Allison Mack & Keith Raniere’s Friday court date may be last time ill-fated lovers appear together

Just in case you didn’t know, the status conference for Allison Mack and Keith Raniere has been moved from Thursday, May 3, @ 10:30 am to Friday, May 4 @10:30 am.

This may be the last time the two lovers, Raniere and Mack, will ever be in the same room at the same time, so you may want to attend for that fleeting picture of love gone wrong.

Whether the two will be tried together or separately is hard to know at this juncture. If they are separated, or if Mack takes a plea, they will no longer appear together. if there is a trial for Raniere and Mack takes a plea, that plea will likely include her testifying against Raniere and so, once again, she may be in his presence.

The chances are that nothing of substance will occur this Friday. This is only a status conference. It is remotely possible Mack might enter a plea, but since there is much more for the feds to investigate – much of which concerns her – it might not be feasible, or desirable, for the feds to strike a deal this quickly with the winsome actress turned sex slaver.

The purpose of the hearing on Friday is – as an initial status conference – to schedule deadlines for discovery that the prosecution is obliged to submit to the defense, the time period that the defense has to make motions, and for the prosecution to reply to these.

Chances are the prosecution will seek a lengthy time period to present discovery to Raniere and Mack. Maybe as long as six months. To do this, they will need to exclude this time from the speedy trial time and it is possible, with Raniere festering in jail, that his lawyers will oppose it.

The prosecution may argue that the needed extra time is in the interest of justice since this is a complicated case. It was only about a month ago that the FBI raided Nancy Salzman’s home on Oregon Trail and Raniere’s “sex lair” on Hale Court. The feds took away hundreds of items including computers, hard drives, and more than $500,000 in cash.

It will take time to assess much of this. The feds may also announce superseding indictments are pending for Mack and Raniere and, quite possibly, new indictments for  other NXIVM co-conspirators.

Clare Bronfman has lawyered herself up with high-priced former US Attorney Dennis Burke.  She might know her time is coming soon.

Meantime, as he awaits trial,  Raniere – whose followers refer to him as Vanguard – lives in isolation in a special section of the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center, according to sources with knowledge of his status inside the prison.

Mack has, for all practical purposes, broken from the cult by virtue of her acceptance of the terms of her release, especially the one which prohibits contact with any NXIVM members.

Not long ago, Mack to took a vow to be Raniere’s slave  for life. She gave him collateral to insure this. Now, she has agreed to accept her freedom, at least for a short period of time, in return for a promise of not speaking to her master.

Her ethics, as taught by Raniere, would require her to take the fall for him. Although she is quite likely going to take some sort of fall, it is unlikely that will spare him from taking his own fall.

While Mack is likely to get a prison sentence – some say from 5-10 years – Raniere is likely to do life.

Some believe that Raniere will leave prison feet first. While his heyday is likely over, he  had a 57-year run of abusing anyone he could and delighting in it.

Now, he appears ready to reap his sown crop of hatred and despair and bleakness. His world is grey now – and for many, there is sunshine where it had been missing for them for years.

Raniere’s loss of freedom – even if it is temporary – has brought freedom to many other people, just as his freedom, until recently, made many people slaves.

Indeed, I think there is only one real hope of his release. The wealth of the vicious and deadly Bronfman sisters.  I believe they are paying for his team of lawyers.

They are funding the cult and keeping it alive and, while doing so, are doing everything they can to keep women in servitude.

In America, as I personally witnessed, the Bronfmans have bought ‘justice’ in the past. And many innocent people suffered. Why shouldn’t they believe they can do the same thing now – and exert all their viciousness on their enemies and followers of Raniere alike?

Meantime, if you are going to attend court, get there early. The court holds about 60 people and many may come from the media for a goodbye look at the ill-fated lovers, Allison Mack and Keith Raniere.

It’s not a bad story. Unless of course, you happened to live in their shadows.



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    • It’s interesting that you posted this link, since it doesn’t portray her as the outright monster that you think she is.

      • Variety focuses on entertainment industry news.

        I doubt if Variety has access to the information the FBI has.

        Moreover, I doubt if Variety has a correspondent in the Albany New York area or inside the highly secretive NXIVM.

        Variety will focus more on Mack’s career and not on her life after she became enthralled with Raniere.

