Sara Bronfman Tweets of a la-la land as her friends, sister, mentor and she herself are being pummeled

The mind of Sara Bronfman must be one bizarre place to be. Either that or she is so spiritually enlightened that the exposure of the wicked cult she funded for years, and all the people she helped destroy with her inherited money seem like an illusory dream of Maya.

Let’s look at some of her tweets.

On March 25, the day Keith Raniere was arrested in Mexico, a fact she was sure to hear about immediately since Nicki Clyne, Allison Mack, Loreta Garza, all close friends of hers, were on hand when Raniere was busted.

She tweeted about plant biology and an inspiring gymnast, among other silly tweets. Nothing on Raniere, however.


So inspiring!! This Gymnast didn’t let a broken back stop her from chasing her dreams.

On the following day, the world found out about Raniere’s arrest when it became worldwide news. Sara, however,  was focused on teacher’s salaries. She tweeted: “We entrust teachers with the world’s most important job: educating our kids. So why don’t we pay them more?”

She also tweeted her opinion: What Children Need Most is Adults That Understand Development!

And quoted Confucius [Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall] Winston Churchill [Eating my words has never given me indigestion] and Aldous Huxley [No social stability without individual stability] But not a word about Raniere.

Her Tweets are exuberant and happy.

On April 20, Allison Mack, her dear friend and fellow slave, was arrested.

I think I can guess who the person referenced in book 3 would be, although I doubt Sara would believe it.
There are many more tweets like this but I think you get the point. Sara Bronfman describes herself as “Working for a safer, more humane world – inside and out.” Now that Raniere is in jail, we are making progress. Once her sister [and Sara herself] are arrested, the world will be safer and more humane indeed.

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  • She doesn’t do her own social media. Sylvie Lloyd has done it for years. She also used to do Pam and Marianna’s

    • She must be a real multi-tasker. How does she coordinate that with her demanding job as Newsroom Coordinator at The Knife Media??

      Guess the self-styled “spin expert” is expertly spinning for Sara.

    • Oof! – you mean Sarah might not even be the author this – “oof”? – the only noteworthy thing she ever said ?

  • This Snake in female form DID quote Kierkegaard recently – “The moment is not properly an atom of time but an atom of eternity. It is the first reflection of eternity in time, its first attempt, as it were, at stopping time.” — She’s busy living in ‘eternity’, not LaLa Land [which is for lesser mortals, such as humans].

  • Luckily for Sara (pronounced Sah-ra), I don’t think she’s smart enough to handle the finances (or cook the books) for NXIVM. Perfect example is the Dalai Lama fiasco in Albany when the Cult lost MILLIONS of dollars.

    So, she may just be saved by her own stupidity.

    Kind of ironic that the Party Girl again walks free…unforch. But then again, married to an alleged Libyan terrorist is perhaps punishment in itself. Maybe he starts making Sah-ra wear a Burkha or mop floors or something like that.

    Allah forbid she has to wash dishes! Lol

    • It’s interesting how Sara constantly one-ups Clare in everything in life. I don’t really think it is intentional. Sara was the one people preferred to be around, as you say the party girl. Sara is the prettier one. Not by much, but still, she didn’t get the whooping from the ugly stick that Clare got. Sara is really lucky in that regard if you look at Edgar Sr and Rita. She is the one who gets to get married and have a baby. No man is interested in Clare for anything outside of her financial assets, and that includes Raniere’s interest in her. And I agree, she will likely get away with the mess she helped create because she walked away from it sooner. Guessing it is more difficult to build a case against her if she is still in France.

  • Sara Bronfman is one of the few people in the world safer in Libya than the United States.
    Way to go Sara!

    • Shadowstate, sometimes you should stick to the one liners because often they crack me up. Good one.

  • Sara, oh Sara, my sweetness, Come back to Saratoga. I forgive you. We shall create our own organization of ethical humanists. I’ll be #1, you’ll be #1A. My partner in life.

