Lauren Salzman wants to go with her mother Nancy and sister Michelle Salzman Myers to visit Nancy's parents.

Guest View: Lauren Salzman is considered a ‘bit of a dictator’


The following guest view is in response to a prior comment made on Frank Report post entitled Lauren tweets about Euripides .

The comment that prompted the guest view [below] was:

“… Lauren is a sad case because she was forced into this by her horrible mother [Nancy Salzman] who does probably know better. At the same time, there’s more than enough information online and through the media for people to see how awful Keith is and this cult is….”


Guest View

by If You Knew Lauren

If you knew Lauren Salzman, you would know better. I would not say her mother forced her. Lauren was more than happy to take her mother’s enrollments (which is what put her into the rank she holds) and rise up in the ranks in an unethical manner.

She was hungry for attention and recognition…so much so that she was known to discredit her mother in front of classes in a one-up sort of way. It never seemed to be addressed, and the little queen was considered a bit of a dictator. As far as becoming one of Keith Raniere’s lovers, she probably enjoyed knowing she was chosen, especially after mommy was denied his bed after she too slept with him.

I’m sure that this was also part of the evil one’s conspiracy against Nancy. After all, it probably kept her in line knowing that her mini-me could overthrow her one day. Not to say that Nancy is not culpable for many things, and we can all surmise that her “ethical breach” and crimes against humanity have some cause in the cancer.

Interesting that the old regime has been plagued by some sort of cancer. Suffice to say, the cancer that Keith is claims whatever victims it wants by giving them their greatest desires, which is no match for most mothers, great or horrible.

In Lauren’s case- Power, Influence, Attention, Accolades

[Editor’s note: Some Expians have pointed out the similarity between the hairless cat Lauren is often seen posing with and the cat seen with Dr. Evil in the 1999 film, The Spy That Shagged Me].

Mike Myers, 1999, 






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