Readers: Kreuk should speak out about Raniere!

Some readers think Kristin Kreuk should speak up about what she knows about Keith Raniere. Here are some views from readers:
Kristin Should Speak Out…
Because Kristin recruited her best friend Allison Mack and, for years, worked and hung out with her, in and out of NXIVM. What KK knew, and when she knew it, seems like a vital part of Allison’s sorry story.
When did KK become wary of NXIVM  – that it was a sex procurement scam for Keith  Raniere?  And why was she not able to influence Allison Mack to get out?
She might as well speak out
Fame can be a bitch.  In a way, KK will be “branded” by Vanguard for years to come.
Gag order might not be binding

Could Kristin’s reason for not speaking out be that she signed a gag order? I have heard that when coaches resign, they sign a document that says they agree to remain on good terms with ESP, etc. If she did this, she may have legal concerns about speaking out.

Kristin, if you signed a document like this, please have it examined by an attorney and see what your rights are for speaking out.

You cannot remain silent without backlash now.


Kristin take responsibility

Kristin Kreuk spent years in a senior position, teaching and recruiting and earning money for a cult. She used her influence and fame to do so. She was warned against NXIVM for years. There were many black signals on record, but she obstinately refused to listen. We don’t have to condemn her, but morally she should take responsibility for her actions.

She is generally the type who is a self-aggrandizing virtue-signaller who promotes right-on causes that have to do with diversity, third-word development and oppression. Yet here and now, when she finally has a cause she is 100% part of, she goes missing.

Kreuk always talks as if she is deeper/more moral than other people, but her average career choices and actions speak otherwise. I’m sure she is a ‘nice’ person, but she recruited the brander-in-chief, Allison Mack.


KK has a responsibility to shed light on abuses

KK taught NXIVM for years, using her celebrity….  She goes on and on about other causes on her social media.  It’s not unreasonable to say that she should shed a light on abuse she is fully aware of. She has responsibilities here, however unwittingly.


Not too late for KK to do something

It’s not too late for Kristin Kreuk to do something “positive: about Raniere and ESP.
Kristin: Just go to your local FBI office – and tell one of the Special Agents everything you know about this illegal operation. You’ll sleep better at night.

KK speaking out would mean a lot

I can understand why KK would not want to make a statement at any of her events, but, making a personal statement in support of her friend, Sarah Edmondson, would speak volumes to the world, and the people in NXIVM.
Yes, KK was smart enough to get out when she realized NXIVM was not all it was cracked up to be. It’s easy to jump on the bandwagon, after it’s loaded with fans; to be a real hero, like Sarah, you have to stand up and get in the game early. Thank you again, Sarah, no worries, we got you.
KK does not have the strength to go public
Kristin Kreuk doesn’t come across as someone who would have the internal fortitude or resolve to go public with anything she knows. It’s a lot to process that one of your best friends who you met on a kid’s TV show, and you recruited to the cult, has started a slavery/human branding group.
KK: go to law enforcement
Kristin Kreuk is in a position to go to law enforcement and  has inside knowledge about abuse or tax evasion. She knew Raniere and the Salzmans.
Silence allows abuse to continue

I don’t think Kristin Kreuk had any bad intent with any of her part that she played in NXIVM. I found her to be a wonderful person, and enjoyed spending time with her.

I don’t understand not wanting to warn people the bridge is out ahead.

I don’t see anything wrong with saying “I was a part of an organization that on the outside looked really good, but when I got more information on the inner workings I found things that didn’t fit my values and I left.”

After the NYT and People magazine articles, most ex-NXIVM members have found out that some really dangerous things are happening to woman (etc.) and speak up saying they don’t support this behavior.

A good media person could help anyone explain they were sold a training program that on the outside looks like an average training (mostly back then, it would be harder today to say this). It’s only when one gets deeper, deeper into the workings you find the well-hidden cult. Within that cult, things that are happening that women, people, who are no longer involved, would never support, nor recommend the training programs to their friends and family to take.

Look at how many people in Hollywood are coming out now saying they were involved in sexual harassment or misconduct. How many women have stepped up to the plate to say they were raped to warn others that a powerful man was a predator? It’s common now and people are heroes when they speak up now. It’s the only way to stop this cycle of abuse. Silence allows it to continue, and personally I have spoken up many times with my name to ink.  Kristin Kreuk could speak out to help women still being abused.

