Readers: Kristin Kreuk doesn’t need to speak out about Raniere

Readers have weighed in for Kristin Kreuk NOT speaking out, and remaining silent about Keith Raniere. Some say it is unfair to mention her at all.
Kristin Kreuk was the first celebrity to become involved in NXIVM and had a role in its growth by giving the cult ‘star appeal.’ Her departure was for reasons unknown. Does she have a responsibility to speak out about what she saw? 
Readers in this post say she does not need to say a word. She left the cult and that’s all that needs to be reported.
Here are some readers’ comments: 
KK not in cult. Period.
Kristin Kreuk is no longer in the cult. She’s been exiled from it since late 2011-2012 since working on Beauty and the Beast and trying to establish herself as a producer in the Toronto entertainment scene.
KK worked silently to fight cult

Kristin Kreuk left NXIVM quietly and gracefully but tried her heart out over several years to get Allison Mack out, including staging multiple interventions. Mark Hildreth immediately left NXIVM too when he heard about DOS. And Grace Park is taking a big stand in support of Sarah Edmondson. They should all be applauded. It takes a lot of guts and heart to see through, and stand up to, Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman, no matter who you are, celebrity or not.

Not a hypocrite to remain silent
Not being a hypocrite entails no longer supporting something that doesn’t fit your values. Kristin Kreuk did that back in 2011/2012. It doesn’t entail speaking out against what you once supported, because you were love bombed or whatever, even if that is a good course of action.
She does not have to be Leah Remini 
Even if KK didn’t sign a gag order when leaving NXIVM years ago, smart legal advice would have been to lay low, considering how other deserters were persecuted. It is human nature to protect yourself; most victims cannot become Leah Remini….
The full story will either come out or fade away and be forgotten… with or without her involvement.
KK had nothing to do with DOS
Kristin left NXIVM five years ago…. She has nothing to do with DOS, and none of her previous actions or lack of them in now speaking about something she left a half a decade ago – as if she’s required to broach the subject – makes her a hypocrite.

KK gains nothing by coming forward

I would not be so harsh on people who are not inner circle for some time. Yes KK might get it off her conscience and help people by speaking out. But, let us be honest, everyone of us did wrong things in our past and the questions is whether we learned from it or not and became a better person.
If she chose to use her energy on something positive, it is fine. Who are we to judge someone you or we probably never met? …
On top of that, there is a lot to lose for her. These people might know some of her secrets, and they might use them whenever they can gain something. What does she get from coming forward like Sarah Edmondson?
It was a brave move for Ms. Edmondson to step up and speak to the New York Times, despite the fact that Keith Raniere will try to get her convicted.
Maybe Kristin Kreuk is simply not that kind of person. Who can blame her?

KK a victim too

Frank, don’t be so hard on innocent people [KK]. Your mission shouldn’t include hurting victims of this disaster in order to accomplish your goals of bringing NXIVM down. That’s the kind of thing Keith does.

Your focus should turn towards the local authorities, and why they haven’t taken action. You’re punishing Kristen for the same thing….

So, are you willing to put further spot light on the local authorities that have failed to take action? Please expose!

KK has nothing to do with this

Hey Frank, there’s enough controversy for you to report on from current stuff that’s going on right now.Kristin has nothing to do with this. When you reach like this, you start to discredit the stuff you’re writing that might have merit. If you spend too much time in the gutter, potentially legitimate accusations are going to get washed down the sewer drain.

If you let the sensationalism get the best of you, you’ll be preaching to sensationalists only. Don’t drink that koolaid. You come off like an asshole when you do.

Don’t blame the celebrity

Kristin quit around the 2011/2012 time frame, maybe before the Times Union article about Keith Raniere’s alleged history of statutory rapes came out, but certainly after, while many of her friends remained in.

Despite the negativity in the press, who is she going to trust more? Some third hand information, fans who are telling her to get out, or people she knows and who are love bombing her all the time? Yet she still trusted her gut, and left on her own. There is no evidence whatsoever that she knew anything about the internal machinations of Keith Raniere and those closest to him.