    We’ll keep the sex part, but just do away with the branding, money laundering, dirty tricks, murder, rape, kidnapping, abuse, pyramid schemes, and all that nastiness. We’ll take KR’s stuff and just change a few words here and there. I’ve already got the part down where I wave my hands in circles when I speak. You jsut need to look good–and write those checks.

    We will build it on our love used as an example. So ditch the starry eyed husband over there and come to me. Together we shall rule the WHOLE world of humanity, not just some rat hole cesspool in the Middle East You’re not dreaming big enough, sweetie!

    Now, come to me!

    (bring the housekeeper and nanny with you.; they’re hot)

    • We’ll keep the sex part, but just do away with the branding, money laundering, dirty tricks, murder, rape, kidnapping, abuse, pyramid schemes, and all that nastiness.

      • Without the branding, money laundering, dirty tricks,murder, rape, kidnapping, abuse, pyramid schemes and all that other nastiness, 99% of NXIVM is gone.
        Just the same way 99% of Sara and Clare’s money will soon be gone.

        • Sara and Clare (unfortunately) have very little chance of ever running out of $. The inheritance from their father insured that after they had run their trust funds dry.

          • Now if all of their assets get seized for funding and participating in human rights crimes, they could lose it all that way.

  • This is by far the most worrying thing I’ve read on a very concerning site. Aleister Crowley – the old dead satanist, with his laughable system that, nevertheless, has been over occupying way too many of the best minds of several generations. At least now we know – as a British secret service agent, that was the intention. Chilling. S. Bronfman could be evil or she could just have the brain of a rocking horse.

    • In my humble opinion, most of the NXIVM elite have the brains of a rocking horse.
      Wooden and Dense.

  • Sara can’t help it that she’s so fucking stupid. She can’t help that she’s borderline special needs. Or that her IQ is under 90, putting her in the top percentile of dim wits. She also can’t seem to help that she has zero ability to disseminate a good investment from a bad one or a fraud artist from the world’s smartest man. Maybe jail will help with that?

      • Vanguard already has that one covered! However; both in spirit and in reality, Sara and Clara, those delightfully deluded fallen financial angels, have already followed their dark sadistic lord into the bottomless pit. Just like Keith Raniere, “Satan is deeply arrogant, albeit powerful and deeply charismatic.” Keith’s two dimwitted fallen angels, God willing, will soon join their Luciferian leader into a real hell, that of a federal prison. Tweets-off to Sara, the demented and clueless Raniereian twit.

  • And there’s a child. It will be a drawn-out divorce. That poor child.

    Emi and his wife will divorce too. Sooner than later is my guess.

    • Her husband relies on her funds, and she relies on him giving her some legitimacy as being outside of NXIVM. If she were 100% following Keith’s orders, she never would have married.

      • Actually my understanding was that KR encouraged the nuptials, thinking it would expand his world influence.

      • It’s likely her husband is also part of NXIVM. Heck, I wouldn’t even be surprised if his fantastic ambitions to be elected as Libyan president in 2014, and after that… his recent attempted coup to seize power with the aid of militant gunmen, were the hairbrained schemes of Raniere to put a good portion of North Africa’s oil & gas resources under NXIVM control.

  • Another thing in the Allison Mack video that piqued my interest was this idea she was trying to sell to herself, the idea that she’s not trying to “find a future husband”. That has VanFraud written all over it and is what Susan Donnes had mentioned is the type of subtly disintegrating things taught about relationships in NXIVM. Of course, when you want to engage in a polyamorous lifestyle with women, you’re going to program it into them that they don’t need to settle down, and that it’s perfectly OK to fuck around.

    • The Allison Mack NXiVM recruitment videos analyzing her body language demonstrate how deluded she is.

      She was looking for attention and affection from an adolescent male with a 50 woman harem.

      An adolescent male who really prefers 12 year old girls or women willing to starve themselves back into girlhood.

