Clifton Park.

By Frank Parlato

You might want to file this under ‘more than you wanted to know,’  but it does show the kind of crazy control NXIVM sex-slaver cult leader Keith Raniere exercised over his slaves including his topmost one, actress Allison Mack, and two of her slaves, Nicki Clyne and India Oxenberg.

Raniere is in federal custody now. He and Mack were charged by the feds with sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, and forced labor conspiracy.

Mack is in California under home arrest, released from jail on a $5 million bond and forbidden by the terms of her release to communicate with any NXIVM member.

Before Raniere’s arrest in March, Raniere had a following of women who referred to themselves as his slaves, who, along with Mack, lived with, or near him, in suburban Albany NY.

The following, I published on my blog, the Frank Report, on July 15, 2017, more than eight months prior to Raniere’s arrest. It is graphic and sarcastic, but is 100 percent accurate: Raniere demanded his slaves to never eat garlic and not to shave their pubic hair.

My blog articles, which I posted several times daily, were read by NXIVM cult members and ex-members as I have reason to know. I broke the branding and blackmail story six weeks earlier than this post and that revelation caused a mass exodus from the cult.  

Four months later, the New York Times published its bombshell story about the branding and blackmail that I first reported. Their imprimatur on the story gave it worldwide attention and credibility – it was a vindication for me for what, up until then, was what appeared to be fantastic stories of human slavery and branding women in the 21st century. The Times story evidently prompted the FBI in New York City to begin looking seriously at possible federal crimes.

But back in July 2017, when I published the garlic story, there was no media covering the cult. I was the lone voice, trying every day to chip away at the cult. I used hard news, I used sarcasm, I gave opinions.  I wanted to show my audience of mainly cult members and ex-cult members how they appeared to me and perhaps the outside world.

I deliberately employed a tone of mocking Raniere that sometimes was crude – so that cult members could see that Raniere could be safely mocked. He was a cult leader who took himself so seriously that to challenge him even on any assertion he made was to be deemed defiant and worthy of punishment. Here I was mocking him openly. It was my choice of style. Some have criticized me for it, but I think it helped a number of slaves escape.

At the time I was publishing these posts, Clare Bronfman told cult members that I was a criminal and going to jail. She must have realized, of course, that it was her perjury [and money] that had gotten me indicted.  Ironically, it was not me, but Raniere that went to jail. She may soon follow.

It is also worthy of note that Clare Bronfman likely knew about the branding and collateral schemes prior to it becoming public, for she seems to have discussed it with several concerned women – back in 2017 – both before and after my first branding story [June 4, 2017] came out and certainly well before the NY Times story came out [October 17, 2017]. From what I was told by direct sources, Clare tried to persuade unsettled women [shocked at the concept of branding women] that if Keith was behind the branding, it must have be good, even if it has some inscrutable purpose. Her claim to know nothing about the branding, like much else that she says, is a lie, it would seem.

So without further ado, and please pardon my crudeness – for I had my reasons – here is my story about garlic and shaving and Allison Mack and Keith Raniere.
Were I to re-title it now I might call it “No shaves for slaves;” or “Women who eat garlic will not be eaten  by Raniere”.  I called it then “All Vanguard Eats is Pizza and Pussy; hold the garlic!”

What are the odds?

One of the most unusual things occurring in that place of miracles – Clifton Park, NY – is that all of the women who are Keith Raniere’s inner circle say they are allergic to garlic.

download (1)
April 19th is National Garlic Day, a terrible day in Clifton Park.

It seems mathematically impossible that this kind of allergy could be so widespread.

But ask any woman in Clifton Park, NY and they will tell you – they are allergic to garlic.

Their leader, Mr. Raniere, guides them in their daily diet – and it has been learned from the women that many of them did not know they were allergic to garlic until Mr. Raniere told them.

Mr. Raniere, who is also referred to as Vanguard, controls their calorie count, and what they eat. Mr. Raniere prefers his women to be very slender.

Generally, he tells his inner circle of women the reason for many of their problems is that they are allergic to garlic.

Many of the women heretofore liked garlic. But once they learned that garlic was the the root of their problems, they promptly quit eating the spicy and pungent herb.

READER ADVISORY: The following is very

graphic. All followers of Mr. Raniere are asked to



Also, no one under the age of 21 may read

further for it may be disturbing. Thank you.


Mr. Raniere also points out that not only are his women allergic to garlic, but he does not like the way it makes their vaginas taste or smell.

Mr. Raniere has made a sincere study of the odor of women’s genitals and has developed numerous theories about the pubic and genital regions of the human female from puberty onward.


All of his women today have 70s-style pubic hair “bushes”.  None of them shave or trim their pubic hair, which makes for, at times, an odd bathing suit appearance, since stray pubic hairs often emerge from within the lines of their modern-day bathing suits.

The all wise Vanguard knows what he likes.

Mr. Raniere loves bushy bushy bush and he loves to insert his tongue into the vagina of properly accoutered women.

Mr. Raniere forbids shaving, or even bikini waxes. He says that the full growth of pubic hair increases the pheromones – the natural sex-alluring scent that strikes an arousal “trigger” in the opposite sex.

As a result, Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne, India Oxenberg, Lauren Salzman – and anyone else he chooses to bed – must maintain a nice 70s-style bushy bush, sources say.

“No bush – no Raniere,” is a slogan many of the women clearly understand.

The only time the women shave is when they are about to be branded on their pubic region with his initials with a white-hot cauterizing iron.


All of Mr. Raniere’s slave-women are allegoric to garlic.

If they eat garlic, Mr. Raniere will not perform cunnilingus on their vaginal area.

This raises a number of interesting points.

Pizza is Keith Raniere’s favorite food as is evident by his expanding waist line.


