Blast from the past: Saratoga in Decline: NXIVM info wars; the battle for hearts and minds.

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Not everyone who reads this blog had an opportunity to read many of the posts that appeared on John Tighe’s blog, “Saratoga In Decline”, back in the day. But now,as the life of Keith Raniere’s criminal enterprise (hopefully) draws to a close, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at just how much John exposed – and to let everyone ponder how much pain and anguish could have been avoided if any of our esteemed law enforcement authorities had done something way back then. How much money could have been put to good use, how many brandings could have been avoided, and how many lives could have been saved…Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself this time!

To get warmed up, here are a few postings from Wikipedia about Raniere and his band of evildoers…


Well first to the ethical humanitarian who put the roofing nails behind my car tire in my home parking lot. Nice try you missed. Trained from my days in Northern Ireland to sweep for car bombs, a few carefully placed nails are easy to spot. I guess you’ll have to try something else. Can’t you be a little creative? Fucking Philistines

ense. Then someone calling themselves Keyser Sözetigho got into the fray them

Well the Canadian newspaper The National Post [the Bronfman’s are Canadian white trash} made light of the divorce of Charles and Bonniepresence is requested as we celebrate our divorce


But the Brats made honorable mention next to their convicted French felon brother[what a fucked up family}

“Mr. Bronfman’s son Edgar Bronfman Jr. was convicted of insider trading this year and has had other business problems in the past. His nieces Sara and Clare have been involved with controversial self-help hypnosis group NXIVM (pronounced Nex-ee-um), which has a decidedly cultish appeal.”

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