Part 1: Sexy Espians of Mexico: Ludwika Paleta’s affair with Mark Hildreth

Mark met Ludwika and the next thing anyone knew is they were saying to each other, 'Kristin who?' "Emiliano who?'


While Emiliano may think he is “every woman’s dream and every man’s nightmare”, the fact is he cannot even satisfy his own wife. Ludwika [above] likes to have sex with numerous men, friends say.
Editor’s note: Emiliano Salinas and Alex Betancourt committed a breach of ethics and possibly broke the law bearing false witness against Toni Zarattini.

This prompted me to investigate the Executive Success Programs (ESP) Centers in Mexico City and Monterrey. In doing so, I discovered there is much going on beneath the surface that is little known to average ESP students.

Just as in Albany, the public version of ESP in Mexico is a life-coaching program – and the behind-the-scenes version is a sex cult (In Mexico, it’s an especially wild sex cult).

In Albany, people have known for years about Keith Raniere and his harem. The sex cult in Mexico is not as well known and will surprise people – not the least of whom are the husbands and wives being cheated on by so-called ethical proctors and coaches.

First is a tale about Emiliano Salinas and his wife, Ludwika.  I consider this fair game since Emiliano chose to perjure himself to try to put Toni Zarattini in prison simply because Toni did not want to see ESP women blackmailed and branded.

That Emiliano Salinas would allow women to be blackmailed and branded shows a deep perversion and I suspect mental disease. Thus, his wild sex cult life, which he likes to keep hidden, is fair game. Frankly, I don’t care if anyone agrees with me or not: I plan to tell the whole story behind the phony ESP coaching programs in Mexico.

Emiliano [right] with  gay lover Alex Betancourt.
 For several years, Emiliano Salinas had a gay romance with Alex Betancourt, his partner in the Mexico City Center.  Alex and Emi had much in common. They were both wealthy because their fathers had made a fortune and put them on an allowance.





Mussolini with his lover Carla Petacci.

They both were under the guidance of the same master, Keith Raniere, who prefers to be called by his self-given title of Vanguard.

In fact, Vanguard told Alex that he had been Benito Mussolini in his past life.  Alex is said to have believed his teacher. It is not known if Vanguard told Emiliano who he had been in a past life.




imagesAfter Emiliano broke up with Alex, he married Polish-American actress Ludwika Paleta,  They started off  deeply enamored.

Soon enough, Emiliano qualified for pussy whipped man of the year.


Even Keith Raniere commented on what a wuss Emiliano had become.

In time, Ludwika must have been bored with the her sniveling, half female, half beta male, Emiliano.

images (1)

At ESP and the Source was actor Mark Hildreth. He had just got out of a relationship with TV actress Kristin Kreuk.

Mark and Emiliano had been training to be beta males under Keith Raniere for years.






Emiliano does not say it, but some suspect he cried like a little girl when he found out Ludwika was having sex with other men.

His response to being a cuckold was to wet his pillow with tears and his pink panties with his premature ejaculation.




Mark met Ludwika and the next thing was they were saying to each other, “Kristin who?”,  “Emiliano who?”



















One of the men Ludwika started having sex with was Mark Hildreth. She started having a secret affair with Mark. It began around the time Marcello Ortiz was going after Allison Mack, then shifted to Anna Risoul.

Did Ludwika tell her husband she was having sex with Mark Hildreth?


These days, Emiliano is fond of telling men and women that he and his wife have an “open relationship”.  Emiliano says he has sex with men and women and Ludwika has sex with men.

Threesomes and foursomes are part of the menu for the randy couple, and sometimes they have  threesomes and foursomes together.

Emiliano claims he and his wife love to tell each other who they fuck.





Photo redacted.Vanguard stole Mark’s girlfriend, [name redacted], to have sex with her.In any event, this year, Mark left Vanguard – for branding and blackmailing women and stealing his girlfriend.

Nowadays, Emiliano likes to text women he is trying to seduce. He will text a woman telling her he is having sex with Ludwika, but fantasizing about her.

c7f4349aa11bf1fc3efa87ca8b37d7b8--kylie-jenner-beautiful-ladiesEmiliano lied about Toni Zarattini.

What Emiliano is doing against Toni Zarattini will end badly for Emiliano. Lies catch up with a man sooner or later, even a coward like Emiliano.

There is more to come about the sex cult of Keith Raniere and his randy followers in Mexico.

Come all ye fair and slender ladies.


Vanguard will take care of you…. real good!






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6 years ago

Using MRA tersm like “beta” and “cuckold” do not help further your cause. Stick to the facts and keep your sexist editorializing on the Red Pill.

