Marck: Don’t be a cog in Keith’s egotistical wheel!

Lauren Salzman

[Frank Report has verified Marck is an authentic Expian and not a troll.]

By Marck

It was reported on Frank Report that Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne, and Lauren Salzman made an announcement that they were responsible for creating DOS, and that it began in January, 2017.

The date they say DOS was created is a blatant lie.
They are trying to save Keith, because they believe it’s their fault; because they wanted to grow towards realizing their “self”, and Keith, their teacher, was, in a way, only a tool.
Questions to ask:
One of the first books assigned to DOS members to read was ‘Chasm of Fire.’ Can they provide purchase receipts for the book? It’s possible some of them bought it locally, and may have lost the receipt, but it’s highly likely that many of them ordered it on Amazon, and hence their Amazon account would have a record of the purchase. Don’t be surprised if some of the purchases were made as long as two years ago. It may not have had the name, DOS, at the time, perhaps it was called the VOW or maybe even something else, it really doesn’t matter.
Can they show their ‘readiness’ and email log of the emails they sent for ‘collateral?’
How far back to they go? Would they be willing to go to prison if emails were found which could prove that this has been going on for much longer that what the story they are creating?
I read on Frank Report that Lauren Salzman said, “What does it mean when a student is more interested in making money from the mission rather than adding to the wealth of the mission and by so doing adding to her own wealth?”

Question for critical thinkers: “What does it mean for the leaders of an organization to ask questions designed to make the students to feel bad/guilty about wanting their own happiness/wanting to make money for themselves, more than the organization itself?”

What kind of organization discourages its members from questioning the higher-ups?

Answer: An authoritarian organization whose leaders believe he could never be wrong, and doesn’t want to be questioned. AKA “A Cult.

More thoughts for critical thinkers: If we go by the philosophy of Ayn Rand, whom many in the organization admire, the most important thing for a man is his own happiness, hence it should be seen as great if they want to add to their own wealth.

Why should they be putting “the organization’s mission” first?

If one is more into enlightenment and similar theories around attachments etc, one’s own self realization is the greatest gift they can give, hence similarly working on their internal values (what’s morally important) is the most important thing, rather than an external attachment to another organization’s mission.

No two people can ever have the same mission.

Each individual has their own path in life.

It would be false to say an organization’s mission is their own, unless they are covering all of humanity, in which case that mission can never belong to a particular organization, and even then it would be different for every individual. Else they are really voting for socialism/communism in the name of independent critical thinking.

People, please, do not doubt yourselves. Do not allow yourself to be ‘gaslighted’ by this nonsense. Believe in your own true inner goodness, rather than allowing another to use your weaknesses as a way to further their agenda. Anytime someone tries to make it about you, take a pause and think, is that really you, or is that the other person trying to inject their thoughts into you?

Believe in yourself.

You do not need any Vanguard or ESP or NXIVM to achieve your dreams and live them.

The moment you stop doubting yourself, and believe in yourself, and walk your truth, you find a life far more amazing than anything Keith has ever promised. He is not God. You are the greatest thing that has happened to the planet. Realize yourself, do not become a cog in Keith’s gigantic egotistical wheel.

Keith Raniere AKA Vanguard .

L-R: Micaela Zahner, Linda Chung, Nicki Clyne, Allison Mack, Michelle Hatchette, Samantha LeBaron, Dr. Danielle Roberts, India Oxenberg.

The DOS women are trying to save Keith because, as I wrote above, they believe it’s their fault, because they wanted to grow towards realizing their “self” and Keith their teacher was only a tool.

I believe their misunderstanding is that, even if they consider the teacher a tool, it is still the teacher’s responsibility, since in the hierarchy he would always be above them.
Even if it was not his doing, a teacher of ethics would be the first to own up to the mistakes of his students, especially if some of them had gotten hurt, rather than declaring war on those who have been hurt and left.
That’s not ethical. If you had a two kids, and they planned together to hurt another kid in their school, without asking for your consent, you would still take responsibility for their actions. Because  they were under your guidance. It really doesn’t matter whether the kids are now old enough to be adults, and instead of a parent, they have a teacher, or a guru; the nature of the relationship remains the same. It’s the teacher’s responsibility to take care of the students under him, else he is not fit to be a teacher.

Lauren Salzman asks a lot of rhetorical questions of the low rank such as “What does it mean for someone to question the mission [and higher-up] at a time of trial?”
It means they are a conscientious individual who want to do what is right, rather than just give in to higher authority.

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5 years ago

Required conditions of cultic control :

1- control of the environment;
2- a system of rewards and punishments;
3 – creating a sense of powerlessness, fear and dependency;
and reforming the follower’s behaviour and attitudes,
4- all within a closed system of logic.

Thought reform can only take place when human communication is controlled.

The essence of the Cult Process is:

a) isolate victimes from their prior connections/friends/family

in order to facilitate:

b) destabilization and tearing down of individual identity, even memory

Once emotional and intellectual shut down is achieved only then can consolidation of the new subjective and submissive identity – issued by The Cult/The Leader – begins to take over within the rigid bindings of the new, refined network of neural response to controlled physical and mental environment settings within the cult.

In the end, personality and character replacement is best and more easily achieved by living under a literal regime that uses terroristic threats of physical, emotional and mental tortures and punishments that are offset by the offering of conditional but seemingly unconditional love and approval of the group/leader.

Add to this the unquestioned and consensual desire to bypass all logic and submit, even unto death, one’s will and body to protecting and serving Vanguard and we have the perfect DOS slave..

5 years ago
Reply to  ionwhitepoetry

Are you in the cult? Given that analysis, it sounds like you know what goes on.

5 years ago

Right on Marck!! Keep it up

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