        • They actually do talk about how she changed after Raniere and why she was susceptible. Also, most news orgs are going to want to have some scoop that others don’t, so they’re going to do their fucking research wherever the story goes. They wouldn’t JUST focus on her career.

        • Facts not speculation ( especially by shadowstate who was turned down by allison mack on twitter after he stalked her before the event) says:

          shadowstate only focuses on allison no one else because he was turned down by her on twitter ( we have the tweets )

          • When Allison Mack gets out of prison in 15 years you can have her all to yourself, assuming her fellow inmates have not turned her into a full bore lesbian.

  • I’m going to discuss the social implications of what NXIVM was doing if the allegations of importing Mexican children to serve as slaves are true.
    I will not sugar coat the matter.

    Supposedly under-aged Mexican girls were brought to the US to work as nannies in conditions akin to slavery.
    “Allison Mack and sex cult leader Raniere may have trafficked teen and preteen girls from Chihuahua, Mexico”

    “Where does Allison Mack fit in? Mack was directly involved in assigning teen girls tasks, like cleaning houses for DOS slaves and other NXIVM members. Mack, who, at least up until her arrest on Friday, accepted Raniere’s teachings as infallible, may have also accepted his teachings on sex with children and helped groom the teen girls.”

    In other words, the children were involved in domestic labor and carnal labor.

    No matter how one feels about Mexico and its culture, Mexicans deserve the respect and dignity all human beings need.
    Their children are not to be used as slaves or sexual objects.

    If these allegations are true, then Ms. Mack will have an especially rough time in prison.
    The Hispanic female inmates will view her as a “Gringa Rubia” — a blonde American woman.
    (Already a derogatory phrase.)

    Moreover, they will view Ms. Mack as a high class hooker.

    But Ms. Mack’s activities in enslaving under-aged Mexican children would reserve for her a special hell in prison.

    Ms. Mack’s activities disrespected the Mexican people.

    Ms. Mack’s activities were fundamentally racist.

      • I’m sure Mexicans don’t appreciate Mexican girls, some being under-aged, being used as menial workers by well to do white women.
        And the task master of the girls was Allison Mack.

      • Your response was perfect. Thank you for speaking for all of us.

        In case you’re unfamiliar with shadowstate, he’s also known as american gadfly and active on youtube and twitter. He’s interested in conspiracies and freaks, the topics of his podcasts. And just today, he tweeted support of the idea that behind every serial killer there is a woman at fault:

        When it comes to the women of NXIVM, however, shadowstate feels quite differently (ie, Keith Raniere is not responsible, rather the brainwashed women are entirely at fault). But hypocrisy has never slowed shadowstate down. Which is to say, shadowstate is an awful human being and his opinions place him firmly in the middle of the incel community.

        • I am not American Gadfly.

          As for the women of NXIVM, they are responsible to protect themselves from like Raniere.
          No one should have to babysit grown healthy women.

          And Raniere will get his.
          Raniere’s biggest crime is thinking he could satisfy 57 women simultaneously.

          • — Raniere’s biggest crime is thinking he could satisfy 57 women simultaneously.

            Ha! VanDouche didn’t care about satisfying anyone but himself.

          • If you read older posts on frank’s blog (from around this time last year), it’s specifically stated keith doesn’t care about satisfying women.

            Also, you clearly don’t understand that raniere didn’t present himself as a monster outright, so they didn’t know they had to protect themselves from him. By the time he was a threat to them, he had already brainwashed them.

          • We only know who you are because you promoted your nxivm-themed podcast on this site and provided that information. You love trump, hate women, and think serial killers exist because some woman wouldn’t have sex with them. And you are obsessed with Allison Mack.

          • “keith doesn’t care about satisfying women.” Thank you!!! So true.

            You can tell the incel crowd because they’re obsessed about the sex angle and especially their fantasies about slutty cultists.

            Only fun had was by Keith. He was a controlling sadist, punishing and dehumanizing women who needed pain to feel love because they were indulgent, or whatever word salad he concocted to justify his cruelty to women.

        • Thank you. I can definitely see him as being part or partial to incel. His writings are definitely misogynistic, something he has in common with rainere.

        • Do you have any evidence that these are the same people…(Shadow state & American gadfly?).. You previously accused me of being Shadow State. (And I’m not) so it appears you have no basis at all for these accusations.
          Most message boards would ban you for this behaviour as you are behaving like a bully.
          Debate the opinions without personally attacking the people who express them.

