Karen Unterreiner, Another Evil Woman, Should Not be Forgotten!

Karen Unterreiner

By Don’t Forget Karen

Let’s not forget one of the key figures in this House of Cards, Karen Unterreiner.

She has known Keith Raniere the longest in all these follies. Her responsibilities in the company dealt with IT, finance and teaching/mind-bending via EM’s. Karen Unterreiner was the Master of all NXIVM money for Raniere. If the Feds are not looking at her or have made a raid on Unterreiner’s computer equipment, it will be harder for them to put their case together.

In 1975, Unterreiner was an Honor Student from Enfield High in Manchester, Connecticut.


Raniere scoped her out the day she moved to the RPI campus as a 17-year-old “girl” coming to college, her first time away from home and just after her father had  passed away. Unterreiner was fresh for Raniere’s pickings. She is more than likely way smarter than Raniere.

Karen Unterreiner worked hand and hand with Steve Ose (now living – or hiding –  in TX) and Ben Meyers to change data on  NXIVM’s servers regarding the money trail in the company and evidence in NXIVM’s computer trespass case.

Would Steve Ose, having young children and a wife and faced with years behind bars, not consider rolling over on Unterreiner and Raniere to protect himself and his family?

Ben Meyers has a cute soon-to-be wife and will he want to miss all that time with her, for what? To spend years behind bars to protect his Mother-in-Law, Nancy Salzman, his Master Raniere or his Mentor-in-crime Unterreiner?

Now gone, unless you do a Google search NXIVM old ESP website tells of Karen Unterreiner’s roles.


“Karen Unterreiner has been a key figure of Executive Success Programs’ leadership since she joined the company in 1998. She quickly became one of the top practitioners of ESP’s proprietary Exploration of Meaning™ technology. She is currently one of our top three head trainers and facilitates the company’s coveted advanced-level trainings. She has been a proud member of the Executive Board since 2001 and she is also the head of ESP’s Humanities Board, where she strives to further her commitment to building community, humanitarianism and ethics.

“Karen brings a wealth of experience as an actuary, CFO and computer programmer into her role with ESP. She graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1981 with a degree in Mathematics of Operations Research and Statistics. Following that, she held a position at Aetna Life and Casualty as an actuary until 1985. She received her fellowship in the Society of Actuaries in 1987 while working at Milliman and Robertson, Consulting Actuaries.

“She later expanded into corporate finance and in 1990 assumed the role of Chief Financial Officer at Consumers’ Buyline, Inc., a successful wholesale buying club. During which time, she delved into the field of information technology and began an IT consulting practice. Her attention to detail, expansive intellectual capacity and desire to inspire joy in people’s lives makes her an invaluable asset to the company and its Executive Board.”

Where was the NY State AG?

The NY State AG’s office has known for years that Raniere and Unterreiner have been running another MLM and tax evasion scheme that included Pamela Cafritz and Nancy Salzman. NXIVM’s Master pay plan, which utilizes an MLM structure, was turned over to the State AG’s office upon its request several years ago. The question is why the NY State AG sat back and did nothing.

Taking down Raniere, Unterreiner, Cafritz, and Salzman on just these charges could have easily saved hundreds of women from Raniere’s torture. Had that happened, women like Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne would not have become members of a cult and so brainwashed – and DOSwould have never happened.

Reported on in 2012

     From – https://www.culteducation.com/group/907-nxivm/6008-ample-evidence-to-justify-investigation.html

The story in Albany Times Union by James Odato 2012

“Earlier this year, (Peter) Skolnik tried to unseal a record in court that describes NXIVM business practices. “This document establishes that the way NXIVM operates internally financially is a violation of the general business law of New York,” Skolnik said in a federal court proceeding in February. “This document establishes that NXIVM is run as a version of [a] multi-level marketing scheme in violation of a consent order that Raniere … entered into with the New York State Attorney General in connection with Consumers’ Buyline.”

