Will Keith Raniere ‘Return to Perfection’, if not in spirit – at least in Fiji?


Will Keith Raniere return to perfection?

That is the perfection found in Wakaya Island in Fiji. Keith already claims he is a perfected being.

The big question is: Where is Clare Bronfman?

Some sub-questions are:

– Has Clare invited Keith to come to Wakaya?

– Does Keith have enough saved up from what he independently swindled from Clare and Sara that he can escape to some other hiding place and disappear from sight with or without Clare’s help?

– Does Keith plan to invite any of his sex slaves to join him in his new life?

– Which members of the High Rank are going to cooperate with the law enforcement authorities who are currently investigating Raniere’s criminal enterprise?

Some speculate that Keith might fake his own death, and Mexico would be a good place to do it. The extraordinary public spectacle of Emiliano Salinas telling Aristigui Noticias that he can’t find time to see Keith – and won’t be meeting him while he’s in Mexico – is stunning to those who know both men.

It might be a ruse on the part of the crafty Salinas. It might be expediency since Emiliano Salinas was a name bandied about as candidate for Mexican President.

In any event, the fact that Keith Raniere has been reduced to having to occupy a rented place where he was thrown out, and then having to displace mid-level followers, his DOS slave Jimena Garza and her husband Omar Boone, in their own condo – instead of Clare providing for him luxurious accommodations – is surprising to me.

That Emiliano Salinas and his partner, Alex Betancourt, are not straining to find him good accommodations and treating him with preeminent respect if not adulation hints at trouble. Even if it is just a pretense to fool the media, that Emi and Alex would not publicly acknowledge their master on his first known visit to Mexico is rather a shock to Vanguard watchers. Kind of like the story in the Bible about St. Peter denying, three times, that he knew who Jesus Christ was.

So will Keith return to perfection? Or will he have to admit he is one of the most highly flawed human beings on the face of the earth? Will he use Mexico to maneuver secretly to someplace else? How about Tahiti?

Or will he return to his fools followers in Clifton Park?

Wakaya Island might be nice if Clare Bronfman is in the mood to host him. Fiji is a hard place to extradite even a Raniere, yet it is a small island and it will not be hard to know he is there. He can run there but he cannot hide.

Which brings us back to our original question: Where is Clare Bronfman?


On https://www.mailcharts.com/emails/ec074c5e-1b75-f5cc-ec1a-1e8cf66f3c0b , the glad tidings were announced that Clare Bronfman assumed ownership of Wakaya from David Gilmour, the founder of Fiji Water and original developer of the long uninhabited Wakaya Island, as of August 11, 2016.

Extradition in Fiji is almost entirely contingent on the amount of money the resident of Fiji possesses. It is inexpensive to purchase residency in Fiji.  The judiciary in Fiji is rated by several watchdog groups as among the most corrupt in the world, which of course is ‘perfection’ for Keith Raniere.

Now, doesn’t this seem better than shacking up in a condo in Monterrey?

After nearly 40 years and at the age of 85, David Gilmour has finally agreed to entrust the ownership of his beloved Fiji island, Wakaya, to new ownership.

Jillian and David Gilmour bought Wakaya in 1976, developing an island with an already impressive place in Fiji’s history into a boutique resort retreat. Over the years, the Wakaya Club & Spa has won recognition at the highest levels in the hospitality industry. As well as the Wakaya Club & Spa, Wakaya is host to a dozen exclusive homes and other private ownership interests, and to Mr Gilmour’s 2009 start-up, Wakaya Perfection, sourcing a range of organic wellness products from Wakaya, which he will continue to own and operate.

We are thrilled to announce that Clare Bronfman and her Ack Group of Companies have taken over operations at Wakaya as of Friday, August 11th, 2016. As an existing homeowner on Wakaya, Ms. Bronfman shares Jillian and David Gilmour’s love and enthusiasm for Wakaya, a critical factor in his decision to transfer the property into younger and capable hands.

Jillian and David Gilmour’s association with Wakaya will continue. Wakaya Perfection continues to thrive and generous arrangements with the new owners will allow him to continue to spend time on the island and in Fiji, a country with which he has had a life-long association as an investor and friend.

Please join me in congratulating Ms. Bronfman on her acquisition of Wakaya and we encourage you to return to Wakaya soon and often!!

For more information, please contact: info@wakaya.com.fj

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To hear him tell it, they don’t get any more enlightened than Keith Raniere. Some of his old girlfriends, the mother of his first child, and many others have a very different view of the man who prefers to be called Vanguard.

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Page Six picks up the Flight of the Vanguard
Page Six picks up the Flight of the Vanguard
6 years ago


No new reporting, just mentioning the People en Español article (without an actual link to it)

If ESP Mexico City stays open, Raniere and Salinas are just
If ESP Mexico City stays open, Raniere and Salinas are just
6 years ago

The arrangement has always been that Raniere has title to all the ESP course material (even though Nancy Salzman wrote most of it) and licenses it to NXIVM Corp, which licenses it to centers.

Legally, ESP Mexico City can’t continue to deliver trainings if Keith says no. If Emiliano and Alex don’t stop, Keith can sue and will win.

Keith can say to Mexico City students that if they want to continue their training, they are welcome to come to the Monterrey center. They might even get a glimpse of His Majesty the Smartest Man in the World!


If ESP Mexico City stays open, Raniere and Salinas are just pretending to be disconnected
If ESP Mexico City stays open, Raniere and Salinas are just pretending to be disconnected
6 years ago

sorry, I hit “post comment” prematurely

if the Mexico City ESP center stays open, and Keith doesn’t sue or tell students to go to Monterrey, then Keith is cooperating with Emiliano, probably to improve Emiliano’s political prospects. Having an ESPian as President of Mexico would make Keith’s stay in Mexico much more comfortable.

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