        • lmfao, I’m American Gadfly, and no I am not Shadowstate. This was kind of a dumb assumption. And it’s just a fact behind most serial killers there is a mother or an ex-lover at the core of what is driving them nuts. As for being an incel. I’ve gotten more pussy in my lifetime than most men get in 3.

          Keith Rainere isn’t a serial killer, he’s a nut job. He is absolutely responsible. As is Allison Mack. She’s responsible too. Both belong in prison for the same reasons.

          Despite your stupidity, thanks for mentioning me here. It threw traffic to my podcast, which is how I found it, this popped up in the analytics. So thank you 😉

    • There are racist undertones in many things NXIVM did. Whether they were motivated by greed and the easy accessibility of desperate people hoping to immigrate to the US, or something more, is unknown.

  • And after court, be sure to grab a salad at PlantMade. Have to wonder if their sales have been helped by this.

  • We must watch every step of this process to make sure “Justice” is not being bought or sold!

  • India Oxenberg should be sent in jail too. I saw her interview and this girl, sorry woman, lives her life quitly because she is considered as a victim. She is not a victim anymore; she is just a selfish stupid brat who only cares about herself. Her mother has tried to help her and she has no problem with being disrespectul towards her mother. She has no remorse for the girls she and her gang has trapped. These women are the true victims. Bravo for her two lovely dads as she call them for bringing her support. What a joke… This woman is horrible and the same for their dads who don’t understand the horrors of her actions. She is not only a bad friend but a bad human being. I tried to have sympathy for her but it’s too much…. She denied all the accusations and insinuates that everybody lies but not her or her group. It’s like torturing the real victim a second time..

    • You have zero clue what went on between India and her mother, or what kind of mother Catherine was to India. Zero.

      And “their” dads makes no sense, and is just plain disrespectful.

      What are things we can know? Catherine went to a spiritual retreat when India was 7, without her child, and Catherine was a single parent. Instead of going home when the retreat was over, she spontaneously married someone who was 32 years older and had a history of treating women abusively, and the marriage ceremony involved magic mushrooms. From a published book:

      “In 1998 he [Robert Evans] married former Dynasty actress Catherine Oxenberg. The wedding video shows him noticeably weakened by medications and a stroke. In the video, the bride hands him a silver bowl with the “Body of Christ”: hallucinogenic mushrooms and peyote buds. Seven days later, the marriage was annulled.”

      We know that. like Sara Bronfman, Catherine Oxenberg had the reputation of being a party girl in the 1980s and 1990s. She’s also made a DVD, Secrets of Love, about successful relationships, published 3 years before her marriage to Casper Van Dien ended. Catherine always has a book, project, or film to sell. One project. Body of Bliss, and one film, Sexology, are intended to teach us about healthy sex, but Catherine didn’t teach her own child about what healthy sex was, and instead took India to meet Keith Raniere in 2010. And she never allowed India to say who her father was, and according to her family, that tweaked India.

      We also know that both mother and child and both her dads and all her family are suffering and in a terrible place right now. And that everyone hopes India escapes and recovers her humanity and self.

      • Don’t know about the legitamacy of these comments in response to one of the ArtVoice articles but on April 12 someone claiming to be Cat O’s stepson wrote:

        “Hi my name is Casper. My family likes to call me Bo. My ex step mother is Catherine Oxenberg. To be completely honest with you, Catherine is a piece of work. The fact that she has the gall to write and say all of this while being the reason my entire family went to ESP (NXIVM). I spent my entire inheritance on ESP at Catherine’s command. She has no right to say any of what she said about my sister nor does she have any right to say that she’s innocent. She is the reason I was there. She is the reason India is there. And she is not to be trusted with any information.”