In 1996, Raniere and two of his Consumers’ Buyline colleagues signed a consent order with the New York Attorney General. State officials had accused Raniere of operating an illegal “chain distributor scheme.” Without acknowledging any “fraudulent, illegal or deceptive acts,” Raniere and two associates, Pamela Cafritz and Karen Unterreiner, agreed to be permanently barred from “promoting, offering or granting participation in a chain distribution scheme.” The consent order agreement also included a fine of $40,000 against Raniere and his business, which wasn’t paid off for another four years, and then only after the attorney general’s office pressed.

Consumers’ Buyline also agreed to concessions in Arkansas, including an order to pay $145,000, again without admitting any guilt. Officials at that state’s attorney general’s office could only document $55,000 in payments made, potentially exposing Raniere, Cafritz, Unterreiner and Raniere’s father, James, to additional penalties. “

Another spin-off company of Raniere’s is/was Coalition of Ethicists.

Here is Unterreiner’s testimonial from the website.


“I joined the Ethicist development group to gain a deeper understanding of what it means to make ethical decisions. My experience has gone far beyond that. The Ethicist program has been the most challenging and the most transformative work I have done in my many years with ESP. It has been a study of me, how I make even the tiniest of decisions, and how I can shift those decisions to be more in line with the person I want to be. Even transforming seemingly small, simple decisions have made a big difference in my life. From avoiding hitting the snooze button to speaking up when I think things are not right, the work we are doing has produced significant changes in how I choose.”
Karen Unterreiner

Unterreiner even has her own website just like all the other criminals in NXIVM.


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  • Karen was always the quiet financial mastermind who herself never seemed to see Keith as anything but a cash cow. A dangerous devious woman.

  • Albany Times Union is reporting that the NYS AG office has suspended its probe into NXIVM in lieu of the Federal investigation. Y’all have really gotten the attention of the big guns…

    • Looks like the Feds were saying there is a duplication of effort, and the AG wisely stepped aside, knowing they have many more resources and deeper pockets.

    • Whoever were the victims of these experiments are going to be very rich after attorneys go after Clare Bronfman on their behalf. Oops….attorneys will get very rich too.

  • With everyone in hiding who’s running NX Grand Central on New Karner?

    ESP Mexico is.supposed to send 100% of all money collected from members / newbies taking course work to the Mothership in Albany so they can take their large % and pay commission out of that the next month.

  • You have to laugh about this hair that goes down to their buts…even the old gals -remember, they can’t cut it till they heal their ethical breaches – which, by the way, will never happen while they are connected to him-they just keep digging a deeper grave for their souls. Hopefully, they will all be held accountable! !!

      • I’ve decided to be authentically unauthentic. It’s highly underrated. It’s SO much more fun.

    • Did he answer the question? Christ, listening to this guy is like being on a conversational treadmill. I’d just want to lay my head down on the desk and groan if I were Allison Mack.

        • Wow OCD! You just provided us with the first psych profile of VanGrifter. And everything matches up!!!

          Great work!!! Shocked, but not really. Wow.

          • Thank you. I almost fell out of my chair when I read it. We don’t have to stretch anything – only thing that may or may not fit is juvenile delinquency, but then again, Keith’s early life reamins a mystery – absent someone from long, long ago coming forward. And then again, much of whatever the hell happened to him likely took place behind closed doors – with Mother.

    • I made it through about 4 1/2 minutes before wanting to vomit. KR is as full of himself as he has always been. This BS has been going on long before DOS, NXIVM, ESP, CBI, whatever existed. I’d say he was just a pathetic little boy looking for someone to still praise him and tell him how exceptional he is except his narcissistic behavior damages people so badly. He used to claim (with pride) that some people thought he was the anti-Christ – guess he’s been trying to live up to that label for years. Thank God, he is now behind bars so he can no longer trample on anyone else’s spirit in his quest to be seen as exceptional. ‘Scuse me while I go barf again…

      • He could use that same condescending gibberish about any of his enterprises. One size fits all .

  • It all makes sense now. How she seemed frozen in time emotionally, behaving somewhere between 12-17. The scrunchies. The rompers. The way she skipped around. My God. 40 years of brainwashing, hypnosis and programming. Another life lost.

