The Boomerang Effect: Clare Bronfman’s Life Took a Drastic Turn – But One She Richly Deserved

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Clare Webb Bronfman, 44, is an American heiress and daughter of the late Edgar Bronfman Sr., former Seagram’s CEO.

Like her father, Clare had an executive position. She was COO of the self-help group NXIVM, founded by Keith Raniere, the world’s smartest and most ethical man, Clare believed.

She invested considerable resources to support NXIVM’s activities and pursue critics of the organization through legal and extralegal methods.

She didn’t just sit around and passively support Nxivm. For the sake of the mission, she used her wealth to intimidate and silence ugly people who opposed Raniere or might expose the organization as something that it was not.

She even hacked her father’s email account, calling it a “family dispute.” She allowed Raniere to monitor his communications, believing he was a threat to NXIVM.

She had sufficient assets to help the cause. She filed an affidavit with a federal court that she had $200 million in July 2018. She said she forgot to include about $100 million worth of real estate in Fiji and Los Angeles – a mere oversight.

Bronfman did her best to imprison me and got me indicted in 2015. I faced 20 years.

In response to her efforts, I began the Frank Report. I wrote stories about her and Raniere, who brought the world NXIVM.

I wrote that Bronfman took advantage of non-citizens in precarious financial and immigration statuses and exploited them for labor without proper compensation.

To protect Raniere’s secret MLM sorority, DOS, Bronfman worked hard to prevent members from revealing the secrets by threatening them with imprisonment.

My stories were not flattering, but they caught on, beginning with the New York Times, which led to the DOJ filing an indictment against Bronfman, Raniere, and others in NXIVM.

I wrote she was willing to breach ethical and legal boundaries and made calculated attempts to eliminate adversaries under her master’s exemplary guidance.

She aided and facilitated Raniere’s activities by drafting and disseminating intimidating letters to DOS victims and made public statements that downplayed the seriousness of DOS’s harmful actions.

The FBI arrested Raniere on March 26, 2018. Though he made three applications for bail, the judge denied them. Raniere spent more than a year in custody before his trial.

Clare contributed over $10 million to Raniere’s legal defense, revealing her deep commitment to him, even as evidence of his crimes became undeniable.

The FBI arrested Clare in July 2018. She made a $100 million bail. The judge ordered home detention, which she remained on for two years wearing an ankle monitor.

Bronfman pleaded guilty in April 2019 to two felony counts: harboring an illegal alien for financial gain and identity theft. The felonies stem solely from her involvement with NXIVM.

When Bronfman pleaded guilty, the DOJ estimated the sentencing guidelines ranged between 21-27 months. However, Judge Garaufis warned her before he entered her plea that these guidelines do not bind him. He could sentence her from zero to 25 years for the two crimes combined.

The financial benefit to Bronfman for her financial crimes was piddling when measured against her net worth –$96,000. She made more than that in passive income monthly.

A week before sentencing, Clare wrote a letter to Judge Garaufis.

In her letter, Bronfman expressed remorse for her actions, particularly toward Sylvie, the immigrant she hired for horse care, who eventually became deeply involved in NXIVM.

“Although I wanted to make her life better, I made it worse,” Bronfman wrote. She also apologized to the court, her family, and other victims.

In her letter, Bronfman discusses her hard life struggles, from her relationship with her late father, billionaire Edgar Bronfman Sr., to the death of her close friend Pam Cafritz, whose estate was also implicated in the identity theft charge.

“I wish I could turn back the clock or take away the pain, but I can’t,” she wrote.

Then, in a move of stunning stupidity, she stated she would not disavow Keith Raniere. She wrote that despite the controversy, her experience with NXIVM and Keith Raniere improved her life and gave her a sense of community and purpose.

On her last day of her freedom, she headed to court for sentencing. The date was Sept. 30, 2020.

Judge Nicholas Garaufis mentioned the letter she wrote to him and said this underscored her support for Raniere despite increasing evidence of his abuse and exploitation of everyone he ever met.

The judge said Clare was willing to turn a blind eye to allegations of serious misconduct and an enabler who used her wealth to protect and advance an organization involved in criminal activities.

Judge Garaufis sentenced Clare Bronfman to 81 months – triple the sentencing guidelines.

The boomerang goes out, but it comes back. The thief takes a spark of joy followed by a mass of misery.

She was deeply embroiled in activities that caused considerable harm to many people. And she paid the price.

U.S. Marshals lead a weeping Clare Bronfman from the courtroom. Painting by MK10ART.

The judge immediately remanded her into custody. US Marshalls handcuffed and shackled the boomerang-cursed heiress.

In August 2022, after seven years under indictment, with 18 felony counts, the feds offered to drop all counts and offered me a plea agreement where I pled guilty to a single count of failing to file IRS form 8300 – in 2010, failing to report $19,970 in cash.

I reported the income to the IRS and paid taxes on the income, but did not inform the IRS that the money came in cash, which is a requirement.

On July 31, I came to federal court for sentencing for failing to file IRS form 8300 in 2010.

Raniere and Bronfman were in maximum security at the time of my sentencing, so they could not enjoy the delights of this day.