        Another wrote
        “Catherine Oxenberg did her best to destroy my best friends life. She had success in destroying her daughter. She was horrible to her son. Catherine LIES when she says she thought the cult was “weird” in 2011 when she first went … At the end of 2012 she forced her children to use the money her grandmother gave them to participate in this cult. India has been involved since 2011. Catherine only waited to speak out until she was divorced and obscure. Poor India was a very gentile sweet child… Who literally would do anything to get away from her monster of a mother…”

        Are they Nxivm trolls or was Cat O more involved with NXIVM then she wants to admit? Cat O’s twitter does have a number of tweets between herself and Vany H, Ludwika P, and Steph C. from 2011-2014

        • I hope someone outs her before publication of her “book.” I don’t think she has clean hands, and is looking to make a quick buck off all of this. I would rather see an accomplished writer address the subject matter with thoughtful detail. At the end of the day, there will be a lot to learn from this – i.e., that dangerous cults do not have to involve religion.

        • Vany Huber was the friend who introduced her to nxium. She stopped talking with her and all this group last year, when she discoverd what’s really going on in this group thanks to Bonnie Piesse. Concerning her stepson, she doesn’t seem to have a connection with him, she had more bond with her step daughter.

      • Whistleblowers are not always going to be perfect or saintly human beings. But that doesn’t detract from the veracity of what they say. I certainly feel that Catherine Oxenberg is right about what Raniere is doing to her daughter.

        • With regard to the extent to which she may or may not have pushed family members into it…
          It is required behaviour. You are supposed to either force your family to join or cut them off.
          I don’t feel like this is some big surprise.
          Also, she has acknowledged how guilty she feels about it, how much she regrets, and is doing whatever she can to remedy the situation, which we have really only seen from her, Sarah Edmonson and Mark Vicente.
          Other people like KK (look out here comes the fan club) just try to downplay their role in it (which is BS) or completely ignore it like Mark Hildreth.

          I say kudos to Catherine Oxenberg.

          • Sarah and both Marks were still in NXIVM until 2017 and left after knowledge of the branding.

            Kristin Kreuk left somewhere in mid-2012, three years prior to DOS even forming. All of the former were higher ranks than her, and Sarah and Mark Vicente’s primary income was from running centers for the organization.

            Kristin probably made more money in a week from her acting work than she made in all the years combined in NXIVM and probably spent far more than she ever made.

            Your fan club aspersions are about as idiotic as your inability to distinguish between granularity of the situations of people involved.

          • Neither Sarah nor Mark recruited the person who became the head of a sex slave ring.

            Grow up.

            Part of growing up is people taking responsibility for themselves, acknowledging what they have done, acknowledge regret if they have it, make their apologies, so they can move on.

            Otherwise, they are as culpable as the rest.

          • Still sliding down that slippery slope of snow on a sled that exists only in your imagination.

            Neither Sarah, either of the Marks, nor Kristin made Allison’s choices to become the head of a sex slave ring. Allison used her own agency to do that all by herself over a period of several years to impress a con-artist.

            The whole spew that you just spit out about growing up and taking responsibility is, thus, quite ironic.

    • Who Is India Oxenberg? Shocking New Details To Know About Allison Mack’s Personal Sex Slave
      India’s father was a notorious drug trafficker.
      Catherine declined to publicly reveal who India’s dad was for her whole life. However, he has been involved behind the scenes for the entirety of his daughter’s life. He came forward publicly upon news of the sex cult scandal. Her dad is William Weitz Shaffer. In 1992, he pled guilty to importing marijuana from Thailand. He allegedly made $50 million on his drug smuggling. He holds out hope that India will break free from the cult.

      Actress India Oxenberg’s father is revealed as ex-smuggler who made $50 million importing drugs to US as he speaks out about his daughter’s involvement in ‘cult that brands women’
      Daily Mail, UK/October 30, 2017
      By James Wilkinson

  • If Clare Bronfman is arrested, wouldn’t her assets be frozen? and couldn’t this impact on the funding for Raniere’s legal team? Even if they’ve received payment up front?

    • Not necessarily. If her money is tied up in a trust, it will be very difficult to break the trust. If she had separate accounts, then the accounts may be subject to forfeiture if illegal proceeds were co-mingled with legitimate funds.

      • My understanding is that she and Sara were surviving on trust funds prior to their inheritance. They had pretty well burned through those (roughly 150M$) by the time they received their direct inheritance from their father’s death.

        Who knows how that was structured after it was received, but I would expect it to be significantly more than what their trust funds were.

        Trusts aren’t actually that hard to break if you know what button to push. It isn’t typically too hard to show the beneficiary acting as trustee, which merges the equitable and legal title, and boom.