Mr. Raniere’s favorite food – and the one he eats the most – is pizza.

His women may not eat pizza because it has too many calories.

They may also not eat garlic. This too is curious. Not only does Mr. Raniere not like the smell of garlic as it is emitting from a woman’s vagina but – and this may be Mr. Raniere’s splendid sense of humor – but garlic has been used since before medieval times to ward off vampires, evil spirits and the devil himself.

Is Mr. Raniere playing a practical joke on the women he rules by not permitting them to eat garlic – or else he will not have cunnilingus with them – as if he is making a subtle joke on them that he is the devil?

Mr. Raniere suffers from erectile dysfunction so other than cunnilingus he has no other way to please a woman. Perhaps if he did not ail from erectile dysfunction, he could allow women to eat garlic since he would have his nose more distant from the offending garlic smell.

On the other hand, maybe the women really are allergic to garlic.

It is not known whether the pizza Mr. Raniere eats contains any garlic in the sauce.

Last, but not least, as is well known, Mr. Raniere loves to kiss women on the lips.

Some woman have complained that his lips and breath smell, if not quite like garlic, like another pungent and tangy type of smell that some have likened to a woman’s vagina.

recetn macor0oni
I have had my pussy branded; I do not shave it and the hair grows out all over; I eat 500 calories per day; I only go to sleep with my Vanguard’s permission; and I quit my lucrative acting job and squandered away my fortune on NXIVM classes. Am I now fit to be in your harem?, asks the wonderful Allison Mack.


He did not get that paunch from eating celery.
Keith Raniere loves pizza and the good news is he doesn’t have to share since the women are forbidden the high calorie delicacy.
The right food for women.
Vegan is good for women. Not good for men.



hqdefault (1)
From left to right: Morbidly obese obese, fat
Hours From Death: Anorexia Sufferer's Incredible Recovery
The right weight for Mr. Raniere. Just don’t eat any garlic.


watch the hands
If you look closely at Keith Raniere’s face, especially around his nose, you may be able to imagine he has a fine sense of smell. Indeed many of the women who know Mr. Raniere can smell what he has recently smelled since he is often adorned with a perfume-like aroma that smells uncommonly like a woman’s vaginal area – sans garlic in their diet.

Here were the comments the story elicited at the time:


  • I know for a fact this is true. ALL of the harem women, when they start sleeping with Keith suddenly stop eating garlic. I have cooked for them; they told me to stop cooking with garlic as soon as they started going on walks with Keith, getting really skinny and running his companies.

    Gross, but true. Frank’s approach may be gross, but it’s truthful.


  • Sorry meant to reply to Mr. Parlato. Apologize for the repetitiveness. See reply below.

    It’s hard to escape an overarching mean spiritedness that permeates this blog. Not that the underlying facts are not true, they are. But what kind of person embraces the kind of sarcasm towards victims that you embrace? That you would seek to satirize this whole situation? And justify it by saying you are helping “deprogram”. It’s hard to get my mind around. It’s speaks to a sort of unraveling by the author. Are you losing it? Are you so gleeful that this has come out and your expectation that you’ll now get off your legal case has unleashed something? A lack of abandon or something like that? It shows and is concerning.


  • It’s hard to escape an overarching mean spiritedness that permeates this blog. Not that the underlying facts are not true, they are. But what kind of person embraces the kind of sarcasm towards victims that you embrace? That you would seek to satirize this whole situation? And justify it by saying you are helping “deprogram”. It’s hard to get my mind around. It’s speaks to a sort of unraveling by the author. Are you losing it? Are you so gleeful that this has come out and your expectation that you’ll now get off your legal case has unleashed something? A lack of abandon or something like that? It shows and is concerning.


    • Yawn. It’s always the fakes that use the nice guy facade as a defense tactic for their narcissistic, holier than thou attitude, while behind your back, their laundering money, lying, branding women near their pussies and cumming on their faces. GTFO.


    • There must be some Saturday evening meeting in Clifton Park where the remaining faithful in the Raniere-verse are told to post comments to de-legitimize Frank Report. They can’t dispute the reports of blackmail, slavery, and genital branding, so they nit-pick about irrelevant details, “express concern” about the tone, or engage in ad hominem attacks.

      So Frank Report readers can expect a flurry of distractions for the next few hours.


  • You are an evil, evil Luciferian, Mr. Frank Parlato !

    V tells us that the size of his manhood is not a manifestation of his corporal existence; instead it is proportional to the integration level of the woman he is teaching.

    Any woman who left and is talking to you was obviously not very integrated, so of course V’s member was small for her!

    I have seen the same thing. When V is teaching me on Hale, he’s totally limp, because he says I am so disintegrated.

    And you are so wrong about “bush.” Yes every DOS girl has a bush now. But you try to shave over a brand! I dare you!


  • Could you please stop writing like a gossip mag. It blurs the message. Your earlier articles that read like an expose of the branding were much more effective and were part of the reason I chose to leave. But articles like this erode your credibility. They have a mocking tone which moves this out of the realm of journalism and into tabloid. I know its a blog, but I’m asking you to please help the people who are still in this thing and are being hurt by taking a more serious tone. If you do, it may help them leave.


    • I am finding a lot of different approaches work to help get people deprogrammed. One of these is to show the hypnotized women how the rest of the world looks at them and how impossibly zany the rest of the world views them. That’s not mocking them. This article is the least mocking it is a straight forward expose on the utter maniacial nature of this absolute imbecile who eats Pizza but starves his women. Who brands their public region but wants them to grow out their hair. At some point these women will see the joke is in them. But we are not the jokesters. Keith Raniere is playing a cruel joke on them. This then is not anything more than showing that Keith is mocking them. He is the jokester.

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