Insider: Rutnik settlement: Kind of creepy how many members it takes to do a settlement for Nancy Salzman

Franca Dicrescenzo

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by ‘An Insider’

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the 2006 settlement agreement between NXIVM members and Douglas Rutnik, the father of US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

2006 06 29 Rutnik settlement agreement

It makes me wonder what NXIVM had done with U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s father to get him to agree to this kind of settlement.

I hope Sen. Gillibrand, or her staff, look into NXIVM, and what they are doing to women, and the illegal activities they are involved with.

Knowing now how they use their membership to lie for them, it makes me wonder if those involved in the settlement did in fact lie for Nancy Salzman to force Mr. Rutnik’s  hand in “just returning the money they paid him”.

A ‘Rational Mind’ has to question: Why were all these members involved with this matter?


Let’s look at those who signed the settlement agreement on behalf NXIVM:

Alejandro ‘Alex’ Betancourt

In 2006, Alex Betancourt was one of the top selling members of Mexico. Betancourt is also the one who is lying about the Toni Zarattini (and now several others) extortion plot in Mexico. After Zarattini left NXIVM and warned others about DOS, Betancourt claimed.


Barbara Bouchey left NXIVM in 2009.

In 2006, Barbara Bouchey was on NXIVM’s Executive Board, and was one of Keith Raniere’s girlfriends. She had been involved with other NXIVM legal cases too,  including the Rick Ross case, where she testified, while she was still in the inner circle, about where training notes were kept. Bouchey also was the go-to financial planner for the wealthy NXIVM members, including the Bronfman sisters.


Clare Bronfman

In 2006, Clare Bronfman was working her way (or, rather, buying her way) up in NXIVM. Clare paid the fees for most of the people she enrolled into NXIVM.

Nancy Salzman did an amazing job pitting Clare and her sister, Sara, against each other like a jealous mother to see which daughter would give her the most. It was like watching a TV sitcom of Mommy Dearest – the NXIVM edition.

Clare and Sara Bronfman.


Edgar Boone was a big earner for NXIVM and possible money launderer for Keith Raniere.

In 2006, Edgar Boone was most likely NXIVM’s highest earner. He was the king of Mexico and the fastest growing member with students below him. It is said that a lot of Mexican students paid for the programs in cash. In doing so, Edgar would deposit most of the funds into his bank account and wire it into accounts other than NXIVM’s main account.

He also had a hand in helping to bring cash across the border. Some of this cash went right to Nancy’s safe, some went to other states where gift visa cards were bought and sent to Raniere and other high ranking members of NXIVM.

Nancy Salzman is accused of pitting the Bronfman sisters against each other.

In 2006, Ellen Gibson was a low ranking student who most likely didn’t even know what was going on. Upon her resigning from NXIVM, it was learned that Nancy Salzman had asked her to open a bank account for Salzman because Salzman told her she had opened as many as the government would allow her to. Not knowing that this was a lie, Gibson agreed to open the bank account.

Upon recommendation from the person she shared this information with, the account was closed and funds returned to the accounting office at NXIVM. The good news is the account had not started to be used yet.

Sara Bronfman on stage praising Keith Raniere.

In 2006, Sara Bronfman, just like her sister, Clare,  was busy working, or buying her way up in the company. She was also competing with her sister for the attention of Nancy Salzman.

Neither sister could see how Nancy was playing them off each other. I think to this day they  don’t see how they are being played for fools.

Pamela Caftiz

In 2006, Pam Cafritz was Raniere’s #1. She would do anything for him. It is well known that Cafritz was his pimp and was on the front lines of setting women up for grooming to be his bed mates. Pam had been with Raniere since his days with his old company CBI. Pam is now dead.

In 2006, Suzanne Kemp was a mid-level student who broke up with her partner in Texas and moved to Albany to be a part of NXIVM’s mission. When she found out certain things that NXIVM was up to, she dropped off the radar and stopped going. Suzanne is now dead from cancer.

In 2006, Wayne Bates was a mid-level student from Boston who moved back and forth to Albany. NXIVM ran through his money and tossed him aside. Wayne is now dead.

Luis Montes with  wife Rosa Laura Junco and children.

In 2006, Luis Montes was a low-level student from Mexico who traveled to and from Albany. He is now married to ‘Sugar Mama’, Rosa Laura Junco, who is a queen in DOS. How he was involved with this settlement in 2006 is beyond me.

In 2006, Franca DiCrescenzo was a low-level student from Albany. She is mostly involved in real estate in the Albany area. How she would be involved in this is beyond me.

It’s just kind of creepy how many members it takes to do a settlement for Nancy Salzman.

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