        I guarantee, if there is a trust, Clare has definitely been directing it.

  • It sort of makes sense given that she was in the cult for about 10 years, whereas Raniere has spent his whole life abusing people. You reap what you sow.

  • The wheels of justice turn slowly but they grind exceedingly fine.

    If Ms. Mack was involved in the trafficking of children, as opposed to adults, the US DOJ will be very careful wht kind of del they cut with her.
    The US DOJ will make sure they extract every piece of information out of her.

  • I sit here weepy-eyed thinking of those two lovebirds gazing into each others’ eyes one last time.

    Did Allison have a Name in the group, to put her up there with Vanguard and Prefect?

    Meanwhile, did you read today that there are two movies and at least one book in the works on all this?

    • Allison liked to be called The Madam.
      The women in the cult called her the more accurate Pimp Mack.

    • Yes, and Sarah Edmondson and her husband are supposedly producing one of the films. They spent nearly a decade at the top of the Vancouver NXIVM pyramid; every dollar of profit from this venture should go to the victims of this cult.

      • That’s a fair criticism. I applaud Sarah for breaking free and taking disclosure files on victims from the Vancouver NXIVM chapter.

        But at the same time, she was at the top of the chapter for a long time. She has to come to terms and make amends for her role. Hopefully she is doing that.

      • I’m not impressed with her. She’s now going to capitalize $$$ on the situation. Brings new meaning to the phrase “marketing your brand.”

      • I’m mixed on this. Like you said, Sarah spent at least a decade making quite a bit of money off of NXIVM. There was many years of supposedly “joyful living” there while looking the other way when all of the funny business was happening. At the same time, she was also partly responsible for taking it down, but it took a cauterizing iron for her to “see the light”, even though she must have known about the leader’s sexual shenanigans for many years and his sexual history with teenage girls exposed in James Odato’s 2012 TU article.

        It seems like everyone who is a victim is continuing to look for ways to profit off this garbage. But it’s not surprising after spending years being indoctrinated with what the group teaches.

        • When life serves you lemons…or when you invest everything you have and are in lemons…or koolaid…

      • Well, if you’re going to call out Sarah Edmondson (which I think is entirely fair), then what about the others who left the cult and then apparently forgot what they did while they were in it? At the top of that list Is Barbie Bouchey who made millions managing the Bronfman’s funds and in recruiting fees but only ever wants to talk about the money she lost on Raniere’s commodities “investments”. She refuses to be accountable for anything she did while she was in the cult but has plenty to say about how “good” its tech is.

        • My understanding is she lost just about everything, and had to rebuild herself from scratch, so not sure what you are talking about her making millions from NXIVM.

    • What do you mean? Sara thinks she will eventually be the ruling Queen of Libya; after her husband completes the revolution and wins election. The plan was for them to appoint Vanguard as some sort of Supreme Moral Leader of the nation. Like an Ayatollah, but preaching the Ethical Humanitarianism to the masses. But they just couldn’t quite get Raniere to the finish line of where they would call him in.

      • “Will the bronfmans have her back?”

        Yes, the Bronfman sisters will have Allison Mack’s back.

        And poor, dear Sweet Allison, that candidate for Sainthood, Patron Saint for Torturers and Slave Masters, will just as quickly stick a knife the backs of the Bronfman sisters and the Salzmans and Nicki Clyne and India Oxenberg and anyone else who gets in her way.

        “Man is conceived in sin and born in corruption.” Robert Penn Warren

          • They used to and some of her fans still do.
            Allison was the “Girl Next Door.”

            But that bus has left the station.

            And nothing is more fun than watching old friends expose each other’s sins.

          • You must have missed all those posts from Allison’s mother about how everything is only allegations and speculation.

            She sure seems to think Allison is a saint.

    • Do you mean will the real Bronfmans have the ugly half-sisters’ backs?
      Definitely not.
      Sara and Clare may be in touch with the one real Bronfman daughter who defected to India and changed her name.
      The brothers, who have the real power, I do not believe want anything to do with either of them. They never did before, so I can’t see why they would now that they are tarnishing the name of a family they aren’t even considered part of.

      • Correct! Just like Robert Durst. Remember Criminal Clare and Party-Girl Sara – their Mom was Daddy Bronfman’s Au Pair! The Nanny.

        Smh smh smh

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