Pea says ‘Viva Keith Raniere!’ as readers battle with defiant defender of man-girl love

Clare Luz Flores may have spoken untruthfully. Either that or she has a terrible memory.
raniere 62
Keith Raniere was having sex with a 12 year old girl at about the time of this picture. He was over 30 years old.

It is a mixed blessing to have a troll like Pea Onyou. Pea’s latest encounter with readers began in the early morning hours of January 7th and lasted throughout the day.

It began after a person calling him or herself “Squats” commented about Keith Raniere’s likely prison future, as follows:

January 7, 2018:

2:32 am

Keith, you should really start doing a lot of squats, bro. Having a little extra muscle and padding back there might make the difference between serious anal injury vs. just getting bruised. I’d suggest to start with about 50 per day and work your way up to 100 squats. The other thing you could do is get ass implants. That way even if the guy is large, it’ll soften the impact so to speak. Sure you’ll look even stupider than you already look but you’ll be able to take some serious damage back there without it completely destroying you. We don’t want you in the hospital right away. We want you to be able to withstand a lot of good old fashioned jail sex. Hell, maybe one of them will brand you to be his property.

About an hour later, Pea made her reply:
3:33 am


Whoever the perverted man or woman who wrote that they wished Keith would be anally raped should be ashamed of themselves. Do you have no mercy ? Keith had sex with women who were willing and even the girls were totally willing and wanted to have sex with him. Keith teaches that ushering girls into womanhood is best done by a mature man not some boy, and let’s face it you were pretty horny when you were 13 I’m guessing and if a genius who was cute and attractive wanted to teach you and change your life you’d have jumped at the chance and so would I. But wishing he were raped is evil.

By the way, before you immature ex-Espians start showing your immaturity, my name is pronounced Peaah Onqui. So grow up will ya ?


One of out most faithful commenters, Flowers, responded to Pea:

12:34 pm


To the PeePee on You troll,
Hello, shit-disturber and instigator of pure bullshit. LOL. That was a funny post.
I guess you think it’s hilarious to write bullshit like that and see who gets upset. The fact is, we all know who writes this kind of garbage, and the answer is “garbage itself.” Only a semi-retarded, uneducated, morally bankrupt, trailer trash whore would defend a guy who fucks children.

Yeah, Pee Pee, that’s what Keith does. He shoves his old, crusty, STD-laden dick into innocent children.

And that is illegal for a very good reason, Mr. PeePee.
Just that act alone should put Keith in jail for a long time…. where he will get a well-deserved taste of his own medicine.

*I apologize for the profanity.


Pea promptly replied.

1:22 pm

I am not a man. I am all woman. Pea (pronounced Peah) is a beautiful feminine name and I do not think of a post pubescent woman consenting to sex with a wonderful genius as rape. But what these brutes purpose is that Keith by raped anally. Keith did not employ anal sex as far as I know, but proper sex between a man and a woman. Homosexuality is an abomination.

Another one of our finest commenters, Darth VanDouche put his opinion forward:

3:30 pm


VanDouche isn’t a genius. He’s just a perverted conman who raped known minors as young as twelve years old while well into adulthood and all of his supposed “technology” is a ripped-off amalgam of Scientology, objectivism, and existing self-help programs manipulated with hypnosis and NLP. H e’s a “genius” in line with the smarter than your average criminal who knows how to manipulate and use people for his own selfish ends.

Flowers supplemented Darth VanDouche’s comment: 

4:45 pm


Darth vandouche,
Pee Pee is a troll. And a pretty pissy one at that.
But he/she/it is good for a laugh  😁


Then Flowers commented again, this time directly to Pea:

8:20 pm


Sorry, Ms. PeePee…
I wonder how you’re connected to this, because you make it sound like you know Keith personally. You seem to have some knowledge of his sexual preferences, too.
Is this something he discussed in public or taught as a class? LOL.


