Outraged neighbor: ‘It’s time for the NY AG or the FBI to step in’ … before it’s too late

Jim Jones led 900 followers to death.
Keith Raniere AKA Vanguard has been reckless with the health and well being of his followers.


An outraged neighbor writes: I’ve been following the story since the Times Union Series in 2012 but was aware of NXIVM long before.

It is time for the NY AG or the FBI to step in. Keith has been escalating in his sadistic behavior. It should not take a Jim Jones or David Koresh type incident or the loss of life via suicide or any other method to move in on Keith, et al.

Robert Mueller was able to get an indictment on Paul Manafort in less than 150 days. This should be an easy investigation.

And for those residents of Know Woods who have rental properties, be careful who you lease to. It is well known if you sublet to NXIVM or one of their shells, your property will decrease in value. They are not known for taking care of their properties. Just look at 1-3 Flintlock; short of the new landscaping on the side of #1, the three linked townhomes look run down on the outside compared to the other townhomes there.

For many years Keith Raniere lived on Flintlock Lane in Knox Woods.

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  • I know for a fact that reports have been made to the State Police because I personally made them. But absolutely nothing was done. When I asked some friends who have relatives in the State Police to find out what happened, they reported back that the agency has a “hands off” policy regarding Raniere and NXVIM. Amazing.

    • The state police have contacted me based on some of my postings. When I ask why they haven’t don’t anything, they responded that everything is consensual.
      Hopefully the AGs office steps up.

    • I have concluded the same thing. I had heard that CPS was called to 1 Flintlock when story broke about Gaelen (whose name has hopefully been changed now by Kristin). I asked an old high school friend who is now a PI and who was a very high level NYS trooper about the NXIVM issue. I do not believe it ever really rose up that high to his level. It was kept local. I remember when the TU series broke there were Sheriff’s cars patrolling daily from Flintlock, thru Hale and over to Generals Way. This was before the Exodus to Oregon Trail.

      Remember, the Bronfman brats flew Joe Bruno around in their jet. Favors were obviously done and illegal activities have been overlooked for years. However, Edgar Bronfman Sr is died in 2013 and the Bronfman name does not hold much clout anymore. Seagram’s is no longer a going concern, it has been sold off and was diluted by poor decision making. The family wealth has been watered down and divied up amongst the 7 kids.

      So, we are stuck waiting for Nancy Salzman to die which should change/shake things up and law enforcement to get their act together and move in on the key players.




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