Don’t be a hypocrite


Kristin Kreuk is marketing a documentary about someone who fought sexual abuse :

Yet she is still quiet on her role in recruiting Alison Mack, Girls By Design, Raniere.  Anything she knows can help women currently being abused by the cult and bring Raniere down.

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  • “Many on this site give Kristin Kreuk too much credit.”

    I give her zero credit. There is no doubt in my mind that Kreuk was involved sexually with Raniere and Mack. He had power over them, why would he not use it to fulfill his fantasies with them? He was a kid in a candy store. I also suspect he tried to use them to lure Erica Durance into his group.

    It is even possible that Kreuk broke some laws while doing Raniere’s bidding. Or has first hand information of Raniere doing people harm.

    Whatever she did, it is so bad she doesn’t want to do anything to risk it all coming out. So she is playing politician with something to hide and is avoiding questions.

  • Kreuk should speak out but who knows what Raniere has on her. He probably has explicit materials on her.

    One thing I know from personal dealings with people who have been brainwashed is that they were not quite normal even before the brainwashing. And their judgement can never be trusted.

    People forget how common brainwashing is. We all know people who begin a relationship with someone and are controlled by them and cut off from their family.

  • Whether Kristen Kreuk should speak out is not really the issue. Previous victims of this cult should speak out. With all due respect to Frank, as one person, it is easy for the NXIVM leaders, and indeed law enforcement, to dismiss him as a crank or someone with an ax to grind. But the more victims who speak out, the more weight is added to the evidence and the more reality and truth is reset for those still in. Getting out those still in it has to be the priority, and then achieving justice for them can follow.


    One quote:

    Alexandra Stein, who has a PhD in the sociology of cults and wrote a book called Terror, Love and Brainwashing, tells RS that NXIVM does, indeed, qualify as a cult, per her five-point definition: it has a charismatic, authoritarian leader; it’s “steeply hierarchical” in format, with possible front groups; it bears a “total, absolute ideology;” it uses coercive persuasion or brainwashing to isolate members from family; and it exploits followers and shows “potential for violence.”

  • All the focus on Kristin Kreuk takes away from the bigger “mission” which should be chopping off what is left of NXIVM at the knees. That means focusing on the people who are still in and trying to recruit as well as what law enforcement is not doing. Focusing on KK turns the site into click bait and detracts from the truly good investigative journalism the Frank Report has produced.

    My guess is Kreuk was used more for her celebrity then for anything else she had to offer. The Bronfmans liked having her around. How many recruits did she actually have? Allison Mack and Kendra Voth are the two known recruits who actually did join ESP. My gut tells me she paid more for her intensives than any money she made for recruiting and we all no coaches don’t get paid.

    By all accounts she is a very private person, who doesn’t like people much and would rather produce and direct than act. She is currently promoting her project PHOOLAN that she is trying to raise money for and admitted she sucks at social media and is locked out of her Instagram account.

    Eyes on the prize Frank Report, Eyes on the Prize.

    • It is strange that she says she is locked out of her account. That would mean she can’t get into the email she used to register it. And being a semi-celebrity should make it easier to get Instagram to fix it for her.

  • LOL. You’re still on about this?

    Let me tell you something. You’re beating a dead horse. Kristin is the type of person who shies away from controversy. She’s not going to sacrifice anything at the expense of her career, as she’s almost 35 and still not settled down. In this sense, the cult taught her well when it comes the “virtue of selfishness”. Her position on NXIVM was “publicly” given when she liked a tweet of Sarah Edmondson’s about why Sarah is no longer in it. That’s the extent to what you’re going to get out of her.

    Since the only real story linking to her cult has her leaving NXIVM around late 2009/2010 as told by the credible Susan Donnes, there isn’t anything publicly that ties her to the machinations of the sex cult which started many years later. You can keep calling her out for it, but it is what is.

    • “Settled down”? What is it with this site and the archaic gender roles ya’ll are so invested in? It’s 2017 and no one has to “settle” for anything or anyone. It’s called “settling” for a reason.

      • Actually, words have multiple meanings defined by context. “Settling down” in the context I described it as typically means deciding to monogamously spend your life with someone and most likely raise a family together, extending both your own and their family relationships. It has nothing to do with the concept of archaic “gender” roles.

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