      The best Allison could do was end up in lesbian relationships with a fear of herpes contracted from The Vanguard.

      • There’s obviously nothing wrong with sex, but casually sleeping around is emotionally and physically unhealthy and just plain gross for both men and women. It’s the unfortunate ramifications of a morally loose, ADD, pornified, undignified, sexually desensitized culture that has benefited from the scientific advancements of birth control.

      • I knew Shadowstate couldn’t go one post without mentioning Allison.

        Watch him. Study him. Even if the article is nothing to do with Allison, he will mention her. ( thats because he is obsessed with her like sultansix his butt buddy is obsessed with Kristen. They get together and jerk each other off while looking at smallville memorbailia.)

        Allison is the victim. We have already established this.

        • Fuck off dumdum.

          1) I defend Kristin. He rebukes Allison.
          2) Leave your projected jerking off fantasies out of my reality. Just because you like thinking about jacking off all the time doesn’t mean everyone shares in it.

        • Victims rarely get indicted.

          While you (and others apparently) have “established” that Mack is “the victim”, the prosecutors and investigators employed by the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York have indicted her, arrested her, detained her and released her only after she posted bail.

          To establish that she is a victim, you would have to show that she was taken to Mexico against her will.

          Ironic you mention the masturbatory habits of Shadow and Sultan, because it is likely that Raniere, con man, pedophile, tax evader….ejaculated on fair Allison’s face numerous times.

        • Allison’s mother shows up to defend her daughter, yet again.

          Will the woman have a complete breakdown before or after Allison is convicted?

    • I thought Sarah E. said one of Keith’s messages was that women were meant to be monogamous while the men could play around. Maybe Keith didn’t want the women in his harem to get married, but plenty of long time members like Edmondson, Ames, Vicente, Piesse, other long-time members who haven’t been outed here have gotten married since being in the cult or appear to have stayed married — Kendra Voth, Grace Park — despite being in it.

      • Raniere obviously wants younger women. So any woman he targets for a sexual conquest he will get his flying monkeys to program into her the idea that marriage isn’t for you, or if you want to settle down with a single partner, then do it later in life. In the meantime “sow your wile oats”, especially with him. Or just live a polyamorous life like him. Once he’s had his fun and is done with you and you’re out of his targeted age range, then it’s fine if you settle down or not. He doesn’t give a fuck one way or another as he’s moved on.

  • Sara is either playing dumb or is really that oblivious.

    “Experience of myself in my life.” ~ Allison Mack

    Talk about word salad.

    • This made me laugh:
      The Toronto Sun called Ally Wack “The mousy one-time golden girl of the small screen.”

      • Allison Wack had a promising future career as a TV actress and she threw it all away for an adolescent adult male who really prefers teen age girls or women willing to starve themselves into girlhood.

        Way to go, Allison.

        She would have been better off trying to find a male lover in San Francisco, West Hollywood or Greenwich Village.

    • Great find !

      Frank, this should be promoted to be top-level, post !

    • You are really going to send Allison Mack’s mother ballistic with this one (not that you don’t with every single post anyhow, she’ll arrive any second whining about how it’s all speculation and Allison is an innocent victim).

    • Serious disi-ntegration – from NLP – there is one freeze frame where is the left and right side of her – face especially eyes are not symmetrical. Right brain and left brain in completely different places. Time for another EM.

      • Funny…but not. Because that is exactly what NXSCUM would recommend – another EM to overcome that disintegration.

    • And more on allison when the article isn’t about allison LOL

      This article is about Sara shadow. I know you are obsessed with Allison after she turned you down on twitter and your hatred runs deep but seriously time to keep your posts on point. This is about sara

      • You know you are really obsessed with someone when you have to put their screen-name in your identity.

        And Allison Mack violates her bail arrangement in 3… 2… 1…. Oh wait, people are saying that already happened. Too late for a countdown.

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