Kristin Kreuk plays fearless lawyer who exposes client who made girls sick; silent about her true life role in sex cult that brands women

[Editor’s note: I am not advocating that Kristin Kreuk speak out against NXIVM. I am not sure she is even out of NXIVM. It might be wise for her to speak out against NXIVM – especially if she believes they are evil. If she thinks they are good, or is neutral, there is no reason for her to speak out. It is true NXIVM used her image and her name/fame to recruit members. Her silence may suggest she is not opposed to NXIVM or she may be afraid to speak. She has said nothing to date against a cult that brands women. That is her prerogative. It is, however, ironic that she is in a TV series that seems to have corollaries to her true life role in NXIVM.]


Burden of Truth is a Canadian drama television series starring Kristin Kreuk. It premiered on CBC on January 10, 2018. Actor Peter Mooney co-stars.

The plot line is: Corporate attorney Joanna Hanley [Kreuk] returns to her hometown in order to represent a large pharmaceutical company against a group of sick girls but starts to see these girls need her help.

She tries to find out what is wrong with them and who caused their illness – despite risking her career and facing danger to courageously expose the wrongdoers.

In the episode, Devil in the Dessert, the plot is described: As threats against her [Kreuk/Joanna] escalate, Joanna hopes that a neuro-psychologist will prove that the girls were poisoned.

Her plot line in real life: Kristin Kreuk represented a cult named NXIVM as a coach, and as a celebrity member, was used by NXIVM to recruit others. The cult is under investigation by the US Dept. of Justice [Eastern District of NY] and has garnered worldwide headlines for its practice of branding women on their pubic area as marked slaves of its cult leader.

Kreuk allegedly left the cult in 2012, shortly before the branding began. But now, NXIVM is trying to destroy the branded and blackmailed women who left. Kreuk has been made aware that the women need help but to date she has remained silent.

Her real life drama might be called ‘Devil of a Vanguard’ [Vanguard is the name the cult leader has his followers call him. His real name is Keith Raniere].

As threats by NXIVM against her old friends escalate, does Kristin hope that somebody else will protect them? And does she hope that perhaps somebody else will prove that her old friends still inside NXIVM were brainwashed?

“Burden of Truth” can be seen on CBC.

Kreuk and Mooney in “Burden of Truth”

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