Karlyn Bochicchio: New ESP recruit had tragedy in childhood

A recent post described Executive Success Programs’ (ESP) newcomer Karlyn Bochicchio, who recently moved to Clifton Park.

Karlyn Bochicchio [above]

Some have expressed surprise that anyone would join ESP in light of the enormous volume of information available online about ESP and its conceptual founder, Keith Raniere.

Perhaps the reason she joined is that, compared to what she has experienced in her life, she needs a group of people to be with that perhaps she can call her new family.

Karlyn is likely still recovering from a tragedy, and is likely getting from her new family of ESPian ‘friends,’ what some people call “Love-bombing.

The Bochicchios were married in 1988; he filed for divorce in 2003.

In June 2005, he shot her outside the courthouse and shot her lawyer too. The lawyer survived.

According to news reports, during the first year of their divorce proceedings, the Bochicchios continued to live together in their house in Harwinton — Michael downstairs, Donna upstairs.

Karlyn was 10.

Mrs. Bochicchio created elaborate cakes for birthdays and other events, especially for her son, Michael, and daughter, Karlyn. Making Halloween costumes with her children was another favorite activity.

Mr. Bochicchio used to take the children with him to the casino.

His wife charged that her husband made “intimidating, harassing or threatening comments,” often in front of the children.

In May 2004, a court ordered him out of the house and prohibited him from taking the children to casinos.

Karlyn was 11.

His lawyer said Mr. Bochicchio was mainly concerned with money and obtaining custody of the children.

In 2005, while his wife sat in a parking lot outside the courthouse, he came over and pulled the trigger.

After their parents’ deaths, Michael, 14, and Karlyn, 12, were cared for by Ms. Bochicchio’s family.

It may take a lifetime to get over such trauma. Can ESP provide the tools to help her? How about Jness, SOP, the Knife, The Source, exo/eso, Anima, Ultima, The University, or DOS?

Can branding, giving collateral, exploration of meaning therapy, restricted calorie diets, readiness drills, cold showers, vows to be the life partner of Keith Raniere to whom she must submit to sex upon demand, of penance, and endless intensives, and the constant sublimation of her own thinking to the will of the high rank, where defiance is punished and free speech is not tolerated – is that her true path?

And love bombing.





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  • Sorry, but I don’t see any public shaming. I see it as a informative form of protection via knowledge. This is one of the author’s tame posts. She’s an attractive women with the type of background these groups target, who has most likely fallen into the clutches of a cult via its love-bombing tactics and he is only emphasizing that this could lead to what is already known and has been done to many other people who have already been affected by this cult, women in particular. If their “no ultimate victims” card is played on her (not to mention all the other things mentioned in the second to last paragraph), then that would be awful, because you know she’ll be led into believing she is somehow responsible for what happened to her parents just for the cult’s purposes, and that is simply untrue.

    • There are many other ways to use information as a ‘form of protection’ then at this woman’s expense. Imagine yourself in her position and see if you still think it is ‘informative’.

      • How is anything stated here at this woman’s expense? A past history of her life was given and no shame was cast on her, nor any negative remarks were made concerning her decision. Do you work for Knife Media? This article is tame compared to what he posted about Kristin Kreuk and others.

        Sorry, I can’t imagine myself in her position. I’m assessing what was written based on its content.

    • I agree SOS. I can only imagine the break this young lady had in her first intensive that broke her. And I also believe they will EM her to believe it is her fault. Hopefully a relative will see this and try to intervene. I would hate to see another young lady become a sex slave and indentured servant working off class fees after blowing thru any inheritance. It has happened too often already.

  • Please stop shaming people with good intentions.. it looks bad on you, it takes from seriousness and credibility…

  • Frank, you need to stop. Do not shame this woman. Don’t you think she has been through enough without you publicly shaming her?

  • This young woman should not be shamed.

    Yes, her history is typical of those more vulnerable than most to cultic recruitment.

    But everyone is vulnerable at some time or another. “You can fool all of the people some of the time”…

    She is a victim, not a villian.

    • Agreed, please stop this, Frank. Take this woman off your blog. She does not deserve public shaming by you or anyone.

  • It’s a known fact cults “feed” on people who have a unfortunate past history often due to no fault of their own like in this case, or who happen to be experiencing some low points in their lives.

    It’s unfortunate they fall for a fraud like VanDouche instead of going to a licensed therapist.

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