Then Pea commented in defiant response.

9:29 pm


I fully reject being called a troll. I am a beautiful woman in heart and soul and body too. I am slender and have long hair. And I would gladly give my entire body and soul to a good man who has my best interest at heart. Vanguard may be one such. But with all the bad, stupid men out there, it is not wrong for a man like Vanguard to appear and rescue women from the drudgery and slavery of the ordinary man. And to make fun of my natural given name is hideous. It is pronounced Pie-ay-aah Ah-non-aw-ie-yah
Not Pee On-you. You childish people who insist on making fun of me because of my beautiful Eskimo name.


Flowers made a left handed apology

11:31 pm


Well, I did not realize it was an Eskimo name. I was thinking it might be Hawaiian, maybe something like PEEH A PEEH A ONA KEE ITHA.

But I apologize for being so politically uncorrect. Somehow, you seem very familiar PEEH A PEEH A.



Finally Pea stopped commenting on the thread and sent an email directly to Frank Report: 

11:59 pm.

I am discouraged by the chastisement of the narrow minded who read your blog. Keith has taught that sex with children is acceptable if there is no pain involved. He is in Mexico now where the federal age of consent is 12 years old – so you can see why he has a strong following in Mexico.

According to old tradition – before there were laws – a tradition which prevailed throughout most of human history – a girl was considered of age when she attained puberty. I doubt Keith has sex with prepubescent girls. I happen to know he believes that a full pubic ‘bush’ is vital to conveying the pheromones and so he would not be attracted to a girl not yet of age.

The age of consent in Nuevo Leon, the state where Keith is staying is a little higher and more restrictive than the Mexican federal age of consent. The age of consent for Nuevo Leon [where Monterrey and San Pedro Garza Garcia is] is 14 years old.

I am sure he will respect the law and have no intercourse with young ladies younger than 14; so stop having a conniption “Flowers.”

And Darth van Douche stop harassing him for trying to teach young women and ushering them into womanhood. He is spot on legal in Monterrey and if any NXIVM parents are smart, they will bring their daughters forward to be mentored by him.

It is far better than them having some green teenager with premature ejaculation who will not give their teen girl any sense of what the pleasure of sexual congress is.

Keith is the master and can bring them into a world that is both spiritual and delightful. I am told that unlike with raggedly old women like Allison Mack and India Oxenberg where he cannot get an erection, he is fully able to perform with girls between the ages of 12 and 15.  In fact it is the only time he can perform. [is this nature’s way of preserving this good man for teaching the young who can best learn and are most able to benefit because their young minds and bodies are more nubile and receptive to his spiritual seed?]

I know Jimena Garza, Alejandra Anaya, Ludwika Paleta, Margarita Garcia [she has a 15 year old daughter! lucky her], Carola Garza and Mayor Clare Luz Flores are in agreement with me on this.

Viva Keith Raniere!

Believe me to be sincere;

yours truly
Pea Onyou


Does Mayor Clare Luz Flores have a daughter ready for Keith Raniere?

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  • This is too funny. How ever you say your name darlin, you the perfect woman for that there Vanguard. May God bless your Union and pee all over it.

  • What mother in their right head would allow Keith creepy Manure get anywhere near their daughters in Monterrey? That would scar the girl for life. I hope Carola Graza and Margarita García are listening. Somebody do an intervention please. Don’t let Margarita daughter be sacrificed for Keith.

  • (PREA) – Prison Rape Elimination Act sounds similar to (PEA) ONYOU , doesn’t it?
    And so weird that our friends PeePee was talking about Keith getting raped in prison.
    Hey Frank, what do you think about that?

    • I think it very likely that Keith, if in pre trial, does not get bail, he will wind up in this facility. If so, he is at risk of being sexually abused and potentially become a sex slave. I do not mean this facetiously. I would also add that I do not wish that for Keith, but, there are some who believe that karma is inevitable and in the end, just and fair.

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