I disappointed them, failing to get a prison sentence. Bronfman sent – even from prison – six attorneys to witness my sentencing.

But I left the court that day.

Raniere was incarcerated at the time of his arrest. Bronfman was incarcerated at the time of her sentence. I was never incarcerated, not for one minute.

The judge sentenced me to one-year probation, with five months of home detention. I have 146 days left of home detention, and 181 days after that will complete my probation.

The 12 year ordeal Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere imposed on me will be over.

Clare Bronfman, who first filed the false criminal complaint against me, has been in prison for 1073 days, and with her current release date of June 29, 2025, she has 660 days to go.

Raniere, 63, who prompted Clare to file criminal charges against me as a matter of ethics, was arrested on March 26, 2018.

As a matter of ethics, the judge denied him bail. Raniere has spent 1,989 days in maximum security prisons or detention centers to date.

Currently serving his sentence at USP Tucson, with a release date of June 27, 2120, Raniere has 35,091 days to go before he tastes freedom again. He will be 58,482 days old when he is released.

He and Clare bargained for this result, but perhaps it did not turn out as well as they had hoped.




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  • “Bronfman sent – even from prison – six attorneys to witness my sentencing.”

    Why would Bronfman need to send six attorneys to witness your sentencing when one would do?

    Do tell who these attorneys are.

    Did they sit in the same row as Toni Natalie?

    • —Why would Bronfman need to send six attorneys to witness your sentencing when one would do?

      Hey you dumbass bitch – it was six of the seven dwarves. Dopey couldn’t make it cuz he was banging your ugly ass…..Toni. Toni you-so-ugly men would rather masturbate with a cheese grater than bang u! Retarded dwarfs take what they can get.

  • Nancy Salzman is mentioned on They say she was released from prison.
    But without saying much more than that.

  • “Judge Nicholas Garaufis mentioned the letter she wrote to him”

    I wonder if the Judge was also influenced by Suneel’s letter about “helping” Clare in the bathroom.

    • Benji- you are an expert on
      Suneel’s proclivity for ass wiping.

      Do you believe Suneel will wipe Nancy’s ass with the same passion, he wiped Clare‘s bunghole?

      It’s worthy of contemplation.

      • 4:06, No. Suneel has hands for only one ass-crack: Clare “Horseface” Bronfman’s. He will never cheat on her with another women’s bunghole and taint.

        He has not cleaned her toilet since she was incarcerated. He will propose to her in the bathroom and show her the wedding “ring” when she gets out.

        Suneel, will you and Horseface go on a honey”moon”?

  • In New York, the Bronfman sisters funded Dr. Brandon Porter and Nancy Salzman.

    In Utah, the Church of Latter Day Saints funded therapist Jodi Hildebrandt.

    Both projects started and were supported in well-connected political networks. Both projects isolated and abused victims. Both projects tore families apart. Both projects generated profit. Both projects were almost opposite mirror images with corresponding variables tailored according to those two very different cultural scenarios.

    Utah: plenty of funding; support from higher-ups; extreme discipline; public platform; criminal “therapists”; destruction of lives, destruction of family units.
    New York: same, same, same, same, same, same, same
    America’s “family courts”: same, same, same, same, same, same, same

    • Jodi Hildebrandt was arrested along with Ruby Franke on child abuse charges last week. Franke ran a YouTube channel about her 6 kids. Recently one of the kids went to a neighbor begging for food.

  • “…in a move of stunning stupidity…”

    Understatement of the decade. One would think that her well-compensated attorneys parsed every word and punctuation mark in that letter before it was submitted to the court. Alas, she sealed her own fate right then and there. It’s also going to weigh heavily in the civil suit, should it ever go to trial.

    I’m guessing that Clare can’t see the Liberty Bell from her cell at FDC Philadelphia. Perhaps it’s just as well.

  • “The judge said Clare was willing to turn a blind eye to allegations of serious misconduct and an enabler who used her resources to protect and advance an organization involved in criminal activities.”

  • If Pam introduced Clare and Sara to ESP, is that why NY AG offices let ESP/NXIVM pyramid schemes go 20 years??

  • Federal Bureau of Prisons

    Register Number: 25533-052
    Age: 69
    Race: White
    Sex: Female
    Located at: Pittsburgh RRM
    Release Date: 06/17/2024

  • Times Union

    NXIVM’s Nancy Salzman released from federal prison
    Halfmoon woman known as “Prefect” released to halfway house after serving less than 20 months for 3 1/2 year sentence

    Robert Gavin
    Sep. 7, 2023

    ALBANY — Former NXIVM president Nancy Salzman is out of federal prison less than 20 months into her 3½ year sentence for admitted crimes as Keith Raniere’s top deputy in the cult-like personal growth organization.
    [ … ]

  • It’s an incredible story with a good ending (for Frank). But it was a close call.

    It shows that if you have money and status you can have your enemy indicted. Not good.

    And it shows that people with power over you can abuse this power.

  • Frank you are a legend. Side note: It’s pretty interesting to look at life based on days instead of years. Days seem to go by fast and it seems like you should rack up 58,482 in no time. But that adds up to be 160 years old. Hendrix only lived for about 9,855 days. I’ve had about 15,600. Going to make tomorrow a good day.

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