Clifton Park Correspondent: Sunday report

By Clifton Park Correspondent

Nancy Salzman’s house had two visiting cars in the driveway: A silver VW Tiguan and a white Nissan Rogue. Her BMW must be in the garage

Edgar Boone’s residence on 7 Oregon Trail.
Edgar Boone – all quiet.  I’m thinking if his kids are little and in Rainbow, he could easily be out of the country. There are kids’ toys (one is a big wheel outside) near the garage doors.
Lauren Salzman’s: a different vehicle there today: this time a black Toyota SUV!! And someone was dragging her garbage cans out for to the road. I didn’t recognize that person as any Espian but she was bundled up with a long black coat and a hat on but I could see dark hair. It did not look like Michelle Salzman.
Rosa Laura Junco had two cars at her house so she appears to be in town or at least someone is in her home. The weird thing is her kids play and swing set is set in a bunch of trees out by the front road not in the back yard.
Emi and Alex’s love nest on Moe.

I located Alex and Emi’s love nest and Alex’s home on Moe. Its actually not right on Moe although they call it Moe Road. It’s in a little development of four lots called Clifton Preserves. Alex’s house, based on the photos, sits about 400 yards back from the road and faces Moe (east facing house). The other three (and only two of the three lots may have houses on them now face south.

There were a lot of cars on one of the drives.  Alex’s house looked pretty quiet. Wondering if ESPians are using the one in the name of Prorsus Real Estate LLC.

Apropos is quiet.
Apropos is dark. Probably won’t be used again until a Movie of Honor night. Which I think is the third Sunday of the month.

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