6 years ago
Reply to  Kat

cuckold – the husband of an adulterous wife. If VanDouche is fucking your wife, that makes you a cuckold.
beta – an emasculated male. Someone who would let his wife sleep with other men. Was subjugated to the commands of VanDouche.

It seems like Frank is just relaying facts. Sorry if your cult association shames you people only after female genital branding became known.

6 years ago

Emi did not break up with Alex before dating and falling in so called love with his bride to be. Alex found out about it after the fact. He was heart broken for awhile but now that Emi has returned to his bed they are as thick as thrives again.

Former KK Fan
Former KK Fan
6 years ago

People in this cult learn nothing except how to be selfish assholes who waste your time for year after year after year. They make empty promises, and when you turn around believing in their word, they’ll eventually stab you in the back with their rationalized selfishness while they smile in the name of ethics, just like their d-bag leader. These are the types of “tools” they learn in this organized mind fuck operation.

6 years ago

Frank has a lot of people that give him tips. Given that he’s only one person, it’s very difficult for him to verify each tip other than the most important tips. Mark sleeping with Ludwika is possible but knowing them both and their access to each other, I doubt it. Possible, yes. But it wouldn’t be in line with what I know of Mark. I’ve known Mark for a lot of years. Frank is fighting a great fight against a sociopath, but not everything on here will be 100% accurate. I’ll say again though I think 95%+ is accurate which in itself is amazing given that Frank is doing most of this alone.

6 years ago
Reply to  Mark

Sorry, but I’m going to believe Frank over some anonymous poster about a guy who supported and enabled VanTard for over ten years in a group where people think it’s OK to lie about supporting the mission or by omission, while knowing about all the people VanTard was fucking in his harem, and who only decided to leave because he saw human branding and VanTard decided to fuck someone he was attracted to.

6 years ago

I’m not questioning Frank’s credibility. I’m questioning your assertion as to why you think it is highly doubtful that it is true. It’s possible that this may not be true due to error, but like you said, due to the majority of what Frank has related being true, why would this be a “mis-step”? I’m just saying I’m more likely to believe what he posted than what some anonymous poster with the name of “Mark” writes in the comments because he typically vets what he has come to know prior to posting it.

6 years ago

MOST of the stuff on this blog is real. There is some stuff that may not be fully accurate. Even if that’s the case here’s what is fully true:

1) Women were branded under somewhat false pretenses. I’ve seen the branding. The stories are disgusting.
2) Keith fucks a lot of women in his “self help group” which is minimally a conflict of interest and possibly much worse. I’ve spoken to many women and had friends get hit on in a “frat boy” way by Keith.
3) Keith has asked a lot of people to do highly unethical things. I’ve seen it first-hand.
4) Keith has lost a lot of money for his benefactors. While that may not be illegal it begins to question who this guy really is.
5) Most of the claims Keith has made: about being a track champion, judo champion, smartest man in the world, etc. are almost impossible if not impossible to verify suggesting that he’s a liar of the highest order.

We can go down the list. One article that mis-steps doesn’t mean everything else is false. However Keith would like you to believe that one article with mistakes means the site is all false. If that’s the case, ask Keith some difficult questions about his past and you’ll see that most of what he says is very likely falsehoods, embellishments and straight away lies. Unlike this site, most of what Keith says is bullshit.

Frank Report probably doesn’t hit 100% accuracy but my guess is it hits 95% or higher. To those morons still in the cult questioning this, wake the fuck up. You aren’t special. You aren’t more ethical than anyone else. And you are lying to yourselves, your families and the world about what you are actually involved in. Right now this blog is still the best place to get the truth on what this maniacal madman is up to with his moronic minions.

Then again if you are still in it, you deserve to go to the Fijian purgatory with perverted Uncle Keith for being stupid and unethical.

6 years ago

Why would Frank post it if it wasn’t true? Wouldn’t that sully his credibility?

6 years ago

While there is a chance this is true, I highly doubt it. What we do know is that Keith and his minions fucked with Mark’s mind a lot, more so than most people. Especially regarding Nik. What’s disappointing about Mark is he is doing nothing to help bring down the cult right now. On the plus side, at least he’s out.

mexico sex cult
mexico sex cult
6 years ago

Was Mark Hildreth living or working in Mexico?
I assumed he was in Canada, so would have to fly “south of the border down mexico way” to ejaculate enough to get the memory of KRistin KReuk out of his system.

Former KK fan
Former KK fan
6 years ago

If this is true, then Hildreth is a d-bag too. I already thought he was an ass for getting Ms. Kreuk involved in this cult despite all of the negative information on the Internet that existed for this group well over a decade ago.

This is what happens when you follow a fellow ass for too long: “You are who your friends are.” Also, the irony cannot be more apparent. Fucking another man’s wife only to have the girl you were with fuck another: “What goes around comes around.”

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