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Source: Beware of NXIVM spyware; money launderers of NXIVM turn yourself in and make your plea deal fast

Forgive them father for they have sinned writes:

If anyone had/has been asked to set up a company that later wrote commission checks for NXIVM outside of its NXIVM Corporation account, you need to go now to the NY State Attorney General’s office or the Feds and set up your deal. That’s because your actions were more than likely part of widespread scheme that allowed NXIVM to launder cash from Mexico.

I know two people who have done this and both swore under oath they were doing this.

Save yourself some serious legal jeopardy, go directly to the NY Attorney General’s office now, and cut your deals before they come looking for you. You have been turned in. If you know of anyone who has done this illegal activity, warn them to go and go now.

Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman and Nancy Salzman are NOT going to save you.

If Ben Meyers or Steve Ose took your computer to put NXIVM Center’s wireless code in for you, they quite likely planted a key logger. Make sure you have your devices checked by a computer expert or get a new one. Don’t open any NXIVM newsletter or email if you have left the group. It most likely contains a virus that is designed to spy on you.

It’s well known Clare Bronfman sent a keg logger to her dad and that NXIVM used it to spy on him and read everything on his computer.

Edgar Boone was one of the masterminds behind bringing cash into the USA. It’s said he used his bank account to store some of the funds and then would do wire transfers into shell companies.

Keith Raniere may be gambling on his own arrest as the AG is getting an earful about him.

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