If everything is so easy to see, and is so illegal, why haven’t any of the authorities stepped in and done anything? Why aren’t you people blaming the authorities, who your tax dollars are supporting, instead of blaming some celebrity who lives in a different country, and works in the entertainment industry.

You guys are blaming a celebrity who trusted her gut and got out well before even Kristin Keeffe revealed anything about Keith Raniere and she was with him for decades.

A reader has said this is a fake photograph of Kristin, i.e. photoshopped. It is her head but not her body. I found it online under Kristin Kreuk images. I do not believe it impacts the story much except that evidently she is a big enough celebrity to warrant such efforts.


KK should not feel guilty

Kristin shouldn’t feel guilty for “recruiting” Allison. Why? If it wasn’t her, it would’ve been somebody else. This is what cults do….  This cult hides behind NXIVM and its many variations, e.g., Jness, ESP, DOS, The Source, etc., which promise self-help or self-improvement using an Amway like multi-level marketing scheme business model….

The victim goes into an intensive looking to better themselves, and unwittingly falls under a mild form of brainwashing where they are manipulated into feeling good by the end of it and are coaxed into recruiting more people… .

When Kristin joined this group, it was way back in the 2005/2006 time frame, far away from Clifton Park, when there wasn’t much negative information out there on it. Do you think if she knew the things as they are now – that NXIVM is a sex cult for its leader, and to live off of others while hiding the money he makes – that she would have joined, or that she would’ve recruited Allison?…

Guilt and shame should be based on legitimate responsibility, not upon something you thought you were doing out of good and sincere intentions. Kristin got out. Others got out. So, if Allison wants to blind herself to Reality with all of the information out there now, and refuses to get out, even though Kristin allegedly tried to help by intervening, then that’s Allison’s fault.

KK tried to get Allison out, that’s enough

Previous reports from supposed insiders claim KK tried for years to get Allison Mack out and staged multiple interventions…

KK out for years

Why do you keep reporting on Kristin? For media coverage? She has been out of ESP for at least 4-5 years.

KK got out in 2012, that’s more than others did

Sorry, I don’t see… that Kristin played a “strong” role in this cult. I see an association in name only…  and certainly nothing to link her to the [DOS] “sorority” and branding….

Allison [Mack] is still in, and Mark [Hildreth] only left this past summer. [KK] has no Keith Raniere Conversation videos … which even Grace Park has. Kristin has been out for five years, as she appears to be the only one who took the Times Union report, written back in February of 2012, by James Odato seriously enough to leave, after reading about his past history with teen girls….

KK name unfairly draws attention to her role


Kreuk may have to own up for her past actions, but she NXited years ago and shouldn’t have to be falsely implicated in DOS… but sadly for Kristin, her name draws a lot of readers to blogs.

KK does not need to name Raniere

Kristin is NOT a hypocrite!! She got out and I don’t blame her for leaving it behind and trying to forget about it. …. When she realized what was really going on, she got out, and separated herself from the group and everyone in it. Which is what anyone would do….

I completely understand why she didn’t say anything, it was obviously an unpleasant experience, and she wants it to stay in the past. That doesn’t make her coward.

Unless you have talked with her, and or know the kind of person she is, which you clearly don’t, don’t sit back and attack her for someone else’s crimes.

And did you ever think that she may be speaking up about these things because she has had experiences with people like Keith… and doesn’t want it to continue? She doesn’t have to name names, she just has to care. Which she clearly does….  It’s completely ridiculous and unfair for you to blame her for not mentioning [Raniere].

Raniere is the creep. Let’s not lose sight of that by pinning the blame on someone who has had nothing to do with the cult for almost six years now.

