Laura Darby: Addresses given by NXIVM members are not residences, but a UPS mailbox address

By Laura Darby

Clifton Park Correspondent

I just love how the address on Jim Del Negro’s tax lien is 5 Southside Drive Ste 11-123.

There are no suites with those numbers. That address is a UPS store that has mailboxes there.

Take a quick look at this link – and the names of Espians who use this for mail start appearing: Charmel Bowden on page 2, Vanessa Sahugun (Edgar Boone’s wife – name misspelled) on page 3 – Rose Chiappone (Esther Carlsons daughter, believed to have nxited ) page 4 along with Jimmy Del Negro stating he lives in Danbury CT with the businesses of – BOONE INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS LLC, LEUMARIA MU LLC, BRAVERS LLC, Esther (Carlson) Chiappone page 6, Lauren Salzman page 7, Page 8 Sarah Bronfman, Page 10 Clare Bronfman (Slate River Farm LLC which was her farm in PA that has been sold) and Bonnie Piesse who we know has nxited is listed as having a mailbox there.

Most of these mailboxes were probably set up by one of the Chiappone boys and some of these boxes like the ones in Rose’s, Vanessa’s and Bonnie’s names were probably used to launder money through.

I wonder if Bonnie even knows her name is still attached to one?

Broke but wise in the ways of Executive Success is Esther Carlson Chiappone

Esther is one of the highest ranking members of NXIVM [Green Sash]. Here are a few of her judgments and unpaid bills as recorded in the Saratoga County records to prove how great Executive Failure Success Programs work.

Viva Executive Success!

esther rab judgment 18192 2011

esther midland funding 2157 2013

esther discover 2010 8059


And for anyone who would like to read the mind-numbing testimony of James Del Negro in the case of Precision Development vs Yuri Plyam – aka the bad LA real estate deal –

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  • Seems the rumor is Jim Delnegro also has Keith ranaire brand . But not His pubic area. But his right cheek , charges will soon be filed against Delnegro for aiding this demonic cult .



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