"He who has the most joy wins" - Keith Raniere.

Guest View: Will karma catch up with Keith Raniere? Has it almost caught up now?


By Alan Keith 

A truly and uniquely unenlightened individual: Keith Raniere smiled as he terrorized women and scared them into hiding. Even the mother of his own child had to hide from his terrorizing.

Women hid, trembling in the night, hoping he would not go after them. Brave, he scared many women.

Now he is in hiding and hoping he won’t get arrested. Haha.

Perhaps there is a lesson on justice and ethics in this: that Keith Raniere, the least evolved person to ever be part of NXIVM, is about to learn and teach the world.

Where is that famous NXIVM smile? Keith Raniere looks somber and afraid.

The gait of a dead man or one nearly so. He has destroyed many lives and, with masterful cunning, persuaded a group of followers that he was the most ethical man in the world.

But the walls are tumbling on Keith Raniere; his followers are abandoning him. He has fled to Mexico to avoid possible arrest. But can he hide from the weight of karma, or fate, or cause and effect?

It is a ponderous weight, for the scars of all the women he destroyed or nearly destroyed must be visited upon him if there is such a thing as justice. He cannot escape, if there is such a thing as justice that goes beyond the mere will of men, but comes from a deeper force that rights all wrongs.

Keith Raniere, the least evolved of all beings, is an object lesson for us, for he shows us that crime does not pay, that hate does not win, that saying your compassionate and trying to destroy anyone, never fails to show itself and make the world mock you.

That is where this least evolved being, the infantile and selfish Keith Raniere, with his horrible demon, Clare Bronfman, have come to: They are mocked by the world.

Enjoy your last precious days of hating others together. For the time is soon to come when you are to be separated forever by prison walls or when your hating habit turns you upon each other in hate.


Artist’s conception: [not a real photo]  This is a symbolic representation of Keith Raniere [l] and Clare Bronfman [r] during their glory days, when the unkind duo plotted the destruction of various women who defied Keith Raniere, and hauled them into court on bogus charges and false claims and with the gleeful hope that the women would be ultimately imprisoned.
Clare Bronfman inherited dirty money and gave it to the worst monster she could find to invest it into human pain and sadism. He also did all he could to abuse her too, only the simpleton did not know. She may figure it out. But which side of the prison bars will she be on when she does is hard to guess.


The sadist, Clare Bronfman, heads to court to commit perjury for Keith Raniere and destroy someone’s life by using her wealth to abuse the legal system and overpower Keith’s opponent by outspending them.

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