 No need for KK to speak
Why would Kristin Kreuk, who hasn’t been involved with the group for over five years, spontaneously broach the subject? Maybe, if she’s asked in an interview, she would give an opinion. Otherwise, she’s probably just moved on with her career and life.
 KK silence is understandable
I can understand the reservation about not speaking due to NXIVM’s behavior of going after those who chose to leave the group via litigation or false criminal charges.
… Kristin Kreuk … is known to be … introverted or shy and left over five years ago.
 Won’t make a difference 
[Kristin Kreuk] speaking out will make NO difference….  I’m sorry, but this may be a big news story, but very few people are out there are talking about this and all the celebrities involved. People just don’t care. If Keith was Harvey Weinstein and Allison was an A- lister, then maybe it would matter.

KK does not deserve criticism

Kristin was probably used to promote NXIVM due to her small celebrity, but not the “cult of Raniere”. She’s neither hiding under a rock nor in some creepy crevice…

There is also no evidence that she ‘ignored’ “the perv she personally witnessed”, a statement that implies that she knew all about the internal machinations going on.

You should cast the potency of your negative criticisms upon those involved proportional to their degree of responsibility instead of sullying people who don’t deserve it….

KK unaware of her role to promote Keith’s vile practicesI’ve always disagreed with the notion that Kristin was aware that she was being used to promote the underhanded scheming of “Oz” (as you call him), or that she would ever promote such values if she was aware of it, and therefore she should feel no guilt nor any responsibility for bringing anyone in as if she did, and by extension, have any urge to speak out against it.

Frank Report is sullying Kristin

Looks like Keith still has you working for him after all. He couldn’t sully Kreuk in bed, but you’ll try and help him through your site.

“Memes have recently appeared on the website tying Ms. Kreuk to NXIVM and the practices of DOS, which she very likely did not participate in.” BUT YOU WILL POST IT ANYWAY!

KK was a pawn for NXIVMKK seems like she was mostly an unwitting poster girl for NXIVM.

She may have enjoyed her status and was pretty deeply involved for years…. but probably was love-bombed into thinking she was a model ESPian and coach, when actually she was being “used” to draw in others (actors, college kids and young girls) and was more of a pawn than a NXIVM queen.

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Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)

How does she pronounce her last name? Is it C-R-O-O-K? She blew it, it’s now too late for her to speak out. She had her chance, now many more women have been abused because she didn’t speak out. Just like Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, etc.

5 years ago

Fact is she jumped on Weinstein and said nothing about Rainere.. that says a mouthful.

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)
Reply to  judianmac

I heard both of Harvey and Keith are only a half of a mouthful.

5 years ago

I believe Kristen works from the outside.. she’s not really a top rate actress. Never was. Her looks are all she’s got. But her hypocrisy in saying she was not involved.. and the fact she was there so long..I think we are going to learn more about how she’s involved.. soon. Don’t stop discussing her part.. don’t belly up to the kiddy fans.

6 years ago

Fake photo discussions are just more red herrings.. (basically bringing up shit that doesn’t matter as an attempt to disguise stuff that does matter). Why does is matter if the photos are real or fake? It really doesn’t .
What does matter are people’s actions and/or lack of actions.

People with any character (who had been involved in NXIVM before realizing what this group was all about ) would speak out publicly against it. Not speaking out says a lot (unless that person is under a gag order). …and theres no way we can know if that’s the case or not.

Darth VanDouche
Darth VanDouche
6 years ago
Reply to  Flowers

I’m not sure how much “star appeal” Kristin gave to NXIVM. She couldn’t even recruit any of the girls who her fans, and had worked with her in Girls By Design into the group.

6 years ago

I count four fake Kristin Kreuk photographs.
Frank, I understand you have a hard-on for Keith Rainiere and NXIVM (and rightfully so) but you need to be objective in your website efforts.
Kristin Kreuk is in an interesting situation and I can understand both points of view regarding her silence, or lack thereof, on this situation.

6 years ago

Do you think that is the only one that is fake?

6 years ago

You are not doing the credibility of your site any favors by including fake photos of Kristin (the yellow bikini one).

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