  • My fear is that the feds will do a superficial whitewash investigation and a lot of cultists are going to walk free. Vanguard is finished. But it’s in the interest of the authorities to focus on him and not dig too deep, because the truth is government officials, lawyers, and law enforcement have been acting as the servants of the cult for a long time and targeting enemies of the cult. The last thing the feds want is for their colleagues to be held accountable. So expect a concerted effort to limit the investigation to Vanguard and one or two of his followers.

  • Karen needs to do the honorable thing and end it now. Call it suicide, call it an accident, but do it now.

    • Of the friend who invited her to the soiree, the partygoer added, “She’s a nice girl, but now I’m kind of mad at her for trying to induct me into her sex cult.”

      LOL! These freaks can’t stop, won’t stop.

        • No worries! We’ll figure this thing out. It’s like a puzzle, we each know different pieces… Working our way towards the truth.

          • Clear, there is no future for the NXIVM-revival wannabies… They will surely dilute in other destructive cults.

          • I’m very light hearted yet because my intuition tells me it’s already all over now.

            But my inner voice tells me that we (you, former NXIANS they are fighting on your own until now) will have to redefine the meaning of “2nd chance”…

            Forgiveness… It’s not a due, it’s an act of compassion that begins with asking for forgiveness. Maybe some of you will have the temptation to deny it. You’ve truly the right to do so, but use it wisely.

    • You know who lives in Brooklyn?
      Michele Hatchette
      I think adding her name to the CC’s would be just.
      CC3 has a nice ring to it.
      The actual disconnect from reality is apparent here. Trying to enroll people, let alone, New Yorkers, into a company that headlines the news….
      The amount of Cognitive Dissonance that must be going on.

      • I guess it depends on if India Oxenberg is still living with her there. If so, would be unlikely because she is way too recognisable as being connected to all this.

      • The testimonial starts with:

        “The Source is an eye-opening experience about branding…”
        At least they are being honest.

        “…and how to take better headshots…”
        TIP: Don’t keep your eyes open when men shoot their cum on your head.

        • The weird thing is I would not have associated the two guys running that place with NXIVM, but all the wording is the same. They offer a 14 week deal instead of 12 weeks.

          Their description for THE SOURCE makes it sound exactly like a Raniere program
          “A premiere transformational business course led by Paul Michael and Brenton Wolf focuses on the development of the artistic self through goal setting, personal accountability & image consulting.”

      • Don’t think so. Their program is only $695, not $10,000. Raniere has never had a training that cheap.

        • Their page on The Source is blank. Where did you find the 695$ ? Amazing coincidence if it isn’t them because it really does sound just like Raniere with all the authenticity and personal responsibility.

  • I want to know whats happening to Allison Mack CC-1 who helped create the sorority of DOS? Will she be arrested? What about her partner she married Nicki Clyne ( who deletes and bans anyone who speaks on her instagram or twitter )

    • It will take awhile for the indictment to be unsealed and Allie Whack’s charges to be revealed.

      What we’ve seen so far is the probable cause affidavit and information to arrest Vangrifter. More info to be released shortly.

  • Karen is already scrambling to find a good defense attorney to keep her from going to jail. And it looks like she may have secretly siphoned off enough of Raniere’s stolen plunder over the years to afford a decent one. Watch out, Clare. This may be the one who really brings you down.

    • First canary to sing… Gets the best deal. Watch the rats turn on each other. No honor among thieves, when you’re looking at 20 years in SuperMax

  • No mercy for Madame Unterreiner. The main author of Ranieres infamous IQ test? Doesn’t get any lower than a female pimp, and at her age, when young girls would instinctively turn to her for protection. What punishment could suffice? While its clear how being an actuary helped the NXIVM scam, still interested to learn how ‘tutoring’ fitted into her brothel-keeping duties.

  • Karen Unterreiner’s been with Keith over 40 years. 40 years! And she lived with Keith for decades. Karen knows everything. And Pam Cafritz was living with them when she arranged Rhiannon’s “tutoring.” I’d like to know how Karen sleeps at night. A quick trip to the police to discuss the children Keith has raped would help her sleep.

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