How will Keith look with ass implants: Some photoshopped entries examine the topic

Flowers wrote and I agree:

Before Keith decides on ass implant surgery perhaps the plastic surgeon will show him some pictures of the look he’s expected to achieve… A photoshop of Keith with a J-Lo or a Kim Kardashian ass (just so he knows what to expect). That would be helpful in his decision making.
Plus, I wonder how large the implants would need to be to actually be useful for the intended purpose. I think a consultation with a plastic surgeon is required.

In the interest of being helpful, and not as vulgar readers will naturally ass-ume, I will volunteer to do a few Photo-shopped images of Keith Raniere with ass implants. None of these are real photos and for additional clarification [for some of my unusually cranky readers] As of the time of this publication, Frank Report has NO knowledge of whether or not Keith has actually gotten an ass implant or if he even intends to get them.

It is believed that if he so desires it, he will be able to afford it. In the USA, the average cost of buttock augmentation with fat grafting is $4,356, the average cost of butt implants is $4,860 and the average cost of a butt lift is $4,571 according to 2016 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

However, keep in mind: Buttock augmentation costs can vary widely. One woman reportedly spent $470,000 to achieve the ass she wanted.

In Mexico, it is a little more expensive. The average price for ass implants is $5,009. However – and here is the good news — Ass Implants can be found for as little as $3,662 at some MEDIGO clinics in Mexico.


First of all, may I say that rape – in or out of prison –  is no joke.

Second: While Keith, of course, is well equipped to handle prison life, many others are not so tough or smart as he.

And prison life can be abusive.

It remains to be seen if Keith goes to prison, whether he, being an east coast judo champion since age 11, can put the rough necks in line, by tossing them about the prison – judo-style.

Things change when a man becomes a prisoner. Because Keith tried to put so many of his ex lovers and ex friends in prison, he, above all men, is aware of those changes – since he wished it on so many others, he is undoubtedly perfectly prepared, to go there himself. This is called the law of karma,
The question will be, of course, whether to get the ass implant now, so he can enjoy it before he has to make it available on demand.


Of course, the big question Keith has to decide is how much implant is enough? If it is a for protective purposes, there is not reason not to go for maximum ass width. Don’t be shy about discussing this with your plastic surgeon. Remember, there are no unethical questions, just unethical people who ask the questions.


Being prepared is one of the many tools Keith Raniere teaches his students through NXIVM technology. If he gets the ass implant prior to his arraignment, he will be good to go from day one in pre-trial detention.


If the prisoner on the right consents, then it is OK and it is not rape. But, and it is a big butt- if he does NOT consent, then it is not consensual and it IS rape. The prisoner on the left must learn what Keith teaches: i.e., that when a man says ‘yes’, it means ‘yes.’ When a man says, ‘maybe’, it means, ‘yes,’ and when a man says, ‘no’, it means, ‘maybe.’

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  • Keith would have a very hard time convincing his buddy Dr. Park Dietz that he is anything but 100% competent – to take it in the ass. Good luck getting an insanity plea!

  • Oh yes, Frank, those pictures are definitely helping to sway my opinion towards Keith getting the implants. Of course it’s up to Keith to make the final decision after consulting with his surgeon, but I really think implants of the size shown in those photos, would do the job that Keith requires..

    I can’t see any inmate, no matter how “large”, being able to get past those giant buttocks.

    That baby got back…

  • If Keith ever ends up doing jail time for his criminal actions, which is unlikely;
    No sign of any charges anywhere, ever -, he’s like Teflon man
    He has all the Bronfman money to defend him
    He’d go to a mental institution, they’ll find some way to find him insane… enough

    But if he did, What would his criminal mind get him into?
    If the Bronfman sisters are still backing him, they would buy his protection in prison don’t you think?
    Clare is gaga over this dude.

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